Microsoft increases the price of Xbox Game Pass by 100% in Argentina. What is the reason for this increase?

Those from Redmond adjust the subscription price in the Latin American country and in Turkey

For some time now, Microsoft seems to have become serious about the possibility of acquiring games or services through foreign bazaars. While it is true that Redmond still allows this possibility, for some time it has decided to update the prices of the cheapest stores that existed for Xbox consoles, such as the case of Turkey and Argentina. Both countries represented real bargains to purchase games or Game Pass subscriptions due to the currency exchange, which caused a massive number of players to choose to opt for these stores for their purchases.

However, Microsoft is determined to prevent this option from being the general norm, and it has now been confirmed that the company Xbox Game Pass price increases by 100% in both countries. According to information confirmed by Game World Observer, it is the second price increase that has occurred in recent months in the service in both Argentina and Turkey, after the previous time there was a 61% increase in price « original”.

Microsoft increases the price of Xbox Game Pass

According to the media’s information, the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in Argentina Before the month of August it was 899 Argentine pesos. However, after the first increase, the cost of the service grew to 1,499 pesos, a price that already generated a lot of criticism in the Latin American country. And on this occasion the increase has been much higher, since at this time Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has now cost a total of 2,999 Argentine pesoswhich represents an increase of 100%.

However, as we have already mentioned, Microsoft’s decision to increase the price of Xbox Game Pass in Argentina has not been limited to this country. Türkiye It has also seen an increase in the price of the service, which despite not reaching the levels of Argentina, has also been quite high. Specifically, Xbox Game Pass has gone from costing ₺79.99 to ₺159, which represents an increase of 98.7%; while the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription has gone from costing ₺120.99 to ₺209, an increase of 72.7%.

Microsoft has not yet officially taken a position regarding this price increase. However, as we have already mentioned, the decision is probably justified by the volatility that both currencies have had in recent years, causing more and more users to take advantage of the change to their currency to save with any purchase.