Sims 4: Remove paper bags

Why are Sims suddenly wearing paper bags on their heads? How to remove the paper bags in Sims 4? One or two players who are currently playing The Sims 4 might ask something similar. In this article we have created a short game guide to find out why all or most of your Sims are suddenly wearing paper bags on their heads and what you can do about it.

Sims 4 Sustainable Living: We carry bags NAP

The cause of the paper bags on the head is a so-called NAP or neighborhood action plans. As part of the “Sustainable Living” expansion there is the neighborhood action plan “We Carry Bags” and this ensures that the Sims wear a paper bag on their head. In most cases, you accidentally agreed to the “we carry bags” neighborhood action plan and then you have the “problem” with the bags on your head.

Remove bag from head

The question arises, how can you remove the paper bag? The easiest way to undo the NAP and thus also remove the paper bags is to activate the cheats on the console with the command “testingcheats true” and then click on the mailbox while holding down the shift key. With the cheat activated you should then find “Immediately override the neighborhood action plan (cheat)” under the options in the mailbox. This means you can deactivate the “We carry bags” NAP immediately and the paper bags should then disappear from people’s heads.

  1. Open the cheat console using the CTRL key + Shift key + C key.
  2. Activate the cheats with the command “testingcheats true”, hold down the shift key and click on the mailbox.
  3. Use “Immediately override the neighborhood action plan (cheat)” to deactivate the NAP and thus remove the bags.

With the “Living Sustainably” expansion, you can now generate your own electricity and collect water.