Review and opinion on Amalfi Renaissance: the cherry on the boat

Amalfi is a feel good game, where all the actions you do will not be punitive…or almost. It’s that kind of game where you want to do everything, but it’s not possible so you want to come back to it all the time to discover it more and more: Amalfi is very addictive. On top of that, the edition is so pretty! SO ? Are you going to specialize in wine or boat building?

Amalfi, Renaissance?

Amalfi Renaissance is a new edition by Sylex of the Amalfi game, released in 2020. This new, completely pimped out and luxurious edition brings its share of new features:

  • new mechanics like building lighthouses
  • new asymmetrical characters
  • new illustrations and artworks
  • rebalanced decrees and titles for more choice and replayability
  • a double-layered main board and individual player boards

Amalfi Renaissance version Sylex is a great graphic and ergonomic success, between its artworks and its double-layer boards, its wooden boats: the game is a pleasure for the eyes, in addition to being functional and pleasant to the touch.

Amalfi, love at first sight

My god it’s good. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this satisfied after playing games. In Amalfi you will have to manage your boats which are your workers but also your resources. Yeah hot! During a tour you can sail to a destination, acquire works, discover private destinations, build boats, invite or hire a noble.

You also have free actions like lowering a boat from a slipway to your port or from your port to the bay to have resources or discarding characters from our hand to have bread. But there is one thing important Please note, as soon as you sail from your port to your bay (to gain resources for example) your boat will be unusable until the next round. One of the most important resources in the game is: the bread ! You use it to feed your crews, and sometimes nobles.

But Amalfi, how does it play out?

A game is played in 4 rounds of 3 phases.

Action phase:

During this action sentence you will each take turns doing one action, from a panel of different actions that you can do in the order you want. And you take turns of actions until everyone has a turn. The first player to pass becomes the first player for the next round.

  • Navigation : Take one of your boats to sail to a destination, private or not. And take the additional actions that result from this, this could be moving boats to one or more slipways, erecting a lighthouse, earning bread, acquiring a noble
  • Acquisition : Pay for a work and do the action listed on it, without forgetting to add your victory points
  • Discovery : Discover a private destination and place it next to you, only you can go there (but your opponents can build a lighthouse there to gain bonuses).
  • Invitation : Place a noble card from your hand in front of you by paying its cost, there are several types of noble cards, immediate actions, commitment actions, end-of-game scoring and continuous actions.
  • Commitment : It is during this action that you can engage your noble placed earlier in the game and do his action, then turn the card it will no longer be usable before the next round, unless an action allows you to do so.
  • Construction : Build one or more boats if you have enough wood.

In addition to all these actions, you have optional actions that you can do as many times as you want and that do not only count as one main action. Like lowering a boat from a hold towards your port to have resources or bread, lowering your boat from the port towards the bay to have resources or bread, or discarding as many cards in hand as the cards you want to gain .

Once all your actions are done, BIM end of phase, we move on to the next hurry up !

Meal phase:

As its name suggests you will feed your crew with bread, look at your last unlocked boat and pay for the bread according to what is written on the last free square most to the right. For each loaf of bread that you cannot pay you will lose 3 victory points, which means that it is a solid gold resource!

Decrees phase:

Look at the decree of the current phase and add your victory points gained during this round. Then the decree is returned and the arrangement of the next round is made, and we move on to the new period. And you start again with round 2.. so on for 4 rounds.

Being taken for a ride

The game mixes brilliantly worker installation, worker management, resource management and engine building. The choices are very difficult to make in Amalfi, more than once you will have to give up on things you had planned to try to turn the situation to your advantage, it takes guts, moreover when your opponent steals your place or discards your card you will certainly have want to gut himYes yes !

If you like chance in big games, don’t go to Amalfithere is none, or very little, only during the drafting of cards from the starting hand, but then everything will be calculated and anticipated if you want to carry out your project which will certainly be thwarted by your friends.

So no, Sylex definitely doesn’t lead us away, Amalfi will, I’m sure, find its place in a lot of kallax, and I’ve had a lot of feedback in this sense since I praised it on the networks ! The explanations are so fluid that we explain it very quickly to new players and roll youth!


boAt Launches the Innovative Xtend Plus Smartwatch in India

boAt, a well-known participant in the technology business, recently expanded its Xtend smartwatch collection in the Indian market with the release of the Xtend Plus. This smartwatch costs less than INR 3,000 and comes with a slew of remarkable features, including an AMOLED screen, water and dust protection via an IP rating, and much more. Let’s go into the details of this intriguing product.

A Closer Look at Xtend Plus’s Specifications and Features

The Xtend Plus features a magnificent 1.78-inch AMOLED display with 700 nits of luminance and a crisp 368×448 pixel resolution. It has an Always-on-Display (AOD) function that improves accessibility and convenience. The device also supports the Wake gesture, and users may personalize their watch faces with over a hundred different possibilities.

This wristwatch has over a hundred sports modes, allowing users to track a wide range of activities like as indoor running and outdoor walking, as well as other fitness regimens. Users who are concerned about their health will like the addition of a heart rate monitor, a SpO2 sensor for tracking blood oxygen levels, a menstrual cycle tracker, and a sleep monitoring tool. You may also use the device to track calories burnt, steps taken, and distance traveled.

To improve usability, the boAt Xtend Plus includes guided breathing exercises as well as reminders for idle periods, drinking, and everyday tasks. Weather updates, camera/music controls, an alarm clock, a stopwatch, a timer, and smart notifications are just a few of the capabilities available to users.

One of the most intriguing features is Bluetooth Calling, which is enabled via an integrated speaker and microphone. The dial pad of the watch allows users to save up to 20 contacts for rapid calls. With normal use, the Xtend Plus has a battery life of up to a week. However, frequent Bluetooth Calling may shorten the battery life to about two days. Furthermore, the watch has an IP68 classification, indicating that it is water and dust resistant.

Pricing and Inventory

The boAt Xtend Plus is reasonably priced at INR 2,299 and will be available on Amazon beginning June 26th. This watch competes with several models on the market, including the Pebble Cosmos Vogue and the Fire-Boltt Dagger.

The Xtend Plus comes with a variety of strap variations to accommodate a variety of likes and preferences. Customers can select among pink, black, and blue silicone straps, a silver metallic strap, or a sophisticated brown leather strap. With such a diverse set of functions and options, the boAt Xtend Plus is poised to make an impact in the smartwatch industry.


The boAt Ultima Call: Smartwatch Innovation with Live Cricket Updates, Now Available in India

The boAt Ultima Call is the latest addition to the prestigious Ultima line from renowned audio equipment maker boAt. This astute smartwatch not only lives up to its moniker, but surpasses it. The Ultima Call redefines what a smartwatch can be, including Bluetooth calling and a plethora of other technological capabilities such as real-time cricket updates. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary technology.

Redefining Smartwatch Performance and Utility at Ultima Call

The Ultima Call is designed for clarity and simplicity, featuring a bright 1.83-inch HD square display. It easily manages up to 700 nits of brightness, and the Always-on-Display (AOD) feature ensures that the information you need is always only a glance away. With over 100 watch face options, customization is a simple, and the device operates on the dependable Crest Plus OS.

The boAt Ultima Call, which includes a speaker and microphone, allows for seamless Bluetooth calling. It has a useful function for storing contacts, using the dial pad, and viewing recent call records. However, this is only the top of the iceberg.

The boAt Ultima Call is a comprehensive health and fitness companion that includes a heart rate sensor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, period tracker, and step and calorie counter. This device, which has over 700 sports modes, can track a wide range of activities, from running and skating to dog walking.


A completely charged battery can power the gadget for up to 7 days, but enabling Bluetooth Calling reduces this to 2 days. Nonetheless, these data demonstrate the smartwatch’s outstanding energy management abilities.

A Smartwatch That Recognizes Your Lifestyle

This is more than just a smartwatch; it is a personal assistant that adjusts to your needs. The boAt Ultima Call is meant to blend effortlessly into your routine, whether it’s getting live cricket updates, keeping track of weather forecasts, sending sedentary reminders, or using the alarm clock, stopwatch, calendar, or DND mode. It even supports Google Assistant and Siri, making it simple to connect with your current digital world. Don’t be concerned about a little water; it has an IP68 classification, indicating its strong resistance to dust and water.

Pricing and Availability Information

The boAt Ultima Call is priced at Rs 1,999, but is offered for an introductory price of Rs 1,699 for a limited time. Beginning June 19, the smartwatch will be available on Amazon. There are four gorgeous color options to pick from: black, pink, blue, and silver.

Finally, the boAt Ultima Call reimagines what a smartwatch can achieve while providing exceptional functionality at an amazing price. It’s more than simply a watch; it’s a symbol of innovation, lifestyle, and a future in which technology genuinely serves us.


The Crew Motorfest Change vehicle: Select car, boat and plane

In the new The Crew Motorfest you once again have the choice between different vehicles. In addition to road vehicles such as cars, quads and motorcycles, there are also boats and planes, as in the predecessor. If you have just plunged into the adventure of the new The Crew Motorfest, then sooner or later the question arises: which button can you use to change the vehicle? For example, how can you switch from a car to a boat and vice versa?

Change vehicles in The Crew Motorfest

There are two ways to change vehicles in The Crew Motorfest. On the one hand, you can call up the menu and then call up the “Vehicles” via the “Profile”. The garage then opens where you can see and select all unlocked and purchased vehicles.

You can also change the vehicles in The Crew Motorfest using the quick menu, which some players may remember from its predecessor and is much faster and easier. All you have to do is press the right analog stick (PS5 and Xbox Series) or the F button (PC). This opens the quick menu and you can switch between vehicle, boat and plane without having to access the menu.

Change vehicles via the quick menu

  • PS5 and Xbox Series: Press the right analog stick and select the vehicle using the buttons displayed
  • PC: Press the F key and select the vehicle using the buttons displayed

The change is direct, so if you are flying through the air in an airplane and switch to a car or boat, then there is a small crash landing.