Paris: Saint-Lazare station shopping center evacuated after bomb threat

Another evacuation. The Saint-Lazare train station shopping center in Paris had to be evacuated this Monday morning. “Access to Paris Saint-Lazare station is closed due to a suspicious package,” explains SNCF on X (formerly Twitter). “The police carried out a verification intervention in the commercial area of ​​Saint-Lazare station. There was no impact on rail traffic,” indicates the SNCF.

Access to the station reopened at 12:10 p.m.

⚠️ #TrafficInfo #LineL :

Currently, access to Paris Saint Lazare station is closed due to a suspicious package.

A security perimeter has been set up, only accesses 1 and 27 are open to travelers.

We are awaiting additional information. Melissa

— Ligne L (@LIGNEL_sncf) November 6, 2023

This evacuation comes as France has been placed in “emergency attack”, the highest level of the Vigipirate system of vigilance and protection, after the assassination of a teacher in a high school in Arras, in October. .

Many airports, but also high schools and monuments have been evacuated as a precaution in recent weeks after bomb threats.

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Bomb threat: two middle schools and a high school evacuated in Fougères

By Manuel Rodriguez
Published on 6 November 23 at 8:43 a.m.

updated Nov 6, 23 at 10:47 a.m.

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A threatening email was sent to Gandhi College and to Joan of Arc Collegein Fougeres (Ille-et-Vilaine) this Monday, November 6.

They report the presence of a bomb in each of these two establishments.

Immediately, management made clear out the people present.

There police was warned and came to secure the surroundings of the two colleges to which access was obviously forbidden until further notice, time to remove doubts about the presence, or not, of an explosive device.

In total, more than 900 students and around sixty teachers are involved.

At the Guéhenno vocational high school too

The Jean-Guéhenno vocational high school in Ferns was also targeted by a threatening email.

The students of the establishment were transferred to the general high school, a few hundred meters next door.

The police intervened on the spot. Once the doubts are resolved, the students can return to the vocational high school.

They risk big

Since mid-October, bomb threats have multiplied in France, in schools, museums and airports.

Each time, these were false alarms. The perpetrators of these tasteless jokes run great risks.

The fact of communicating or disclosing false information with the aim of making people believe that destruction, damage or deterioration dangerous to people is going to be or has been committed is punishable by two years’ imprisonment and 30,000 euros in fines. ‘fine. ‘GOOD

article 322-14 of the Penal Code

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Where to find Flesh Prince in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Unlockables such as skins, outfits, and characters encourage and encourage exploration. While many of them will require you to do unspeakable acts of merit or skill, in this case you’ll have to find a character in a supposedly secret hideout. You will find that “secret” and “stash” are both exaggerated. Here’s where to find Flesh Prince in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.

Where to find Flesh Prince in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

To find the Flesh Prince in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, you will need to go to his secret hideout located in Mataan. Once you get to the above location, you will see a subway entrance. Go down the stairs and you will eventually come to a Spell Station store. Right next to it you will find a small opening below.

Go ahead and slide through the opening on what you can only describe as a physics-defying slide and you’ll enter a small room. This is the Flesh Prince’s secret hideout in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. If you want to unlock him as a character, do the pop dance in front of him.

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The above is a post-game unlock, so be sure to look for the Flesh Prince character unlock after completing your game. Also, it’s one of the easiest characters to unlock after the main game because it’s a very easy place to find. Just follow the steps above and you will enter the Flesh Prince’s secret location in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.


‘Vermin: The Plague’ is the first big horror bomb of the year. An ode to the creepiness that people with arachnophobia should avoid for their own good

There is a lot of cinema in which spiders are an element of circumstantial chills. From the Indiana Jones movies to the first James Bond movie, they have always been a good button to press, taking advantage of our natural instinct to repel bugs. Some people have it more accentuated than others, but what is certain is that people with arachnophobia should not go seeVermin: the plague‘, unless you want to have the worst time of your life.

And it’s not to raise the alarm to create a headline, it’s just that there are people who love horror movies who avoid movies with spiders and You can find here something more than nightmares but a panic that can lead to a real bad time in a dark room. The Sitges passes were especially revealing, with screams and the collective feeling of suggestion: it seemed like there were spiders in the room. That’s the power of a horror movie that successfully achieves what it sets out to do.

A tradition that needed fresh blood

The rest of the viewers with a certain tolerance for seeing little legs and hairs have the opportunity to have the best time ever with the sensation, because this is the best movie about spider invasions since ‘Arachnophobia’ and ‘Arac Attack’ from 22 years ago, which, In some way, they are the foundation on which this new iteration of the subgenre is built. The common situations are not exactly hidden. For example, The starting point of Rob Marshall’s film is very similara trip to a foreign land brings with it an exotic and very dangerous spider.

It also has a terrarium fan at the beginning of everything, like that of Ellory Elkayem, in which in addition to multiplying, The specimens grew and grew without control without needing much food, the most fantastic and unreal point of this new film, which escalates its threat without any qualms about posing an impossible situation beyond verisimilitude. But it doesn’t matter, Sebastien Vanicek knows that we have come to play and offers us a complete amusement park.

Of course, it uses all the tricks of the infestation cinema code, from ‘Tarantula’ (1977) to ‘Deadly Burden’ (1997), even reproducing one of the gags that has given viewers the most nightmares for three decades, the ‘Arachnophobia’ sneaker moment. In recent years, giant spider movies have proliferated, and they have relied on large monsters that barely tickle. The case of the modestItsy Bitsy‘ (2019) is notable, as it used an animatronic that was gloomy in itself, but it lacked a point of creativity in the staging.

Class consciousness and flamethrower

‘Vermin’ not only achieves a great combination of art direction, use of real spiders and impressive CGI, but It provides a social element absent in all previous versions. At its starting point, with a quarantined building, with the police preventing the neighbors from leaving, it is very reminiscent of ‘Rec’ (2007), but there is an ethnic element that takes the problem to one of the poor neighborhoods of Paris, to the point that it seems like a possible fantastic extension of recent films like ‘Les Misérables’ or ‘Athena’, with the same type of characters, hip hop music, the same presumption of law enforcement as an enemy of all ages.

That stands out the ease of French genre authors such as Vanicek or Bustillo/Maury in portraying neighborhood environments as if they knew them, while in Spanish films like ‘Asedio’ it is hard to believe the microcosm they represent. However, the proposal does not use the location to launch great sermons, it is rather, as in ‘Attack the Block’, an ingredient that gives color, attitude and more empathy towards the protagonists, following a very Carpenter or Romero trail in which Somehow it is the working class that takes the brunt of any catastrophe, even if it is an alien, zombie, or murderous arthropod invasion.

The script never loses sight of the playful aspect, for the most part an escape against the clock film, the perfectly orchestrated horror scenes, such as the one in the shower or the even more difficult one in the hallway, leaving an action dessert with excellent special effects. It is difficult to criticize a work so committed to shocking and frightening and for that reason ‘Vermin: the plague’ is the first of the great horror films of the yearthe European response to Blumhouse’s usual telegraphed releases where it is increasingly difficult to find surprises.