Remnant 2: Open the breeder’s door

How to open the locked door in The Breeder? Where do you get the quest item or the key to open the door? In the last few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player of the new Soulslike shooter from the developer Gunfire Games, who is currently in the world of N’erud and there in the area “The Breeders”. In the area you not only meet some opponents and a boss opponent, but there are also one or two puzzles to solve. In a “riddle” you have to open the locked door to get to the ring behind it (purple object). But how can you activate and open the door in the incubator?

The Breeder: Door Puzzle Solution

  1. To open the door from the small side room, you have to go into the small side passage on the right (see screenshot).
  2. In the side passage at the end there are a few boxes that you can destroy with your weapon. This will reveal a hidden entrance into a ventilation shaft that you can climb through.
  3. At the back you can now climb up the ladder and this not only unlocks a small new section, but on the left side there is also a small opening through which you can destroy the gas bottle in the locked room (see screenshot).
  4. This disables power in the room and opens the previously locked door. So you don’t have to find a key for the door, just destroy the bottle in the room.

Incidentally, the “door puzzle” is not only found in the “The Breeder” area, but also in a very similar form in the “Empty Ship Setup” area.