Super Mario Bros. Wonder had a big budget and no deadline

You often read that developers have to work many more hours when the release of their project approaches. At Nintendo they are not that difficult, for Super Mario Bros. Miraculously, there was simply no deadline. The developers of Super Mario Bros. Wonder informed us in an ‘Ask the developers’ interview about the development of the game.

Producer Takashi Tezuka said there was no set schedule for when the new Super Mario game would be ready. In addition, a generous budget was allocated, which allowed the developers to realize all their ideas. This way they were able to make the game without having to worry about peripheral issues.

“We wanted to create a game with much more to offer than ever before, so this time, we didn’t set a fixed time period for development, which is usually decided before we kick off. To create something truly enjoyable, we decided to take our time and devote ample budget for development without having to worry about the production schedule.”

Because sufficient financial resources were available, the developer could also fully indulge in the graphical aspect of the platform game. This makes the game look beautiful and detailed. However, this is not the only aspect that has been well developed, as you can read in our Simon’s review.