FIFA 21 Career Mode – Second-tier league players with the potential to buy low and sell high

We offer you a list of cheap players and authentic gems that you can find in second level teams in FIFA 21 Career mode.

Even if you think that you have already combed the entire market to buy cheap players in FIFA 21 in career mode , you are probably wrong, because there are also a lot of players with enormous potential that you can buy in second level leagues and that are happening unnoticed by many users.

Although the big clubs have already taken hold of the young promises, you can also try to investigate the second division of certain leagues or even second-level leagues such as Argentina or Belgium, since they hide real gems that are going to be revalued. during the next seasons and we want to make them known to you.

In addition, all these cheap second-level league players are very easy to sign, and you will be able to buy them cheap to later sell them at triple the price in just a few seasons later.

You can now buy the official jerseys of your favorite teams

FIFA 21 Career Mode: cheap second-tier league players with the potential to buy low and sell high

First we are going to highlight the most important ones so that you go directly to them:

Thiago Almada

He is a 19-year-old Vélez Sarsfield midfielder who has an average of 73 and potential of 89, with remarkable parameters such as 95 in balance or 93 in agility, and that you could convince him if you give him a weekly salary of more than € 7,000.

Agustín Urzi

He is a 20-year-old left-back from Banfield with an average of 73 and potential of 88, with parameters of 89 in speed or 85 in acceleration, and you could sign him if you give him a weekly salary of more than € 9,000.


He is the goalkeeper of Genk and he is only 18 years old, with an average valuation of 68 that can go up to 87, and that has remarkable parameters such as 72 in jump and 71 in reflexes, with a weekly salary of € 600.


He is a 22-year-old attacking midfielder from Watford with a rating of 78 and potential of 87 with parameters of 95 in acceleration and 94 in speed, and with a weekly salary of € 18,000.


He is a 17-year-old midfielder from Mechelen and has a rating of 66 and potential of 86 with a parameter of 73 in strength and 72 in endurance, with a weekly salary of € 600.

You could also go for the following players:

  • Nicolás de la Cruz, 23 years old From the Río de la Plata team, a midfielder with an 87 valuation and 86 in potential with a salary of € 15,000 a week.
  • Caicedo, 20 years old From the sports car Cali with a valuation of 68 and 86 potential with a weekly salary of € 1000.
  • 17-year-old Bright Arrey from Bayer Munich’s second team with a valuation of 60 and potential of 86 and with a weekly salary of € 500
  • 17-year-old Esposito from Spal with a valuation of 66 and potential of 86 and with a salary of € 2,000 per week.
  • Gustavo Assunção, 20, from Famalicao with a valuation of 74 and potential of 86 with a weekly salary of € 6,000
  • Adrià Pedrosa, 22, from Espanyol with a valuation of 75 and potential of 85 and a weekly salary of € 8,000
  • Gonzalo Montiel, 23, from Río de la Plata, with a valuation of 78 and potential of 85 with a weekly salary of € 15,000
  • Leonardo Fernández, 21, from Tigres with a valuation of 76 and potential of 85 with a salary of € 30,000 a week
  • Santiago Rodríguez, 20, from Nacional de Montevideo, with a valuation of 72 and potential of 85 and with a weekly salary of € 700
  • 21-year-old Ezequiel boat from Atlanta United with 74 valuation and 85 potential and with a weekly salary of € 6000

Now you know which are the cheapest and highest quality players in second-level leagues so you can sign for the career mode of FIFA 21

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Find, farm and buy Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Rock Salt

Where to find the rock salt in Zelda TotK? Is there a dealer where you can buy the rock salt? In the new Zelda adventure for the Nintendo Switch, like its predecessor, there are again numerous materials that are needed for the preparation of dishes, medicine, but also as upgrade material for the armor. If you are with the great fairies and are improving your armor, you may need rock salt and ask yourself where do you get the salt in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

Farming rock salt in Zelda TotK

The rock salt can be mined relatively easily via the ore chunks. The chunks of ore not only provide precious stones such as topaz or sapphire, valuable diamonds and opals, but also flint and rock salt. The ore chunks are scattered throughout Hyrule and are mostly found in caves. A good farm spot for rock salt farming is the royal secret passage at the lookout post, where you can also find some ore deposits and other useful items such as thunder flowers.

buy rock salt

If you don’t feel like farming the rock salt, even if you can actually find it relatively easily and quickly at the right location, you can also buy rock salt. You can buy a rock salt for 12 rupees at the general store in Gerudo Town. The offer of the dealers is increased again with the blood moon, so that you can always get enough rock salt here (even if you sometimes have to wait a bit). In another article we have already described how to trigger the blood moon manually in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

How to surf a shield in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


Phil Spencer also has a PS5. But he had no choice but to buy a “forced pack” to access the new generation of PlayStation

Avalanche of news about Xbox. The Verge media outlet has published a series of internal emails between company executives that allow us know your strategy in depth when it comes to launching its Xbox Series X and S, which is accompanied by future tactics and some curious anecdotes. Because, according to this email chain, even Phil Spencer has a PS5 with which to play regularly, but the Xbox boss had to buy a ‘bundle’ with Horizon: Forbidden West to access the new generation of PlayStation.

But Spencer does not tell this experience to maintain contact with his colleagues, but rather it is an interesting fact to take into account about Sony’s strategy. In this sense, and as expected, Microsoft has been closely following in PlayStation’s footsteps with the promotion and launch of PS5 back in 2020, including its performance during component shortages: “Sony has been forcing a bundle with Horizon: Zero Dawn for an additional $50 since a time ago. I bought my PS5 two weeks ago and the only option available was the Horizon: Zero Dawn pack for $549.” Here it is important to mention that the head of Xbox is referring to Horizon: Forbidden West, as it is Aloy’s second adventure that It was included in the PS5 bundles.

Xbox has been attentive to the launch of PS5 and its price increase

It is normal for companies to study in detail any movement of their competitor, so it does not surprise us to know that Phil Spencer has been commenting with Liz Hamren (former head of platform and hardware engineering at Xbox) PS5 news compared to what is offered with Xbox Series X. All this, of course, based on information published by PlayStation in 2020, before the official launch of its console.

In fact, the team admits the good work of PlayStation regarding aspects such as SSD performance on PS5, although much of the conversation is censored. And, as you can imagine, the PS5 price increase has also given a lot to talk about in the Xbox offices; Tim Stuart, CFO, notified Spencer and CFO Amy Hood of Sony’s decision after raising the cost of its next-generation console, highlighting that the team “I had anticipated this and it is moving quickly towards a plan, now that we’ve seen confirmation.

After this, those from Redmond have remained attentive to all the PlayStation news regarding prices and Spencer has chosen to continue a strategy focused on consumer satisfaction. Ami Silverman, who was head of sales and marketing at Microsoft, responded to the Xbox boss by saying that “they are all good points, let’s be obsessed with the players here, since we are not out of the woods… We know that this may be the time to win fans vs. losing as a follower”


The best alternatives to the NVIDIA RTX 4070: Which graphics card to buy? Tips and recommendations

Building a gaming PC from scratch (or updating the one we already have) is a process that requires time and some reflection. Everything is reduced to fit a series of components that have a good synergy between them, although always without exceeding the budget that we have previously set. Obviously, not all parts cost the same, and the one that is going to get all the attention is going to be the graphics card.

This 2023 has meant a radical change in the situation of these components. We have gone from a few years where it was almost impossible to get an assembly at a good price (at least, first hand) to a moment where we can finally see cards at sensible prices. Many are “to blame” for this shift, although much of the responsibility falls on the arrival of the new cards from NVIDIA and AMD.

As far as NVIDIA is concerned, the new RTX 4000 have arrived making a lot of noise. The launch of this new line has been staggered, with the highest-end ones coming first to the most recent RTX 4060 and RTX 4060 Ti, the most affordable options. Be that as it may, the truth is that they all offer very good performance, although it may not be within the reach of all pockets.

For this reason, and as we did in the case of the RTX 4060, in this article we are going to give you a series of alternatives from the following on the list, the RTX 4070. Do you want to know which is the best of them? Well let’s go with it!

What to consider when buying an alternative to the NVIDIA RTX 4070?

It would be very easy at this point to recommend a card with a performance or price range to the RTX 4070, but it is worth stopping for a moment along the way to take into account a number of things. The eternal “battle” between NVIDIA and AMD cards It is present when choosing alternatives to this new RTX, but in addition to this, other points related to performance or the equipment that we have must be considered.

What are our claims when playing?

Beyond the budget (which, as we have said before, is the starting point), you also have to think very carefully about what you want to play when choosing components. There are many users who only want a gaming PC to play competitive video games and not too demanding for the hardware (such as League of Legends or Valorant), where it rewards more to have a high performance than to play at a high resolution.

In this sense, the RTX 4070 is indicated above all for all those users who are looking to play the most current titles at 1440p with outstanding performance. Here our monitor also has a lot to say, since it is useless to make a large outlay for one of these new cards if we do not have a monitor that shows the image at that resolution, with good refresh rate and minimal response time.

NVIDIA RTX 4070: is it better to choose the most current?

There is a maxim in gaming that many users follow: always bet on the latest technology. That, as far as graphics cards are concerned, goes directly to an RTX 4000 or an AMD RX 7000. It is true that these graphics cards have a plus in performance and even with exclusive technology like DLSS 3.0 (which we will talk about below), but that does not mean that they are the best option for us.

Now we can see ensembles of all kinds on sale, being even more frequent to find ensembles from last year with irresistible prices. In this sense, a great alternative in value for money is to bet on an ensemble from last year. These cards continue to offer a high level of performance and will last us many years at a good level, also being its price significantly lower than the graphics of this year.

NVIDIA or AMD graphics?: DLSS vs. FSR

In addition to performance and greater energy efficiency, the RTX 4000 have reached the market with DLSS 3.0 as one of its greatest assets. This scaling technology allows you to extract much higher performance from video games without losing sight of graphic quality and other technologies such as ray tracing. Till the date, DLSS 3.0 is exclusive to NVIDIA RTX 4000 cardsso if we want to use it we have no choice but to buy one of them.

Although it may seem like a compelling reason, the truth is that you have to take into account that this technology is not, to date, compatible with too many games. Also, AMD’s FSR (which, remember, is open source) also does its job well, and the new FSR 3 promises to offer a significant leap in quality, although it remains to be seen when it starts to reach the first compatible games.

You always have to look at the rest of the PC components

In addition to taking into account everything that we mentioned above when choosing a graph, It is also time to look carefully at the other components of the computer. For example, depending on the type of card or assembly that we choose, we may need more space inside the case, since some assemblies with three fans are quite long and require plenty of space to not be cramped.

In addition, it is also important that we carefully review how much energy our new assembly will need. If we bet on a card with high consumption, it is possible that we will also have to change or acquire a new power supply with more power, since otherwise we may have function and performance problems.

VRAM is important, but it’s not everything

When choosing a graphics card, a characteristic that is usually taken into account is the amount of memory or VRAM it has. This characteristic can become key to decide on one or the other model, since the games are more and more demanding (especially the triple A).

If we choose an assembly with little memory, we may have to change the graphics card sooner rather than later, especially if we want to always be playing the latest without suffering performance problems. However, this amount of VRAM is not a differentiator, since a greater amount of memory does not imply that the graphics card is more powerful. An RTX 4070 with 8 GB of RAM will always have more power than an RTX 4060 with 12 GB of RAM.

Are all assemblies the same?

If we start to look in the different specialized stores, it is not difficult to find several different models of the same graphics card. There are many assemblers out there today, each with their own model different from the others. These usually differ from each other in terms of design, cooling and components, although the difference that stands out the most between all of them will always be the price.

So, how can we opt for one or the other assembler? Here it is best not to be blinded by the design, but to look at other elements such as consumption, refrigeration or price. The list that you will find below includes very interesting assemblies from some of the best assemblers out there, so we are not going to have problems with any of them.

Which alternative graphics card to the NVIDIA RTX 4070 to buy

MSI AMD Radeon RX 6750 XT MECH 2X 12GB GDDR6 V1

The first alternative to appear on this list is also the cheapest. This MSI RX 6750 XT is a great option if we want to play 1440p for as little money as possible right now. This has the great advantage of having 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM, in addition to three DisplayPort 1.4 and an HDMI port. It is a fairly compact assembly although with very good cooling, and its price is currently 379.90 euros. In addition, both this and the rest of the AMD cards on the list include Starfield as a gift.

Zotac Gaming Geforce RTX 3070 Twin Edge LHR 8GB GDDR6

When looking for an alternative to the NVIDIA RTX 4070 it is logical that a mandatory stop along the way is the RTX 3070, in this case from Zotac. We have another assembly on our hands here with a compact size, a signature design and 8 GB of VRAM. It is a spectacular assembly to play 2K, and also has a fairly moderate consumption. We have it on Amazon at 499.90 euros (in PcComponentes it also marks the same price).

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4060 Ti EAGLE OC 8GB GDDR6 DLSS3

If we want current technology, but without spending what most RTX 4070 assemblies cost, a very good alternative is to go down a notch in terms of power. The RTX 4060 Ti is quite an interesting option, as it offers high performance and support for DLSS 3.0. This Gigabyte assembly already has a larger size, three powerful fans, 8GB of VRAM and good connectivity. It costs 438.99 euros.


We’ve already said that last year’s builds are very attractively priced now, so it’s a good time to level up. This XFX RX 6800 XT is a good example, a graphics card with which we will have no problem playing at 1440p or even 4K. Its design is quite minimalist with straight lines, it has 3 fans and has 16 GB of VRAM. The price that it currently marks is brutal (for what it cost a few months ago): it costs 529.90 euros in PcComponentes.

XFX Speedster MERC 319 AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT Black Gaming 16GB GDDR6

The last alternative on the list is also the most powerful of all. If we want approximately what an RTX 4070 costs in more power, the correct option is to go for the XFX RX 6950 XT, superior to the RX 6900 XT. This is AMD’s top of the line from last year, a great card for 4K gaming with outstanding performance. It is quite demanding as far as necessary power is concerned, but its price is not crazy right now: in PcComponentes it costs 659.90 euros.


Buy Palia coins: Get coins for free?

How do you actually get the blue coins in Palia? How can you buy the coins and how much do the Palia Coins cost? A few days ago the open beta of the new cozy MMO from Singularity 6 started. At the start of the game, there is also a premium currency with which you can buy various cosmetic items such as outfits and clothing, but also things such as pets, in the in-game shop. Here one or the other player may ask the question, where can you find the premium shop and how do you get the coins to be able to buy something in the shop?

Buy coins in Palia

The premium shop can be opened via the menu at the top right using the yellow button with the sales stand symbol. At the start of the open beta, the selection of available outfits is still manageable, but that will probably change in the coming weeks. In the shop you can now buy the so-called Palia Coins at the top right by clicking the plus symbol next to the blue coin. The Palia Coins is the paid premium currency in the game. As you know it from other games with a premium shop, the Palia Coins are available in different packages and the larger the package, the lower the price per coin is usually. The following coin packages are currently available for purchase (prices and bonuses may change over time).

There is currently another promotion where you get a pet for free for the first purchase of Palia coins. If you have more than 3,000 Palia Coins, you will also receive the other three pets.

  • 425 Palia coins + 0 bonus = 5.00 euros
  • 850 Palia coins + 127 bonus = 8.50 euros
  • 1,700 Palia coins + 297 bonus = 16.50 euros
  • 3,400 Palia coins + 637 bonus = 32.50 euros
  • 5,100 Palia coins + 1,062 bonus = 47.50 euros
  • 8,500 Palia coins + 2,550 bonus = 100.00 euros

Get Palia Coins for free?

There is no way to earn free Palia Coins in the current version of Palia. Should this change in the future, we will add the information here. Incidentally, we can only advise against alleged “Palia coin cheats or hacks” that can currently be found on the Internet and on YouTube. The tools do not work and usually contain malware.

Payment methods: Can I pay with PayPal?

In our test, only credit card was offered as a possible payment method. Accordingly, the Palia coins cannot be paid for with PayPal at the moment. Should anything change here in the future, we will add the information here.


If you were planning to buy Baldur’s Gate 3, you better have a good SSD hard drive and plenty of free space ready.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has all the necessary ingredients to be one of the best games of 2023 and one of the most outstanding RPGs on the international scene For a long time. Although it is still a bit early to talk about, it is what one can infer seeing everything that Larian Studios has prepared as well as the time they have dedicated to the project. Also, of course, it is very related to what we have already seen in, for example, early access.

What many may not like is that, since it was announced, the game has had to toughen its requirements in order to respond adequately. This has caused us to need larger components. Unfortunately, it is not the only thing that will require us. If we take a look at the game’s official Steam page, we can see – and this has been known for a long time – that we will need 150 GB of storage on an SSD hard drive. Nevertheless, in the end it will be somewhat less: 122 GB. At least that’s how Larian Studios has reported it through an official statement.

Larian Studios confirms that the game will occupy 122 GB of SSD

Despite this, it continues to be an important space, which it will force us to have a fairly important SSD storage hard drive. It is not nonsense, since in the case of many users it could occupy up to a quarter of the storage of their systems. At least it seems so if we review the latest Steam reviews.

Today, the usual measurements of the SSD that we can find in many computers are 256 GB, 500 GB or, failing that, 1 TB. For those who have the latter, Baldur’s Gate 3 will be no problem, but for the first two it can be somewhat more complicated to manage. In many cases, there will be players who are forced to delete other games in order to have only the new Larian.

However, this is not a situation that only occurred with Baldur’s Gate 3. More of the same will happen with Starfield and other releases like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order did too. Thus, it seems that the new standards of the video game industry will require us to have more space than ever if we want to continue enjoying its virtues.


Sims 4: Buy, breed and sell goats and sheep

Where can you buy a dwarf goat or a dwarf sheep? How can you milk a goat or shear a sheep? One or the other player who has bought the new horse ranch expansion for The Sims 4 will probably deal with these questions in the last few days. With the horse ranch expansion, not only does a new neighborhood and horses come into play, but there are also two other new animals and these are the goats and sheep.

Dwarf goats and dwarf sheep buy horse ranch in Sims 4

The goats and sheep work similarly to the chickens from the Cottage Life expansion. The animals must be fed and cared for regularly. The better you take care of the animals, the more expensive you can sell their products such as milk or wool. To buy a goat or a sheep, you can either visit the stable in Chestnut Ridge or you can conveniently order the animals home using your cell phone. Prices start at 150 simoleons and go up to 2,000 simoleons for the black dwarf sheep.

  1. Open the cell phone and under “Household” call the “Ranch Animal Exchange”.
  2. You can now order one or more goats and sheep via “Buy dwarf goats and dwarf sheep”.
  3. After you have bought the animals, they automatically end up in the Sim’s inventory. You can then release the animals on your own property via the inventory.

milking goats and shearing sheep: To milk a goat or shear a sheep, simply click on the animal and then select the appropriate option. You can use the interactions to collect the dwarf goats and dwarf sheep again and “put them in your inventory”.

Sell ​​Goat and Sheep: To sell a goat or a sheep, you have to call the ranch animal exchange with your cell phone and sell the animals.

Breed goats and sheep?

Unlike horses, which can be bred relatively easily and have offspring in the form of a foal, according to current information, goats and sheep cannot be bred. If anything changes in the future, we will of course add the information here.


Find and buy Starfield ship parts

Where do you get the ship parts in Starfield? Is there a merchant where you can buy ship parts? In the past few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player of the new space RPG from Bethesda, who has already done a few space fights. Depending on the level of difficulty you play Starfield on, the space battles can be a bit of a challenge. In addition to the right tactics and the right weapons, you sometimes have to repair the ship in battle. For the repair you need the ship parts, but where do you get the parts?

Buy ship parts from the merchant

Yes, you can buy the ship parts. There are several vendors to purchase ship repair parts from, including UC Distributions in the business district of New Atlantis. Arriving in the UC Distributions building, you will find the good Wen Tseng, where you can buy various items, such as ship parts for 1187 credits each under the “Help” category. Like other items, the ship parts are only available in limited quantities, but you can easily reset the dealer and increase the offer by finding a seat and waiting there for 24 in-game hours.

How to repair the spaceship with the ship parts? For ship repair, simply press the O button in battle. The spaceship is then automatically repaired at 4 percent for 10 seconds.

Where can you find and farm ship parts?

If you don’t have enough credits on the virtual account to buy the ship parts, you can find them in the game world. This is how you get the ship parts, especially in the fight against enemy ships, after you have killed them. But even if you save other pilots and their ships from the pirates, you always get ship parts as a reward for your help.

Get ship parts with cheat

If you are not averse to using cheats in Starfield, you can also use a cheat to get the ship parts. The item ID for the ship parts is 0003FB19.

  1. Open the in-game console with the Ö key.
  2. Type in the command “player.additem 0003FB19 (number)” and confirm with the Enter key.

Incidentally, a part of the ship weighs 10 kg and is therefore anything but light. We have already created a separate guide on how to increase the carrying capacity in Starfield.