Diablo 4: change resolution

How to change screen resolution in Diablo 4? Why is the resolution setting greyed out and what do I have to do to be able to change the setting? Diablo 4 open beta started a few hours ago. Anyone who has downloaded the game and has already spent a minute or two in the game world will probably have taken a look at the settings and especially at the graphics settings. As you know it from Diablo games, there are also different graphics settings to choose from in the new Diablo 4, including the resolution. However, the setting will likely be grayed out for many players. The question arises, why is this so?

How to change resolution in Diablo 4?

In order to be able to change the resolution in Diablo 4, you have to change the “Display” setting to “Full Screen”. If the “Resolution” option is greyed out, in most cases this is because the window mode or the full-screen window mode is active. After switching to full screen, which by the way is possible without restarting the game, you can also change the screen resolution.

Update: With the last update for the beta, the “full screen” option was removed from the display settings. The reason for this seems to be problems with crashes and other errors. With the current version of the beta, the only options left are “windowed mode” and “full-screen windowed mode”. If you now want to change the screen resolution in Diablo 4, you have to reduce the general screen resolution under Windows. The desktop resolution is then automatically included in the game. Further information on this can also be found in the linked forum post on the subject.

The post states: “Addressed an issue with the PC client crashing when in Fullscreen mode. This mode will be disabled for the beta. Windowed and Windowed (Fullscreen) will be the only options on PC Beta.”

There is also currently another issue with Diablo 4’s voice acting. Some players cannot hear voices during dialogue.


F1 23 Change weather and drive in the rain

The new F1 23 was released a few days ago and, as was to be expected, the new F1 offshoot is very popular. In addition to a revised and improved driving behavior, the innovations also include the return of the popular story mode Breaking Point. Anyone who has already completed one or the other race in F1 23 will perhaps ask themselves over time where do you actually find the weather setting? How to change the weather in F1 23?

How to set the weather in F1 23?

As in the previous F1 22, you can also drive in the F1 23 in the rain but also in the most beautiful sunshine and change the weather. If you don’t want to wait for the dynamic weather to be able to drive in the rain, you can set the weather in some game modes and set it for the entire weekend. For example, you can start a Grand Prix in the F1 World and then make the settings under “Weather and time of day” before the race. The set weather is then adopted for the entire race weekend. The following options are available here.

  • Dynamic (weather is random)
  • no clouds (dry)
  • Slightly cloudy (dry)
  • overcast (dry)
  • Wet
  • Very wet

It is important that the selected weather setting cannot be changed during the race weekend. In addition, the weather setting is not available in every game mode. In the current version of F1 23, among other things, you cannot change the weather in time trials and therefore you cannot drive for a time when it is raining.

How do you actually unlock and drive the supercars in F1 23?


Dead Island 2: Change and Equip Weapon

Which button is used to switch weapons in Dead Island 2? Which button do you have to press on the PS5, Xbox Series or even the PC if you want to equip a different weapon? A few days ago, the second part of Deep Silver’s popular zombie shredded game was released and, as was to be expected, the game is very popular and can also convince the specialist press. In Dead Island 2, of course, you have to raze numerous zombies to the ground and the player has numerous weapons at his disposal. In addition to a number of melee weapons, some of which are also improvised, there are also plenty of firearms with which you can kill the zombies. If you just got into the game, then one or the other player is probably wondering how to switch weapons in Dead Island 2?

Change weapons in Dead Island 2

You can switch weapons using the weapon wheel. The weapon wheel can be opened by pressing and holding the triangle button on PS5, the Y button on Xbox Series, and pressing and holding the mouse wheel on PC. Each weapon has “two sides” that can be switched using the directional pad. So you can equip a total of 16 weapons.

  • PC: Hold mouse wheel and select weapon with mouse
  • PS5: Hold the Triangle button and select a weapon with the left or right analog stick
  • Xbox Series: Hold the Y button and use the left or right analog stick to select a weapon

Can’t equip weapon?

If a weapon cannot be equipped via the selection wheel, then the reason is simple: the weapon is broken. The melee weapons wear out over time and eventually break. The broken weapons can then not be equipped until the weapon is repaired at the workbench.


How to change icons on Xiaomi phones with MIUI

Personalization on Xiaomi phones is so broad that MIUI, the brand’s personalized layer, Allows you to change almost any look without complications. Icons are part of these customization possibilities since the theme app has an infinity of these elements. In addition, it is also possible to install icon packs from the Google Play Store.

Installing themes on a Xiaomi mobile is as easy as going to its themes app and downloading one of the available ones, at least as long as you said the app (in Spain it can be used). Brand personalization allows completely change the appearance of the interface or choose portions: wallpapers, fonts or icons. While there are several ways to customize the design of the layers, including these icons: from within the Themes app, install a launcher or download icon packs from Google Play. Let’s see how to perform each method.

Customize the icons of the « themes »

This is the easiest option as MIUI provides everything you need to adapt phone icons to a wide variety of styles. Of course, with a downside: the appearance of the designs is generally too oriental, so there aren’t too many styles of materials to give an example. Still, it’s worth taking a look, you can find the icons that match your phone.

To download and install icon packs from the theme app, follow these steps:

  • Find the ‘Themes’ application among all the applications installed on your Xiaomi.
  • Choose one of the themes making sure they have icons (They should be in the majority).
  • Go back to the themes home screen and click on the icon at the bottom right, the profile icon.
  • Go to the « Icons » category.
  • Click on the theme you downloaded, then click « Apply. »

In this way you will not apply the entire theme because you will have selected only its icons. Of course, if you want to completely change the MIUI interface, apply the theme from its ‘Themes’ category. Also in your profile options (local files).

Customize the icons of a launcher

MIUI is a layer that offers many possibilities, but among them Cannot find icon pack installation on Google Play. It is a hindrance if you want to install the packs you bought from the Android store on your phone because you cannot use the MIUI launcher with them. In return, you have a plethora of interfaces at your fingertips, like Nova Launcher.

Nova is one of the best launchers that you can install on your phone. Clean and with an ‘Android stock’ design, highly customizable and with the possibility of installing icon packs. If you want to use your own packs with MIUI Nova, it is highly recommended.

Nova Launcher

Other launchers compatible with the installation of icon packs (the first two are from Xiaomi):

Apply your icon packs without installing launchers

Installing a launcher is a bit tricky as it’s nothing more than a patch that keeps fixing the problem: change MIUI icons with Google Play packs. Therefore, let’s see how the packs are installed in the MIUI launcher that comes with your Xiaomi by default. To do this, we will use an application to modify the installed themes: Theme Editor For MIUI.

Theme editor for MIUI

Theme editor for MIUI allows you to edit themes installed in MIUI. You can change any element, such as backgrounds, fonts or of course icons. And it does exactly what we are looking for: with this app we can apply icon packs downloaded from Google Play directly on other icons downloaded from « Themes ». It is the closest thing in MIUI to installing a third party package.

To use the theme editor to edit MIUI icons, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the icon packs you want to install on your mobile.
  • Go to the MIUI themes app and download the one you like for its design and appearance. It doesn’t matter that you are not interested in its icons because we will change them with Theme Manager for MIUI.
  • Once the theme is downloaded, open the Theme Editor For MIUI app.
  • Tap « Choose a theme » and choose the theme you downloaded.
  • When you have chosen the theme, click on « Start »: all the changes you make in the application will be made on the selected theme.
  • Click on « Application icons » then on « Import the complete icon pack ».
  • Select the pack from the “Select Icon Pack” drop-down list and click “Done”.
  • Uncheck the « Apply changes to installed applications only » button. In this way all theme icons will be overwritten by those from the packWhether or not you have the relevant apps on your phone.
  • Click on « Back » to return to the initial menu of the theme editor for MIUI.
  • Click on « Next » and end the process with « Finish ». The app will create a copy of the chosen theme with the icons from the Google Play package. When finished, click on « Install » to have the modified theme is installed on the mobile.
  • Now go to MIUI ‘Themes’ app and apply duplicate theme manager for MIUI theme, the one that says ‘(Apply me)’.
  • Your theme may uninstall after a while, this is not a problem with the Theme Editor for MIUI: Xiaomi does not allow you to apply third party themes. If this happens to you, you will have to reapply the theme with the icons. Or you can register your Xiaomi account as a designer on this website: this will allow you to use third-party themes.

You can change the themes you download from the MIUI app and also some of the themes preinstalled on your Xiaomi phone. After the theme is applied, you can change the wallpapers to your liking to match the style of the icons.

Source: Frandroid


Tip: this is how you change the black bars of the subtitles in the Viaplay app

Viaplay: get rid of those black bars for subtitles

Viaplay will be available in the Netherlands from March 1 and a subscription has also been taken out here. For me personally, I have to wait for the new F1 season. Still, I have of course already browsed through the current range of series and films and have also watched some. I was immediately irritated by the subtitles, because they consist of large black bars with white letters, so that part of the content is no longer visible.

Unfortunately, this cannot be adjusted in the Viaplay app itself, which is easily possible with Amazon Prime Video, for example. However, there is an option to adjust the subtitle style. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work immediately on every Android device.

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly what causes this. It is also possible that the steps below are called slightly different on your smartphone. This step-by-step plan was written based on Android 12 on a Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Viaplay: Film, TV & Live Sports


3.2 (84,132 reviews)


via Google Play

This is how you change the style of the subtitles in Viaplay

  1. Grab your smartphone and open the settings;
  2. Tap the ‘Accessibility’ option;
  3. Scroll to ‘Subtitle Preferences’ and tap it;
  4. Tap ‘Subtitle size and style’;
  5. Select the ‘Subtitle Style’ option and tap ‘Custom’;
  6. Set the style the way you want in terms of colors and more.

You can set everything in the menu, including the font size or font. Of course you can also play with the color of the letters or the color of the bar behind them. In addition to black and nice colors, you can also choose not to show a bar.

Your smartphone immediately shows what it looks like. Once you have found the perfect combination, it is a matter of leaving the menu and restarting Viaplay.

If the above step-by-step plan does not work, you are unfortunately still bound to the black bars with white letters. You can try to perform the above steps on different devices, but also tablets or, for example, the Nvidia Shield Pro. If you watch Viaplay via Google Chrome, there is an extension available to solve this problem.

More about the new (streaming) service Viaplay

Viaplay is a new service that, in addition to films, series and documentaries, mainly focuses on offering live sports. Formula 1 is the big crowd puller, but many football and darts enthusiasts can also go there. You can watch via the Viaplay app, but there is also Chromecast support, so you can watch anytime and anywhere.

You can of course contact Viaplay directly if you are interested in a subscription. Television and internet providers also often offer the service. You can contact KPN, VodafoneZiggo, Odido and YouFone, among others. The price is 13.99 euros per month, but there are now all kinds of (welcome) offers available. You pay less for the first few months or you can temporarily watch completely free.

Knowing more? Viaplay now available in the Netherlands: these 5 things you need to know


F1 23 name change on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Anyone who has bought the new F1 23 and has already played one or two rounds against friends or players from all over the world online may ask themselves how can the name be changed? Is there a setting in F1 23 to change the visible player name and if so where is it on the pc or console version?

Customize player names in F1 23

As in the predecessors, there is no option in F1 23 to set a “player name” in the game that is displayed to the other players. Instead, it simply uses the EA name, Steam name, PSN name, or Xbox Live name set on PC or console. This also means that if you want to change the visible player name in F1 23 multiplayer, you can only do this by changing the name on the respective platform. In Steam and in the EA client you can change the name relatively easily, as follows.


  1. Open the Steam client, click on the name in the upper right corner and “View my profile”.
  2. You can now change and save the profile name using the “Edit profile” button.

EA Client:

  1. Open EA Client, click on the profile picture in the top right corner and then click on “Edit Profile”.
  2. You can now assign a new player name under “Change nickname”, which will then also be displayed in F1 23.

If you play F1 23 on PS5 or PS4 and want to change the name to F1 23, you need to change the PSN name. The first name change is free, but subsequent name changes will incur charges on PlayStation Network. If you have an active PS Plus subscription, you will receive a 50 percent discount. The situation is similar on Xbox One and Xbox Series in Xbox Live.

Tip: You can create your own league in F1 23 and play with friends.


MacOS Big Sur icons are rounded squares, so you can change the ones that don’t fit

If there’s one detail that caught my attention about macOS 11 Big Sur, it’s its icons. From this version of macOS 11, they all become square with rounded corners (something called squircle in English). While waiting for the official arrival of the system, as well as the adaptation of all third-party applications, we can modify the ones we have very easily. Let’s see how to do it.

How to change macOS Big Sur icons to make them consistent

Changing an app’s icons in macOS is pretty straightforward. This does not change at all as it is a new version of the operating system, so if you already knew the steps, you can try it by yourself. If you don’t know or remember what it looked like (here we have an in-depth tutorial on it), follow these steps:

  • First of all, prepare your icon to modify it, select it and press cmd + C to copy it.
  • In Finder, go to the Applications folder.
  • Choose the app you want to change icon. Right click on it and click Get Info.
  • As an alternative, just press the cmd + I keys.
  • A window will open with more information about the chosen application, at the top left you will see a mini-icon.
  • Click on it and press Command + V to paste the previously copied icon.
  • Close and the change will take effect.

If it’s an Apple app, type iMovie like the one in the example, macOS will ask you to enter the password administrator. In any other application, you can do this without a password. As a recommendation, it is better to use .icns or .png formats.

A handful of unofficial icons for modifying your macOS Big Sur apps

As we said at the beginning, app developers are not yet required to adapt their icons. It will be from September or October when it comes out macOS 11 Big Sur to the public and they can also launch their adapted applications. We understand that the only ones that will be required are those that “go through” the Mac App Store and not those that are downloaded through other channels.

Meanwhile, from 9to5Mac, they’ve already collected a few proposals. Not too many icons, but it is used to gradually adapt our applications:

  • Stijn de Vries created seven icons: Nova, Step Two, Twitter, Github, Pages, Keynote and Visual Studio Code.
  • Bas van der Ploeg did the same with eight different icons: Cura, NodeMCU-PyFlasher, Sketch, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Transmission and Tweetbot.

Logitech presents its MX line for Mac: MX Keys keyboard and MX Master 3 mouse

The Pages and Keynote icons are, in fact, the official ones presented by Apple but not yet in the apps. Following the tutorial we saw Before, we can adapt these applications to be more in line with the « spirit » of macOS 11 Big Sur.


Change DAZN image quality: You have these options if the image is bad

If the image quality of your stream on DAZN suddenly deteriorates and the image appears pixelated or even blurry, there can be many reasons. Sometimes these problems are due to a bad internet connection, but there can also be problems with the player or even with the provider.

DAZN image quality: These tricks can help

Unfortunately, DAZN does not offer you the option of adjusting the picture quality of your stream so that you can enjoy a perfectly sharp and good picture again. However, you can try a few tricks to fix the (possible) causes of the problem mentioned above.

If you are watching DAZN via a mobile hotspot, you should switch to your home WLAN if possible. Mobile hotspots are often used by several users, which can affect the transmission rate and thus the streaming quality of individual users.

Another option would be to close and reopen DAZN again. In some cases, this alone can help solve the problem. Or you switch to another device to watch DAZN on it.

Sometimes poor transmission quality can be traced back to the provider, for example when too many users want to access the DAZN program at the same time, for example in the case of particularly exciting Champions League games. In such situations, there isn’t much you can do except accept the poor quality or wait for the provider to fix the problem. In our DAZN malfunction reporter you can find out how the provider’s servers are currently doing.

More information about DAZN

We tested the streaming service DAZN for you. In separate articles we will also inform you about the costs of DAZN and the cancellation conditions at DAZN.


How to change the password of Valorant

Do not know how to change the password of Valorant? Or have you forgotten it? Don’t worry, I’ll help you change or reset it.

The procedures to follow they are not difficult, indeed, like most games, sites and apps, the steps they are similar and simple to complete. Let’s see what these procedures are.

Change the Valorant password

These simple step by step they will help you change your password for security reasons, or if you have forgot Valorant password and you want to reset it.

  • We open the Riot Games recovery page
  • We choose the server of our account, usually it is EUW
  • We insert ours username
  • We will receive on our email the link for change Password
  • Let’s open the link in the email
  • We insert the New password
  • We confirm
  • We will receive a confirmation message password change

I remind you and suggest you not have the same password on different platforms for one greater security of our accounts.

Source : BuzzFeed


This is how you change the subtitles of Viaplay!

Viaplay can be used throughout the Netherlands since March 1. Although enjoying the streaming service’s offer, users experience some problems with the subtitles. We have the solution for that!

If you have already delved into the new streaming service Viaplay, you may have noticed the subtitles. The subtitles that the Viaplay app offers have black bars as a background. If you are in the middle of an exciting piece, this can quickly become disturbing, so we are happy to help you with the solution.

Dive into the box of tricks

Although the app does not offer a direct simple solution for the annoying subtitles, you as a customer have more options than you might think. Indeed, it is possible to address the problem in the settings of your phone. For example, you can adjust the color and size of the subtitles. To adjust the subtitles of the Viaplay app, do not solve the problem in the app itself, but in your settings. This is how you adjust the subtitles.


1. Grab your smartphone and open settings.

2. Tap the ‘Accessibility’ button

3. Then scroll to ‘Subtitles Preferences’ and tap on it.

4. Tap on ‘Subtitle size and style

5. Select the ‘Subtitle style’ option and tap ‘Custom’

6. Personalize the caption how you like it!

You can give free rein to your creativity by personalizing the subtitles. From adjusting the size of the letters or trying out a new color. The background color of the subtitles can also be adjusted here. Although you could change the black color to a hip new color such as pink or blue, you can also choose to keep the background color transparent. That should fix the black bars blocking the screen.


Palia: change server and change region?

How to change server in Palia? Is there also a German server in Palia and if so, how can you join it? A few days ago, the new cozy MMO from Singularity 6 was released in the open beta. As was to be expected, the game is very popular and already brings a lot of content to the beta start. If you’ve already spent an hour or two in the world of Palia and maybe even played with friends, you might be wondering how can I change the server in the game?

Can you change the server manually in Palia?

The short answer to the question is that you cannot currently switch servers manually in Palia. You are always automatically assigned to a server and have no influence on which server it is and in which region it is located. The only thing you can do is either log in again or go to your property, stay there for a few minutes and sometimes when you switch to Kilima Valley you will be moved to another server.

Unfortunately, there is no way to limit the region and sometimes you end up on servers where completely different languages ​​are spoken instead of German or English. If you look at the Reddit threads on the subject, there are some players who would like to be able to limit a specific region or switch servers manually. If the developers integrate a function into the game in this regard, we will add the information here.

In another article we already described how to play Palia with friends and visit other lots.


Seamless character change – GTA 6 footage shows incredibly fast loading times

Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA VI was officially announced as being in development in February 2022. There was recently an indication that we can expect the game in March 2025 at the latest. Footage of an early build of the sequel has now surfaced online, confirming that GTA VI is set in Vice City. Furthermore, in addition to a male character, there is also a female main character for the first time.

An important point in the series has always been the loading times. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series was loaded.

From the looks of it, Rockstar Games wants players to not waste a lot of time in front of loading screens in GTA 6. The information comes from some new footage taken from Grand Theft Auto VI, showing an almost seamless transition between characters.

GTA 6 footage shows incredibly fast loading times

Luckily, it looks like GTA VI will avoid these lengthy loading times. Of course, we all know that the new consoles are capable of very fast loading times anyway, but a newly surfaced piece of leaked footage shows just how seamless that could be in GTA VI.

The footage shows the two protagonists of the game in a motel. We see the game immediately switch from Lucia to Jason before Jason goes out into the world. This happens almost without any real delay and is therefore a huge change from GTA V.

Since the material is still from an earlier build, the information is doubly impressive. It remains to be seen what this will look like in the final game. However, you can be sure that Rockstar Games is doing everything it can to make endless loading times a thing of the past.

You can see the tweet here

One of my favorite leaks. You can see the new character switching, the detail of Jason and Lucia’s face and the graphics outside. The finished game will be insane! #gta6 #GTAVI

— GTA 6 leaks and news (NO BS) (@gta6news_leaks) September 16, 2023