Sims 4: Getting and Getting Rid of Burnout (Cheat)

How to get burnout in Sims 4? What can you do if a Sim has burnout and how can you get rid of it? With the new Sims 4 expansion called “Growing Together”, not only do infants and many new objects come into play, but there are also a few other playful innovations such as milestones or the new emotion “Burnout”. If the Sim overworks, they can burn out after a certain amount of time, which in turn has a negative impact on the Sim and their skills and career. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to get and get rid of burnout.

How do you get burnout?

If a Sim works too much or spends too much time on their hobbies without taking regular breaks, they can experience burnout. Before the Sim burns out, they gain one of two emotions: Dazed – Mental Fog and Dazed – Creative Fog. To prevent burnout, you should slow down a little and take a break when the Sim displays the “Dazed” emotion.

If you don’t take a break and the Sim continues as before, then burnout will occur. As already mentioned above, the burnout then has a negative impact on the Sim’s skills and thus also on the career. The burnout also has a more or less strong impact on the Sim’s mood.

Remove and get rid of burnout

If the Sim has a burnout, it’s relatively easy to get rid of it. All you have to do is give the Sim a little break from the activities that caused the burnout. After a certain amount of time, the burnout disappears on its own. Alternatively, you can also get rid of burnout with the mood potion from the reward store. The mood remover costs 500 reward points.

As with other emotions, there is also a “burnout cheat” in The Sims 4. Since burnout is an emotion, you can remove it using the cheat command “sims.remove_all_buffs”.

  1. Open the cheat console using CTRL + Shift + C.
  2. Activate the cheats via “testingcheats true” and remove the burnout with the command “sims.remove_all_buffs”.

So far we haven’t been able to find a cheat code that allows you to activate burnout at the push of a button. It is probably possible using the command “sims.add_buff (Emotion), although it is still unknown what the cheat for the burnout is called.


Write Sims 4 bestseller (incl. Cheat)

How can you actually write a bestseller in The Sims 4? Does the Sim just randomly write the bestseller, or are there certain requirements for the book to become a bestseller? One or the other player of Sims 4 who is in the process of improving the “writing” ability and would like to become a writer will perhaps deal with these questions. Sooner or later you will be given the task or goal of writing a bestseller and even if you have already written a few books and increased your writing skill, you will not become a bestseller author immediately. But how do you write a bestseller?

Writing bestsellers in The Sims 4

The quality of books in The Sims 4 depends on the writing level. The higher the level of writing skill, the better the books usually get. But a high level of writing does not guarantee a bestseller. Besides the writing ability there are other things that affect the end result like in this case the finished book and one of those is the Inspired emotion. If the Sim is “Inspired” or even better “Very Inspired”, then the probability of writing a bestseller increases significantly. In another article we have already described how a Sim can be inspired (including the inspired cheat).

Another way to increase the probability of writing a bestseller is the “Creative Visionary” reward, which can be unlocked in the reward store. The reward increases the chance of writing or painting a masterpiece (i.e. a bestseller).

Otherwise, writing a bestseller is all about sticking with it, getting a high writing skill, and inspiring the Sim. Sooner or later a bestseller should come out of it.

Best selling cheat and writing skill

So far there is no real “bestseller cheat” in The Sims 4 with which you can write a bestseller at the push of a button. However, you can increase both the writing ability and the inspiration with a cheat.

  • Open the cheat window with CTRL+Shift+C and activate the cheats with “testingcheats true”.
  • The inspiration can be increased with the cheat “sims.Add_Buff InspiredHigh”.
  • The ability to write can be increased with the cheat “stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing 10”.


Earning Money in Anno 1800: Mastering the Art of Prosperity – CHEAT CODES for 2024

Introduction to Wealth Building in Anno 1800

Anno 1800, a complex and engaging city-building game, offers a unique blend of strategy and economics. Mastering the art of wealth accumulation in this game requires not just skill but also a deep understanding of its mechanics. This comprehensive guide aims to equip players with proven strategies, tips, and even some clever tricks to boost their financial success in Anno 1800.

Understanding the Basics of Anno 1800 Economy

Before diving into advanced techniques, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamentals of the game’s economy. Anno 1800’s economic system is built on resource management, trade, and population control. Balancing these elements is key to establishing a strong economic foundation.

Resource Management: The Backbone of Your Economy

Resource management involves efficient production, usage, and distribution of resources. Ensuring a steady supply of essential goods like wood, steel, and food not only keeps your population happy but also fuels your city’s growth.

Efficient Production Lines

Creating efficient production lines is vital. Align your production buildings in proximity to related industries to minimize transportation time and costs. Also, constantly upgrade your production facilities to maximize output.

Strategic Resource Distribution

Equally important is strategic resource distribution. Ensure that all your islands and trade routes have access to necessary resources. This prevents bottlenecks and ensures a smooth supply chain.

Trade: Expanding Your Economic Reach

Trade plays a pivotal role in Anno 1800. Establishing trade routes with neighbors can turn a modest profit into a substantial income.

Maximizing Trade Profits

To maximize trade profits, identify high-demand goods in the market and focus your production on these items. Keep an eye on fluctuating prices to sell at peak value.

Population Control: The Key to a Balanced Economy

Your population is both your workforce and your primary source of income through taxes. Managing your population’s growth and needs is essential for a balanced economy.

Balancing Population Growth

Rapid population growth can strain your resources. Balance growth by ensuring your city’s infrastructure can support new residents. Also, aim for higher-tier citizens as they pay more taxes and have more complex needs, leading to more sophisticated and profitable production chains.

Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Wealth

With the basics covered, let’s delve into more advanced strategies.

Diversifying Your City’s Economy

Diversification is critical. Don’t rely on a single resource or industry. A diverse economy is more resilient to market changes and can tap into multiple income sources.

Investing in New Industries

Investing in new industries like tourism or advanced manufacturing can open new revenue streams. These sectors often have higher profit margins and can significantly boost your city’s income.

Exploiting Trade Route Efficiencies

Optimizing trade routes can drastically increase your profits. Use larger ships for longer routes to maximize cargo space and minimize trips. Also, consider establishing trade agreements with AI players for exclusive trade rights.

Utilizing Cheats and Tricks Wisely

While not necessary, cheats and tricks can provide an edge.

Cheat Codes

Cheat codes can give instant access to resources or money. However, use them sparingly as they can reduce the game’s challenge and enjoyment.

Gameplay Tricks

Learning gameplay tricks, like exploiting AI weaknesses in trade or manipulating market prices, can give you a significant advantage. These require a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics and AI behavior.

Anno 1800 Cheats

  1. Unlimited Influences: Player used unlimited influences 
  2. Infinite Health: Health level is on peek point
  3. Max Diplomacy: Make a diplomatic state as your own choice
  4. Unlimited Gold/Money: Get more money while fighting with other
  5. Unlimited Timber: Available Timber quantity is unlimited
  6. Unlimited Bricks: Bricks for construction is infinite
  7. Unlimited Steel Beam: Steel beam is also in the infinite value
  8. Unlimited Window: Have unlimited numbers of window
  9. Unlimited Oil: Oil for ships is available in high quantity
  10. Unlimited Warehouse Resources: Available resources in the warehouse if infinite
  11. Max Ship Health: Ships have the capacity to bear attack of the enemy
  12. SuperSpeed: Ship speed is boosted up when the enemy attack
  13. Instant Ship Production: Produce a new ship when you need
  14. Infinite Construction Resource: Provide a variety of resources to construct something

How to Install ANNO 1800 Trainer

  1. Download the trainer the given link
  2. Extract the .rar file using the WinRAR
  3. Now open the train.exe and change what you want

How To Use ANNO 1800 Trainer

  1. Run the trainer,
  2. Then play the game.

During the game you will be able to use the following Option keys

ANNO 1800 Cheats

Escape: Close Postcard View

NUMPAD1: Instant Ship Protection

NUMPAD2: Unlimited ship Health

NUMPAD3: Expedition Morale

NUMPAD4: Change window

NUMPAD5: Super Ship Speed

NUMPAD6: Super Speed

NUMPAD7: Edit Ship Inventory

NUMPAD8: Edit Harbor

F1: Change Oil

F2: Change Cash

F3: Change Influences

F4: Change Timber

F5: Change Bricks

F6: Change Steel Beam

F7: Change Reinforced Concrete

F8: Perfect People Need

F9: Unlimited Resource

F10: Perfect Diplomacy

Mastering Anno 1800: Expert Strategies for Game Success

Navigating Game Hiccups: Solving Freezing Issues in Anno 1800 : One of the occasional challenges in Anno 1800: Console Edition is the freezing issue when toggling between apps on the PS5. This glitch can cause the game’s pause menu to lock up if you switch back from another app. While this can be frustrating, a simple restart of the game resolves the issue. Thankfully, Anno 1800’s autosave feature ensures you won’t lose progress, as it captures the state of play right before the freeze occurs.

Optimal Beer Production in Anno 1800: A Comprehensive Layout Guide : For those aiming to excel in Anno 1800’s intricate economy, mastering beer production is crucial. This process requires a strategic layout, beginning with a spacious area dedicated to brewing. Starting with a warehouse, you’ll need to strategically place two breweries and a malthouse in close proximity, connected by a single road to the city. Opposite this road, the layout demands two grain farms and three hop farms, with the fields extended to maximize yield. Finally, encircle the entire farming area with a road for efficient access. This layout can be replicated across your map to boost beer production.

Accelerating Wealth: Effective Money-Making Strategies in Anno 1800 : Economic growth in Anno 1800 hinges on smart trading strategies. A lucrative approach involves establishing trade routes, particularly with Eli Bleaksworth Harbor’s prison, which offers high returns for soap. Continuously selling soap to this destination can quickly amass over 500,000 gold coins. Another profitable venture is trading pocket watches. Buy these from Archibald Blake’s Harbor and sell them at a higher price to Ketema’s Harbor. This buy-low, sell-high strategy applies to various commodities, ensuring a steady stream of income.

Timber Production Mastery: Essential Steps for Efficient Wood Harvesting : In Anno 1800, timber is a vital resource, making efficient wood production key to city success. Start by constructing two warehouses near a forest to ensure ample storage. Next, establish four sawmills and lumberjack huts, connected by a road network for easy access. It’s important to replicate this setup across the forest, maintaining a continuous supply chain. Planting trees around depleted areas ensures sustainability and uninterrupted production.

Selecting the Ideal Island: Key to Resource Management in Anno 1800 : Resource management is paramount in Anno 1800, and choosing the right island plays a critical role. Look for islands rich in natural resources like potatoes, oil, grain, iron, and hops. An island with these resources will sustain your village and prevent the dire situation of resource depletion.

Citizen Advancement: The Path from Farmers to Artisans : The progression of your citizens in Anno 1800, from farmers to workers and then artisans, is a delicate balancing act. While upgrading citizens is essential for development, maintaining a sufficient number of farmers to manage agriculture is equally important. Replacing upgraded citizens ensures a balanced workforce, avoiding an excess of any one class.

In conclusion, mastering Anno 1800 requires a blend of strategic planning, efficient resource management, and savvy economic tactics. By addressing game glitches promptly, optimizing production layouts, implementing smart trading routes, and managing your citizenry and resources wisely, you can ensure the prosperity and growth of your virtual city.

Conclusion: Building a Thriving Economy in Anno 1800

Mastering the art of earning money in Anno 1800 is a rewarding challenge. By understanding the basics, implementing advanced strategies, and perhaps using a few tricks, players can build thriving, prosperous cities. This guide provides the foundation, but the path to wealth in Anno 1800 is as unique as your strategy.