Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life cheats for Switch, PS5 or PC?

Are there also cheats for the Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series or PC for the new Story of Seasons A Wonderful? Can you cheat yourself infinite money with a money cheat? One or the other player of the new SoS A Wonderful Life who has already spent a few hours in the game or who would like to try something out quickly and now needs money for it will perhaps deal with these questions.

Are there cheats for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life?

As you already know from previous Story of Seasons parts, there are no official cheats in the new (old) Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life either. So the developers haven’t integrated any cheat codes into the game that you can use to cheat for infinite money or get infinite stamina, for example. However, if you play the game on the PC, you can now use trainers. On the net you can find both free and paid trainers with a money cheat, but also with cheats for stamina, no hunger, infinite energy, water fields automatically and fertilize or increase friendship with a certain villager to the maximum.

In older parts there were some different glitches that could be used as money cheats. For example, a glitch is a duplication glitch that allows you to duplicate items. You can then sell the duplicated items to the dealer and use them as a kind of money cheat. So far, no glitch has been found in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life on Switch, PS5, Xbox Series or PC. Should this change over time, we will add the information here.

Trainer for SoS A Wonderful Life

If you are looking for a trainer with a money cheat and other cheats for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, we recommend this one linked FLiNG trainer. As mentioned above, the trainer offers various cheats for money, stamina, energy, friendship and other useful features such as automatic watering and fertilizing of the crops. You can also set and increase the game speed to make the time in the game run out even faster.

Update: The first cheat table for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is now available. You can use the cheat table via the free cheat engine and use it to cheat money, among other things.

By the way, when downloading trainers, you should make sure that you download them from “trustworthy websites”. Unfortunately, there are always cases where malware or other adware can be found in the trainer.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: All Cheats Code

Open the console on the ~ button and drive in:

tgm – “god” mode;
showracemenu – change race;
tcl – walk through walls.

tfc — Freeflying camera
tm — Toggle menus (HUD)
tmm 1/0 — Show/hide all map markers 1=show 0=hide
player.additem # — Give player item (i.e. gold is 0000000f, lockpicks are 0000000a)
Resurrect — Resurrects targeted dead
tfow — Toggle FOW
Kill — Kill enemy (Must select with arrow first)
psb — All Spells
help keyword # — Search by the keyword, the number is what mode to search by. Modes are listed by help every time you use it.
player.setav Health # — Set health
player.setav Fatigue # — Set Fatigue
player.setav Magicka # — Set Magicka
saq — starts all quests, *NOT RECOMMENDED!*
qqq — quits the game instantly
advskill # — Advances the targeted skill by x*x amount
unlock — Unlocks anything that may be locked by typing unlock then clicking the chest or door you want unlocked then press enter
player.setlevel # — Set Player Level
player.modav carryweight # — Set Carry Weight
AdvancePCSkill (skillname) # — Add levels to your skills
AdvancePCLevel — Increase your Level
player.modav burden # — Increase Burden by #
player.setscale # — Change scale of player; 1 is normal
Setownership — Changes ownership of target so you can safely take without stealing
COC — Fast travel to location, e.g. coc Rivertown
removeallitems — Removes all items of selected NPC
player.setav speedmult X — increases movement speed where X is a percentage multiplier (eg. player.setav speedmult 250)
player.placeatme X — Spawns an NPC at your location. (Replace X with NPC ID)
killall — Kills all hostiles in your immediate vicinity
lock X — You can lock chests and door, or people by targeting them and typing «lock» followed by the level of difficulty you wish to set it at.
movetoqt — teleports you to quest target
TDetect — Toggle AI Detection (You can steal all you want and no one will see you, doesn’t work with pickpocketing)
player.setcrimegold X — Set it high if you want to fight, set it at 0 if you want to be free.
TCAI — Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence (same as TAI; however only makes the NPC not being able to combat)
TAI — Toggle Artificial Intelligence (freezes npc, they can’t walk, move, or anything.)
Player.IncPCS — Will increase the level of a skill by one.
Player.modav Dragonsouls # — Adds dragon’s souls to your pool, allowing you to improve your shouts.
enableplayercontrols — This command is used to enable controls during cinematics when they’re disabled. Occasionally the game will glitch, instead of reloading put in this c
caqs — Complete all Quest Stages
fov x — Adjust field of view (insert fov value as x )
coc qasmoke — This brings you to the testing hall with all items in the game. Be careful as opening enchanted armor and weapons cabinets may cause your game to crash
duplicateallitems — Duplicate items (click containerNPC and copy the RefID)
setpcfame — Set character’s fame.
setpcinfamy — Set character’s infamy.
help — list all commands in console
TG — Toggle Grass
player.addperk ######## — Add perk (ie Light fingers is 00018E6A)
SexChange — Changes your gender

Skill level change

To change skills, use the command player.setav OneHandedPowerMod X, where OneHandedPowerMod must be replaced with the desired skill from the list, and X is a modifier that changes the skill level.

1) OneHandedPowerMod – one handed
2) TwoHandedPowerMod – handed weapon
3) MarksmanPowerMod – bows
4) BlockPowerMod – shield
5) SmithingPowerMod – blacksmith
6) HeavyArmorPowerMod – heavy armor
7) LightArmorPowerMod – light armor
8) PickPocketPowerMod – pocketing
9) LockpickingPowerMod – hack
10) SneakPowerMod – stealth
11) AlchemyPowerMod – alchemy
12) SpeechcraftPowerMod – eloquence
13) AlterationPowerMod – change
14) ConjurationPowerMod – witchcraft
15) DestructionPowerMod – destruction
16) IllusionPowerMod – illusion
) EnchantingPowerMod – restoration


Wooden ordinary chests
1) 0006EA48
2) 000E3EA1
3) 000F3923
4) 00081DD9
5) 00021363
6) 0001D13C
7) 00020662
8) 000D30CC – Investigator’s Chest
9) 000D8E4B – Thieves Guild
Buyer’s Chest 10) 000D8E8E4C Buyer – Buying Guild’s Chest
11) 000D8E8C Buyer Thieves Guild
Buyer’s Chest 12) 000D882F – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest
13) 000D8830 – Thieves Guild Buyer’s Chest
14) 000D882D – Thieves Guild
Buyer’s Chest 15) 000D8831 – Thieves Guild
Buyer’s Chest
17) Thieves’ Guild’s Chest2D – 16) Thieves Guilds

Wooden expensive
1) 000BCD2C
2) 000BCD2F
3) 00099A50
4) 000F8476
5) 000EF578
6) 0008EA5D
7) 0002064F
8) 0007AA90
9) 0008B1F0
10) 0008B1F1
11) 00020671
12) 00020672
) 00020658
) 000774C
17) 00020664
18) 0002065D
19) 00020661
20) 000DDEF7 – Velek Sein’s Chest

Iron Long
Chests 1) 0006EA46
2) 0003C50F
3) 000A7922
4) 0006B30E
5) 000C4493
6) 00081DD8
7) 000D89C6
8) 000F68AE – Guild Master Chest

Stone chests
1) 00020652
2) 00094F0E
3) 000B1176

Chests 1) 00108B2F
2) 00020650
3) 00094F10
4) 00020653
1) 000F1F66
2) 000FCB25
1) 0002069A
2) 000F3AF7

Heavy Armor Cheats

How to enter “Example”:
Enter player.additem 000DA750 1 in the console and press Enter – the code is activated.

For DLC items whose ID starts with XX. In order for the code to work, XX must be replaced with numbers corresponding to the serial number of the DLC installation. Let’s say if you had the Dragonborn DLC installed first, then you should replace XX with 01.

Seth Imperial armor
being created
player.additem 00013EDC – Imperial helmet
player.additem 000136CF – Imperial officer’s helmet
player.additem 0009610D – Imperial closed helmet
player.additem 000136D5 – Imperial Armor
player.additem 000136D4 – Imperial bracers
player.additem 000136D6 – Imperial Boots
player. additem 000135BA – Imperial shield

Iron Armor Set
Created by
player.additem 00012E4D – Iron Helmet
player.additem 00012E49 – Iron Armor
player.additem 00013948 – Strong Iron Armor
player.additem 00012E46 – Iron Gloves
player.additem 00012E4B – Iron Boots
player.additem 00012EB6 – Iron Boots player.additem 00012EB6 – Iron
Boots 0001394B – Strong iron shield

Ancient Nordic Armor Set
Created by
player.additem 00056A9E – Ancient Nordic Helmet
player.additem 00018388 – Ancient Nordic Armor
player.additem 00056B17 – Ancient Nordic Gloves
player.additem 00056A9D – Ancient Nordic Boots

Steel armor set
being created
player.additem 00013954 – Steel Helmet
player.additem 000F6F24 – Steel horned helmet
player.additem 0001395E – Steel Plate Helm
player.additem 00013952 – Steel Armor
player.additem 000F6F22 – Steel armor with shoulder pads
player.additem 0001395C – Steel plate armor
player.additem 000F6F23 – Steel Imperial Gloves
player.additem 00013953 – Steel Nordic Gloves
player.additem 0001395D – Steel Plate Gloves
player.additem 000F6F21 – Steel Boots with
Shields player.additem 00013951 – Steel Boots with Forged
Plate player13.addite boots
player.additem 00013955 – Steel Shield

Seth Kostyanoy armor
player.additem XX01CD95 – Kostyanoy helmet
player.additem XX03AB23 – Uluchshennыy kostyanoy helmet
player.additem XX01CD93 – bone-armor
player.additem XX037564 – bone-armor guard
player.additem XX037563 – bone-armor bracelet with
player.additem XX03AB26 – bone-Uluchshennaya armor
player.additem XX01CD94 – Bone gloves
player.additem XX03AB22 – Improved bone gloves
player.additem XX01CD92 – Bone boots
player.additem XX03AB25 – Improved bone boots
player.additem XX026234 – Bone shield

Dwemer Armor Set
Created by
player.additem 0001394F – Dwemer Helmet
player.additem 0001394D – Dwemer Armor
player.additem 0001394E – Dwemer Gloves
player.additem 0001394C – Dwemer Boots
player.additem 00013950 – Dwemer Shield

Seth Heavy chitin armor
being created
player.additem XX01CD8C – Heavy chitinous helmet
player.additem XX012E8A – Armored helmet
player.additem XX01CD8A – Heavy armor chitin
player.additem XX01CD8B – Heavy gloves chitin
player.additem XX01CD82 – Heavy Chitin Boots

Seth Orochi armor
being created
player.additem 00013959 – Orc helmet
player.additem 00013957 – Orochi Armor
player.additem 00013958 – Orcish gloves
player.additem 00013956 – Orcish Boots
player.additem 00013946 – Orc Shield

Set of Carved Nordic Armor
Created by
player.additem XX01CD99 – Carved Nordic Helmet
player.additem XX01CD97 – Carved Nordic Armor
player.additem XX01CD98 – Carved
Nordic Gloves player.additem XX01CD96 – Carved
Nordic Boots player.additem XX026236 – Nordic Shield

Seth Ebon armor
being created
player.additem 00013963 – Ebony helmet
player.additem 00013961 – Ebony armor
player.additem 00013962 – Ebonite gloves
player.additem 00013960 – Ebonite boots
player.additem 00013964 – Ebony shield

Seth Dragon armor-clad armor
being created
player.additem 00013969 – Dragon’s armored helmet
player.additem 00013966 – Dragon A tank armor
player.additem 00013967 – Dragon armored gloves
player.additem 00013965 – Dragon’s armored boots
player.additem 00013968 – Dragon armored shield

Seth Stalgrimovoy armor
being created
player.additem XX01CDA1 – Stalgrimovy helmet
player.additem XX01CD9F – Stalgrimovaya armor
player.additem XX01CDA0 – Stalgrimovye gloves
player.additem XX01CD9E – Stalgrimovye boots

Seth Daedric armor
being created
player.additem 0001396D – Daedric helmet
player.additem 0001396B – Daedric armor
player.additem 0001396C – Daedric gloves
player.additem 0001396A – Daedric Boots
player.additem 0001396E – Daedric Shield

Falmer Armor Set
player.additem 0004C3CB – Falmer Helmet
player.additem XX00E8E0 – Falmer Reinforced Helmet
player.additem XX0023EB – Falmer Heavy Helmet
player.additem 000B83CB – Falmer Armor
player.additem Armor
XX00E8DE – Falmer Heavy Armor XX00E8DE – Falmer Armor player.additem XX00E8DE – Falmer Armor
player.additem 000B83CF – Falmerskie gloves
player.additem XX00E8DF – Falmerskie reinforced gloves
player.additem XX0023ED – Falmerskie heavy gloves
player.additem 000B83CD – Falmerskie boots
player.additem XX00E8DD – Falmerskie reinforced boots
player.additem XX0023EF – Falmerskie heavy boots
player.additem 0005C06C – Falmer Shield

Wolf Armor Set
player.additem 0004C3D0 – Wolf Helmet
player.additem 000CAE15 – Wolf Armor
player.additem 000CEE7E – Wolf Gloves
player.additem 000CEE7C – Wolf Boots

Blade Armor Set
player.additem 0004B28F – Helmet of Blades
player.additem 0004B28B – Armor of Blades
player.additem 0004B28D – Gloves of Blades
player.additem 0004B288 – Boots of Blades
player.additem 0004F912 – Shield of Blades

Set heavy armor Guardians Dawn
player.additem XX0050D0 – Closed helmet Guardians Dawn
player.additem XX00F3F7 – Heavy armor Guardians Dawn
player.additem XX00F3FA – Heavy armor Guardians Dawn
player.additem XX014758 – Heavy gloves Guardians Dawn
player.additem XX014757 – Heavy boots Guardians dawn
player.additem XX0150B8 – dawn Shield Guardians

Unique heavy armor
player.additem 000F494E – Ancient helmet fire
player.additem XX01DB98 – Azidalov helmet insight
player.additem 000295F3 – Helmet Ingoli
player.additem XX038ADD – Insight Mzunda
player.additem 0005CBFE – Armor General Tullius
player.additem XX01DB97 – Azidalova retaliation armor
player .additem XX01DB99 – Azidal Gloves of
Warding player.additem XX01C655 – Azidal Boots of Water
Walking player.additem 000FC5BF – Tarch of
Bloodthirst player.additem 0010EB65 – Shield of Solitude
player.additem XX03399C – Dented Iron Shield

Quest Armor player.additem 000940D5 – Helm of Winterhold
player.additem 000C3CE6 – Gloves of the Master Blacksmith
player.additem 00064B71 – Shield of Chrolfdir
player.additem 000DA750 – Serrated Crown

Маски Драконьих жрецов
player.additem 00061CС1 — Хевнорак
player.additem 00061CC0 — Рагот
player.additem XX0240FE — Азидал
player.additem XX0240FF — Дукан
player.additem XX024037 — Закрисош
player.additem 00061CC2 — Отар
player.additem 00061CA5 — Накрин
player.additem 00061CC9 — Вокун
player.additem XX039FA1 — Мирак
player.additem 00061CD6 — Конарик

player.additem 000D2846 – Mask of Clavicus Vile
player.additem 00052794 – Ebony Mail
player.additem XX005759 – Aether Shield
player.additem 000E41D8 – Shield of Ysgramor
player.additem XX00284D – Shield of Auriel –
Auriel’s Shield – Destroyer

Quest codes

For the codes to work correctly, you need; select / activate the desired quest in the journal, and only then use the console commands presented below.
Enter CompleteQuest ID in the console and press Enter – the code is activated.
The code from the example will completely complete the quest, the ID of which you specified when entering the code.

Search codes for quest values
ShowQuestTargets – Shows the ID of the selected quest in the log
SQS Quest ID – Shows all the stages of the selected quest
GetStage Quest ID – Shows the current stage of the selected quest
SetStage Quest ID stage – Allows you to go to the specified stage of the quest
MoveToQt Quest ID – Moves to the place of the last unfinished quest stage of the specified quest

Codes for completing quests
StartQuest Quest ID – Start the specified quest
CompleteQuest Quest ID – Complete the quest. It is worth mentioning that in this case you will not receive a reward, it is better to complete the tasks in stages.
ResetQuest Quest ID – Reset the stages of the specified quest. You need to restart the game to clear the log.
CompleteAllObjectives Quest ID – Complete all stages of the specified task
SetObjectiveCompleted Quest ID – stage state Set the quest tasks to the state completed (1) not completed (2)

Staves Cheats

How to enter “Example”:
Enter player.additem 0002AC6F in the console and press Enter – the code is activated.

DLC items whose ID starts with XX. In order for the code to work, XX must be replaced with numbers corresponding to the serial number of the DLC installation. Let’s say if you had the Dragonborn DLC installed first, then you should replace XX with 01.

Staves Illusion
player.additem 00029B88 Staff courage
player.additem 00029B8E Staff inspiration
player.additem 00029B8B Staff calm
player.additem 00029B8C Staff fear
player.additem 00029B92 Staff conquest
player.additem 00029B89 Staff rage
player.additem 00029B8F rabies Staff

Staffs Modifications
Created by
player.additem 000BE121 Staff of
Arcane Light player.additem 00029B73 Staff of Paralysis

Staves Witchcraft
player.additem 00029B74 Staff zombies
player.additem 00029B76 Staff Living Dead
player.additem 00029B7A Staff Restless
player.additem 00029B7C Staff horrible zombie
player.additem 0029B75 Staff recruitment pet
player.additem 00029B78 Staff fiery Atronach
player.additem 000BE120 Staff ice Atronach
player.additem 00029B7D Staff of the
Storm Atronach player.additem 00029B79 Staff of
Banishing player.additem 00029B7E Staff of Expulsion
player.additem 00029B7B Staff of Daedric Order
player.additem 000BE122 Staff of Soul Capture

Staves Recovery
player.additem 00029B93 Staff healing hands
player.additem 00029B99 Staff healing
player.additem 00029B95 Staff rejection
player.additem 00029B9B Great rejection stick
player.additem 00029B94 Small lapel staff
player.additem 00029B9A Staff lapel
player.additem 00029B97 Great staff lapel

Destruction staves
player.additem 0004DEE0 Staff flame
player.additem 0004C6CA Staff fire arrows
player.additem 00029B82 Staff fireballs
player.additem 00029B85 Staff fire wall
player.additem 0010FCF2 Staff incineration
player.additem 0004DEE1 Staff frostbite
player.additem 0004DED8 Staff ice spikes
player .additem 00029B83 Staff of
Froststorm player.additem 00029B86 Staff of
Frostwall player.additem 0010FCF7 Staff of Ice Spear
player.additem 0004DEE2 Staff of Sparks
player.additem 0004DEE3 Staff of Lightning
player.additem 0010FCF4 Staff of Thunderbolt player.add 00084 Staff of Thunderstorm
player.additem 00029B87 Storm Wall Staff

Staves without Enchant
player.additem 0007A91B Unenchanted Staff of Illusion
player.additem 0007E647 Unenchanted Staff of Affliction
player.additem 000BE11F Unenchanted Staff of Destruction
player.additem 00051B0C Unenchanted Staff of Restoration
player.additem 0007E646 Unenchanted Staff of Restoration

Staff of Destruction
player.additem 000CC826 Staff rogue
player.additem 000E5F43 Staff Yurika Goldursona
player.additem 000B3DFA Eye Crayons
player.additem 0007A4FB Staff anger witch
player.additem 0007E5BB Staff dragon priest
player.additem 0004DE5B Staff dragon priest
player.additem 0006A093 Staff Hevnoraka

Staves of Illusion
player.additem 00046E0B Magic Staff of Gathnor
player.additem XX01958C Staff of Runwald
player.additem 0006A093 Staff of Kholdir
player.additem 0006A093 Staff of Tandil
player.additem 000940D8 Staff of Arcane Power
player.additem 000940D8 Staff of Secret Power player.addite

Staves of Conjuration
player.additem 000A88C9 Staff of Silda

Other Staffs
player.additem 000284F5 Staff of the Necromancer
player.additem 0006A093 Spider Control Rod

player.additem 0002AC6F Wabbajack
player.additem 00035369 Staff of Magnus
player.additem 0001CB36 Rose of Sanguine
player.additem 00035066 Skull of Corruption
player.additem XX039FA6 Staff of Mirak
player.additem XX00575E Etheria

Cheats for two-handed weapons

How to enter “Example”:
Enter player.additem 0001359D in the console and press Enter – the code is activated.

For DLC items whose ID starts with XX. In order for the code to work, XX must be replaced with numbers corresponding to the serial number of the DLC installation. Let’s say if you had the Dragonborn DLC installed first, then you should replace XX with 01.

player.additem 0001359D – Iron Two-handed Sword
player.additem 00013987 – Steel
Two-Handed Sword
player.additem 0001398F – Orc Two-
Handed Sword player.additem 00013997 – Dwemer Two-Handed Sword player.additem 0001399F – Elven
Two-Handed Sword player.additem
player.additem 000139A7 – Glass
Greatsword player.additem 000139AF –
Ebony Greatsword player.additem XX01CDB6 – Ironhrim
Greatsword player.additem 000139B7 – Daedric
Greatsword player.additem XX014 FCC – Dragon Doublesword

player.additem 000236A5 – Ancient Nordic Two-Handed Sword
player.additem 0005BF13 – Good Ancient Nordic Two-Handed Sword
player.additem 0009F25E – Celestial Steel
Two-Handed Sword player.additem 0010C6FB – Silver
Two-Handed Sword player.additem XX026B0B –
player.additem 000946FC – Balgruf’s Two-Handed Sword

posed quite
player.additem 00013980 – Zheleznaya ax
player.additem 00013984 – Stalynaya ax
player.additem 0001398C – Orochyya ax
player.additem 00,013,994 – Dvemerskaya ax
player.additem 0001399C – Эlyfiyskaya ax
player.additem XX01CDAD – Nordskaya ax
player.additem 000139A4 – Steklyannaya ax
player.additem 000139AC – Ebonite ax
player.additem XX01CDB4 – Steel make-up ax
player.additem 000139B4 – Daedric ax
player.additem XX014FC3 – Dragon bone ax

player.additem 0001CB64 – Ancient ax nordskaya
player.additem 0005BF12 – Good old nordskaya ax
player.additem 0009F25F – Heavenly steel ax
player.additem 0005BF12 – Ax-Bloodsucker
player.additem 000223FB – Friend forester
player.additem 000BE25E – the executioner’s ax

player.additem 00013981 – Iron War Hammer
player.additem 0001398A – Steel War Hammer
player.additem 00013992 – Orcish War Hammer
player.additem 0001399A – Dwemer War Hammer
player.additem 000139A2 – Elven War Hammer
player.additem Nord
player.additem 000139AA – Glass War Hammer
player.additem 000139B2 – Ebony War Hammer
player.additem XX01CDBA – Irongrim War Hammer
player.additem 000139BA – Daedric War Hammer
player.additem XX014FD0 – Dragon Bone War Hammer

player.additem 000CDEC9 – Club of the Giant
player.additem 000D2AFE – Curse of the Aegis
player.additem 0006AF63 – Scourge of Trolls
player.additem XX01A578 –
Club of the Defender player.additem 000C334F –
Club of the Giant player.additem 00022Ddd55
Battle Hammer Guardians of the Dawn

player.additem 0004A38F – Ebony Blade
Axes player.additem 0001C4E6 – Ax of Sorrow
player.additem 000956B5 – Wootrad
Artifact Hammers
player.additem XX011BAD – Rune Hammer Guardians of the Dawn

One-handed weapon cheats

How to enter “Example”:
Enter player.additem 0001397E in the console and press Enter – the code is activated.

For DLC items whose ID starts with XX. In order for the code to work, XX must be replaced with numbers corresponding to the serial number of the DLC installation. Let’s say if you had the Dragonborn DLC installed first, then you should replace XX with 01.

Dagger Codes player.additem 0001397E – Iron Dagger
player.additem 00013986 – Steel Dagger
player.additem 0001398E – Orc Dagger
player.additem 00013996 – Dwemer Dagger
player.additem 0001399E – Elven Dagger
player.additem ___adite – Elven Dagger
player.additem Nordic dagger
player.additem 000139AE – Ebony Dagger
player.additem XX01CDB5 – Ironhrim Dagger
player.additem 000139B6 – Daedric Dagger
player.additem XX014FCB – Dragon Bone Dagger

Sword Codes
player.additem 00012EB7 – Iron Sword
player.additem 00013989 – Steel Sword
player.additem 00013991 – Orc Sword
player.additem 00013999 – Dwemer Sword
player.additem 000139A1 – Elven Sword
player.additem XX01CDB1 – Nordic Sword
player.additem XX01CDB1 – Nordic Sword sword
player.additem 000139B1 – Ebony sword
player.additem XX01CDB8 – Ironhrim sword
player.additem 000139B9 – Daedric sword
player.additem XX014FCE – Dragon bone sword

Ax Codes player.additem 00013790 – Iron War Ax
player.additem 00013983 – Steel War Ax
player.additem 0001398B – Orcish War Ax
player.additem 00013993 – Dwemer War Ax
player.additem 0001399B – Elven War Ax
player.additem 0001399B – Elven War Ax player.additem 0001399B – Elven War Ax player.addite
player.additem 000139A3 – Glass Battle Ax
player.additem 000139AB – Ebony War Ax
player.additem XX01CDB9 – Irongrim War Ax
player.additem 000139B3 – Daedric War Ax
player.additem XX014FCF – Dragon War Ax

Kodы on Bulavы
player.additem 00013982 – Zheleznaya mace
player.additem 00013988 – Steel mace
player.additem 00013990 – Orochya mace
player.additem 00013998 – Dvemerskaya mace
player.additem 000139A0 – Эlfyyskaya mace
player.additem XX01CDB0 – Nordskaya mace
player.additem 000139A8 – Glass mace
player.additem 000139B0 – Ebonite mace
player.additem 000139B8 – Daedric mace
player.additem XX01CDB7 – Steel makeup mace
player.additem XX014FCD – Dragon bone mace

player.additem 000426C8 – Sharpening
player.additem 0001C1FE – Dagger dragon priest
player.additem 0009F25D – Heavenly Steel Dagger
player.additem 00079B1D – Sacrificial Blade
player.additem 000ECD53 – Dagger Rundi
player.additem 000A4DCE – Bloody spike
player.additem 000ECD54 – Dagger of Borvir
player.additem 000D0758 – Fang of Cavosein
player.additem 0001C492 – Wren
player.additem 0009CCDC – Blade of Sorrow
player.additem 00043E1E – Dagger of Alessandra

player.additem 0002C66F – Ancient Nordic Sword
player.additem 000135B8 – Imperial Sword
player.additem 0002E6D1 – Falmer Sword
player.additem 000CADE9 – Rogue Sword
player.additem 0005BF14 – Player.addite –
Skimitar player.addite – Celestial Sword
0009F25Cadite Silver Sword
player.additem 0003AEB9 – Sword of Blades
player.additem 000F71DD – Sword
Slayer player.additem 0006F6FF – Good Falmer Sword
player.additem 0008ADFC – Ceremonial Sword
player.additem 00068976 – Sword of Hyalti
0009Fddl 000D37CE – Pale Blade
player.additem 000AB702 – Black Blade of Goldur
player.additem 0003B0B7 – Lunar Steel Sword
player.additem XX0067CF – Harkon’s Sword player.additem
00094A2B –
Cooler player.additem 000F1AC1 – Dragon
Scourge player.additem XX014555 – Akavir Sword
player.additem of the Red Wind 000ABd8 – Curse
player.additem 000C1989 – Blade of Bolar
player.additem 0008FFDF – Eduj
player.additem XX018DDD – Blood Scythe
player.additem XX036689 – Strangler
player.additem 000AB85D – Sword of Queen Freudis
player.additem 00053379 – Cruel

player.additem 0002F2F4 – Cleaver
player.additem 000E3C16 –
Pickaxe player.additem XX0398E6 – Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
player.additem 0002C672 – Ancient Nordic Battle Ax
player.additem 000302CD – Falmer War Ax
player.admite 000302CD – Falmer War Ax
player.admite –
Dawnguard Battle Ax player.additem 0005BF15 – Good Ancient Nordic Battle Ax
player.additem 0009F260 – Celestial Steel Battle Ax
player.additem 0006F700 – Good Falmer Battle Ax
player.additem XX0179С9 – White
Frostmouth playerAditem
0006 0001019D4 – Serrated Pickaxe
player.additem 0008ADFB – Ceremonial Ax
player.additem 000AE087 – Heather
Geis player.additem 0008FFDE – Okin

player.additem XX026490 – Horker
Scourge player.additem XX01681E – Mace of the Prelate

Artifact knives
player.additem 000B994E – Happy Dagger Waldrach
player.additem 0006A13C – Keening
player.additem 000240D2 – Mehrunes Razor
Artifact swords
player.additem 0007A917 – Nightingale Blade
player.additem 0004E4EE – Light of Dawn
player.additem XX039FB4 – Sword Miraca
Artifact axes
player .additem XX01668C – Dawnguard Rune Ax
Artifact Maces
player.additem 000233E3 – Molag Bal’s Mace

Cheats for crossbows, bows, bolts and arrows

How to enter “Example”:
Enter player.additem 000139AD in the console and press Enter – the code is activated.

For DLC items whose ID starts with XX. In order for the code to work, XX must be replaced with numbers corresponding to the serial number of the DLC installation. Let’s say if you had the Dragonborn DLC installed first, then you should replace XX with 01.

Bow Cheats
Created by
player.additem 0001398D – Orc Bow
player.additem 00068C57 – Nordic Bow of the Hero
player.additem 00013995 – Dwemer Bow
player.additem 0001399D – Elven Bow
player.additem XX026232 – Nordic Bow
player.additem 000139A5 –
Nordic Bow player.additem 000139A5 000139AD – Ebony Bow
player.additem XX026231 – Stalhrim Bow
player.additem 000139B5 – Daedric Bow
player.additem XX0176F1 – Draconic Bone Bow

Codes on crossbows
player.additem XX000801 – Crossbow
player.additem XX00B647 – Dwemer crossbow

player.additem 0003B562 – Longbow
player.additem 00013985 – Hunting Bow
player.additem 000302CA – Ancient nordsky onions
player.additem 00,013,841 – Imperial onions
player.additem 00,038,340 – Falmersky onions
player.additem 000CEE9B – Luke Outlaws
player.additem 0005D179 – Flex Ancient Nordic Bow
player.additem 000F82FC – Mage’s Beach
Bow player.additem 00083167 – Flex Falmer Bow
player.additem 000C0186 –
Froka’s Bow
player.additem 0006B9AD – Dravin’s Bow
player.additem 000CC392 – Golovyor’s Bow player.additem
player.additem 000AB705 – Bow of the Hunt
player.additem XX00CFB6 – Marshmallow
player.additem 00017059 – Death of Firiniel
player.additem XX02C01A – Dwemer Black Bow of Fate
player.additem XX018ED5 – Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

player.additem 0007E5C3 – Nightingale Bow
player.additem XX000800 – Bow of Auriel

player.additem 000CAB52 – Training Arrow
player.additem 000E738A – Rusty Arrow
player.additem 00038341 – Falmer Arrow
player.additem 000CEE9E – Rogue Arrow
player.additem 0001397D – Iron Arrow
player.additem Ancient Nordian Arrow
00034182 – Iron Arrow player.additem 00034182 Ancient Arrow Arrow
player.additem 000139BB – Orc Arrow
player.additem 000139BC – Dwemer Arrow
player.additem XX02623B – Nordic Arrow
player.additem 000139BD – Elven Arrow
player.additem XX0098A1 – Sun Elven Arrow
player.additemEd0098.Alvish Arrow
player.additem XXad – Glass arrow
player.additem 0007B932 – Dwemer Orb
player.additem 000139BF – Ebony Arrow player.additem XX026239 – Irongrim Arrow
player.additem 0010b0A7 – Summoned Arrow
player.additem 000EAFDF – Nordic Arrow
Daem6additem player9addite –
Nordic Arrow Daem6additem player9addite dragon bone

player.additem XX00590C – Test bolt
player.additem XX000BB3 – Steel bolt
player.additem XX00D099 – Dwemer bolt

spear reklinga – player.additem XX017720