Here is the salary that Thierry Henry will earn as coach of the French U21 team

New sporting adventure for Thierry Henry. After coaching AS Monaco between 2018 and 2019, then Montreal Impact in 2020, the second top scorer in the history of the French team takes charge of the Bleuets. The French Football Federation this Monday, August 21, appointed the former Arsenal striker as head of the French Espoirs team which will compete in the Paris Olympic Games next year. The flagship commentator of Prime Video and CBS Sports succeeds Sylvain Ripoll, who led the selection between May 2017 and July 31, 2023, date on which he was fired.

With this new position, Thierry Henry adds a new line to his coaching CV and hopes to lead his team to the highest level in the world, after two first mixed experiences as a coach. To secure the services of the 46-year-old Frenchman, the FFF apparently did not need to break the bank. According to the sources of The Teamwhich devoted an entire article to the arrival of Thierry Henry in the France Espoirs team, the original Ile-de-France native will receive a salary equivalent to that of his predecessor Sylvain Ripoll, or around 40,000 euros gross per month.

The sports daily adds, however, that bonuses could be added in the event of good performance. “His two-year contract could still be accompanied by fairly significant profit-sharing on results, for the 2024 Olympics as well as for the Euro the following year. This should rather suit him, since according to those involved in the negotiations, Henry ‘showed very marked ambition, in terms of play and performance’.”

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Prevent EA FC 24 coach dismissal?

Why do I always get fired in EA FC 24 coaching career? How can you prevent the coach from being fired and what are the reasons why you were fired after a mediocre season? Some of the players from the new FC 24 who threw themselves into a coaching career and were released after the first season may ask themselves these questions. We have summarized a few tips here about the common reasons for dismissal and how you can prevent the dismissal of a coach.

Prevent dismissal as a coach in career mode?

If you are fired as a coach after your first season, it can be due to various reasons. In addition to poor performance and the resulting poor position of the team in the league and other tournaments, the reason for dismissal is often missed goals. As a coach, you not only have to achieve good results and climb the table with your team, but you also have to take care of various goals, which can be found under the menu item of the same name under the “Office” tab. Since many players don’t always have the goals in mind and only concentrate on the table and individual aspects of the team, this is often a reason for dismissal.

Complete goals in your coaching career

The goals are divided into different categories and these include:

  • Young talent development: Young talent development is about promoting young talent.
  • Brand presence: Marketing goals are about brand presence and the hype surrounding the club.
  • Finances: Finances are about a balanced approach to the budget in day-to-day business.
  • Achievements (National): National goals are about performances in the league and national cups.
  • Achievements (Continental): Continental goals are about achievements in international competitions.

Within the individual goal categories there are short-term and long-term goals that should be achieved if possible. In addition, the categories have different priorities from “Low” to “Very High”. The short-term, high-priority goals should be completed by the end of the season if you want to continue your coaching career with the club.

If the team’s performance is good and the most important short-term goals are met with high priority, then the contract extension is almost certain and you can prevent the coach from being fired.


FIFA 23 Career: Become a national coach

How does becoming a national coach work in FIFA 23 career mode? Where can you apply to coach a national team? One or two players in the new FIFA part who have chosen the path of a coaching career will perhaps be concerned with these questions. As in the previous FIFA parts, in FIFA 23 career mode you can not only train individual teams, but in addition to normal league operations, you can also take a trip to the national teams. In this short guide we show how you can become a national coach.

Training national team

In order to become a national coach in FIFA 23 in addition to being a club coach, you don’t actually have to do much other than continue playing the normal season and train the team as successfully as possible. After about half of the season you often receive a message with a job offer as a national coach. The job offer can be found normally in the inbox in the career mode menu. Here you can then decide whether you want to become a coach for the national team shown or not. If you reject the job offer as a national coach, you can often receive a new offer in the same season or next season at the latest (if there are no other offers already in your inbox). As soon as you have decided on a national team, you can switch to the national coach view in the career mode menu by pressing the left analog stick.

Select national team

In connection with the national coaching career in FIFA 23, the question often arises: how can you actually select a specific national team? Can you say somewhere that you want to become the national coach of country XY? The short answer here is, no, unfortunately it doesn’t work like in the previous FIFA parts. The nationality of the coach apparently doesn’t matter and has no influence on the job offer you get as a prospective national coach. If you really want to train a specific national team, you should save before accepting the job offer and then simply reload the save if it is not the national team you would like to train. The selection appears to be random.