The best Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) commands. How to use the console, most useful shortcuts and ‘binds’ to squeeze out all the game’s tricks

Among so many changes and modernizations, one of the elements that we like the most about Counter-Strike 2 is the command console. An obtuse menu that has been with us since the first version and that is much more useful than it may seem. Perhaps it is difficult to use or understand for newcomers to Valve’s tactical shooter, especially because it is a missing tool in many modern releases. However, we’re here to do three things: explain why it’s so important, tell you how to use it, and help you get the most out of it during your gaming experience.

How to activate the command console in Counter-Strike 2

Here we start from the most basic, so it will not surprise us that the first step to use the command console in Counter-Strike 2 is activate it. It’s extremely simple, but just in case, let’s go over it step by step.

  1. Open the menu settingby pressing the gear at the top left of the screen
  2. Go to the game menu and activate the option on the command console that appears in the section starting settings
  3. Choose a keyboard shortcut to open the command console from the menu “interface keys” in the “keyboard and mouse” section.

The command console has been in Counter-Strike ‘all its life’.

We recommend setting the command console to a key away from those normally used during the game. Any option that meets this requirement is valid. One of the most common is the one to the left of number one. I like to have it in the letter ka.

The most useful commands you can use in Counter-Strike 2

The command console allows us to support hundreds of entries and all of them can be useful in one situation or another. However, there are some entries that we will use much more regularly than others. The objective of this section is to give you a quick knowledge of the most important commands or, at least, the ones that we have used the most during the beta and what we have from Counter-Strike 2.

Bind: It is probably the most important command of all. Allows you to create bind a keyboard shortcut to a command console function, so that it is executed when a key is pressed. We are not going to go into deeper explanations since it will have its own section.

Sv_Cheats 1: A command as important as bind that we will use to train. It can only be used in custom games and activates (legal) server mods that Valve allows us to use for training. We will delve more into this during its own section.

Voice_Scale (0-1): This command allows you to modify the volume of the video game’s voice chat. In this way, we can adjust all our companions at the same time without having to enter the options section. It is executed by writing it, leaving a space and adding a number between 0 and 1 (0.2, 0.5…). Here is an example, voice_scale 0.2.

Cl_Showfps (0/1/2/3/4/5): This command makes the game show us the frames per second at which it is playing. It is executed by typing cl_showfps 1 and disabled by replacing the number with a 0. Also try cl_showfps 2, 3, 4 or 5 to get more information about FPS.

fps_max (0-999): This command allows us to limit the frames per second of our game. For example, fps_max 144 if we want to lock the game at 144 frames. In general, fps_max 0 is recommended to be infinite unless we have stability problems.

Handling the Counter-Strike 2 commands will help us achieve the objective in each round.

Cq_netgraph (0/1): Shows the performance graph of our connection on the screen. It is executed by writing cq_netgraph 1 and is deactivated by replacing the number with a 0

Disconnect: Disconnects us from a game in progress. It is ideal so that, when we have finished a confrontation, we can abandon it without seeing all the final cinematics. Also on community servers or Deathmatch. If we use it in competitive games while they are still in dispute, we will receive penalties.

Quit: The fastest way to force quit the game safely.

Cl_righthand (0/1) – Not yet available in CS2: Will be added in a future update. Using cl_righthand 0 will make our character hold the weapon with his left hand, while number 1 will make him use it with his right.

How to take advantage of the “Bind” command in Counter-Strike 2

The bind command is one of the most useful in the video game and allows us to do real tricks. For example, set up a button that mutes voice chat. It has a logic of use, so we can learn to master it: it is configured by typing (bind + key + “action”). For example, bind t “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”). In this section, we will write the commands in square brackets so that they are easy to identify. You should not copy the brackets.

Simple Binds

Key to mute voice chat: Using the command (bind t “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”) we can configure a key to mute the voice chat. Replace the t with whatever is your favorite shortcut.

Grenade configuration: Using the command (bind z “slot7”;bind x “slot8”;bind c “slot6”;bind v “slot10”) we quickly create a keyboard shortcut for each type of grenade (z, flash; x, smoke; c , grenade; v, molotov).

Switch Hands – Not yet available in CS2: The command (bind L “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”) When entered, will allow the hand weapon to be changed at will. Utility? None, but it looks great.

The “left-handed” mode is yet to come to Counter-Strike 2 (Image via YouTube, @luckySkillFaker).

Complex Binds

Many of these binds we have to thank for community research and TotalCSGO compilation.

Increase the volume while moving stealthily: It is achieved with the following command (alias +incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+sprint”;alias -incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-sprint”;bind SHIFT +incvol). This means that when walking without making noise by pressing ‘shift’ the volume of the game increases so that we can hear our rivals better. It is very useful

drop bomb: We must activate the command (bind B “use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop; slot1”). This means we can throw the bomb in a single action instead of switching weapons to the C4 and then throwing it. You can replace “b” with any other key.

Jump and crouch: We configure it with the command (alias “+hjump” “+jump; +duck”; alias “-hjump” “-jump; -duck”; bind n “+hjump”). What we achieve with this is to have a key in which our character crouches while jumping, which allows us to reach higher areas without having to manually press “space” and “control”. It is very useful and you can replace the n with any other letter.

Jump and throw: Activated in two phases. First you must write in the console (alias “+jt” “+jump;” ; alias “+ta” “-attack; -attack2”; alias “-jt” “-jump”;). After that, (bind ALT “+jt;+ta;”). It is essential, since there are certain grenades that we must throw while jumping and this allows us to do it consistently.

Many important grenades, such as those used to enter Mirage’s A-point, require the use of a bind to function consistently.

How to take advantage of the sv_cheats 1 command in Counter-Strike 2

Practice games or community maps (when available) allow us to use commands prohibited in any other game mode. To access them we must enter (sv_cheats 1) in the command console. This will allow us to activate other keys that will facilitate training.

Noclip: Allows you to fly around the map and go through walls. For example, to see where a grenade has landed.

Sv_showimpacts(0,1,2,3): When you activate this command, the bullets will leave a red and blue mark on the wall that indicates their impact zone.

Sv_infinite_ammo (0,1): When activated with sv_infinite_ammo 1, it gives us infinite ammunition and grenades.

Sv_grenade_trajectory (0,1): Activating it with sv_grenade_trajectory 1 makes us see clearly how the grenades fall.

Sv_rethrow_last_grenade: Causes the last grenade we threw to be thrown again. It is very useful to have a ‘bind’. (bind x sv_rethrow_last_grenade).

God: Makes you immortal

kill: Makes you die

Seeing where our grenades fall allows us to learn to throw them quickly.

Round settings: Enter the combination (mp_roundtime 60; mp_buytime 60000;mp_buy_anywhere 1;mp_maxmoney 65535;mp_startmoney 65535) to have practice games in which you can buy wherever you want, with no time limit and maximum duration.

bot_add(t,ct): This command adds bots to the chosen team. We can also choose its difficulty or name. Combining all the possibilities… bot add + (to ct) + (easy, normal, hard or expert) + (name). Example, (bot_add t hard Alvaro)

bot_kill(t,ct): Eliminate all bots from a team. Example (bot_kill T)

Changelevel: Entered followed by the map code to change scenery. For example, we can use chagelevel of_inferno. Map codes are de_(name) except for office and italy cs_(name)

Restart: Restart the game

Counter-Strike 2 Initial Commands

These they are not activated in the command consoleif not on Steam.

  1. We right click on the game in our library
  2. We press the properties option
  3. In launch parameters we add the commands separated by a space
  4. We close the tab and they will have already been saved

Here you must enter two more commands that we tell you below.

To improve game performance, it is convenient to enter (-novid -high). This will eliminate the initial cinematic and will make our team give the game top priority so that we do not lose performance. You only have to do it once, it’s very simple, and it’s appreciated.

With this, we are done with the Counter-Strike 2 commands. Is there more? Of course, but they are not that useful. In any case, We will update this same page to add other interesting options that we discover as we become familiar with the particularities of this new version of Valve’s tactical shooter. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section and we will be waiting to resolve them.


Cities: Skylines 2 announces a new delay. The ‘city-builder’ that wants to revolutionize the genre will be appreciated in its console version

Bad news for anyone who would like to play Cities: Skylines 2 on PS5 or Xbox Series this same month of October. Although Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive scheduled the release of their new game for a few weeks, it turns out that the console version will not be ready then. In this way, the team surprises us today with a delay that only affects the edition dedicated to Sony and Microsoft platforms; There will be no changes to the PC release.

So far, we have seen that many developers have postponed the launch of their titles to get away from October and its unusual load of premieres. However, this is not the case with Cities: Skylines 2, as explained in a statement shared on the official Paradox Interactive website (via Gematsu). “We are working hard preparing the game for our release on October 24. While doing this, we realized that we need more time to achieve the quality standards we have established for (the console version).

“As we want to offer the best experience for our players, we are updating the launch window for Xbox and PS5 to spring 2024“, adds the company along with the promise of sharing more details in the future. “In the meantime, we are excited to welcome PC gamers to build their dream cities on October 24.”

Cities: Skylines 2 will be really ambitious

Fans of games have been delighted with the first installment of Cities: Skylines, so we are not surprised to know that there are many users eagerly awaiting the launch of this second title. After all, we are looking at a project that seeks to revolutionize the genre by adding maps that are larger than some countries and systems that simulate layoffs and homelessness, all to guarantee maximum realism.


PS5 plagued by an annoying bug that forces the console to a factory reset

In the last few hours, several users PlayStation 5 are complaining about an incredibly annoying bug, which would interfere with the ability to download new games on their next-gen console.

The problem, reported by three different staff members of IGN, it is quite important: when a title is downloaded, there is the possibility of seeing it stuck in an error or marked as “Queued”, without any progress for hours and hours.

Even checking the download menu, no title is reported: this means that, even if they want to, players cannot delete the title from the queue or try again, thus remaining blocked with “ghost” downloads with which they can no longer interact .

This, at the time, happened both by attempting to download Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, with either Godfall, but it’s likely more of a system issue than a game itself.

@Treyarch can’t download the PS5 version of Cold War. Simply says “queued for download”. Please help.

– cws (@cws_dp) November 13, 2020

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@ATVIAssist Hi I am unable to access the PS5 version of the game. It’s says queued for download but nothing works!

– Sai Siddharth (@Super_Sidi) November 13, 2020

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@ATVIAssist Started downloading Cold War on PS5 only to realize there? Sa specific ps5 version and I was downloading the ps4 version. Tried to download at the same time and now I can only use the ps4 version as the ps5 version says queued for download 0%

– SteppedCoyote (@SteppedCoyote) November 13, 2020

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The reports from users who are running into the same bug only increase: it is hoped that Sony can soon remedy the problem with a software update but, in the meantime, there are those who have found an unorthodox solution to this problem.

To fix this bug, simply reset PlayStation 5 to factory settings. This will cause the loss of all data on consoles, so it’s a pretty brutal solution, but currently the only one available.

The launch of PlayStation 5 was undoubtedly a success, considering the high sales numbers but, as often happens with the arrival of new hardware, it is easy to run into unexpected problems and bugs that will only be solved in the following weeks. We Europeans, fortunately, with the launch postponed to November 19, we have a week to collect all the reports and prepare in advance.

All the details on Sony’s next-gen console in our PS5 review.

Source: VG247


11 secrets and curiosities of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to enjoy more and better the new retro Nintendo console

The 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is being celebrated with an extra touch of blessed nostalgia: Nintendo has not only brought back essential classics starring its superstar, but has launched a new commemorative Game & Watch model. An irresistible whim full of details that make it even more special.

At first glance, the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. It looks exactly like the first Nintendo portable consoles, inspired by the models launched in 1981 with two major differences: instead of a liquid crystal screen we have a full color screen and the classic nintendera crosshead makes his triumphant return.

Now, and as it happened with the tiny classic consoles, what is truly interesting is in its game proposal, which brings together an edition of the classic Ball starring Mario, as well as pre-installed games Super Mario Bros. AND Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels.

While Microsoft and Sony launch their new generation bets with Xbox Series X and PS5, Nintendo follows its own path and, incidentally, relaunches a new edition of one of its first systems that, in addition, we can use as a watch. Seen like this it might seem crazy, but you have to admit that there is a lot of care in this little machine.

Precisely for this reason, in Extra Life We have compiled all the secrets, curiosities and tricks that the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. The definitive excuse for you to relive the NES classic, in a very special year for the undisputed king of platform games.

How to get infinite lives in Super Mario Bros. and SMB2: the Lost Levels

Have you just discovered the Machiavellian difficulty of SMB2 Japanese? Are you resisting the rescue of Princess Peach in the great NES classic? We have the solution to both problems: hold button A from the console to the title screen of either game and you’ll start off with endless lives.

How to access Hard mode in the classic Super Mario Bros.

If, on the other hand, you know every inch of Super Mario Bros. by heart and want an extra challenge, the new version of this Game & Watch is for you: complete all 8 game worlds, save the princess and you will have unlocked hard mode.

How to play as Luigi in Ball (Mario version)

Our favorite Player 2 also signs up for the celebration and sneaks into the classic Game & Watch: to play as Luigi in this retro skill test all you have to do is keep button A pressed for more than 5 seconds on the title screen of Ball.

What are clock mode special events and when do they occur?

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. includes 35 animations different as time goes by. Sometimes it is possible to see characters from other installments, such as Yoshi, and in others it is possible to see interesting events. For example:

  • At 7:00 am and at 7:00 pm we will see how Mole Monty comes to greet our mustachioed hero.
  • During dusk and dawn, at 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., we will witness how the blocks are briefly converted into coins.
  • At 1:11 p.m. and already after midnight, at 1:11 a.m., we will see the appearance of a trio of Bloopers floating in the sky.

There are 32 more animations in the clock mode of the machine. Of course, there are also many more interesting details to discover.

How to unlock the song Drawing Mario

In the previous modes, a trick appears when you hold down the A button for a while, and the clock mode of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is no exception: pressing A for five seconds we will see an animated sequence with the song Drawing Mario in English with different language options.

As an added curiosity, the new Game & Watch have an error reported by Nintendo when displaying the lyrics in the German, French, Italian or Spanish languages. In this case, the correct language relationship is as follows.

Title screen language Song lyrics languages
French German
Spanish French
German Italian
Italian Spanish

In addition to the above languages, it is also possible to view the song subtitles in English, Dutch and Japanese.

How to change the scenery of clock mode settings

The clock display is an animated tribute to the mythical 1-1 world of Super Mario Bros. by NES. with the added bonus that it is possible to see the day and night cycle. Now, there are two other alternatives: just press the Time button and we will change the decoration to a country setting or the classic mushroom-shaped platforms.

How to add enemies to watch mode

Do you want to complicate things for good Mario? Take on the role of Bowser and fill the clock mode screen with up to five enemies at once pressing down on the left crosshead. You can summon Goombas and Koopas in an unlimited way!

How to make Lakitu appear in watch mode

Lakitu He can be one of our most annoying enemies or one of our most neat allies. In the clock mode of the new Game & Watch it makes a small cameo and is rather the latter.

To the press the Pause / Set button in clock mode we can adjust the time of the device, showing shortly after the funny Lakitu carrying a wrench, apparently to help us. The best? Once the time is set, he will drop his tool and take a walk around the screen.

Shine the Blocks in Clock Mode

It is a minor detail, but just as curious: if we press buttons B and A at the same time in clock mode we will see how the bricks that serve to tell the time on the screen begin to shine with their own light.

The three special illustrations from Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.

When we are not playing with the Game & Watch (or his watch) the screen will turn off giving us an illustration starring Mario, Luigi and Bowser’s minions. However, the fun thing in this case is that the drawing depends on what mode we have been using:

  • If the console goes into sleep mode with the clock, we will see an illustration of Mario sleeping soundly
  • If the console goes into sleep mode with the game Ball, we will see an illustration of Mario juggling.
  • Finally, if the console enters sleep mode in a game of Super Mario Bros. or SMB2: The Lost Levels, We will see that on that occasion, several enemies of our hero take a nap.

Extra Ball: Five Really Interesting Details from the Game & Watch Box

We close our review of secrets, tricks and curiosities with the box of the Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., which is pure fanservice.

  • To start with, the front of the removable cover is a nod to level 1-1. Also, if we look at the markers we will see that there are 35 coins, one for each Mario year.
  • On the other hand, the back of the case takes us to Bowser’s castle, which awaits us patiently spitting fire.
  • Like the console itself, the box itself is a wink to those of the Game & Watch models launched during 1981, accommodating the contents and characteristics of the new console. Which means changing the Wide Screen original by Color Screen.
  • In fact, the title screen of Super Mario Bros. Color is superimposed on the case, revealing a Ball screen with Mario himself when the box is removed. Giving the set an even more retro look.
  • In addition, the reference marked on the right side flap is also a reference to the celebration itself: SM-35 refers to the 35th anniversary since the launch of Super Mario Bros.
  • Finally, and as is increasingly common in Nintendo theme packages, when pulling that flap we will see in the fold a thank you by Nintendo with Mario and Luigi from Ball (Mario version) juggling.

Source : Gadgetsnow