Construction Simulator 2022: Install mods?

Are there actually mods for the new Construction Simulator 2022? If so, where can I download and install the modifications? The new Construction Simulator 2022 was released a few days ago and, as was to be expected even before the release, the simulation is very popular. Immediately after its release, the game stormed to the top of the Steam sales charts and has been doing very well there for a few days. Anyone who has bought the new construction simulator and has already played an hour or two may ask themselves what the mod support is like? Can you install mods in Construction Simulator 2022?

Download and install mods for Construction Simulator 2022?

According to current information, Construction Simulator 2022 will probably not offer mod support for the time being. Unlike its predecessors, there is no “workshop” in Steam for Construction Simulator 2022. You could and probably still can download some modifications for the Construction Simulator 2015 via the workshop and install them directly via the Steam client.

You can find one on the game’s official website Roadmap with planned features and innovations. So far there is no mention of mod support in the roadmap. However, vehicle DLCs are planned, which, like its predecessor, will probably be offered partly free of charge and partly for a fee.

If something changes on this topic in the future and Construction Simulator 2022 does receive mod support, we will of course add the information here. Is there any new information that can’t be read here yet? If so, please leave a quick note in the comments.