The watch worn by Pedro Alonso in the Netflix series Berlin is magnificent and it costs less than 150 euros

Series Berlin with Pedro Alonso has finally arrived on Netflix! Highly anticipated by fans of The House of Paper, this prequel centered on the character of Berlin should satisfy many Netflix subscribers during the end-of-year holidays. And why not serve as post-New Year audiovisual digestion. Frankly, this series Berlin is very easy to look at. Even if it slightly disappointed our expectations, it managed to entertain us with a well-executed heist story and incessant twists and turns. Some come from nowhere but such is life in Berlin, real name Andrés de Fonollosa, strategic genius with contagious madness.

To portray this unique hero, Netflix naturally gave the keys to Pedro Alonso who already played this role in The House of Paper. His love of money and women is widely highlighted in this new series, as is that of beauty. Always dressed, chic, dressed to the nines, Berlin’s character leaves nothing to chance. And even if he plans to get his hands on 44 million euros in jewelry during his Parisian heist, he knows how to be modest in terms of jewelry, precisely. Clear demonstration with his watch.

In Berlin, Pedro Alonso wears a watch that could not be more classic: a steel case that is not too large, a white 3-hand dial and a leather strap. But it often happens that the classic comes at a high price in watchmaking: a Master Ultra Thin Date from Jaeger-LeCoultre costs 10,400 euros, the Rolex 1908 (in white gold) goes up to 23,050 euros, an Omega De Ville Prestige is worth 3900 euros while the Longines Grande Classique costs 1400 euros. Simplicity therefore does not always rhyme with low price. Fortunately, there are still small watchmaking gems. Like the Berlin watch.

It is most likely because the series is Spanish that Pedro Alonso wears a… Spanish watch on his wrist. This is the Festina 1948 brought up to date in the Extra collection at the end of 2016. This watch originally dates from 1948 and has the great quality of having a timeless design. Its case, 36 mm here, is known to watch enthusiasts for its three distinct parts and the dial with curved glass. The only difference with the 1948 version is the mechanical movement which has been abandoned for quartz. The price defies all competition since if Festina does not sell this 1948 on its site, you can find it on resale sites, between 70 and 149 euros. A real good deal to grab urgently because it could well be that the Berlin watch quickly increases in value, due to notoriety.


Resellers turn Pokémon exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum into terrifying chaos: on eBay the special Pikachu card already costs up to $1,500

That’s why we can’t have nice things! This Thursday, September 28, the Pokémon exhibition opened at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and, as expected, the uncivilized Pokémon resellers unleashed chaos with the aim of getting the special Pikachu card and all the merchandise they could. resell.

Through social networks, a video has become popular in which you can see a crowd of people pushing each other to get the official merchandise from Pokémon x Van Gogh. It is important to note that the idea behind the small exhibition is to encourage a taste for art in children… which is why all those crazy adults spoiled the first day of this experience.

“The Pokémon Adventure activity is developed for children from 6 years oldbut, of course, adults can also participate,” notes the official website of the Van Gogh Museum

To get the special card of Pikachu with a gray felt hat, attendees must complete a special tour where they can see the art of some Pokémon imitating the style of the artist from the Netherlands. However, Cards are limited to availability… Therefore, chaos will surely continue during the first days of the exhibition due to the resellers.

This makes me so sad and is why we can’t have nice things

I saw so many wanting to go over in the first few days just to get any cards and merch to resell. This is not an acceptable practice. If you do that, shame on you.

— Joe Merrick (@JoeMerrick) September 28, 2023

According to reports, Pikachu card with gray felt hat sells for up to 100 times its original price, with publications ranging from 100 to 1,500 dollars. Crazy… although nothing unrelated to Pokémon collecting.

In addition to the Pikachu card, the exhibition offers other types of official merchandise, inspired by the , including a stuffed Pikachu with his felt hat, a bag with the art of the card and a small figure of Pikachu with the already mentioned hat.

These are the prices in Mexico for the Pikachu x Van Gogh menu

Pokémon at the Van Gogh Museum will be a special exhibition that will take place on September 28, 2023 to January 7, 2024.


The iPhone 15 costs almost the same in all countries. But in Spain it is three times more expensive than in the US

This year Apple has surprised us with the prices of the iPhone 15: all of them are cheaper than their predecessors. That does not mean that we are faced with a smartphone that is still expensive at the same time. from 959 euros in Spain.

Precisely that is a particularly interesting point, because in reality how cheap or expensive the iPhone is for those who buy it depends not only on the price, but on what that price represents in each person’s economy. And that is where a unique ranking appears: where is an iPhone 15 most expensive or cheapest?

Well, logically, it is cheaper for those who earn more money, and more expensive for those who earn less. At CompareDial they wanted to carry out a study that precisely tries to reflect how expensive or cheap the iPhone 15 is in different countries around the world.

In their list they have analyzed 85 countries, and in each of them the fundamental factor that reflects how cheap or expensive the iPhone is for its citizens is the average annual salary in these countries. The countries with the best average salaries on average enjoy a fundamental advantage over those with the lowest salaries, and that gives an idea of ​​how expensive the iPhone 15 may seem to those who buy it depending on the country where they live.

Source: CompareDial

That table shows a curious “iPhone 15 index” on the right side in percentage form. That percentage represents the percentage of annual salary What the iPhone 15 costs for each citizen of each country, based on the average annual salary in that country.

The data comes from Our World in Data, World DataBank and data published by each country. On the comparison website you can click on any country to display the specific statistics for that country, and that allows us to quickly get an idea of ​​how expensive or cheap the iPhone 15 is in each of the economies included in the comparison. study.

According to these data, it is easy to see how someone who works in Spain has to spend 4.83% of your annual salary to buy the iPhone 15 in its base model with 128 GB capacity. That annual salary in Spain has a median—remember, different from the average—$21,308.85 according to the study data.

The cost of that iPhone according to the data from this study is $1,029.66. It is a conversion quite close to the 959 euros that it officially costs here, which at the current euro-dollar exchange rate is equivalent to 1,024.58 dollars.

In the United States, for example, that index is 1.69%: Someone who works there has to spend on average that percentage of their annual salary—the median of which is $50,371.33—to be able to buy an iPhone. There, by the way, the cost in dollars is also significantly lower, since with taxes included – although they vary by state – they indicate that the base iPhone 15 costs $849.73.

What does that mean? That someone who works with that reference salary in the United States earns a significantly higher figure according to that median and therefore for him the iPhone 15 is “cheaper.” In fact, it is if one also looks at the price difference once taxes and the euro-dollar exchange rate have been applied, but that median income reveals that The iPhone is more or less three times more expensive in Spain than in the United States according to that index.

There are, of course, many more possible comparisons: the iPhone 15 is only cheaper in Luxembourg and Switzerland than in the US, while the cost is absolutely exorbitant for a large number of countries in which this index is greater than 20% of the annual salary.

In Mexico (median salary, $5,922.89) the rate is 19.24%: a worker there spends almost a fifth of his annual salary on an iPhone. In Argentina the situation is even more terrible. Although the median salary is somewhat higher, 6,793.32, the price of the iPhone 15 is the highest in the world: equivalent to $2,048.27, something motivated by high inflation and restrictions on imports. That makes the iPhone rate there 30.15%: the cost of that mobile phone is almost a third of the annual salary in the country.

This data also includes countries like China (rate of 11.58%) for whose citizens the iPhone 15 “costs” more than double what it costs us in Spain. These figures seem to be misleading, because in 2022 Apple became the second in mobile phone sales in the Asian giant, according to CounterPoint Research.

India, the most populous country in the world and Apple’s great commercial objective for the future, is another contradictory example of the situation of their mobile phones: there the rate is 38.60%, so theoretically a 128 GB iPhone 15 costs Indian citizens almost 2/5 of their annual salary. Even so, quarterly sales in the last quarter of 2022 were two million units according to CMR, which seems to reflect the great economic inequality of the country, which has more than 1.4 billion inhabitants.


WoW SoD: All respec costs in Classic: Season of Discovery

With so many new runes to try out in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, it’s only a matter of time before you need to spend a few coins on a respec. Since this is a separate season from WoW Classic, the price is different, and I’ll cover the costs in this guide.

How much does respec cost in WoW SoD?

To re-specialize your skills, you need to spend 10 silver coins at your class trainer. These 10 silver coins are just the initial cost of resetting your skills, and if you already play World of Warcraft Classic, you know that the price will continue to increase. Each additional Respec within a short period of time will cost you an additional 10 silver coins. So two of these resets will cost you 20 silver.

All WoW SoD respec costs are listed:

  • First respec – 10 Silver
  • Second – 20 Money
  • Third – 30 Money
  • Fourth – 40 Silver
  • Maximum cost – 1 gold

Although each respec costs an additional 10 silver, there is a limit to how high the actual price can be. Once you reach the cap, the cost will increase to 1 gold for each time you want to rest with a class trainer. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck with the price tag forever on that character, even if it’s still a while.

Typically, you have to wait about a month of real time for the price to start reducing on your respecs in WoW Classic. Since the Season of Discovery is still fresh, we don’t know for sure what the drop will be, but it’s probably 10 silvers at a time. The equivalent in Classic is 5 gold per reset and the cost decreases by the same amount, so we can assume prices will remain similar.

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With some resources left, be sure to also visit the Supply Officers in WoW.


Mercadona raises the price of home delivery after 20 years. It’s to “cover costs”

You go to the supermarket, fill the shopping cart and tell them to send it home. Mercadona’s home delivery service is a great option for those who don’t want to be burdened, but now the chain has decided to apply changes.

Following the widespread price escalation, Mercadona has raised the price of its home delivery service. As the company explains, the price of this service had not changed in the last 20 years but now they have had to raise it to “cover the costs of the service.” An increase in the cost foreseeably derived from the price of energy, transport and personnel.

Suddenly, some users have seen how the price they traditionally paid to take their purchase home has risen.

A user from the Basque Country has pointed out that the cost of the home service will rise from 3 August from 4.21 euros to 6.50 euros, regardless of the purchase price. The user complains that other supermarkets such as Carrefour or El Corte Inglés have this free service for purchases over 100 euros.

Mercadona has a home delivery service from the store itself at a price that starts at 4.21 euros, but from the company’s website they explain that the final cost depends on each geographical area. The service is not present in all stores and they usually apply a maximum of 10 kilometers from the store to the customer’s home.

It should be noted that the price of home delivery from the store is lower than from the online page. Directly from the Mercadona website it has a price of 7.21 euros and a minimum order of 50 euros.

Deliveries of the home service from the store are usually delivered the day after the purchase. The rise in prices of this service has started to be applied since the end of Julybeing its progressive implementation depending on each area.

Mercadona is in the midst of applying strategy changes, such as its rental of premises. After two decades where home delivery was a constant, now customers have seen a price increase.


Lidl has this mouse pad at a bargain price: with RGB lighting, it costs just 9 euros

The gaming setup of any PC player must have a series of essential items to be able to play properly. If we think about the most important ones, it is logical that headphones, a mouse, a keyboard or even a gaming chair come to mind, but there are others that we do not usually pay much attention to. and they also play a key role.

One of these elements that goes unnoticed is the mousepad, and it is that having a good and quality one for our gaming mouse is very important to play in good conditions. Like everything, we have many different types of mats and with the most disparate prices. If you are looking for a quality one and do not want to spend too much, Lidl has the perfect solution for you: this mat costs only 8.99 euros.

As we say, a mouse pad must be of quality to ensure that the movement of the mouse is detected correctly. This one from Lidl is going to give us a very good performance in that sense, also having the plus of having a non-slip rubber base so that it stays well attached to the table and does not move in any situation.

Another very interesting plus of this Lidl mat and which corresponds to others with a significantly higher price is the presence of RGB lighting on its edge. It has 16 lighting modes that we can activate, deactivate or change through a button. To feed this system we have a 2.2 meter USB cable, so we will not have problems connecting it to our equipment. For just 9 euros, a product to take into account this one from Lidl.

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