Are you dreaming of a creative and refined retirement? A new residency for artists and writers has just landed in the south of France

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This unique modernist building overlooks the hills and coast of Mougins.

  • Jo Lawson-Tancred

  • 4 hours ago

Unit London, a contemporary art gallery, has announced the launch of a new artist residency based in a unique house designed by French architect Jacques Couëlle near Mougins in the south of France in 1964. Known as Named Dragon Hill, the residency will welcome the two artists. and writers, and is organized in partnership with ArtReview. The first cohort will move into Dragon Hill in March 2024.

The program, which lasts six weeks, provides artists with fully equipped studios and the opportunity to exhibit their new works in an annual summer exhibition at the nearby historic Chateau de Castellaras. The artists will also be joined each year by six arts writers, chosen by ArtReview’s editorial team, who will also benefit from mentoring and the chance to be published on the magazine’s website.

Jacques Couëlle circa 1978. Photo: Slim Aarons via Getty Images.

The house offers impressive views of the hills of the Alpes-Maritimes and is close to the bay of Antibes and the charming old town of Mouans. It was the first of five “landscape houses” built by Couëlle in the region in the 1960s and illustrates his interest in organic architecture, strongly influenced by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. It is notable for its curved design, which breaks from the more angular modernist styles of the time and better complements the stunning natural landscapes.

The Mougins district was a favorite location for many major modernist artists, including Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Yves Klein, as well as the famous art dealer Leo Castelli. Today, it is close to several artistic institutions, including the Maeght Foundation, L’Espace de l’Art Concret and the Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins (MACM) which will soon reopen under the name of Femmes Artistes du Musée of Mougins (FAMM).

During our 10 years of working closely with modern artists, it has been difficult to ignore the ever-increasing conflict between artists’ natural need for freedom – to think, create and experiment – ​​and the acute pressures and demands of the art market. ‘contemporary art. said Unit co-founder Joe Kennedy. “Dragon Hill is a sanctuary, a truly magical site where artists can temporarily escape the art world and draw inspiration from the free spirit of an eccentric and important creative mind. Couëlle was inspired by his close and collaborative friendships with other artists and writers like Dali, Picasso and Prévert.

Check out more images of Couëlle Dragon Hill below.

Dragon Hill, Castellaras Le Neuf by French architect Jacques Couëlle in the south of France. Image courtesy of Unit Gallery.

Dragon Hill, Castellaras Le Neuf by French architect Jacques Couëlle in the south of France. Image courtesy of Unit Gallery.

Dragon Hill, Castellaras Le Neuf by French architect Jacques Couëlle in the south of France. Image courtesy of Unit Gallery.

Bedroom at Dragon Hill, Castellaras Le Neuf by French architect Jacques Couëlle in the south of France. Image courtesy of Unit Gallery.

Dragon Hill, Castellaras Le Neuf by French architect Jacques Couëlle in the south of France. Image courtesy of Unit Gallery.

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