Dead Island 2 Cheats PS5, PS4 and Xbox?

Are there actually cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PS5 or Xbox Series? How can you cheat for infinite money and weapons or duplicate and clone weapons? One or two players of the new zombie slicer from Dambuster Studios, who bought the console version of the game, will probably be dealing with these questions in the last few days. The question arises especially if you have already played the predecessor in the form of Dead Island 1 and have already duplicated a weapon using glitches such as the Duplication Glitch. In this short guide we show what is possible regarding cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PS5 and Xbox Series.

Cheats for Dead Island 2 on PlayStation or Xbox?

The short answer to the question is, no, there are no cheats in Dead Island 2 on the PlayStation 5 or on the Xbox Series either. The developers have not integrated any classic cheat codes into the game that you can simply type in and activate. But as is often the case in games without “official cheats”, there are various ways in which you can cheat in Dead Island 2, namely through glitches. A glitch exploits a bug in the game and allows you to duplicate a weapon in the game and then sell it, i.e. use it as a money cheat.

Duplicate weapons cheat in Dead Island 2

Just a few days after the release, the first players discovered a glitch that allows you to duplicate weapons. Unfortunately, this is a co-op glitch which means you can only use it together with another player. A solo glitch for duplicating weapons or as a money cheat is currently not known.

To use the glitch you have to do the following:

  1. Start a co-op session with a friend. The player who wants to use the cheat must be the host of the co-op session.
  2. Go to any dealer together and the host must throw their weapons from the inventory/backpack onto the ground.
  3. Leave the inventory or backpack window open and the host must exit the game (no auto-save may be created). Quit the game completely and be invited back into the session by the other player.
  4. You then start the game again with a full inventory, while the weapons that were previously thrown on the ground continue to lie on the ground. You can now sell the weapons to the dealer and earn money very quickly.

By the way, the weapon duplication glitch described above can only ever be used by the host. It could well be that the developers at Dambuster Studios will sooner or later put a stop to the glitch and you will no longer be able to duplicate your weapons. If additional Dead Island 2 cheats for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series or Xbox One appear in the meantime, we will of course add them here.

Update: More glitches have now been found, shown in the video below (works on PC as well as PS5, PS4 and Xbox)

By the way, if you play Dead Island 2 on the PC, you can cheat for unlimited money using both the trainer and the cheat engine.


Red Dead Redemption 2 photo mode: how to activate it, controls and where the photos are saved

Red Dead Redemption 2’s photo mode finally allows users to immortalize their adventures on the PC version.

Until now, we could only take photos of Arthur’s adventures with the character’s camera or with the share buttons on the consoles, and we were constantly limited by the range of the device. Neither could you add filters or effects.

In this guide we are going to teach you how to activate the photo mode of Read Dead Redemption 2, to list all available features and photo mode controls already show you where are the photos saved you do, so you can learn how to take them and then share them. That those camp parties with Dutch’s gang don’t just immortalize themselves.

In this page:

If you are looking for more help, take a look at our Red Dead Redemption 2 guide in which we tell you everything you need to know to overcome the adventure.

How to activate the Red Dead Redemption 2 photo mode and when you can take photos

To activate the photo mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, you first have to press START on the controller or ESC on PC, and then press the back button on the controller or F6 on the keyboard to enter the photo mode.

Then you can press TAB on PC or RB / R1 on the remote to enter the tab with the advanced filter options.

You can access photo mode as soon as you control Arthur after the opening cutscene, and you can use it anywhere you can open the menu, including cutscenes.

Red Dead Redemption 2 photo mode controls and features

Once you enter photo mode, controlling the camera should be fairly easy for anyone who has used this feature in other games, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man or Control. Below is a list of the features available in Red Dead 2’s photo mode and their respective controls.

  • Orbit / Free Chamber – V
  • Zoom –
  • Restart – R
  • Lens – Z / X
  • Roll – Q / E
  • Basic / Advanced / Effects – TAB
  • Focal length – up and down (keyboard arrows)
  • Blur – Page Up / Page Down
  • Exposure – J / K
  • Lock Exposure – L
  • Contrast –
  • Filter intensity – up and down (keyboard arrows)
  • Filters – left and right (keyboard arrows)
  • HUD – H
  • See photos – G
  • Save photos – Left-click
  • Exit photo mode – ESC

Besides all this, it is also possible to add filters, stickers and text …

How to add filters, stickers and text to photos in Red Dead Redemption 2

When you’ve taken a photo, head to the Social Club menu or press G to go directly to the photo mode album.

Then click on the photo you like the most and select the ‘edit’ option to go to a screen where you can apply stickers and personalized text, including tags with the place you have visited, congratulations, frames or Rockstar logos.

To add filters, press the left and right arrows. Those above and below modify the intensity.

Here is the list of filters available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s photo mode:

  • Daguerreotype
  • Negative Calotype
  • Tintype
  • Woodburytype
  • Carbon printing
  • Silver gelatin
  • Platinum printing
  • Cyanotype
  • Photo stamping
  • Dichromated rubber
  • Red pass
  • Yellow pass
  • Blue pass
  • 2-Strip
  • Bleach bypass
  • Post-apocalyptic
  • Not to go
  • Battlefield
  • Western
  • Coal
  • Fail
  • Health tonic
  • Dishonorable
  • Honorable
  • Injured
  • Pause menu
  • Guarma
  • Predator
  • Eagle Eye
  • Spectator camera
  • Dead eye
  • Drunk
  • Kill Cam
  • Dead Eye Core
  • Health Core
  • Stamina Core
  • Weapon wheel
  • Credit titles

The PC version has new additions, such as photo mode, and you can take a look at our main Red Dead Redemption 2 guide and also our Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats and codes. We also have individual guides to find all the animals legendaries, the location of all the gunmen and the location of all the Strangers and their side missions. As if that were not enough, we will tell you how to unlock fast travel and the ways to travel faster, how to improve the satchel, how to get horses, saddle them and increase your bond with him, how to pay the reward and reduce your Wanted level, the best In-game weapons and how to get them, where is Jack Hall’s gang treasure, and how to upgrade your camp.

Where are the Red Dead Redemption 2 photos kept?

When you have taken some photos you can find them by opening the menu with ESC or START, navigating the Social Club tab and then clicking on the camera icon in the top left menu.

There you should be able to see all the ones you’ve taken so far. You can also quickly access this menu by pressing the G key while in photo mode.


Dead Island 2: Double and duplicate weapons

Is there a glitch in the new Dead Island 2 that allows you to duplicate a weapon? How can you double the weapons and make money quickly? This may be the question asked by some players over the past few days who have bought the new zombie game from Dambuster Studios. As in the first part, there is now a glitch in the new Dead Island 2 that allows you to double a weapon. You can duplicate the weapons as you like and then sell them to a dealer in order to quickly farm money.

Weapons double glitch

The weapon doubling glitch works on both PC and consoles in the form of the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One. The only catch with the glitch is that you can currently only use it in co-op mode. So you need another player to briefly join a co-op session. Furthermore, the glitch can only be used by the player who is currently hosting the co-op session. You must then proceed as follows.

  1. Start a co-op session with another player and meet at any merchant in the game. We have already listed the locations of all dealers in Dead Island 2 in another article.
  2. The co-op session host must now drop the weapons they want to duplicate on the floor in front of the other player. To do this, open the backpack, select the weapon and drop it.
  3. The host then leaves the session (exit the game directly via the backpack menu) and the weapons remain on the floor.
  4. Next, the other player has to invite the host back and lo and behold, the weapons that were dropped on the ground are still there and at the same time the host finds the weapons back in his inventory or backpack. Now you can pick up the duplicated weapons from the ground or you can drop the weapons again and then double them again.

Duplicate weapons in single player?

As already mentioned, the only catch with the weapon duplication glitch is currently the co-op mode. But it will probably only be a matter of time before you can duplicate the weapons not only in multiplayer, but also alone in a single player session. As soon as there is news here, we will of course add the information here.

By the way, in Dead Island 2 there are no classic cheat codes that you can enter and use via a console. However, if you play on the PC, you can rely on trainers.


A Quimper resident found dead at Place du Stivel: the accused, “a child king” gone “mad”

“What is consistent in the accused’s story is that nothing was ever built. There were attempts to build it but from the moment the toxics increased, there was nothing more. Everything became a series of stories. A series of legal stories,” reported Professor Loïck Villerbu, this Wednesday, December 20, on the third day of the trial of Mahoney Leilde, a 34-year-old Quimper man on trial for murder.

Throughout his testimony, the psychologist expert attempted to retrace the life course of the accused, from his childhood until his indictment for the murder of a sixty-year-old whose body was discovered on November 13 2020, upstairs in the former La Maison bar. yellow, place du Stivel, in Quimper. But it was not easy because, during his interviews with the thirty-year-old, he was confronted with a major difficulty.

“There is no continuity in his words”

“He is both there and not there. It goes in all directions. He is there but more as a spectator. Understanding is good but he doesn’t know how to argue, he doesn’t know how to describe. There is no continuity in his words,” continues the psycho-criminologist. A behavior that he adopted during the trial, not being able to express himself, making very confused and contradictory comments.

Describing the intelligence of the accused as “average”, Professor Loïck Villerbu recalled that his schooling in Quimper at Diwan had been disrupted due to “a state of instability”, “turbulence”. The expert notably mentioned attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At high school, in Rennes, things became complicated because he had left “his cocoon”, his mother with whom he had a “close relationship”. A “child king” who wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps in the printing business.

“Nothing lasts, nothing is built”

But “he cannot conclude. It’s always in the sketch, it never comes to fruition. Nothing lasts, nothing is built, nothing is achieved. It is an important psychological element that we will find for all the choices he makes subsequently,” continued Professor Loïck Villerbu, specifying a “pathological mental construction”. An active life without a profession, living mainly on Active Solidarity Income (RSA). All mixed with a “search for external stimuli” because “nothing fits” in “his project of an imaginary life” where “nothing is real”. Dependence on alcohol, tobacco and narcotics with daily consumption.

“The toxins will push him to act, to take action. It gives him a sense of existence. Without toxic substances, everything goes away, everything collapses,” noted the expert. Addictions which worsened his psychological problems. Psychological problems which worsened over the course of his incarceration: fifteen entries in the criminal record, three long periods of incarceration. Today, by the admission of those close to him, Mahoney Leilde has gone from a “happy”, “nice” child to a “scary”, “disconnected”, “crazy” man.

Tried for murder, the accused, who disputes the facts, faces thirty years of criminal imprisonment. The verdict could come this Thursday, December 21.

gn france


Red Dead Redemption 2 missing princess discovered

With the release of the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, players quickly searched through the game’s files to discover secrets. And this is what happened! The players finally found out what happened to the missing princess.

If you played Red Dead Redemption 2, at one point you will find a poster that promises a $ 100 reward to anyone who finds Princess Isabeau Katharina Zinsmeister of Luxembourg. Players have never been able to find princesses until now.

In the game files a model of the princess was discovered. Players believe that the princess was part of a mission that was cut from the final version. In the video you can see gameplay with the princess (through a program that allows you to play with any NPC in the game).

In the poster the princess was still a child, having disappeared in 1884. However, as the game takes place in 1899, the model already shows a princess in her teens, aged 15.

Finally the mystery of the missing princess has been solved!


Umbraclaw: Your journey as a cat in the realm of the dead has a specific start date

Inti Creates has announced that Umbraclaw will be released digitally on May 30, 2024 for PCs, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. A playable demo will be made available for a limited time during the Steam Next Fest, starting on February 5th.

Umbraclaw takes you as a cat to the realm of the dead. Kuon the cat has obviously used up her seven lives, but would like to return to the world of the living. The special drawing style with a portion of darkness is intended to reflect the dark reality of the game.

Kuon stands for that Anima Revivesystem available. With this system, the cat has access to various abilities of other feline animals such as tigers or leopards.

The new trailer:

Images: Umbraclaw, Inti Creates


The Day Before: Game is dead, server permanently shut down

With the server shutdown, the chapter surrounding the survival MMO The Day Before will finally be closed.

On January 22nd, The Day Before’s servers were shut down, less than two months after the start of Early Access, ending an inglorious chapter in the gaming industry.

Even before the launch, doubts had arisen about developer Fntastic’s product; the promises of the small studio, which was noticeably reserved in presenting game material, seemed too big. The fact that the gameplay announced for January 2023 initially failed to materialize due to disputes over naming rights fueled the rumor mill as to whether the game even existed. However, the scenes shown later failed to convince the audience of the quality of the title.

On December 7th, Fntastic dared to start early access for the controversial game. As you’ve probably noticed, this ended in a fiasco. Just a few days after the launch, thousands of extremely negative reviews had already accumulated on Steam, and the developer then spoke out and announced that the studio would be closing. Shortly before Christmas, publisher Mytona finally announced that the servers would only be operated until January 2024 and pointed out the refund options.

Have you followed the story of Fntastic and The Day Before? What do you think about the matter?



Complete Tenants of the Dead Walkthrough

In this zombie apocalypse game, your decisions are of great importance and they affect both your survival and that of other NPCs, as well as the entire storyline. It means that every part is different and formed based on all of each player’s choices and experiences. We bring you the complete walkthrough for Tenants of the dead of our gaming experience.

Tenants of the Dead Walkthrough

Day 0

At the start of the game, you meet the main character, Daeshim, who has just finished his online game and then complains about the low viewership these days. Soon after, he hears the sound of a helicopter outside and wonders what is going on. Then his stomach growls, so he decides to go to the store to buy some food.

Once arrived at store, Daeshim is surprised by the darkness inside. Nelson, who works in the store, appears before Daeshim and tells him that the lights went out yesterday and that someone was supposed to come and fix them but never answered his calls. Daeshim then suggests that he call someone else. Nelson is annoyed by his comments and tells him to shut up, grab lunch and leave, and that he will add it to Daeshim’s bill. He then offers him the job and mentions that he could forget the note if Daeshim accepts. The phone rings and Nelson leaves. Daeshim gets Sushi for the lunch.

The main protagonist has returned home. He is angry because his electric bill is 20 percent higher and realizes his funds are running out and considers accepting Nelson’s offer. His girlfriend Minjee appears. She teases Daeshim for sighing and blaming her for being stubborn and not wanting to adapt to the world of streaming by playing “cute games”. They argue for a while, and Daeshim soon feels remorse for telling him something he shouldn’t.

Daeshim and Minjee hear a strange noise coming from outside and an emergency alarm. He goes out to see what’s going on and notices traces of blood on the stairs. Then he hears a moan coming from above. A man in white shirt covered in blood appears. Daeshim tries to talk to him, but the man doesn’t respond. A bloody man chases him, but he manages to escape and return to the apartment.

Minjee is terrified. This damn man had been knocking on their door all afternoon when it stopped with a banging sound like someone was hitting him. Daeshim and Minjee hid in the far corner of the apartment, holding knives in both hands. They hear the sound of car tires, screamsAnd panic from the outside. After looking out the window, they noticed that the entire city was on fire. The chaos subsided overnight, but they continued to hear cries for help from horrified people on the streets.

After a while, they decided that it was safe to move around the apartment. Minjee is hungry, then they eat noodles. Minjee wonders if anyone will save them and is afraid for their food supplies. They slowly fall asleep and Daeshim promises to protect Minjee at all costs.

Day 1

When you finish Day 0 and the zombie apocalypse breaks out, you’re basically stuck in the apartment alongside your girlfriend. In the upper left corner of the screen, you will have bars that show you the level of food and medical supplies, as well as Daeshim’s hunger and energy status.

After waking up, Daeshim realized that it was quiet outside and decided to take advantage of it. As you approach the door, a few options:

  • Stay inside
  • Check the building
  • Check the exterior.

I chose to check out the building. Daeshim remembers the neighbor who was very loud and attacked him with a baseball bat when our hero showed up at his door to complain. He says he hasn’t heard a sound from the neighbor’s apartment in days and wonders what happened to him. He decides to check on him, only to find a ransacked apartment with blood everywhere and traces that show there was a fight, but the neighbor is nowhere to be found. Then he heard noises and footsteps approaching, grabbed what he could from the apartment and fled to his room. You get a baseball bat from the neighbor’s apartment. I decided to take a shower and rest for the day.

Note that every time you approach Minjee, she will ask you a question. You will have the choice between 2 answers, and when you answer, the game will tell you if she liked your answer or not.

Day 2

Immediately after the start of Day 2, you hear a knock at the door. I decide to check who’s outside and a guy in a hazmat suit greets me. He says he is from Body molecule and welcome you to Outbreak, stage 1. He presents himself as Shaun, Resident Pathologist/Survival Insurance Agent. Daeshin asks him if he’s there to save them but makes the hazmat guy smile and tells him he’s not there for that purpose.

He further explains that he was abandoned by his pilot a few days ago when a horde attacked them. Now his superiors have asked him to do some field work before taking early retirement. He invites himself for a “quick inquiry.” After greeting Minjee, she goes to the kitchen and leaves you to answer. Questions from Hazmat Guy. He jokes about “selling your daughters’ possessions” as an asset, which angers Daeshin.

The Hazmat Suit Guy then asks you how you are feeling right now. You have three options for an answer:

  • Fine, I guess
  • Not so good
  • I don’t know.

I chose the second option because I can’t feel good when the zombie apocalypse happens. He then asks you about your feelings about the current situation. You can choose between:

  • It’s surreal
  • I don’t know
  • I just want it to end already….

I chose the last option. Then Hazmat Guy asks if you’ve had a cough or anything in the past few days, and Daeshim says no.

Now an unpleasant question arises: “Would you be willing to share your girlfriend if it means for your survival? » Possible answers are:

  • What?
  • I-If we lacked choice
  • I think so
  • I don’t know

I chose the first one and Hazmat Guy said I gave “such interesting answers“. When you ask him what the purpose of this investigation is, he won’t tell you. He then tells you that he will give you Bottled water and pair of cup noodles like a reward for answering his questions. A useful addition to my bass refueling

Hazmat Guy then leaves and tells you: “Do not forget. Don’t swing low“, and trying not to join the consensus of Undead. He adds that his ride might come soon for him and that he could guarantee a ride for Daeshin and Minjee. Daeshin doesn’t know if he should trust him.

I then decide to go out to look for resources, but I found nothing useful, and our food reserves are exhausted. extremely low. I also met many Undead and I took care of them with my baseball bat.

Day 3

On Day 3I decided to take the risk and leave out to try to find food. This time I was more successful and won a Bear spray And one Aluminum foil. Once again, I had to face many Undead.

Once I got home, I decided to take a shower, watch TV to improve my Mental Health, and after that I quickly fell asleep. It worries me to know that the food supply, medical supply, hygiene and hunger were all on the same scale. critical level.

Day 4

After waking up, Daeshim states that it has now been several days since the outbreak started and he is beginning to wonder if he and his girlfriend should try to get out of town before things get even worse. Looking out the window, he notices a van parked nearby with the indicators still on and wondered if he should check it out. I decided to do it in by clicking on the door and choosing the option “ Check the parked van…”.

I went out at dawn. A lot Undead were lurking around, but I managed to take care of them with my baseball bat and I avoided getting hurt. Then I checked the van to see if there was anyone or anything inside, but luckily it was empty. As I checked the front door, I saw that the key was still in contact, but…. the van was out of fuel. Daeshim states that he must find fuel and return home.

I took a shower and decided to chat with Minjae. This conversation allowed us make love. You see, something nice can happen even during a zombie apocalypse…After this pleasant experience, I slept the rest of the night.

Day 5

Before starting day five, I took a shower and ate. Today, I decided to try my luck again by going outside to get some supplies. Unfortunately, this time I didn’t succeed and didn’t find anything useful. This really bothered me, because the refueling because Minjae and I were dangerously low…

To make things interesting, I engage in another conversation with her. She asked me one of her questions… She liked my answer. After the conversation, it was time to sleep.

Day 6

Knock on the door woke me up. Minjae is scared, but I decide to check who is knocking by clicking the button door and choosing the “ Check who’s out there… ” option. I see a child named Jiwoo standing in front of me. He says he came here to do trade. I tell him to go home. Then suddenly we hear a moaning noise coming from the hallway of the building, so I call him to come in.

Once inside, I ask him if his parents know he’s outside, but he says his parents are taking a long time. dead. Jiwoo tells you he has a Portable Battery Generator. Just as he’s about to say what he wants in return, Minjae comes out of the bathroom and completely confuses the kid, making him blush. Enchanted by her, he offers you the generator free. He leaves then, Minjae tries to stop him, but I…


Dead Island 2: Change and Equip Weapon

Which button is used to switch weapons in Dead Island 2? Which button do you have to press on the PS5, Xbox Series or even the PC if you want to equip a different weapon? A few days ago, the second part of Deep Silver’s popular zombie shredded game was released and, as was to be expected, the game is very popular and can also convince the specialist press. In Dead Island 2, of course, you have to raze numerous zombies to the ground and the player has numerous weapons at his disposal. In addition to a number of melee weapons, some of which are also improvised, there are also plenty of firearms with which you can kill the zombies. If you just got into the game, then one or the other player is probably wondering how to switch weapons in Dead Island 2?

Change weapons in Dead Island 2

You can switch weapons using the weapon wheel. The weapon wheel can be opened by pressing and holding the triangle button on PS5, the Y button on Xbox Series, and pressing and holding the mouse wheel on PC. Each weapon has “two sides” that can be switched using the directional pad. So you can equip a total of 16 weapons.

  • PC: Hold mouse wheel and select weapon with mouse
  • PS5: Hold the Triangle button and select a weapon with the left or right analog stick
  • Xbox Series: Hold the Y button and use the left or right analog stick to select a weapon

Can’t equip weapon?

If a weapon cannot be equipped via the selection wheel, then the reason is simple: the weapon is broken. The melee weapons wear out over time and eventually break. The broken weapons can then not be equipped until the weapon is repaired at the workbench.


Dead Island 2: Unlock Crossbow?

In the new Dead Island 2 you will not only find many improvised weapons such as wooden slats or metal pipes, but also “real weapons” such as pistols, shotguns and assault rifles. Anyone who has dealt with the “leaked weapon lists” from the game in the past or has seen Tanisha’s weapon in the game may also ask themselves the question about the crossbow. Is there no crossbow or bow and arrow in Dead Island 2? Can the crossbow used by Tanisha be unlocked and found throughout the story?

Unlock and get crossbow as a weapon?

The short answer to the question is no, there is no crossbow in Dead Island 2, at least in the current version, just like the bow and arrow. Even though Tanisha’s crossbow looks pretty promising and would certainly be a good weapon for zombie hunting, the crossbow cannot be unlocked as a playable weapon yet. Some players have also asked themselves the question about the crossbow in a few Reddit threads and here it is suspected that the crossbow could possibly come into play with upcoming DLCs.

As was recently announced, the first DLCs are already in prospect. More specifically, there will be two character packs for Jacob and Amy in the summer, which should include both new skins and weapons. Presumably there will be one for Tanisha among the character packs in the future and then hopefully her crossbow will be unlockable in the game. Until then, it’s just a matter of waiting and drinking tea. Dead Island shouldn’t fail because of too few weapons, even though it would certainly be cool to hunt zombies with a bow or crossbow. As soon as there is news about the weapons in Dead Island 2, we will of course update this article with the information.

Is there actually a money cheat in Dead Island 2 with which you can cheat yourself infinite money at the push of a button?


Dead Island 2 Follow the Paper Trail: Find the Postman

In Bel-Air there are not a few story quests to be completed, but there are also various side quests which also include the search reports. One of the search messages in Bel-Air is called “My mailman was a zombie.” To start the quest, you need to find the letter of the same name, which is in front of a side entrance in Curtis Sinclair’s manor. In front of the side entrance with a flight of stairs up to Curtis Sinclair’s estate there is a black van from the company “Festdel”. Next to some packages and the “Special Delivery” box is the letter. After you have started the search message by picking up the clue, the first task starts straight away, namely “Follow the paper trail of the parcel carrier to a new weapon”. Here the question often arises, what is meant by “following the paper trail”?

Follow the paper trail of the parcel carrier

The clues to where the postman was found, or more precisely his route, can be displayed by opening the quest menu and selecting “My postman was a zombie”. You can use the F4 button (PC) or press the left analog stick (PS5, Xbox Series) to display the linked recordings and this provides information on where to look now. We have briefly summarized the localities below with a screenshot of the map.

  1. Goat Pen Villa: In front of the entrance there is a hand truck with packages on the right side.
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Doe Mansion: In front of the driveway is a hand truck with more packages.
  3. Colt Swanson Manor: In front of the garage to the north of the manor is another cart with the postman’s last packages.

Then there is a fight against the zombie-infected parcel carrier. You can then use the key to open the special delivery box in front of the delivery truck and collect the reward for the search message “My postman was a zombie”. This is the assault rifle called Raven.


Dead Island 2: increase inventory

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new zombie shredder Dead Island 2 will certainly have found some weapons and other consumables such as ammunition or projectiles and parts. Sooner or later the message “Inventory full” will appear and in this context the question usually arises, how can the inventory in Dead Island 2 be increased? Is it even possible to change the size of the inventory?

Inventory full: how to increase?

The short answer to the question is no, unfortunately you cannot increase the inventory or, more precisely, the backpack. In Dead Island 2 you can carry a maximum of 16 different weapons, as well as ammunition and other consumables. The limit also affects the parts, i.e. the crafting materials. Each material can be carried a maximum of 99 pieces. When the inventory is full, you have to make room and there are several ways in the game to do that.

  • Dropping weapons: Most of the time you always have one or the other weapon in your inventory that you really don’t want to use. You can then simply drop the weapons via the inventory.
  • Disassemble and recycle weapons: At the workbench, you can not only repair and improve weapons, but also disassemble weapons and use them to get useful parts for crafting.
  • Selling weapons: You can buy and sell weapons from the dealer. You can earn good money by selling weapons, which you can then spend at the dealer or use for weapon repairs and mods.

Store weapons and items

In the safe houses you will find safes in which you can store the excess items such as weapons. The safes are especially useful for storing weapons that you don’t need at the moment but might want to use again later. The stored weapons then no longer take up space in the inventory.


Dead Island 2 start new game: delete save?

How to start over and create a new character in Dead Island 2? Where to start a new game and keep the previous save in Dead Island 2? Over the past few days, perhaps one or two players from the new zombie shredder from Deep Silver, who has created the first character and would now like to change the “butcher”, will be dealing with these questions. There are six different characters in the game, differing in both attributes and abilities. In this short guide we will show you how to start over and start a new game in Dead Island 2.

Start new game in Dead Island 2

If you are not satisfied with the chosen character in Dead Island 2 and would like to start over again, you can simply create a second saved game by selecting the “Butcher” menu item in the main menu. Under the “Butcher” menu item you will find six butcher slots that you can use to create six saved games. You don’t have to delete the previously created character, you can simply set a new butcher and start the game again. Importantly, you cannot transfer story progress, items you’ve found and crafted, or other weapons from one character to another.

You can also use the “Butcher” menu to delete characters or butchers that have already been created. To do this, select the character and press the F2 button (PC version), triangle button (PlayStation) or the Y button (Xbox).

Tip: In Dead Island 2, weapons have a limited durability. However, the broken weapons can be repaired at the workbench and thus continue to be used.


Details about Dead Island 2 Neighborhood Watch released

There are two additional campaigns on the way for Dead Island 2, but the game will also have an extra mode called: Neighborhood Watch. More information about this has now become available.

Thanks to Insider Gaming, we now know that Neighborhood Watch is played with three players. The goal is to protect a safehouse for five in-game days. You have to survive by placing traps, finding weapons and looking for provisions.

You can also earn items by achieving daily goals. These become more difficult every day, but you can also choose to tackle the most difficult goals on day one. Of course, the more difficult the assignment, the stronger the weapons and other rewards you can earn.

It is not yet known when Neighborhood Watch will be added to the game. It is also possible that this mode is included with one of the additional campaigns.


Evil Dead: The Game: Closed Beta Testing Phase for Xbox Insiders

Image: Saber Interactive

A beta test phase for Evil Dead: The Game starts this weekend, in which every Xbox Insider has the opportunity to take part.

The Xbox Insider Program always offers interesting benefits and news for Microsoft platform enthusiasts. Anyone in the Insider Program can actively participate in the design of the Xbox platform, be it with feedback on new functions, advance installations of operating system updates or, as in this case, the Participation in closed beta testing phases.

The only requirement to enter the Insider Program is to download the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Xbox and accept the terms and conditions. This app gives you the opportunity to take part in the closed beta of Evil Dead: The Game from March 25th to March 28th.

Evil Dead: The Game is a cooperative 4 player PvP game in which you either face the demons and undead as one of the heroes or try to bring the heroes to their knees in the guise of the demons.

Some quick information about the closed beta:

  • Participation in the beta will be based on the principle “First come first serve“ distributed, so you should be quick here.
  • Since the test is a product that is still in development, the content must be treated confidentially, so neither screenshots nor videos will be allowed.
  • The testing phase begins on March 25th at 10 AM Pacific Time (PT), 6 p.m. our time and ends on March 27th at 11:59 PM PT, which is March 28th at 8:59 a.m. for us.

As I said, this is only a beta phase, so constructive feedback on an unfinished product is very welcome and, as always, fun should of course be the priority.



Red Dead Redemption 2 in 4K and 60FPS on Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X is PS5 are fast approaching and many specialized portals have received next-gen consoles by Microsoft is Sony. Among these is the British editorial staff of Digital Foundry.

John Linneman confirmed in a tweet that DF is now in possession of an Xbox Series X. Fans wasted no time and started asking about the console. Among these users, someone asked on Twitter if we will ever see on Series X Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar.

Following this first question, more tweets have arrived from other users who, however, have questioned the performance of the game on Series X. For example, a fan claims that RDR2 on Series X will have the same performance as the Xbox One X version. .

In response to another tweet questioning Series X’s capabilities, John Linneman’s comment came: “you may want to save this tweet for later. I mean to say“.

You might want to bookmark this tweet for later. Just sayin?

– John Linneman (@ dark1x) September 23, 2020

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From Linneman’s response, it seems clear that Series X games will receive dramatic improvements and, likely, RDR2 will run on Microsoft’s next-gen in 4K and 60FPS.

What do you think?

Source: Twitter.


Barbarian murder of Lola, 12 years old: her father Johan Daviet is dead, he will be buried with his daughter

Johan Daviet confident a year after the murder of his daughter Lola, 12, that he will “survive” the disappearance of his child. This February, we learned of the death of this 49-year-old man, according to “La Voix du Nord” and “Le Figaro”.

Terrible news for the family and loved ones of Lola, a young girl found lifeless in a trunk in Paris in October 2022. Her father, Johan Daviet, died in Fouquereuil, in Pas-de-Calais, indicates the family’s lawyer At Figaroconfirming the information of The voice of the North. He was 49 years old and had separated from his daughter’s mother after the horrible act suffered by their child.

The mayor of the town was informed by the firefighters on Friday February 23, 2024. Le Figaro, who does not currently have the exact causes of death. However, those around the father believe that he was unable to cope with the brutal murder of his child. The daily announces that “lhe funeral of Johan Daviet will be celebrated Thursday February 29, at the Vendin-lès-Béthune crematorium. He will then be buried in the Lillers cemetery, alongside his daughter.“.

Johan Daviet, father of Lola, expressed his dismay a year after the terrible events

Johan Daviet was the subject of a portrait for Seven to Eight on TF1 in 2023, his intervention is even more painful today than it already was at the time. He explained that his daughter’s alleged murderer not only took away her but also “kidnapped an entire family.” The devastated father added: “My wife and I are in the process of divorcing today. I’m having a hard time with it because I adore my wife. (…) I started drinking again. Everything fell apart anyway, my work, our work. Imagine going to work again where our daughter was murdered! Our home, everything. We lost almost everything.” He admitted feeling angry but preferred to let “justice doing its job.”

On RTL at the same time, the forty-year-old also confided that he had fallen back into alcohol. “I fell back into my demons, even though I hadn’t been drinking for more than three years. But who wouldn’t fall back into their demons?”

Murder of Lola: suspect Dahbia Benkired is in a unit for difficult patients

The main suspect, Dahbia Benkired, was placed in pre-trial detention. Indicted for “murder and rape with acts of torture and barbarity on a minor under 15 years old”, she was transferred at the end of February from Fresnes prison to a unit for difficult patients (UMD) of a psychiatric hospital in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).


Is Red Dead Redemption available for free on PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5?

It has undoubtedly given a lot to talk about, from before it became official through rumors and leaks, until after Rockstar’s official announcement. And of course, with the launch of , within the PlayStation community they wonder if the game will come to PS Plus… here we tell you.

Unfortunately for the fans: It will NOT come to PS Plus on PS4 and/or PS5. This can cause a lot of annoyance among users, since the only way to play it will be by purchasing it, which by the way, in it will be around $70USD.

When is Red Dead Redemption coming out on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4?

He of Releases August 17 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. You can already buy the game in their respective stores on each platform.

Red Dead Redemption was part of PlayStation Now until 2022

What’s new in the Red Dead Redemption port for Switch and PS4

To be frank, almost none, since on the content side it only includes the expansion the only which came out for the original game in 2010. Regarding the graphic improvements, it will only have those in accordance with the capabilities that the eighth generation can allow… plus the portability of playing on Switch and/or screenshots and video on both platforms. It will also have subtitles adapted to Latin Spanish.

Do you think it’s fair to receive this? Leave your opinion in the comments.


What is Red Dead Redemption Hardcore on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

Red Dead Redemption is a game that, no matter how much time passes, will always be remembered as one of the most emblematic titles in Rockstar’s history. He certainly offered an open world way ahead of its time. And he did it without giving up an excellent story. Now that it’s coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, many you can discover it or revive it. Do you want a challenge to rise to the occasion? choose extreme mode. Today here we tell you what it consists of and how it works.

The three aiming modes in Red Dead Redemption

Although the original Rockstar game did not have difficulty modes as such, there was a very organic way to get the same effect. In fact, if we accessed the “Shooting mode” options, we could change that option from Normal to Expert. And in the same way, we could also switch to easy mode (called Casual). But… what did they really change?

As you may have guessed from the name of the menu, really affected the aiming system of the game. So, while the Casual mode, the normal mode allows when shooting. That meant an auto-targeting system with the ability to better aim with the right stick on the controller. And finally, the Expert mode offereda system of.

However, you should know that these aiming modes should not be confused with the Hardcore mode that came to the game later. In fact, this additional difficulty level wasn’t available until the GOTY edition of Red Dead Redemption, for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Hardcore Mode not only set the target to “Expert”, not being able to change it during the story, but added other modifications to make the game more complicated. Now, all of that has been carried over to the new version for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. And it is that, when you start the game, you must choose between Normal, Extreme or Undead Nightmarand. That Extreme is of course the Hardcore mode.

At the start of the game on PS4 and Switch you must choose the difficulty mode

In other words, if you choose “Extreme”, the aiming system will be fixed at “Expert”, apart from adding the rest of the mods. Therefore, if you want to modify the difficulty only in the targetedthen you will have to start in “Normal”

How does Red Dead Redemption Hardcore Mode work on PS4 and Nintendo Switch?

As you may have guessed, the Extreme Mode of this new version is exactly the same as the Hardcore mode of the original. Something logical, taking into account that this new title brings all the content of the GOTY version (without multiplayer, yes). Therefore, it means that it is an option for turn up the difficulty of Red Dead Redemption on many levels and not just with the target. Something unusual in Rockstar games, by the way. I have here the list of changes implying:

  • Aiming is permanently set to Expert
  • Max health is halved
  • Health regenerates more slowly and starts recharging after a longer delay
  • The DeadEye does not automatically fill over time. Must be earned by killing enemies or using items
  • Horses do not regenerate. If you are killed, you must buy, steal, ride, or tame another horse and then harness it to a post to earn the right to whistle call it. Also, horse deeds are still available and unlimited, but twice as expensive
  • Shop items cost more
  • Sales values ​​are reduced
  • The amounts of rewards/loots (ammo and money) are reduced
  • Pardon letters are rare
  • Fame and honor gains are reduced
  • Mini-game stakes are reduced to accommodate money shortages
  • War Horse Deed must be purchased for $10,000 (available at any general store)
  • The Assassin suit increases the amount of DeadEye gained from kills, rather than regeneration over time
  • It only works on the original story. Undead Nightmare is not affected

How to change the aiming system in Red Dead Redemption?

Remember that this can only be done if you don’t play in Extreme mode. In that case, all you have to do is enter the pause menu. Then it’s time to go to “Options”, “Settings” and “Shooting mode” (or “Multiplayer Shooting Mode”).

In case we select the Expert Mode, we will have to aim ourselves, without any help, as if it were a traditional third person action game. Logically, this is much more difficult, but it is also a fantastic experience for the most purists.

On the other hand, you should know that the players who select this mode will have some advantages, such as the possibility of earn an additional 100 XP by completing gang hideouts. And who knows. You may even drop the occasional trophy throughout your adventure.

As a curiosity, think that the explosive rifle and the sniper rifles they are always in expert mode. Therefore, it is the clearest reference you have regarding what awaits you with the rest of the weapons if you activate it.

That’s how easy the aiming is configured in the original game

Cheats for Red Dead Redemption Expert aim mode

Finally, you should know that this aiming mode is more difficult to master, but it can also make a difference in some situations in which the automatic aiming limits us in movements. For example, it will be very useful when you have to aim accurately while dodging (or when we release the aim button).

In fact, that will avoid fixing the closest target, which is still not the most convenient. In addition, the Expert mode will also be of great help in areas with waves of enemies located very close together on the stage. basically because auto targeting can switch between enemies when we don’t need it.

Oh, and although that also works if you play with aids, keep in mind that health regeneration with cover is higher than without cover. Therefore, you may need to remember it here to take advantage of it and get an advantage.

In short, maybe if you are good players, the other modes are weighing you down a little mobility and speed when it comes to drawing when it’s time and in the most suitable way.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed red dead redemption, we remind you that a good appetizer for the adventure that awaits you is to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day. Also remember that the game comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch with all the patches and content released so far, including the Undead Nightmare expansion. And if you want to complete the game 100% pay attention to our definitive guide to Red Dead Redemption.


‘Red Dead Redemption 2 will get an upgrade for PS5, Series X’

With the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, many previous generation games were upgraded to take advantage of the capabilities of the new consoles. That was mostly about recent games. Now it seems that the somewhat older Red Dead Redemption 2 will also get a version for PS5 and Series X.

According to the nice AccountNgt, Rockstar is working on an upgrade from Red Dead Redemption 2. Other than that, he had no information about it. When asked when this upgrade would be released, he also had no answer.

  • Get your hands on Red Dead Redemption 2!

Still, AccountNgt has been right more often lately. For example, the account leaked the postponement of the PS5 game Forspoken. It also announced before the official announcement that Sony was going to buy Bungie.

It is striking that there is currently nothing more to read on the AccountNgt Twitter page. You could consider that as withdrawing his claims. But there may also be another reason for the disappearance of the tweets.

Rockstar also came with GTA V upgrade

An upgrade for Red Dead Redemption 2 wouldn’t be too unexpected either. Rockstar, for example, released a PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade to Grand Theft Auto 5 earlier this year, after it had also been upgraded for the previous generation. It should be clear that the developer is not averse to a remaster or upgrade for a successful game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Available from October 26, 2018

More about this game


Red Dead Redemption will come complete on the Nintendo Switch cartridge: you won’t need to download anything if you prefer the physical format

If you are a collector of physical games on Nintendo Switch, surely on more than one occasion you have had to deal with the cartridge that doesn’t actually contain the whole game, forcing you to download patches and/or updates to enjoy it. Fortunately, that will not be the case with , reassuring those who claimed that this annoyance would be repeated with the Rockstar Games game.

Occupying just 11.4 GB in its version for Nintendo Switch (via ), the capacity of 16 GB in the console cartridges was more than enough to place it in its entirety in physical format, including the DLC . Great news without a doubt, considering that the game itself is a game and not a game as many wanted.

That being said, obviously we will have to deal with the sacrifices required to fit the entire game inside the Nintendo Switch cartridge; The graphical comparisons have already told us what the game will look like, and logically the Switch version is quite notorious, although it is not far behind what the PS4 community will experience, a scandal that has already revealed its jaws without any remorse.

Red Dead Redemption for Switch and PS4: a “justified” port

Outside of the graphic section and the lack of additions (its only novelty is subtitles in Latin Spanish), the biggest annoyance surrounding the one for Nintendo Switch and PS4 is its price; selling a game released two generations ago for $50 was unacceptable for many playersespecially not being a game that justifies an expensive relaunch with at least some interesting new features.

Rockstar and Take-Two take the opposite view, resulting in quite a heated debate between fans and developers on forums and social media. We will have the final verdict in just a few days (August 17), although if you entered this news, surely the date you are waiting for is October 13the day the physical format of for Nintendo Switch will arrive.


Complete list with all DLC and Red Dead Redemption content on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Red Dead Redemption arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in digital format on August 17, 2023. In addition, it will also arrive in physical format on October 13, 2023. And while the game was already available on Xbox One, it’s great news for those who haven’t played it yet. Among other things, because comes with all DLC And not just with the Undead Nightmare expansion. Today we list all the contents What will this new version bring? And they are not exactly few!

Undead Nightmare on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Controversies about the price of this port aside, the truth is that it absolutely includes all the content that came to have the original game. And there is no doubt that the most important of all is Undead Nightmare. In fact, it can be considered a separate game, since it is a independent expansion. A content focused on the same universe of the game, but that really would not be canon or that not related to the main story (still taking some references).

Undead Nightmare puts us in the shoes of ex-outlaw John Marston, who wakes up on his farm and discovers that the world has gone mad: deranged hordes have invaded the cities and American frontier outposts. It is in this context that Marston must go through a world torn apart by chaos and disorder in a desperate attempt to save his family using all the skills he has to survive long enough and find a cure.

This DLC was originally launched on October 26, 2010 and was priced at 9.99 euros. However, it was later included in the GOTY version of the game, which was also launched in physical format (for 29.99 euros).

List of all Undead Nightmare content on PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Here are all the novelties that this expansion brought at the time, and which will also come to this new version. Please note that it has been confirmed that there will be no multiplayer in this port. Still, you we list all the content I had this version:

  • zombie animals
  • A new secret location
  • Dynamic and new events
  • New multiplayer modes like Land Takeover
  • 8 new zombie characters for multiplayer
  • New outfits such as the Zombie Hunter Outfit, the One Piece Pajamas, the
  • Legend of the Apocalypse Outfit and at the end of the game, the Zombie Cowboy Outfit
  • El Trabuco, El Agua Bendita, La Antorcha and Cebo Zombie are new weapons to end the zombie plague. In addition, in the “physical” format, you can get the Tomahawk and the Explosive Rifle
  • New survivor activities and missions
  • Mythical creatures (the 4 horses of the apocalypse, Unicorn, Bigfoot and Chupacabras)
  • Zombie apocalypse, in which online players must help each other to survive the zombie plague that will attack them
  • New challenges, titles and trophies
  • Other minor news

List of all Red Dead Redemption DLC for PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Undead Nightmare aside, you should know that it is confirmed that the new version will bring all the content of the Game of the Year Edition and “much more”. So there are several DLCs to take into account. We detail them below. Again, we should rule out multiplayer contentalthough you will find everything that the DLC offers equally interesting.

outlaws to the end

  • Includes six cooperative missions for up to four players

Legends and Killers

  • Includes additional multiplayer map locations
  • New multiplayer characters
  • The Tomahawk throwing weapon, also for the story
  • New trophies/achievements

Liars and Cheats

  • Includes Fortress competitive multiplayer mode
  • Free Roam Gambling Games
  • Multiplayer horse racing with combat
  • The Explosive Rifle, also for one player.
  • New multiplayer lairs
  • New trophies/achievements

Playing poker in RDR can be as fun as it is frustrating.

Hunter and Merchant

  • Includes two outfits with corresponding playable challenges for John Marston (merchant outfit and hunter outfit)
  • New Legendary Animal: Jackalope

Myths and Forsaken

  • New maps, modes and characters for multiplayer

The original content of the reserve

  • Deadly Assassin Costume
  • War Horse
  • Golden Guns Weapon Pack

PS3 exclusive content

  • Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout Single Player
  • Challenges that were exclusive to PS3 (already also on Xbox)

The lair that awaits us in Solomon’s Folly is very cool

If you haven’t yet enjoyed red dead redemption, we remind you that a good appetizer for the adventure that awaits you is to read the analysis that we dedicated to it in its day. And remember that the game comes to PS4 and Nintendo Switch with all the patches and content released so far, including the Undead Nightmare expansion.


In the test! Dead Island 2

title Dead Island 2
April 21, 2023
April 21, 2023
April 21, 2023
system PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PCs
Tested for Xbox Series X
developer Dambuster Studios
genres Action Adventure

Zombies have not only been an integral part of pop culture since the 80s. In addition to countless classics in the film sector, the bloodthirsty zombies have of course long since made it into the gaming world.

With Dead Island, the Polish developer Techland was able to land a surprise hit in the zombie genre in 2011. Since zombies and brutal games in general have always had an extremely bad status in Germany, it was not surprising that the title was not officially available in stores in this country for the time being.

Nevertheless, Dead Island and the successor Dead Island: Riptide, which was released in 2013, have a fan base that has remained loyal to this day, and so it was natural for many fans that the series would be continued. was announced Dead Island 2 then for the first time in 2014. Due to several postponements and the fact that the development of the title was repeatedly passed from studio to studio, it was not surprising that Dead Island 2 was quiet for a long time.

The original developer Yager Entertainment had to hand over the development to the British developer Sumo Digital in 2015. Later in 2019, another studio was hired to develop the horror spectacle. This time it was the internal Deep Silver studio Dambuster, which should finally bring the development to a good end.

On April 21, 2023, after many years of waiting, Dead Island 2 finally saw the light of day in the gaming world. You can find out in our detailed review whether the extremely brutal title can keep what it promises and whether it can even surpass its two predecessors.

This time the zombies invade the mainland as well

The story of Dead Island 2 does not take place on a tropical island like its predecessors, but this time in sunny Los Angeles, affectionately called “Hell-A” here, and Beverly Hills in the US state of California.

A few months after the events of Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide, the United States military forces declared the entire state of California a disaster area and therefore a quarantine zone due to a massive zombie outbreak.

Shortly before a devastating plane crash takes place, you can then choose one of six passengers. Here you choose your character, so to speak. Each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as stamina, strength, mobility, damage points and some other attributes.

Familiar gameplay – just a little more hosed

»In terms of gameplay, Dead Island 2 basically plays like its two predecessors.«

In terms of gameplay, Dead Island 2 basically plays like its two predecessors. You move relatively freely through the demarcated areas, eliminating all sorts of zombie variants and doing different tasks and quests along the way. Unlike its predecessors, however, Dead Island 2 is not a freely accessible open world in the true sense of the word. The areas are played one after the other and it is only later in the game that you can wander back and forth between the areas more freely. A semi-open world so to speak.

But that’s exactly one of the biggest criticisms I have of the game. Where the predecessors still felt quite free and individual, Dead Island 2 feels quite cramped and hosed despite the huge city backdrop. In the long run it was a bit monotonous, at least for me. I really would have wished to be able to explore zombie-infested Los Angeles at least a little more freely.

Improvisation is the order of the day

What you definitely have to point out positively is that you always have the opportunity and often have no choice but to improvise. Firearms are rather rare in the world of Dead Island 2 and ammunition is only available in small quantities, so you always have to have some melee weapons with you. The versatility of these melee weapons is what makes Dead Island 2 so appealing.

In addition to countless simple weapons such as steel pipes, wooden slats, knives and scissors, there are also somewhat more exotic weapons such as katanas, sabres, various hoes and axes and even Wolverine-style claws. But as if that weren’t enough, the developers have also built in the function of equipping the weapons with a wide variety of abilities.

In plain language, this means that you can electrify both firearms and melee weapons, for example, heat them up or even etch them with acid or poison in order to cause even more damage to the carnivorous undead. Thus, a wide variety of weapon combinations can be implemented in order to eliminate the undead as efficiently as possible. As the game progresses, you will gradually find new blueprints that allow you to further upgrade and customize the weapons.

Enemies spawn out of nowhere

»What really bothered me in some cases are enemies that often suddenly spawn again in areas that have actually already been cleared.«

What really bothered me in some cases are opponents who often suddenly spawn again in areas that have actually already been cleaned. This often happens in moments when you really don’t need it and are already busy killing masses of enemies anyway.

The flow of the game is often disturbed as a result and the level of difficulty is also unnecessarily pushed up – or the game often feels unfair as a result, where it really shouldn’t be. This point would certainly be easy to get to grips with on the developer side. Maybe with a future update.

Technically mature optical treat

On the technical side, Dead Island 2 really has nothing to complain about. Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs are really nice to look at and always give the feeling of being in this city overrun by zombies and immersed in chaos. The crisp, sharp textures and effects complete the overall picture.

Especially the new zombie models deserve a special mention. Because for the first time they can be divided as realistically as possible. The bodies of the zombies react realistically, so to speak, to impacts or bullets. Depending on the type of attack (heat, acid, electricity), the zombies’ wounds also look different.

On Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the title runs in a resolution of 3072×1728 with an always stable 60 frames. On Xbox Series S you have to be content with 1920×1080 and 60 frames. Of course, last-gen consoles only manage 30 frames here.

Hell-A is also technically up to date in terms of sound

Dead Island 2 can also shine when it comes to sound. In addition to sound effects that are always appropriate, the game also has an extensive soundtrack with many great titles. Always appropriately selected and used, this also results in a well-rounded picture of the sound.

Zombie hunt also possible online

You can also hunt zombies online in multiplayer mode for up to three players. In the cooperative mode you can experience all missions of the single player mode together with friends. Unfortunately, there is no couch split-screen mode. There is also no crossplay or cross-save feature between Xbox, PlayStation and PCs.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can also not start online sessions, i.e. act as hosts. Players playing on these platforms can only join existing online sessions. The reason for this will probably be the technical limitations of the old hardware. This does not affect PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X users.

German USK version is cut

What definitely has to be mentioned is the fact that the German version that is sold in this country was cut. However, the cuts here are limited to zombies that have already been killed and are lying on the ground. Because once these are done, you can no longer move or attack the lifeless bodies.

However, the incision causes a bigger problem in online multiplayer mode. Because here, as a player of the USK version, you can also play together with owners of the international version, but you need an invitation from an online game that is already running. If you use the player search as a player of the USK version, you will only find other players who also have the USK version. If you are in a game with international game versions, the other players for this game session are also affected by the cuts. The cuts are then almost game-spanning.

Since all other splatter effects are still in play, one could actually have done without this really small incision. Especially since the online fun suffers quite a bit from the cuts. Apparently, however, the cuts were necessary for clearance, or at least were assumed to be necessary.


If you like hard-hitting zombie action with a good pinch of black humor, you won’t go wrong with Dead Island 2. Sunny and hip Los Angeles has been beautifully recreated and is bursting with many small details.

The countless and versatile customization options for the weapons make zombie hunting extremely fun and varied. There is also no shortage of main and side missions. So there is enough to do. A special extra is the multiplayer mode for up to three players. Because in this online mode, all main and side missions of the single player mode can be experienced together. Unfortunately, there is no split-screen mode or crossplay feature.

In addition to the extremely attractive graphics with detailed textures and effects that make the city shine, the well-chosen soundtrack and the appropriately mixed sound effects are also convincing.

Ultimately, one can say that zombie fans in particular will definitely get their money’s worth and can confidently access it. If you don’t really get into this type of game in general, you should perhaps take a closer look at the title before buying it, because especially if you disregard the mostly quite good and exciting main quests, the side quests are more of a stopgap.


Los Angeles and Beverly Hills were overrun by zombies. As a survivor you have to fight for survival from now on and stop the zombie plague.


Classic Dead Island gameplay, but this time only in a semi-open world. The countless weapon customization options make taking down the zombie hordes fun and versatile.


Los Angeles literally shines and looks fantastic and realistic at all times. The crisp textures and great effects do the rest to bring the city to life.


A great soundtrack and beautifully mixed sound effects accompany the zombie slaughter party.


The online mode for up to three players is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there is no crossplay and cross-save feature.

Artwork: Dead Island 2, Deep Silver, Dambuster Studios