Deal : Only on March 8th: Taxfix gives all women tax returns

Well, have you done “the tax” for 2023 yet? If not: Taxfix waives the costs for online tax returns for users. But you have to be quick.

At some point you have to get to it – the tax return for the past year. Due to the mass of forms, regulations and paragraphs, special programs help even laypeople to quickly submit a complete declaration to their tax office – and can usually hope for a refund. Of course, the smart tax assistants are not free. With one exception.

Taxfix: Free tax return for all women

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, Taxfix is ​​waiving the fees for preparing tax returns for all users of the software. If you want to take advantage of the offer, you have to hurry because it is only valid on Women’s Day (i.e. March 8th); In addition, the tax return must be completed by March 15, 2024.
This is how you as a user receive a Taxfix voucher code: First download the Taxfix app (available for iOS and Android) and register as a new user. Open the app on March 8th (!) and follow the instructions in the message that appears. In the next step, prove that you, as a woman, are only submitting the tax return for yourself or (in the case of joint assessment) a joint return. Taxfix will then send you a voucher code.

Taxfix campaign: Submit your tax return quickly

You now have until March 15, 2024 to submit your tax return. Attention: The company expressly points out that if the tax return is not filed by a woman, you will have to pay the full usage fee!


Deal : iOS 17.4 is here – and brings with it the App Store revolution

Apple released iOS 17.4 on March 5, 2024 – one of the most important operating system updates in recent years. Read why this is so here.

With the update, Cupertino is introducing numerous innovations. Not entirely voluntarily, but mainly due to pressure from the EU. With its “Digital Markets Act” (DMA), it is enforcing new rules that affect all so-called gatekeepers, including Apple. The aim is to break up monopolies and strengthen competition. For iPhone users, this specifically means: Apple now actively offers the use of browsers other than Safari – and grants access to third-party app stores.

iOS 17.4: Free choice of browser and contactless payment

If you install the update to iOS 17.4, you will receive the first innovation immediately after restarting: In addition to Safari, many browser alternatives are displayed on the iPhone, which you can download as your primary browser – if you have not already done so. This happened before too; What is new, however, is that iOS actively points out or has to point out competitor browsers. Also new: From iOS 17.4, contactless payment via NFC works not only with Apple Pay, but also with other payment services. Here too, Cupertino had to bow to the DMA.

Apple: Third-party app stores integrated into iOS 17.4

However, the following feature is almost even more important: In addition to the in-house App Store, iOS 17.4 now also provides access to third-party offers. This brings many apps (finally) to the iPhone and numerous applications return to the Apple smartphone. This includes the popular game “Fortnite,” which Epic removed from the iPhone some time ago in a dispute over App Store guidelines.


Deal : HyperOS update sends Xiaomi phones into bootloop

Due to an update that is actually intended for HyperOS, Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi devices may currently be damaged.

A faulty update for Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi smartphones is currently causing major problems for users. After installation, affected devices are put into a so-called bootloop. This can have fatal consequences for the owners’ data. The background for the incorrect update could be a mishap in the current situation ongoing system change from MIUI to HyperOS be with the Chinese manufacturer.
Because the update in question should actually only be distributed to cell phones that are already equipped with the new HyperOS, such as the one recently released Xiaomi 14. For unknown reasons, the update was also made available for the previous MIUI system, which is not compatible with it.

Update not suitable for MIUI phones

According to current knowledge, the update affects the essential MIUI system app, which regulates many processes on the devices. It is currently unknown whether other parts of the operating system will be affected. Since the affected devices can no longer boot into normal operating mode, the changes cannot be easily reversed.

The only known way out at the moment is a factory reset. However, such a factory reset deletes all stored data – and usually irretrievably.
Like that Online magazine XiaomiUI reported, there is still hope. Xiaomi is aware of the problems and advises users to contact official customer service for help. Unfortunately, it is not known whether this help can be guaranteed to prevent data loss.


Deal : Bundeswehr scandal: How secure are Webex conferences?

Russian authorities listened in as Bundeswehr officers discussed the use of weapons in Ukraine via Webex video conference. Is the software safe or were the soldiers using the program incorrectly?

It was a first for political Berlin: On April 22, 2020, due to the Corona restrictions, a committee met completely digitally for the first time in the history of the Bundestag. For this purpose, the Bundestag administration quickly procured the Webex video conferencing solution from the US network specialist Cisco so that the members of the digital committee could at least meet virtually. Since then, not only the Bundestag has relied on Webex, but also all federal authorities, including the Bundeswehr. Now she is at the center of the Air Force wiretapping scandal.

Webex: Not without controversy despite BSI approval

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) had already enabled the Cisco solution to be used in the federal government in 2019 with a so-called C5 certificate. In the Cloud Computing Requirements Catalog (Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog, C5 for short), the BSI specifies which requirements cloud providers should meet to ensure a high level of security. Despite the BSI certification, Cisco’s communications solution was not without controversy. However, security, which is now in focus with the Air Force wiretapping scandal, was generally not questioned. Confidentiality appeared to be guaranteed by end-to-end encryption. With this process, the communication content is encrypted on the end devices and only decrypted again on the other participants’ end devices. Even Cisco cannot decrypt this content. Rather, there was controversy as to whether the provisions of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) were being complied with because data could be transferred to the USA during Webex operations.

Wiretapping scandal: Was Webex used too carelessly?

In October 2022, however, the then Lower Saxony state data protection officer Barbara Thiel pointed out that video conferencing solutions not only had to be data protection compliant, but also secure. “Without IT security, the goals of data protection cannot be achieved, as IT security covers some of the essential protection goals of data protection.” How secure a video conferencing solution is is directly related to the way it is used. Video switching with Cisco Webex is encrypted. However, this encryption must also be activated. In addition, protection is no longer available if participants do not participate via the Webex app but instead dial in using a normal telephone connection. A high-ranking soldier from a hotel in Singapore is said to have joined the intercepted conversation between the Air Force officers.

Why wasn’t the eavesdropping attack noticed?

The workflow with which a conference is set up via Webex Meetings is also vulnerable to security: only the so-called host needs to be logged in to the service. All other participants can simply join in via a link. For example, if this link is transmitted in an unencrypted email, the door is wide open. However, Air Force Inspector Ingo Gerhartz and the other participants should have noticed that a stranger was virtually sitting at the table. However, it is also conceivable that Webex was not the weak point at all, but that classic eavesdropping methods such as bugging the hotel room led to the explosive content falling into the hands of the Russian secret services.

Bundeswehr: Is there a lack of security expertise?

Of the federal institutions, the Bundeswehr would actually be best equipped to identify and close vulnerabilities in IT security. According to a response from the federal government to a parliamentary question from left-wing MP Anke Domscheit-Berg, the federal government currently has 4,575 IT security positions, one in three of which are in the defense sector. “But the incident also shows that we still have to reduce the deficit in IT security competence. At all hierarchical levels. And not just in the Bundeswehr, but in all other authorities,” Domscheit-Berg told the dpa. One must be aware of the danger that a war could also be waged at the information level. “That’s why you don’t just have to keep talking about tanks, but also about information security.” (With material from dpa.)


Deal : TCL surprises with four affordable smartphones at MWC

The Chinese company TCL is relaunching its smartphone range and is showing four new cell phones at the Mobile World Congress that boast good features but are almost unrivaled in price.

On the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona (February 26th to 29th) is actually for in this country Television well-known manufacturer TCL There was a little surprise with four new cell phone models. This is now the fifth generation of smartphones. The previous models can hardly be found in stores here, but some of the new models should also be available in Germany.
The cell phone family goes by the name “TCL 50” and differs primarily in model appendages such as XL, XE, LE or SE. A full list of featured devices can be found here:

  • TCL 50 SE
  • TCL 50 5G
  • TCL 505
  • TCL 501

TCL 50 SE, 505 and 501 in detail

The TCL 50 SE comes with a 6.8-inch Full HD screen and the MediaTek Helio G88 clocks inside. On the memory side, 256 GB are installed, the main memory includes a maximum of 12 GB RAM. The 5010 mAh battery is charged with up to 33 watts. There is a dual camera on the back with a 50-megapixel main sensor and a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor. The price: $149. It will also be available in Germany in the second quarter at a similar price. The 5G variant, the TCL 50 5G, should only cost 20 dollars or euros more.

It’s cheaper with the TCL 505. TCL only charges $99 or .Euros. Buyers probably get away with the TCL 501 the cheapest. For just 69 dollars or euros you get a 6-inch display, an octa-core processor, a 3000 mAh battery and 32 GB of internal memory. The rear camera takes photos with just 5 megapixels.
Our editors’ participation in the trip to MWC 2024 was supported by Telefónica, Honor, Xiaomi and Qualcomm. Our standards of transparency and journalistic independence can be found at


Deal : Sony Inzone Buds vs Pulse Explore: Which gaming in-ears are better?

Sony has two pairs of gaming headphones on the market: the Inzone Buds and the Pulse Explore. The test tells you where the differences are and which ones are better in the end.

Table of contents

  • Sony likes it big
  • Really modern
  • PlayStation or PC
  • Inzone Buds vs. Pulse Explore: Who Sounds Better?
  • Two of the same breed
  • They have endurance
  • Sony Inzone Buds vs Pulse Explore: Conclusion

Sony’s PlayStation brand is now 30 years old and a fixture in the gaming market. But the Japanese have another iron in the fire with Inzone. However, this sub-brand is aimed at PC gamers. In addition to monitors, this also includes headsets. The newest addition is true to its name Inzone Buds and the plugs are two months ahead of the Sony Pulse Explore appeared. The manufacturer now has two true wireless headphones for gamers on the market. The comparison test reveals which in-ears are suitable for which systems, which sound better and have the most functions.

Sony likes it big

Both pairs of plugs definitely attract attention with their size. They have a fairly large body that ends in an elongated end piece. The Inzone Buds are reminiscent of the relatives WF-1000XM3, while the Pulse Explore is more oriented towards the PlayStation 5. Both appear to be of high quality, but they put a bit of pressure on your ears when worn. The Inzone Buds are still ahead when it comes to comfort, and the playful in-ears can withstand drops of sweat and water (protection level IPX4). Despite its adventurous name, users should keep the Pulse Explore away from water due to the lack of protection certification. A major point of criticism, however, is the uncomfortable fit. The plugs exert noticeable pressure on the inside of the ear. Good: Both models come with four rubber attachments of different sizes and cover almost every ear canal.

Really modern

The in-ears are both versatile when it comes to pairing devices. The in-ears come with a dongle that can be connected to the PlayStation 5 or the PC. While the Pulse Explore rely on a somewhat old-fashioned wireless stick with USB-A, the Inzone Buds are a little more modern with their USB-C dongle. It can also be connected to your smartphone or the Nintendo Switch put. A Bluetooth connection to the cell phone is also possible, but not without restrictions. The Inzone plugs are equipped with the new Bluetooth stand LE-Audio, which severely limits the number of compatible smartphones. The Pulse Explore, on the other hand, are fully compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. They also have Sony’s own “PlayStation Link” standard on board, with which the earphones connect wirelessly to the PlayStation Portal.

PlayStation or PC

When it comes to operation, the Inzone Buds are clearly ahead. For example, the volume can be adjusted using the plugs. But the PC software is really great Inzone Hub (Windows only), you can use it to make many settings on the in-ears. The sound of the Pulse Explore can also be adjusted with an equalizer, but only in the corresponding audio settings of the PlayStation 5. In addition, the volume buttons only react in dongle mode. If the Pulse Explore is connected to a device via Bluetooth, the buttons are useless.

Inzone Buds vs. Pulse Explore: Who Sounds Better?

The winning streak of the Inzone Buds continues in the sound test: They deliver a powerful sound with clean bass and fine resolution. Explosions have a punch and voices sound nice and clear. The location of noise sources is also quite precise. When it comes to surround sound, the Pulse Explore are at a similarly high level and the directions of footsteps, shots or other noises can be easily determined. Unfortunately, the sound itself is quite weak, hollow and lacking in detail. There is a lack of bass and the mids are more wiry than rich.

Two of the same breed

As befits a headset, both in-ear pairs are equipped with microphones. These are also the biggest weak points in both models. Voices transmit the playful True Wireless overcast and occupied. The wearer is still understandable. The Pulse Explore also effectively blocks out background noise, meaning that loud console fans or keyboard typing cannot be heard by teammates. However, only the Inzone Buds have real noise-cancelling like we know from other wireless in-ears. This works effectively, although it doesn’t quite match the great noise cancellation of the related WF series.

They have endurance

In the test, both Sony in-ears delivered excellent battery life. While the Pulse Explore is already good at just over nine and a half hours (in Bluetooth operation), the Inzone Buds go beyond all limits with their 20 hours and 45 minutes (in dongle operation). That’s enough even for an extended LAN party. The charging case for the Inzone earphones also proved to be very practical. It’s a bit bulky, but nice and compact compared to its Pulse siblings. Good: The radio dongle also fits in the small box. The Explore carrying box looks a little fancier with its colored LEDs. However, due to its size, it is also less practical to transport.

Sony Inzone Buds vs Pulse Explore: Conclusion

In the end, the Inzone Buds emerge as the winners of the Sony duel. The in-ears deliver better sound, are easier to use and exceed all expectations with their long battery life. In addition, there is effective noise canceling, which protects gamers from annoying ambient noise. Due to their versatile compatibility, they are ideal for PS5 and PC gamers. However, owners of a Windows computer have more setting options. If you mainly play on your cell phone, you should turn to the competition.


Deal : Fujifilm X100IV: New compact camera with 40 megapixels

Compact and with classic operation, the X100 compact camera series has found many fans. Now the Fujifilm X100IV is the sixth camera in the series with many innovations. We introduce them.

The X100 series is aimed at photographers who are looking for a small camera but do not want to skimp on image quality and are therefore looking for a model with a large sensor. When it comes to image quality, the Fujifilm The Fujifilm X100VI also brings a lot of new technology with it.

Sharper shots

The most important innovation of the Fujifilm X100VI is the image sensor, which has a significantly higher resolution 40 megapixels works (resolution 7728×5152). This sensor is also in the system cameras Fujifilm X-H2 and Fujifilm X-T5 and was able to impress in the test with particularly detailed photos. This promises very high image quality. Especially since the sensor is in APS-C format At 15.6×23.5 millimeters, it is significantly larger than is usual for compact cameras, even many top models like this Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII have a maximum of a 1-inch sensor (sensor size 8.8×13.2 millimeters). Only those Leica Q3 currently comes with an even larger full-format sensor (23.8×35.7 millimeters), but is also many times more expensive.

More power for image processing

Along with the new sensor comes an image processor: the Fujifilm X100IV takes care of it X processor 5, which is also found in the manufacturer’s top system cameras. It is significantly faster than the older processors from Fujifilm. This has two advantages: On the one hand, it enables more complex image processing in the camera – this ensures more details in good light and less noise and less loss of sharpness in dim light. On the other hand, the X100VI has autofocus significantly more complex subject recognition. It not only automatically recognizes faces and eyes on people, but also animals and vehicles. It also improves focus tracking with continuous autofocus (AF-C). An advantage for action shots.

Finally with a shaker

In practice, perhaps even more important than a higher sensor resolution: the Fujifilm X100VI offers one Image stabilizer with. It compensates for the photographer’s movements by moving the sensor. Fujifilm specifies up to six stops of shake compensation. That’s not quite as much as larger system cameras, which (according to the manufacturer’s specifications) now also provide seven or eight stops of stabilization, but that’s enough for a camera like the X100IV 35 millimeter focal length (converted to 35mm format) easily: Even with long exposure times of half a second or more, you should be able to get sharp photos (if the subject doesn’t move). And by the way, an image stabilizer also ensures a calmer image in videos.

Significantly more video functions

Filming in 4K was also possible with the predecessor, but was not a specialty of the X100V. Things look completely different with the X100VI. Thanks to the more powerful image processor, it offers significantly more video functions, including recording in 4K at 60 frames per second (4K60p). And if you want, you can even film in 6.2K (resolution 6240×3150 pixels) and, for example, zoom or pan later in the videos and still produce a video with 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels).

Price and availability: Fujifilm X100VI

The Fujifilm X100VI should go on sale in February and cost 1,800 euros. There are two colors to choose from: silver and black. And whoever is one of the first to order has the chance to get one of 1,934 cameras in a limited series. Technically the same, but with a soft shutter release, a carrying strap and an engraved logo that corresponds to the Fujifilm logo from 1934 (the year the company was founded).


Deal : FritzBox diagnosis: Your router sends this data to AVM

The FritzBox sends various information to AVM when the diagnostic function is active. But what data does the company actually receive?

By collecting diagnostic data from users, hardware and software manufacturers can identify errors and improve devices and applications. However, it is often not entirely clear what information companies receive and how the diagnostic function can be deactivated. On the routers A lot of sensitive data flows – because as the central point in the home network it is responsible for providing the Internet to all devices. Of course, this also applies to the popular ones FritzBoxes to. But what data do the routers send to AVM? And how can the diagnostic function be switched on and off if necessary?

Where can you find the diagnostic function?

When setting up the FritzBox, users first determine whether the diagnostic function should be active or not. To check your settings for the FritzBox diagnostics, call up the router menu by in the address bar of a browser and log in with the device password. For older FritzOS versions, click on the three dots at the top right and activate them extended view. Select from the menu on the left Internet and access data as well as the rider AVM servicesto access the diagnostic settings. The function can be switched on and off here. click on View diagnostic summary, save a text file on your device where you will find all the submitted data. This includes the product ID of your FritzBox, the software version and numerous configuration details. However, the router does not transmit WLAN names and passwords to AVM.

What data does the FritzBox transmit?

The FritzBox sends data about the firmware version used to AVM – this is important so that the device recognizes and installs updates. Then there is the diagnostic data already mentioned: Anyone who activates it voluntarily helps AVM to improve the product, for example by sending error reports to the manufacturer. By checking “Diagnostics and Maintenance” you allow AVM to access the FritzBox, for example to retrieve selected diagnostic data. This makes things easier for anyone who needs help from support. Alternative: Under After logging in with the device password, if you wish, you can also create a comprehensive diagnostic report yourself to send to AVM support.


Deal : New on Sky and WOW: The series and films start in March 2024

In March 2024, numerous new films and series will land on streaming platforms. This content will soon be available on Sky and WOW.

February 2024 is coming to an end and, as usual, Sky has provided early information about the next month’s restarts. March 2024 has a lot to offer for Sky and WOW subscribers. Among the highlights are the cinema hit “Oppenheimer”, which will be available to watch from March 20, 2024, and the action hit “Meg 2: The Deep”, in which Jason Statham goes on a deep-sea mission and fights against prehistoric sharks , as well as the sixth season of the popular cop series “The Rookie” with Nathan Fillion. “The Rookie Season 6” will start parallel to the US launch on February 21, 2024 in the original version on Sky and WOW, from March 6, 2024 the new episodes can be viewed with German subtitles. The German dubbed version will be available from May 1, 2024. Here The overview of all new films and series on Sky and WOW in March 2024:

Series, documentaries, shows on Sky and WOW in March

  • The Regime, Season 1 (March 4, 2024)
  • Police Ten 7: On Patrol Down Under, Season 25 (March 4, 2024)
  • Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares (March 6, 2024)
  • Death Row Stories: Tales from Death Row, Season 4 (March 6, 2024)
  • The Rookie, Season 6 (OmU) (March 6, 2024)
  • Mary & George, Season 1 (March 7, 2024)
  • Hollywood in Fear: The Bling Ring Story (March 9, 2024)
  • After the Bite: The Aftermath of a Shark Attack (March 11, 2024)
  • The Water World of Komodo, Season 1 (March 11, 2024)
  • NCIS Seasons 4 and 5 (March 11, 2024 and March 27, 2024)
  • Animal Park: Zoo Tales from Longleat, Seasons 11 and 12 (March 13, 2024 and March 20, 2024)
  • Helgoland 513, Season 1 (March 15, 2024)
  • Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage and Reckoning, Season 1 (March 16, 2024)
  • Strike Back, Season 6 (March 19, 2024)
  • Summiteers: Europe’s Alpine Wilderness, Season 1 (March 21, 2024)
  • House of Kardashian, Season 1 (March 22, 2024)
  • Before We Die, Season 1 (March 26, 2024)
  • The parking garage murder: Who killed Charlotte Böhringer? (March 28, 2024)
  • A Pearl in the Sand, Season 1 (March 28, 2024)

At this point you will find social networks

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New films on Sky and WOW in March 2024

  • Perfect Addiction (March 1, 2024)
  • Asteroid City (March 2, 2024)
  • The Terror Room (March 4, 2024)
  • Meg 2: The Deep (March 8, 2024)
  • When will things finally go back to the way they never were (March 9, 2024)
  • The Cursed: The Curse of the Beast (March 11, 2024)
  • Sun and concrete (March 15, 2024)
  • On A Wing And A Prayer (March 16, 2024)
  • Master Gardener (March 18, 2024)
  • Oppenheimer (March 20, 2024)
  • The Rumba Therapy (March 23, 2024)
  • Paw Patrol 2: The Mighty Movie (March 29, 2024)

At this point you will find social networks

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Get your WOW subscription at the best price

Would you like to receive Sky films and series without a Sky Q receiver? Then check out the ongoing ones WOW! Offers at. There are currently huge discounts on selected subscriptions. You can book the WOW films & series subscription from 5.98 instead of 9.98 euros per month (with a 6-month subscription). This gives you access to all series and films from the Sky program.

Get a Sky subscription at a bargain price

Should it be a classic Sky subscription? You can currently book the Entertainment Plus and Cinema packages at a great price. This allows you to see all films and series from the Sky program and get access to the Netflix streaming service. You currently only pay 25 euros per month. The price applies to an annual subscription and increases to 41 euros after twelve months unless you cancel in time. If you book online, for example via the promotional link in this article, the one-off activation fee, which is usually 29 euros, is waived.
Extra: The Paramount+ streaming service has been available in Germany since December 2022. Sky customers who have booked the Cinema package can enjoy it at no additional cost Paramount Plus program. The streaming service is included for customers with the package mentioned. More current ones Sky offers can be found at SamaGame.


Deal : Battery manufacturer Varta stops production after cyber attack

The systems are offline, the production lines are at a standstill: the battery manufacturer Varta is forced to take drastic measures after a cyber attack.

In addition to private individuals, companies are a particularly attractive target for cybercriminals. After all, the sale of stolen data is promising Dark web or ransom payments as a result of a ransomware attack for quick profits. Now Varta AG has apparently fallen victim to a serious hacker attack, which is even forcing the German battery manufacturer to shut down production.

All businesses shut down

This comes from a current one Report of the company. Accordingly, the IT security incident occurred on the night of February 12, 2024. The cyber attack affected parts of the IT systems with an impact on all five of the manufacturer’s production plants and its administration. For security reasons, these have now been temporarily shut down and disconnected from the Internet, said Varta.

Varta checks damage

Varta does not reveal what type of cyber attack it was in the statement. The specific effects are still being examined, and the actual damage caused cannot yet be named. Cyber ​​criminals repeatedly target companies. Fraudsters recently stole extensive insured person data Thuringia Accident Insurance Fund. In addition to data theft, ransomware attacks are one of the most common attack methods. The malware hijacks the IT systems and only releases them again after a ransom is paid. Private individuals can also fall victim to such an attack. You can find out how to protect yourself here counselor.


Deal : Microsoft Defender can be tricked with a comma

Microsoft Defender has a vulnerability in which it is enough to insert an additional comma to bypass virus detection.

Microsoft Defender is included in Windows and now protects the PC quite well against malware. However, a trick now makes it possible to bypass this protection.

Microsoft Defender can be tricked

Security Researcher John Page has discovered a bug in Windows Defender where an additional comma is enough to bypass virus detection. It’s about the Windows file “rundll32.exe”, which attackers can use to execute malicious code. Microsoft Defender checks this and correctly detects malicious code using normal code instructions. However, if you insert an additional comma into the malicious code, Defender will let it through.
As Page reports, the security researcher found a similar bug in 2022, where the characters “..\.” had the same effect. But Microsoft has now fixed this. Until Microsoft patches the new security hole, another antivirus program is recommended. Especially since cybercriminals notice the problem and can specifically exploit it.


Deal : France wants minimum age for social networks

No access for everyone under 13: French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal wants to keep children away from social media more in the future and is in favor of tightening the existing rules.

France wants to create an age limit for social media. “I want to work with the platforms on a real digital barrier to ensure that no minor under the age of 13 has access to social networks,” French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal told the newspaper Le Parisien. Young people between the ages of 13 and 15 should only be able to use social media with parental permission.

Prime Minister hopes for willingness to cooperate

In France, adolescents are already legally only allowed to set up an account on social networks from the age of 15. They need their parents’ consent beforehand. Attal was confident that he would be able to take action on the issue. “This is a very difficult but not impossible construction site.” But in collaboration with platforms there is a way to achieve the goal. Facebook or TikTok are aware that their reputation is at stake. “You’ll play along,” said Attal. (With material from dpa.)


Deal : Roborock Zeo One: the conclusion of the reader testers

Is the Zeo One the one for all? Three readers have tested the Roborock washing machine with its innovative drying function and report on their experiences.

Washing dirty laundry is a Sunday ritual in which you spend the whole day washing and thinking about the laundry every hour. Correct? Incorrect! Because the new Zeo One from Roborock is smart and does everything in one go, from washing to dosing detergent and drying. But how good is such a combination device really and can the drying function keep up with a full-blooded dryer? Three readers have tested Roborock’s washer-dryer in their everyday lives and report on their experiences.

The Roborock Zeo One: an elegant heavyweight

Before the test phase, SamaGame provided readers with a uniform test protocol on which they could record their evaluations and observations. We wanted to know how much you like the look of the Zeo One, how satisfied you are with the programs, the washing results and the drying function and of course how much the device can make your everyday life easier.

The testers were very excited when the washer-dryer was delivered to them well packaged. The first impression after unpacking was extremely positive. “The design is really very successful. The machine fits well into the surroundings and looks timelessly modern,” says tester Thomas Boczian. Rhea Henninger is also impressed by the design. The first thing she noticed was the machine’s generous display: “I like it best when it’s turned on because the display looks great.” The testers also praised the straight lens of the Zeo One. Because it prevents annoying dust from collecting in the porthole. With this convincing overall package, the testers gave the Zeo One 4.7 out of 5 stars for its design.
But although the Zeo One looks elegant and modern, it is a real heavyweight. At 90 kilograms, it weighs a good 30 to 60 kilograms more than a conventional device. “Delivery to the installation site is absolutely recommended,” says Thomas Boczian. After the Zeo One had taken its final place in the testers’ home, it was time to put it into practice. How intuitive is the operation and how satisfactory are the washing results?

Large selection of programs with intuitive operation

Although the machine did not come with an operating manual, the Zeo One was easy for readers to use and earned 4.3 stars. “The display and the corresponding operation are a small highlight of the machine. The display is razor-sharp and has a pleasant contrast,” reports Thomas Boczian. There are many different programs available for washing that can be adapted to personal habits and preferences, for example the temperature, number of rinse cycles or spin speed. The only downside: “Unfortunately, not all washing programs are accessible on the display,” says tester Swen Dilk.
However, the app gives you access to the full range of programs and functions, including the dosage of detergent. Once filled, the smart Zeo One can add this to the laundry fully automatically, which readers found very useful and rated it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

The Roborock app

The app is a kind of monitor during the washing process and shows, for example, the remaining time of the program and the set parameters such as temperature and number of rinse cycles. It also notifies the user as soon as the laundry is finished or there are problems during the washing process. Tester Swen Dilk likes this: “Every error message is displayed on the cell phone and you are immediately made aware of it if pop-up message is activated on the cell phone.”
You can also use the app to start other programs that are not initially accessible on the display. However, it is not possible to control the machine remotely via the app. To Rhea Henninger’s regret, every attempt to start a program via an app must be approved on the machine. This leads to a slight point deduction when evaluating the app, even if the testers otherwise find it successful. “It’s nice that you can create your own program in the app and transfer it to the washing machine,” says Swen Dilk. It can then be accessed manually at any time using the “App Program” button.

Clean thing: washing and drying with the Zeo One

According to the testers, the washing results of the Zeo One are “perfect” and they rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars. “All stains, even the stubborn ones from children’s clothes, have been completely removed,” reports tester Rhea Henninger. She finds the drying process with the Zeo One “also flawless and particularly gentle.” Because it takes place at particularly low temperatures. Drying takes a little longer than with conventional devices, but is therefore more environmentally friendly and also more clothes-friendly. “We even dried four children’s leggings that were not suitable for tumble drying and didn’t notice any change,” says Rhea Henninger.

Another advantage of the Zeo One: It washes and dries in one go, whisper-quietly and without the hassle of moving the laundry around. Even cleaning the dryer after the end of the program is no longer necessary because the smart washer-dryer from Roborock has a practical self-cleaning program. Thomas Boczian: “Emptying a water tank, cleaning the lint filter and changing any filters or additional sieves are no longer necessary.” The self-cleaning impressed the testers, who gave it 5 out of 5 stars.

No product is perfect

With so much positive feedback, is there anything that could be improved? Yes – the testers see a need for action, especially with the app. This sometimes shows large jumps in time when counting down the remaining time during the program. However, this could theoretically be fixed with an upcoming update. The parental controls also need to be improved, as they are too easy to deactivate. Apart from that, all testers would recommend the Roborock Zeo One (current retail price: 1,299 euros) because of its otherwise harmonious overall package and the high level of comfort.

The conclusion of the reader testers about the Roborock Zeo One

Roborock Zeo One: the testers’ conclusion

With a total of 4.1 out of 5 stars, the Roborock Zeo One achieved a solid, good result in the reader test. It was particularly impressive with its attractive design, the impeccable washing results and the high level of comfort thanks to smart functions such as automatic detergent dosage or notifications via app. It made everyday life much easier for readers, as they no longer had to monitor the progress of washing and were able to dry their laundry without having to move it. “I no longer just wash on the weekend, but as soon as the laundry basket is full. Because I can integrate the washing process into my everyday life as a secondary activity,” reports Swen Dilk. Tester Rhea Henninger summarizes her summary as follows: “The comfort and cleaning results are great, the price is clearly justified. I especially recommend the machine to families with more than three people, as with this washer-dryer you no longer have annoying and unsightly rotary clotheslines in the apartment “must have standing”. You can find more detailed impressions of the testers in the photo gallery above.


Deal : Amazon is discontinuing support for this Echo device

The Amazon Echo Connect connects smart Alexa speakers to the landline. Now Amazon wants to put the device on ice.

Anyone who has an Alexa speaker can easily use it to call friends and family members in their contact list. However, this usually only works if these people also join in Alexa device own. Calls to landlines are not possible – unless you use one Amazon Echo Connect. The gadget was introduced in Germany in 2018 and has always served its users as an intermediary between Alexa and the landline. However, users now have to prepare for the end of Echo Connect.

End of support for Alexa mediators

Because like from the Support page of the Echo Connect, Amazon will completely stop supporting the gadget on February 29, 2024. Once the deadline passes, the Amazon Echo Connect will no longer work and is ready for electronic waste or the collector’s showcase. After all, affected users should not look completely out of their minds after the shutdown. As a small compensation, Amazon should offer Echo Connect users a voucher worth 10 euros, like the portal iFun reported.

Gigaset speakers may also be affected

However, this will probably be little consolation for anyone who likes to use the device frequently. The bar, which cost around 40 euros, was connected to the telephone socket or router using a telephone cable with a Western plug (RJ11), TAE adapter or an adapter for DSL splitter to connect to the landline network. Sometime after the introduction of the Echo Connect appeared with the Gigaset L800HX also an Alexa speaker that integrated the functions of the Echo Connect, like Golem reported. It is currently unclear to what extent the end of product support for the Echo Connect will also affect users of the Gigaset speaker.


Deal : Sunbooster presents power station with smart feed-in function

The Austrian company Sunbooster is now introducing the Powerstation Grid, a mobile power storage system that can store energy even without a direct connection to the balcony power plant.

Balcony power plants often produce the most energy when you are not at home. However, if the electricity generated is not used immediately, it is returned to the public grid virtually free of charge. To avoid this, more and more owners are deciding Balcony power plants for a power station. With mobile electricity storage, unused electricity from the mini PV system can be stored and used flexibly at a later date. To do this, however, you have to connect the power station directly to the balcony power station and place it on the balcony not far from the system. With the “Grid” the company Sunbooster GmbH now has one Power station on offer, which no longer requires a direct connection to the plug-in solar device.

Protected from the elements

Like that Press portal reports, the new grid power station from Sunbooster can be connected to any socket in the house. Control is possible via app via WLAN. Thanks to this function, you no longer have to set up the energy storage device directly next to the mini PV system on the balcony. The device is therefore no longer exposed to extreme weather conditions. This in turn has a positive influence on the durability and efficiency of the power station. In addition to two USB-A and USB-C slots and a DC input, the power storage also has three classic AC ports.
If necessary, the portable power station can also be used as an emergency generator or for camping trips and recharged with solar panels from Sunbooster and Sunnybag. Sunbooster advertises that the grid power station is the world’s first balcony power station storage with such a feed-in function. However, the manufacturer Anker has been offering a power station with a similar feature for a long time.

Classic power station with innovative function

According to Sunbooster CEO Stefan Ponsold, the device should pay for itself within four years when purchased, taking current subsidies into account. However, it remains questionable whether this payback period is realistic with an average balcony power plant. In addition, precise control of the balcony power plant storage only seems to be possible with an additional Smart meter possible. The storage solution can be particularly interesting for users who have more than two solar modules in use and hardly need any electricity during the day. Interested parties can check out the new Sunbooster power station on the Manufacturer website Pre-order for currently 1,082.50 euros or 1,249.92 euros including a 420-watt solar module.


Deal : Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900 in the test: Twice brews better

Thanks to the divided bean compartment, the Dutch coffee machine brews two different types of coffee. We tested the Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900.

Table of contents

  • Two bean chambers
  • Easy to use
  • Balanced filter coffee without weaknesses
  • Hassle-free care
  • Philips All-in-1 Brew: prices and models
  • Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900 in the test: conclusion

Among the Fully automatic coffee machines Philips has distinguished itself through its LatteGo models developed into a crowd favorite with a practical milk cup system and an excellent price-performance ratio. The Dutch also try the same trick with the Filter coffee machines. The technology jack-of-all-trades came up with something for the top model. We tested the Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900.

Two bean chambers

The highlight of the Philips All-in-1 Brew is the bean container on the top. In contrast to most filter coffee machines and its sister model HD7888/01, the removable storage compartment of the tested HD7900 is divided into two parts. You can switch back and forth between one chamber and the other using a rotary control. This is practical, for example, if you use decaffeinated beans in addition to filter coffee with caffeine or use different types with different flavors. That’s not all: you can also use both bean chambers, each of which can hold just under 225 grams (g), at the same time. This means you either have a large storage compartment with a capacity of up to 450 g. Or you can experiment with your own filter coffee blends from two different types of beans. We’re giving you a little upgrade for this.

A conical grinder beneath the bean container grinds the coffee beans into powder. The mill achieves a very high volume of up to 88 decibels (dB) – not ideal for living situations with thin walls. The grinding level can be infinitely adjusted and delivers fairly homogeneous ground material. This ensures that you find the ideal grind level for your coffee beans and your taste.

One floor below is the swivel filter, which swings out to the left. The removable filter carrier has a drip stop function. The valve prevents hot coffee from spilling onto the countertop when you remove the pot. The scope of delivery also includes a simple permanent filter made of plastic with a nylon net. For reasons of durability, a permanent filter made of stainless steel or with a stainless steel mesh would have been nicer. If you prefer to use paper filters or want to buy a permanent stainless steel filter, size 4 filters fit in the filter holder.

On the right side of the coffee machine you will find the water tank, which holds around 1.25 liters. That’s enough for about ten cups of 125 milliliters (ml). The tank is removable for easier cleaning and has markings to show you the water level. Great: The water tank is not automatically completely emptied during preparation. So if you just want to brew a quick cup in between, you don’t have to fill the tank individually for each brewing process.

With the Philips All-in-1 Brew you also get a glass jug that holds 1.25 liters. Since the pot does not insulate, a warming plate ensures that the coffee remains at temperature after preparation. And for a long time: the function can be activated for up to five hours. The majority of coffee machines with heating plates keep the coffee warm for between 30 and 60 minutes.

Easy to use

Below the water tank you will find the control panel with eight sensor buttons. Above this there is an approximately 2 inch (5 centimeter) LED display including the time display. The screen is easy to read and provides an overview of all important information. You can use the buttons to set, among other things, the coffee strength (three levels) and the number of cups (one to ten), program the timer function, start preparation and switch the machine on or off. The operation is simple and largely self-explanatory. That’s a good thing, as the scope of delivery only includes a very brief manual. The detailed operating instructions You can only find a practice online that Philips (and its subsidiary Saeco) has also introduced its fully automatic coffee machines. After all, no questions remain unanswered when studying the online manual.

For the preparation, including the grinding process, you should first clarify the standards: Is the bean container full? Is there enough water in the tank? Have you used a filter? And is the jug under the spout? If you can answer all questions with a yes, first set the desired amount of coffee and the coffee strength. Then press the start/stop button and it starts. For the maximum quantity of 1.25 liters (= ten cups), the All-in-1 Brew takes around 8:40 minutes. The grinding process takes around 40 seconds and the very quiet brewing process (only 33 dB) takes just under eight minutes. When it comes to power consumption, the device is on average economical at 14 watt hours per cup. In standby, the machine only consumes 0.5 watts.

Balanced filter coffee without weaknesses

The Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900/50 also has to pass our taste test. We used medium-finely ground specialty coffee with notes of milk chocolate for filter methods. We use 6 g of coffee powder per 100 ml, so with the maximum quantity of 1.25 liters it is 75 g. The result after preparation is a balanced filter coffee that leaves a good impression in terms of flavor notes, strength, acidity and bitterness as well as body. The bottom line is that the coffee from the Philips machine ranks behind the variants from the Severin Filka, Technivorm Moccamaster KBG Select and Beem Fresh Aroma Perfect III in the top coffee quality group.

Hassle-free care

For regular care, the Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900/50 offers an automatic descaling program that is completed in just a few minutes. If the machine wants to be descaled, the device will notify you. It is best to stick to the operating instructions linked above. The filter holder, the permanent filter and the coffee pot can also be put in the dishwasher, but you have to do the water tank yourself. Since the tank can be removed and offers enough space for dish or bottle brushes, this is easy. Due to the somewhat bulky design (43.4×27.7×24.5 cm), cleaning the surface takes a little longer than with more compact filter coffee machines.

Cleaning the grinder is relatively easy. First, you should scoop out the coffee beans in the storage compartment and grind any leftovers. Then set the rear rotary control of the bean container to the open position (symbol with open lock) and pull the container upwards. You can remove the coffee ground residues in the grinder with the cleaning brush provided or use a vacuum cleaner. Once that’s done, you can put the bean container back in place and turn the dial to one of the chamber positions. Last but not least, turn on the machine, press the care button twice and press the start/stop button. The grinding shaft below the mill opens automatically and can be cleaned of powder residue with a brush and/or vacuum cleaner. Then press the start/stop button again and the chute will close. Overall, cleaning the mill and grinding shaft takes between five and ten minutes.

Philips All-in-1 Brew: prices and models

The Philips All-in-1 Brew is available in three different versions. In addition to the tested model HD7900/50, there is also the technically identical version HD7900/01 and the HD7888/01 with a simple bean container. The price for the HD7900 models is around 220 euros; you can get the HD7888 for 150 to 200 euros.

Test results

Test results

Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900

Manufacturer information

Models: HD7900/50, HD7900/01 (two-part bean hopper), HD7888/01 (single bean hopper)
Price: 220 euros
Power / filter size: 1000 watts / 4
Water tank / coffee container capacity: 1.25 l / 1.25 l


Prepare 1 to 10 cups at a time
Glass jug (non-insulating) included
Integrated grinder (stepless), removable bean container (2 x 225 g)
Swivel filter, filter holder removable
Permanent filter, coffee spoon and cleaning brush included
Coffee quantity (1 to 10 cups) and coffee strength (3 levels) selectable
Drip stop, heating plate, water level indicator and timer available
Anti-slip feet and automatic switch-off available

Grade: 1.7

Service &
The taste

Easy to use via sensor buttons and 2-inch LED display
Detailed operating instructions only online
Just one touch to start the brewing process (1.25 l in 8 minutes)
Good filter coffee taste

Grade: 1.7


Descaling program available
Cleaning the surface is a bit difficult
Easy to clean water tank
Filter holder not dishwasher safe
Pot is not dishwasher safe

Grade: 2.1

Technical tests

Average power consumption when making coffee, very low in standby
Very quiet brewing process, very loud grinder
A bit bulky

Grade: 3.2


Two-part bean container


Test results

good (grade: 1.9)

Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900 in the test: conclusion

If you like to experiment with different types of beans or want to drink decaffeinated coffee every now and then, the Philips All-in-1 Brew HD7900 is the right filter coffee machine. Even apart from the two-part bean container, the equipment is extensive. Added to this is the easy handling and the good coffee quality. The only real drawbacks are the very loud grinder and the rather bulky design. The price is also a bit high. Apart from that, the coffee machine impresses in all respects.


Deal : Xiaomi presents new Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus

Xiaomi is expanding its range of means of transport with another electric scooter. The new Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus should score points above all with its range and performance.

Kick scooters with electric drive motors have now become the ideal solution for many people for getting around the city quickly or getting to the next train station. Manufacturer Xiaomi has been successfully involved in this market segment for years and is now further expanding its range. The company recently launched a new top model on its official website under the name Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus website presented. As the name suggests, the device is an improved version of the already available Electric Scooter 4 Pro. In terms of performance and features, the scooter is positioned between this and the slightly more powerful Electric Scooter 4 Pro Ultra.

More powerful engine, longer range

Under the hood, the new model has a powerful motor that achieves a peak output of 960 watts, surpassing that of the conventional Pro model by 260 watts. Xiaomi also goes one step further when it comes to range. According to the manufacturer, the scooter can travel up to 60 kilometers in one go. The Pro model runs out of breath after just 55 kilometers. The 4 Pro Plus can also manage gradients of up to 20 percent and, in the globally available version, reaches a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (km/h). For the German market, Xiaomi is also launching a throttled version with a maximum speed of 20 km/h. The built-in 10.2 amp hour battery provides electricity with a maximum charging power of 70 watts.

Date and price unknown

Visually, the Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus hardly differs from its predecessor. It is equipped with 10-inch run-flat tires, which, thanks to reinforced sidewalls, should provide a stable driving experience even when there is a loss of pressure. The scooter automatically switches on the headlight using a brightness sensor and indicators are integrated into the vehicle. At 19.5 kilograms, the new scooter is a lot heavier than the Pro model. That only weighs 16.5 kilograms. It remains unclear when the Electric Scooter 4 Pro Plus will be released and what it will cost. Since it technically falls between the Pro and Ultra models, the recommended retail price is likely to be around 900 euros.


Deal : Insured person data leaked after cyber attack on Thuringia accident fund

In December 2023, the Thuringia accident insurance fund was the target of a cyber attack. It is now clear that extensive user data flowed into the Darknet.

The Thuringia accident insurance fund has become the target of a hacker attack. From December 16th to 17th, 2023, hackers encrypted using Ransomware not only the IT systems of the insurance company, but also stole countless data at the same time. It was initially unclear whether insured person data was also leaked. Investigators from the Forensic Service of the Thuringia State Criminal Police Office are now in Dark web came across answers, such as the Thuringia Accident Insurance Fund communicates.

Bank details and diagnoses leaked

The insurance company’s announcement shows that, in addition to data on companies that insure their employees with the accident insurance company, sensitive insured person data can now also be found on the Darknet. In addition to the names, addresses, communication data and bank details of the insured, these should contain, among other things, information on individual insurance cases – such as diagnoses and previous illnesses. The Thuringia Accident Insurance Fund explains that it is currently not possible to narrow down how many people are affected by the data theft. As the Free State’s statutory accident insurance, it has almost a million insured people.

Accident insurance company warns of phishing attacks

Cybercriminals could now use the stolen data primarily for particularly plausible phishing attacks. For example, they could pose as representatives of the Thuringia Accident Insurance Fund in fake emails or letters in order to persuade potential victims to reveal further confidential information. For this reason, the Thuringia Accident Insurance Fund asks insured persons to carefully check emails and letters that they receive on behalf of the Accident Insurance Fund and to contact the company if they have any doubts. You can find out how you can protect yourself from phishing attacks in our comprehensive guide counselor.


Deal : RTX 4080 Super in the test: The second fastest graphics card!

How fast does Nvidia’s new upper-class model RTX 4080 Super work? How much power does it need and how loud does it work? The test gives answers!

Table of contents

  • RTX 4080 Super in the test: 10,240 computing units
  • TDP increased by 20 watts
  • Moderate speed advantage
  • Power consumption almost identical
  • RTX 4080 Super in the test: conclusion

With the RTX 4080 Super, Nvidia is now the third Super chip from the RTX 4000 series the Graphics cardsavailable to manufacturers. And in the tests it came dangerously close to the top graphics processor RTX 4090, as the test of the RTX 4080 Super shows.

RTX 4080 Super in the test: 10,240 computing units

At the top end, the one after that also receives RTX 4090 second strongest graphics chip RTX 4080 from the Ada Lovelace series, a fresh cell treatment. The 4080 Super can now distribute calculations to 10,240 Cuda units instead of the previous 9,728. Chip type (AD103) and size (379 mm2) are identical, but Nvidia has given the 4080 Super model an additional 16 tensor cores and four extra ray tracing cores for calculating ray tracing effects such as reflections and fine shadows.

TDP increased by 20 watts

In addition, the number of texture units responsible for calculating the surfaces of characters, objects and environments in games increases from 304 to 320. The consumption limit (TDP) increases Nvidia from 320 to 340 watts. Important: The manufacturer will stop producing the model without Super in the name; in the future, only RTX 4080 Super variants will be available in stores.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series: technical data

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 series: technical data

GeForce RTX 4090

GeForce RTX 4080 Super

GeForce RTX 4080

GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super

GeForce RTX 4070 Ti

GeForce RTX 4070 Super

GeForce RTX 4070

GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB

GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB

GeForce RTX 4060


5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

5 nanometers at TSMC

GPU type











Chip size












76.3 billion

45.9 billion

45.9 billion

45.9 billion

35.8 billion

35.8 billion

35.8 billion

22.9 billion

22.9 billion

18.9 billion

Shader models











Cuda cores











Base clock











Boost clock











Tensor cores

512 (4th gen.)

320 (4th gen.)

304 (4th gen.)

264 (4th gen.)

240 (4th gen.)

224 (4th gen.)

184 (4th gen.)

128 (4th gen.)

128 (4th gen.)

96 (4th gen.)

Ray tracing cores

128 (3rd gen.)

80 (3rd gen.)

76 (3rd gen.)

66 (3rd gen.)

60 (3rd gen.)

56 (3rd gen.)

46 (3rd gen.)

32 (3rd gen.)

32 (3rd gen.)

24 (3rd gen.)

Texture units











Graphics memory











Storage interface

384 bits

256 bits

256 bits

256 bits

192 bits

192 bits

192 bits

128 bits

128 bits

128 bits


450 watts

340 watts

320 watts

320 watts

285 watts

225 watts

200 watts

165 watts

160 watts

115 watts

Moderate speed advantage

Given the serious technical innovations, the RTX 4080 Super should offer a major speed advantage compared to the normal RTX 4080. But it doesn’t, as this test shows. Because Nvidia appears to have balanced everything so finely that the RTX 4080 Super doesn’t follow too closely on the heels of the top model RTX 4090. The result: The increase in performance in direct comparison to the normal RTX 4080 is moderate – on average, the super model was five percent faster in the speed tests (see speed comparison below).

Power consumption almost identical

Good: Despite the increased performance, the new RTX 4080 Super required just as much energy as the standard model. At its peak, it drew 308 watts from the socket, but for Internet and office applications and when playing 4K videos it was only 17 watts. Also good: While the fans were clearly audible, especially under full load (5.4 sones), the tested Zotac GeForce RTX 4080 Super Trinity Black worked silently when watching films and working with office applications.

RTX 4080 Super in the test: conclusion

At the time of testing, the new Super version of the RTX 4080 was around 150 euros more expensive than the standard model without Super in the name: 1,350 euros for the tested Zotac GeForce RTX 4080 Super Trinity Black instead of around 1,200 euros. That’s a lot of wood for a speed advantage of just five percent. Given the key technical data, the 4080 Super could definitely work a bit faster. But that’s probably not possible, because the RTX 4080 Super has to maintain the necessary respect distance from the much more expensive RTX 4090. Nevertheless: The RTX 4080 Super completed the speed tests in a hurry and only used marginally more energy. But if you already have an RTX 4080 graphics card in your computer, you don’t need the new super model. However, if you are thinking about buying a 4080 graphics card, you should go for the Super version. Because Nvidia will refine the driver over the next few years and thus extract even more performance. This is unlikely with the discontinued model RTX 4080 without a super abbreviation.


Deal : Windows 11: Update KB5034204 fails with error 0x8007000d

Trouble with the update for Windows 11: The patch KB5034204 causes, among other things, installation errors, problems with the taskbar and file explorer.

Something like this shouldn’t be the case: The patch released on January 23, 2024 KB5034204 for Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2 should actually be a series Windows 11 problems fix, but causes further trouble. In addition to an installation abort with the error code 0x8007000d, users complain about, among other things, problems when shutting down, with the taskbar and Windows Explorer. SamaGame has the information.

KB5034204 fails with error code 0x8007000d

The Windows update KB5034204 upgrades the operating systems to build 22621.3085 (version 22H2) or build 22631.3085 (version 23H2). Windows Latest but reports user criticism about crashes, rollbacks and bugs. Accordingly, the Windows 11 patch cannot be installed for some users; instead, the installation aborts with error code 0x8007000d. This indicates corrupt files during the update, even if the installation of KB5034204 appears to have already reached the 100 percent mark. As a result, the system is reset to the old update status – a so-called rollback occurs. Despite all efforts to… Update troubleshooting The problem persists on many computers.

Problems with Explorer, taskbar and start menu

In addition to installation cancellations, the previously optional Windows 11 update apparently causes unexpected problems with the file manager. Windows Explorer stopped responding for some users after a failed update attempt. Even if the installation was successful, there were still errors. In some cases the desktop remained empty for a short time. Others reported that Windows gave an error message about an explorer.exe error when they shut down, that they could no longer interact with desktop icons like the trash or access the taskbar icons. Furthermore, in some cases the taskbar disappeared.
Microsoft has not yet confirmed the problems. KB5034204 could be installed without any problems on test devices in the editorial office. If you experience one or more of the problems described, you should Uninstall Windows Update and wait for Microsoft to offer an update for the update.


Deal : Deutsche Bahn is looking for an administrator for Windows 3.11

Deutsche Bahn still relies on systems with Windows 3.11, which was released almost 30 years ago. This is at least proven by a job advertisement in which the company is looking for a suitable IT administrator.

It is not unusual that companies today still rely on operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. In particular, systems that do not require much maintenance and carry out their tasks without any problems despite the outdated software are often forgotten during regular update cycles. After all, when installing a new version, IT administrators not only have to worry about the fact that there are no longer any drivers for the installed components, but they also worry that the system will no longer perform the tasks assigned to it properly after the update. However, if something happens at some point, there is a lot of screaming. The employee responsible for setting up and maintaining the system is usually already retired, so a replacement needs to be found as quickly as possible. Deutsche Bahn is now apparently in this difficult situation.

IT administrator for Windows 3.11

This is loud PC world at least from a job description that has since been deleted. The federally owned railway company or a company that cooperates with it was looking for an IT administrator with Windows 3.11 knowledge. Explosive: Windows 3.11 is an operating system that Microsoft released almost 30 years ago as an update for Windows 3.1, which was released in 1992. The most important innovations of the latter operating system included, among other things, support for TrueType fonts and the OLE interface. In addition to “Drag and Drop”, Microsoft introduced the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V for cutting, copying and pasting, which are still used today. In terms of graphics, Windows 3.1 supported color depths of up to 32 bits.

Sibas knowledge is an advantage

The advertisement listed the main tasks of the job as updating drivers and maintaining legacy systems and their interfaces to the vehicle control system. Under the “required knowledge” it was said that the perfect candidate must be familiar with “Sibas” in addition to Windows 3.1. The abbreviation stands for “Siemens Railway Automation System”, which was developed by the company of the same name in the mid-1980s. Erlangen was named as the location. Since Siemens has a large branch there, the German conglomerate was probably behind the job offer.


Deal : Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 – Free Full Version

Table of contents

  • Fast facts
  • The program in detail

Fast Facts about Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 – Free Full Version

  • Compatible operating systems: Windows
  • Program type: trial version
  • Language: German English
  • Manufacturer: Ashampoo
  • Category: Graphics & Photo / Recover Deleted Photos

Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2 – Free Full Version in Detail

Whether you have accidentally deleted pictures, your camera or smartphone memory card is defective, or a USB flash drive has been formatted, in such a situation, “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2” for Windows may be able to help you rescue “priceless” photos. You don’t need any special knowledge for this, because using the photo recovery software “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2”, which you can download as a free full version from SamaGame, is easy. This allows you to specifically search for deleted file formats. To do this, simply select the data storage medium (hard drive, SD card, USB stick) on which you want to search for images. By default, the “Undeleter” scans for common graphic formats such as JPG, PNG, TIF or PDF. Optionally, you can also only search for RAW files, for example. But “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2” can do even more and also searches PDFs, EXE files or Office documents for images using the “File” option. Practical: The free software does not list cryptic file names in the search results like many comparable programs, but instead shows you the photos it finds as thumbnails. How to easily select the images you want to recover. However, when rescuing accidentally deleted files, keep in mind that the success rate decreases the more files are saved on a drive.

Search specifically for selected file formats

On large drives, locating missing images can take a while. Therefore, you have the option to narrow down your search with “Ashampoo Photo Recovery 2”. The rescue tool distinguishes between four different categories of image files: “Typical photo and Internet formats” such as JPG, TIF or GIF, “RAW formats” from digital cameras, “Modern photo formats” such as HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) or WEBP and “rare graphic formats” such as PSD, PCX, APCDOC or TGA. Another filter for the search process is the file size. You can also exclude image files that are smaller and/or larger than a specified file size or that are below a specified pixel size.


Deal : Sonoro Meisterstück (Gen.2) in the test: The name says it all

The Meisterstück (Gen.2) is the new top radio model from Sonoro and offers a lot more besides DAB. This test reveals everything that is in the elegant device.

Table of contents

  • Needs its space
  • Three ways of operation
  • Custom sound
  • A lot in it, a lot in it
  • Sonoro Meisterstück (Gen.2) in the test: Conclusion

Radios can be really classy. The manufacturer Sonoro in particular has been proving this for several years. At the top of the portfolio is the masterpiece, which is now revised in its second generation. Of course, it transmits DAB+ and FM, plays audio content from streaming services and is even equipped with an HDMI socket.

Needs its space

The Meisterstück (Gen.2) is not suitable for the kitchenette or bedside table. With its 17x57x26 centimeters (HxWxD), it would like to have the sideboard in the living room as a stage. However, this is chic radio A real eye-catcher with its matt white, gray or black painted wooden housing. The metal front with the milled speaker slots is pleasing and looks very stylish. The optical center is a 4 inch (10.16 centimeters) color display. It displays, among other things, station logos and CD covers. It displays the graphics crisply and the large font is easy to read even from 2 meters away.

Three ways of operation

The Sonoro’s buttons are arranged in a U-shape around the display. Every important function and playback source is represented on the front and thanks to the clear layout, operation of the device is easy. The labeling could just be a little bolder. In addition, the menu navigation is a little confusing at the beginning. After a few minutes, music fans quickly find their way around. The rotary control for volume and navigation is easy to grip and implements inputs precisely.

The radio, which costs 1,399 euros (price at the time of testing), is of course supplied with a remote control. Like the masterpiece itself, it appears to be of very high quality and sits well in the hand. The pressure point of the control square in the middle is quite short and therefore takes some getting used to. However, all buttons are very easy to reach. The key labeling could be a bit stronger, like on the radio. Another operating option is the free “Sonoro Audio” app (iOS and Android) for your smartphone. It has a nice, clear design and users can use it to control the radio extensively.

Custom sound

However, in order to get the optimal sound out of the Sonoro, you still need it Room correction app. Using the application, music fans start automatic sound adjustment. The device plays a test tone and the user moves through the room with the cell phone in their hand. This procedure sounds familiar to Sonos users. This is also because the measurement can only be carried out with an iPhone (from the 6th generation). If you don’t have an Apple mobile device at hand, you can borrow one from a friend or neighbor, for example. Measuring is only necessary once, unless the masterpiece is moving to another room. The automatic sound adjustment to the room offers the optimal sound. However, the Sonoro radio also sounds great out of the box: It has a very powerful and deep bass foundation. Depending on the track, the low frequencies can sound a bit too confident. In contrast, the elegant device reproduces highs very cleanly and clearly. Voices have no audible discoloration and are always clear. The precise mids round off the balanced sound. But they could like to come to the fore a little more. As a sound extra, the Meisterstück (Gen.2) also offers surround sound. This additional function is less suitable for music, but if you use the radio as a TV speaker, it ensures better spatial sound reproduction.

A lot in it, a lot in it

The Sonoro can’t just do radio. There are a variety of ports on the back, including an HDMI eARC socket. The masterpiece can be connected to the TV via the coaxial and optical digital inputs – great. But music fans also get their money’s worth. The all-rounder has two USB playback and charging sockets for storage media (USB-A and USB Type-C), two analog inputs (3.5 millimeter jack and RCA), one analog output (Cinch) and one on the front accessible headphone jack (3.5 mm jack). However, it offers many other playback options. Internet radio and the CD slot almost seem boring. The radio also connects to a smartphone via AirPlay 2 or Chromecast, for example, or plays your favorite tracks via one of the available ones Music streaming services away. Next to Spotify (via Spotify Connect) audio content can be accessed via Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer, Play Tidal, Napster and Qobuz. Although Apple Music lacks a widespread service, this problem can be easily avoided due to the many connection options. Thanks to DLNA and UPnP, streaming via network storage is also possible. Practical: The built-in Bluetooth transmitter not only receives signals from the cell phone, but also sends them out. This means that users can also use their Bluetooth headphones connect to the Sonoro. The manufacturer uses aptx and aptx HD Bluetooth as codecs, which should ensure the best sound in conjunction with compatible headphones.

Sonoro Meisterstück (Gen.2) in the test: Conclusion

A good radio doesn’t have to be expensive. However, if you want to own the currently best device on the market, you will have to spend a whopping 1,399 euros. The Sonoro Meisterstück (Gen.2) is packed with technology and fulfills every music wish thanks to the many playback options. Despite its many functions, operation is easy and a highlight, in the truest sense of the word, is the excellent color display. But the digital radio didn’t just impress in the test with its features or controls. It delivers a great sound that is characterized by a powerful and balanced character that is previously unmatched among its peers. So the masterpiece lives up to its name and if you dig deep into your wallet, you’ll get more than just a radio with the Sonor. Test grade: very good, 1.1


Deal : Native Discount Smart TV: Don’t fall for these ads!

The offer sounds tempting: watch all television channels and streaming providers for a one-time fee of 49 euros. But there are doubts about its seriousness!

It’s not just electricity and fuel that are becoming more expensive, watching TV is also increasingly putting a strain on household budgets: for subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix & Co. prices are rising and the broadcasting rights for sports are being distributed among more and more providers – all of whom are asking for additional payment. An advertising offer that can currently be seen on countless websites comes at just the right time: “Only €49 for all TV channels for life” it says full-bodied or “Cheap way to get all TV channels“. What’s behind it? Who’s behind it? And can that really be true? SamaGame took a closer look.

Smart TV: What’s behind this offer?

A mouse click on the advertisement leads to a website of the seller Native Discount with the title “TechnoMag”. After all, there is also “advertorial” behind it – a reference to an advertisement disguised as a magazine article. There is talk of a Swiss genius named Rémy, of Silicon Valley and of a start-up. There is also a small streaming puck that looks like an old friend. This is followed by a whole barrage of inaccurate formulations and promises about television channels and streaming apps. But everything remains vague; “TechnoMag” refrains from making any specific statements about certain providers such as Sky or Netflix, as does technical information about the streaming dongle shown. The website contains many inconsistencies that raise strong doubts about its reliability:

  • Photos: The product shown looks suspiciously similar to older versions of the Google Chromecast. Anyone who searches Google Photos for the right half of a photo collage from the Native Discount website will find the mirrored image in a test Chromecast Audio from 2015 on The photo of the alleged genius is obviously a symbolic image with the keywords conference and presentation.
  • Product description: The smart TV invention is intended as a “satellite” or “relay” to provide access to all channels and offers that the start-up has allegedly acquired legally. However, this type of forwarding would be anything but legal – if it even works reliably. And it remains completely unclear which offers can actually be used.
  • Imprint: At the bottom of the post there is a link to the imprint, but it leads nowhere. The same applies to contacting the provider. The only working link leads to the order and payment page.
  • Provider: At the bottom of the order and payment page you will find links to contact details; on the corresponding pages you will find a telephone number with a British area code (+44), an email address and an office address in a free trade zone in the United Arab Emirates.

Is that really legal?

The blog and sales pages garnish the advertising with the usual ingredients of windy online shops: with alleged user quotes, with ongoing displays of alleged sales and a display of the supposedly still available number of items – which of course is visibly shrinking. In this way, the provider builds up pressure, so instead of thinking about it, it’s better to take out your credit card straight away. But given the number of inconsistencies, one can only advise against it. It is absolutely unclear what the hardware shown actually does. The manufacturer only reveals that the streaming puck has a USB port for power and a HDMI output for connection TV has. He doesn’t say a word about the operating system, functions and performance data.
There are also doubts about the promised television channels: everyone brings free-to-air TV programs Streaming stick for free on the television, which is available for less than 49 euros Amazon, Roku and other providers. On the other hand, offers that are usually paid for can never be legally viewed for free – regardless of whether they are pay TV or HD channels or content from large streaming portals. Even the most brilliant start-up founder can’t change that. In addition, orders with unclear addresses are always a risky business, if not a waste of money. So it’s better to stay away!