Hogwarts Legacy: Disarm Troll

What spell can you use to disarm a troll in the new Hogwarts Legacy? How to unlock the disarm spell? In the new Harry Potter game you unlock a variety of new spells as you progress through the game. You learn the spells automatically as part of the main and side quests. Once learned, you can then select and use the spells using the control pad to the right. The spells also include a disarming spell with which you can pull the weapon out of an opponent’s hand. As part of a quest or a duel achievement, you have to disarm a troll, but how does that work exactly?

Disarm troll with Expelliarmus

To complete the Disarm a Troll quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must use the Disarm Spell. The disarming spell is called “Expelliarmus” and you learn it automatically in the game, more precisely as part of “Professor Hecat’s Task 2”. The quest takes place in the first few hours of the game and often many players have already unlocked the disarming spell, but later no longer even know that they have already used it. “Professor Hecat’s Task 2” is also a prerequisite for completing the main quest “Jackdaw’s Final Resting Place” in the Forbidden Forest.

Once you have unlocked the spell, open the spell overview using the control pad to the right and select “Expelliarmus” at the top. You can then use it to find a troll and use the R2 button (PS5) or the RT button (Xbox Series) to take the troll’s weapon away and thus disarm it. By the way, the spell works on pretty much any opponent with a weapon in their hand. Depending on which opponent it is, the spell is very useful in most cases.

Besides disarming, you can also throw your club in the troll’s face. We have already created a guide on how this works and what spell you have to use for it.