Solution : How to create a trunk door in Pacific Drive

Your trusty station wagon is pretty beat up when you first buy it on Pacific Drive – it doesn’t even have a tailgate! Later in the game, you’ll need to maintain your car as you drive through the Olympic Exclusion Zone, replacing and repairing any panels that will inevitably crack or fall off completely.

However, although your car does not initially come with a working tailgate, you can create one at the beginning of the game. This means you’ll have to manually open and close them if you want to access your storage boxes and crafting table, but you’ll be a little safer from the deadly horrors the exclusion zone wants to throw at you.

Making a tailgate is easier than you think

To create a trunk door, all you need to do is make one create a raw door panel on the crafting table. Although these door panels look like they only fit the side of the car, can change to fit in the trunk of a cartoo.

To create a raw door panel, you will need the following materials:

  • Scrap x3
  • Plastic x4
  • Adhesive tape x3
  • Glass Shards x2

You can collect most of these materials by collecting basic items from around the world, such as car panels from wrecks or electronic items such as TVs and radios.

Once you’ve crafted your rough door panel, either at the crafting table in the trunk or in Oppy’s car repair shop, simply go to the trunk of your car and attach it using the interact button. You will now have a working tailgate that can be opened and closed as you wish.

Is it worth installing a tailgate?

Although it is possible to install the door in the trunk of a car, it is not necessary. If you want, you can drive around the Exclusion Zone without the tailgate installed and you will not be penalized for it. As far as I can tell from what I’ve played so far, adding a tailgate doesn’t provide any additional immunity to electric shock, radiation, or other hazards.

In fact, you may choose to leave your car without a tailgate for sheer convenience. Since you need to access your storage boxes and crafting table on a regular basis, adding a door is another thing you’ll have to open and close to access the trunk.

However, you may find that the tailgate comes in handy as you progress through multiple zones of the game. If this happens, I will be sure to update this guide.

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That’s everything you need to know about installing a tailgate on your car on Pacific Drive. For more useful Pacific Drive guides, keep reading We also covered how to get all the trophies and achievements in the game, how to use the Transmuter, how to save your game, what the transfer link is for, and how to get the ThermoSap.


Remnant 2 The Dark Canal: Open the door

How to open the locked door in the dark canal? Where to get the key for the door in the dark canal in Remnant 2? In the N’erud world there is, among other things, the area “the dark channel”. Not only do you encounter a few enemies in the area, but there are also one or two locked doors, depending on how the level was generated (as is well known, the levels in Remnant 2 are partly randomly generated). Anyone who has just entered the dark channel will perhaps discover the locked door a few meters behind the entrance and wonder how to open the door and where to find the key?

First door in the dark canal

You don’t need a key for the door in the dark canal, you simply have to follow the path through the area. At the end you come to a room where you can use the energy cell to restore the power supply. This will open the door in the locked room and you can pick up the item in the form of a relic.

  1. To open the locked door in the dark canal, simply follow the path through the area. At the end you get into a large room. In the room is a large pillar with two power cells, with one power cell tilted slightly forward.
  2. The right energy cell can now be pushed forward again and thus restore the power supply in the room. The door will then open and you will enter the room with the locked door at the beginning of the area. In the room is the relic called “Crystal Heart”. You can now leave the room via the other door.

Second door in the dark canal

Depending on how the Dark Canal area was generated, there is another locked door in the area. The “door puzzle” also exists in other areas and the solution is identical here.

  1. If you find another locked door in the area, you have to look for an entrance on the side of the adjoining room and destroy the crates and other containers in the back.
  2. Then follow the path through the passage and look for an opening on the left. Through the opening you can destroy the container in the next room and thus open the other door.


Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Resting Place: Open the door

In Yaesha you can reach, among other things, the area called Kaeula’s resting place. In Kaeula’s resting place you not only have to kill the boss and some enemies, but there are also other things to do and you have to find keys for the locked door in the middle of the map, among other things. One or the other player may be wondering where to find the key for the door in Kaeula’s resting place? Can you find the key in the resting place or do you have to look for it in another area?

Find the key to the door in Kaeula’s resting place

The so-called Temple Key for the door in Kaeula’s resting place can be found in the same area. From the gate you have to walk north and at the end you will find the temple key just like that on the ground. The exact location of the key can also be seen again on the map in the following screenshot. The key is by the player cursor and the door is by the white cross. You can then use the temple key to return to the locked door and open it.

Finally, you have to explore the rest of the resting place and the area is also successfully completed.

Some players seem to be having problems or more specifically a bug in Kaeula’s resting place. The problem is that you cannot find the Temple Key in the location shown above. So far it is still unclear what causes the bug. It is said to have helped some players to start a co-op session with another player, who could then pick up the key and use it to open the door. For more information on the “bug” in Kaeula’s resting place, see the linked Reddit threadwhere it is still actively posted, since more players probably have the problem.

Tip: This is how you can change the difficulty level in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 the Red Throne Solution: Secret Door?

In the world of Yaesha you will find the area “The Red Throne”. In the red throne you meet some opponents but also the empress. The Empress is behind the big door at the end of the red throne. After a short cutscene you can choose different options as an answer and depending on which answer you choose, you will be rewarded with different items.

The Red Throne solution

In the red throne you will find a large door at the end of the area and behind it is the empress. You can now take different paths with the empress and either help her to get rid of the devastator or you don’t comply with her request and end up in prison. We have created a short summary with a solution for the effects of this.

  • Empress help to kill the boss: In the dialogue, the empress speaks of the boss opponent in the form of the devastator. One answer option is to help her defeat the Ravager. For this you have to select the option “Kill the beast. nothing easier than that”. As a reward for the battle you get the ring called “The Seal of the Empress” with which the max health is increased by 20 and the max stamina is reduced by 10.
  • Don’t Help the Empress: If you don’t help the Empress and choose the option “I won’t get on my knees and I certainly won’t kill for you” instead, the guards will turn on you and you will die. But don’t worry, because you are not dead permanently, but wake up in the prison in the red throne. You can easily leave the prison by following the path out, killing the enemies and then going through the transparent door in the wall at the end. This will land you back in front of the room with the empress in the red throne. With the “prison break” you get help from an NPC, from which you also get the Zohees ring.

You can also hand in the decorated chest to the Empress. You can either open the ornate chest yourself with the ornate key and use it to get the offspring of the thaen, or you can give the chest to the empress. As a reward there is the amulet Red Doe Sigil.

Open secret door in red throne?

There is a locked door to the left and right of the Empress. Since there are some locked doors in Remnant 2, for which you first have to find the right key, one or the other player is probably wondering how to open the secret door. The short answer to the question is, you cannot open the doors to the left and right of the Empress in the Red Throne. The only secret door in the area is the exit door from the prison.

Tip: This is how the difficulty level in Remnant 2 can be changed afterwards.


Remnant 2 Timeless Horizon Open Door: Find Navigator’s Helm

What’s the deal with the facility in the Timeless Horizon area? How to open the locked door in the timeless horizon and where to find the navigator helmet there? A few days ago the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 from Gunfire Games was released and the game, like the first part, is very popular. In the worlds there are so many areas to explore and challenges to master. This includes not only fights against numerous opponents, strong elite opponents and bosses, but you also have to solve a few puzzles and find hidden entrances. In this guide we show how to open the door in the Timeless Horizon at the facility.

Find the Navigator’s Helm

  1. The navigator’s helmet can be found in a small hiding place, which can be reached via one of the “booths” from the facility.
  2. Under one of the three punches (which always move up and down) is a hole you can climb through (see screenshot). Incidentally, you have to be quick here in order not to be leveled to the ground.
  3. After jumping into the hole, you can walk down the pipe and pick up the ring of the detonator first. Continue exploring the area below and you’ll get the Navigator’s Helmet from a Navigator Zombie/Alien (see screenshot). You don’t even have to pick up the helmet, the helmet ends up in your inventory immediately and can then be equipped as normal.
  4. After you have collected the helmet, continue and at the back you will find a switch with which you can open the door from the other side. Once opened, the door can be used or entered again at any time.

There are also other puzzles in the timeless horizon, such as the boxes lying around (coffins?) and a spaceship. More on that shortly.


Remnant 2 Phantom of the Wasteland: Open the door walkthrough

In the world of N’erud you can find the area “Phantom of the Wasteland”. There are no bosses in the area itself, but there are some opponents and one elite opponent. In addition, there is a large locked gate in the north and the question often arises, how can the gate be opened? To open the door, you need three so-called keys of the viewfinder. The keys are distributed in other areas in N’erud. In this short guide we show the locations of the keys with which you can open the large door or the large gate in the north of the Phantom of the Wasteland area.

Phantom of the Wasteland Solution: Find the key

  1. The first key can be found in the Seeker’s Rest area. Arriving at the resting place, you simply have to turn 180 degrees from the entrance and then stand in front of a statue. The stairs of the statue are automatically free and accessible as soon as you move towards them. At the top you can then take the key from the device.
  2. The second key is either in the area “The Breeder” or in the “Putrid Domain”. After the boss fight against Ancestor you have to follow the path further and then you will see the same statue with stairs as in the first key. Follow the stairs up and collect the key.
  3. The third key is either in the Spectrum of the Nexus or in the Astropath’s Respite. Also in the dungeons you have to defeat the boss at the end and then you can get the third key from the statue with the stairs.

With the three keys in your inventory, you can now go back to the Phantom of the Wasteland. Once there, you can now use the key and use it to open the gate. Behind the gate there is a boss fight against Sha’Hala, the final boss in the world of N’erud.

How can you actually change the difficulty level in Remnant 2 afterwards?


Remnant 2: Open the breeder’s door

How to open the locked door in The Breeder? Where do you get the quest item or the key to open the door? In the last few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player of the new Soulslike shooter from the developer Gunfire Games, who is currently in the world of N’erud and there in the area “The Breeders”. In the area you not only meet some opponents and a boss opponent, but there are also one or two puzzles to solve. In a “riddle” you have to open the locked door to get to the ring behind it (purple object). But how can you activate and open the door in the incubator?

The Breeder: Door Puzzle Solution

  1. To open the door from the small side room, you have to go into the small side passage on the right (see screenshot).
  2. In the side passage at the end there are a few boxes that you can destroy with your weapon. This will reveal a hidden entrance into a ventilation shaft that you can climb through.
  3. At the back you can now climb up the ladder and this not only unlocks a small new section, but on the left side there is also a small opening through which you can destroy the gas bottle in the locked room (see screenshot).
  4. This disables power in the room and opens the previously locked door. So you don’t have to find a key for the door, just destroy the bottle in the room.

Incidentally, the “door puzzle” is not only found in the “The Breeder” area, but also in a very similar form in the “Empty Ship Setup” area.