Grounded: Acid Damage Explained

Obsidian Entertainment has made a cooperative survival game, Grounded, which places you in the tiny and dangerous micro-world of a suburban garden and challenges you to stay alive. If you remember the movie, Honey, I reduced the children, you probably have back problems, and this game will take you back to that movie.

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What is acid grounding damage and how does it work?

The world of Grounded is very cruel and unforgiving, and you need all the help you can get to survive in this unwelcoming environment. Choose your armor and your tools is of great importance for survival. Some equipment has attributes that increase certain stats. Among other things, acid status effects and attacks are also associated with certain items.

Effects of acidic state

The general property of acid attacks is to ignore all enemies armor buffs. This works both ways, so insects can harm you with acid attacks, but you can also harm them. If you equip Fire Ant Armoryou will get the Corrosion status effect. This effect will give you a 10% chance to debuff the enemy with acid. If you successfully debuff your enemy, it will cause them to take 15% more damage for 10 secondsregardless of their status effect.

Acid Armor Enhancement Effects

Selecting the “Stylish” path when upgrading armor at a Smithing Station will unlock the special effects known as Armor Upgrade Effects, which are specific to each armor set .

Fire Ant Armor

Each piece of armor or outfit in the game has a different bonus. We have already mentioned Fire Ant Armor, and you can upgrade it with Acid Damage Buff. This upgrade will increase the damage of acid attacks dealt by players by 10%.

Termite armor

Additionally, you can upgrade Termite armor with the Cloud of dust, which gives a 10% chance of releasing a cloud when hitting a creature. This cloud will slow enemies’ movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 20%but will also publish a acid splash for 5 damage.

Armor Set Bonus

Each armor set can give you a special set bonus when wearing all armor pieces at the same time. Fire Ant Armor gives you a Acid Splash Bonuswhich gives your melee attack a 10% chance To free a second acid splash that deals an additional 25 damage. The splash can hit targets at any distance. Additionally, acid damage simply ignores the resistance and defense of all enemies.


Starfield update 1.8.83 explained in more detail

We previously announced that DLSS will now find its way to Starfield, but update 1.8.83 will bring a lot of other improvements. For example, a much-requested feature, namely being able to consume food and drinks directly instead of always placing them in your inventory first, will also be added.

If you look at the list below you will see that in addition to DLSS, more PC-specific issues are being addressed. The release date of update 1.8.83 will be sometime later this month, but gamers who own Starfield on Steam can now download the beta version of the update and, if you have an Nvidia GPU, also get started with DLSS.



  • Addressed a number of memory related issues and leaks.
  • (PC Only) Add some GPU performance optimizations, which will be more impactful on higher end cards.
  • (PC Only) Improved renderer threading model, improving CPU usage most notably on higher end systems.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.


  • Added the ability to eat the food placed in the world
  • Adjusted stealth to be a bit more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where Andreja’s head would stay permanently cloaked.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from firing their weapons.
  • Fixed issues where some NPC could be seen not wearing clothes.
  • Fixed an issue where already in-progress skill challenges could stop progressing after reaching the Unity and starting a new game.
  • Fixed an issue that could temporarily prevent opening the inventory or saving after entering the Unity.
  • PC: Fixed an issue where mouse movement could be choppy.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause the home ship to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the ship services technician might be missing.


  • Addressed an issue with how ambient occlusion appeared in ultrawide resolutions.
  • Optimized initial shader compilation that occurs on start-up.
  • Added the ability to adjust Brightness and Contrast in the Display Settings menu.
  • Added the ability to adjust HDR Brightness provided that the system supports it. (Xbox & Windows 11 only).
  • Addressed a number of materials that could sometimes present an unintended pattern under certain conditions.
  • Fixed various visual issues related to the new FOV slider options.
  • Improved the appearance of the eyes on crowd characters.
  • Addressed a number of minor visual issues related to lighting, shadows, terrain, and vegetation.


  • All That Money Can Buy: Fixed a weird issue where players couldn’t sit during the negotiation with Musgrove.
  • Blast Zone: Fixed an issue where the hard rocks that need to be cleared out by players will not appear on Ngodup Tate’s land.
  • Echoes of the Past: Fixed an issue where the Grylloba Queen could sometimes not be reachable during the objective “Secure the Shuttle Bay”.
  • Eye of the Storm: Fixed an issue where players’ quest progression could potentially be blocked due to a missing docking prompt.
  • Grunt Work: Addressed an issue where progress could appear blocked if “Supra et Ultra” was completed while returning to the Lodge during “High Price to Pay”.
  • No Sudden Moves: Fixed an issue that could prevent the entrance door to the Scow ship from being opened again.
  • Operation Starseed: Fixed an issue where the key that is needed to exit the facility could sometimes not be present.
  • Sabotage: Fixed an issue where David Barron could potentially not be found by players.
  • Short Sighted: Fixed an issue where players could rarely become control-locked while speaking with Vladimir.
  • The Heart of Mars: Fixed an issue where players might not be able to mine the “The Heart of Mars”.


Grundig TV: remote control explained – these are the most important buttons

After you have purchased a Grundig TV, you also have to deal with the associated remote control. Depending on the manufacturer, however, these now look very different and have different properties. We give you an overview of the individual buttons on your remote control.

  1. Pair the Grundig remote control with the television

  2. Structure of a Grundig remote control

  3. Grundig smart remote

Pair the Grundig remote control with the television

As soon as you switch on your Smart TV for the first time, the remote control should first be connected to the device. Since many remote controls are now equipped with Bluetooth, the pairing is often carried out automatically, but it can also be carried out manually. You can do this in different ways, we will tell you how it works.

The basic setting when you first install your TV

First of all, you can pair the remote control with the TV during the initial installation: You only need a few steps for this:

  • 1. Turn on your TV.
  • 2. Point the remote at the TV and press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds.
  • 3. Wait a moment until a message appears on your TV so that the pairing is successfully completed.

Use Alexa function

Alternatively, you can use the voice control of your Grundig remote control by pressing the microphone button. If your model offers an Alexa function, you can activate the desired version with a voice command. You should first make sure that you have a stable network connection and that your Amazon account is set up.

Resetting your Grundig Fire TV remote control

If the registration of your Bluetooth remote control with the Grundig television does not work, you can reset it. Using the Grundig Fire TV remote control, we will explain how it works.

  • 1. Turn on your TV.
  • 2. Point your remote control at the TV and keep a short distance.
  • 3. Press and hold the back button, the left navigation button and the 3-dash button simultaneously for about 10 seconds.
  • 4. The batteries in the battery compartment can also be replaced afterwards.

Structure of a Grundig remote control

The structure of a Grundig remote control can differ depending on the Smart TV model. In the following examples, we will explain the most common buttons on a current and an older Grundig remote control.

Structure of a newer Grundig remote control

  • Standby or on/off button: turns the TV on and off.
  • rewind button: you can use this to rewind current media playbacks.
  • Pause/play button: this pauses or confirms playback on your TV.
  • forward button: this is how you let the current media playback spool forward.
  • record button: allows you to record on your TV screen.
  • stop button: this button stops the media playback completely.
  • Google Assistant: you press this button for voice control by “Google Assistant”.
  • source button: this opens and closes the source menu on your TV.
  • back button: this button takes you back within a menu or an app.
  • home button: this button takes you back to the home screen of your TV.
  • volume buttons: these buttons allow you to adjust the volume of your TV by pressing up or down.
  • transmitter buttons: these buttons allow you to change channels on your TV when you tap up or down.

  • Netflix: Hotkey that takes you to the “Netflix” app
  • Prime video: Hotkey that takes you to the “Amazon Prime Video” app
  • YouTube: Hotkey that takes you to the “YouTube” app
  • google play: Hotkey that takes you to the “Google Play” app
  • Disney+: Hotkey that takes you to the “Disney+” app
  • Spotify: Hotkey that takes you to the “Spotify” app
  • speech bubble button: for digital television programs you can choose between different audio languages ​​here.
  • Eco button: with the Eco button you save energy while watching TV.
  • Info button: Here you can get more information about your media playback.
  • number key: use this to switch between the channels or type in the numbers 0-9.
  • color buttons: depending on the manufacturer, these keys have different functions. The buttons select and activate pages in teletext. and functions in the menus.

Structure of an older Grundig remote control

  • Standby or on/off button: used to turn the TV on and off.
  • number key: switch between channels and type the numbers 0-9 on your virtual keyboard.
  • Favorites list button: calls up your favorites list.
  • Teletext button: you can use this to call and switch off teletext.
  • exit button: this closes menus and applications.
  • color buttons: depending on the manufacturer, these keys have different functions. The buttons select and activate pages in teletext. and functions in the menus.
  • “Apps Portal” menu: this calls up apps on your screen.
  • Info button: shows you more information about your media content.
  • navigation keys: use this to navigate through the menu and your content by pressing the different directions.
  • OK button: a marked item is selected or launched.
  • Back/button: Use this to return to the previous screen or within a menu or app.
  • Tools button/-: Here you have access to functions and settings.

  • volume buttons: by sliding the button up or down, you adjust the volume of your TV.
  • transmitter buttons: this will change the channel.
  • mute button: the volume of your TV is regulated here.
  • Source button/-: here you get an overview of the source menu.
  • Forward/rewind buttons: Here you can set the next or previous image or chapter.
  • pause button: this pauses the media playback on your TV.
  • record button: programs are recorded here.
  • Play button: this button starts playing selected media.
  • Fast forward button: Here, frames in media are fast-forwarded like in films.
  • subtitle button:here the subtitle is switched on and off.
  • TV/Radio button: Here you can switch between radio and television programs.
  • media player button: this pauses the media playback on your TV and starts a timeshift recording.

Grundig smart remote

With the Grundig Smart Remote you can also control your TV without a remote control. To do this, simply log in with the remote app on your smartphone or tablet and use it to operate your Grundig Smart TV without any problems.

Lost your remote control? Then we have 5 alternatives for you to operate your television. We have some really good, up-to-date offers for you to buy a new television.


All Last Faith Weapons Explained

The Last Faith is a brutal combination of Castlevania and Bloodborne. It combines the unforgiving gameplay of the Soulsborne games with an exploration of the Castlevania games. This game sends you against hordes of enemies, and you can only rely on yourself and your trusty weapons to defend yourself.

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The Last Faith: full list of weapons

There are 13 weapons in the game, and each of them has its ups and downs. You can upgrade them, but I would recommend unlocking all the weapons and then, during replays, choosing the best one for each situation. The weapons in Last Faith are as follows, in unlock order:

  • Blade of Nightfall
  • Skull Cutter
  • Nighttide’s rout
  • Gaff Blade
  • Great Ethereal Blade
  • Macewhip storm chaser
  • Spinal Chain Blade
  • Indemnity Reaper
  • Illygrarth’s Boreal Blade
  • Firestrike Blade
  • Holy Winged Ax
  • The Devourer of the Betrayed
  • The blood rift

Blade of Nightfall

The Twilight Blade is your first weapon, and you will get it at the start of the campaign. It’s a simple short blade with no stats that excels. Nevertheless, it is very practical in close combat situations.

Skull Cutter

Now for the big hitters. SkullCleaver is a slow but powerful weapon. This weapon is found in the Broken pass area. If you like slow weapons that deal a lot of damage in one powerful hit, this weapon is good for you.

Nighttide’s rout

Remember how much the Belmonts loved using whips in Castlevania? This weapon is an obvious homage to that. This whip-like weapon is found in the City of Mythringal. Although it doesn’t have a great damage value, Nighttide Rout’s range is excellent and it comes in very handy against flying type enemies.

Gaff Blade

The Blunderblade and Nightfall Blade are two very similar short weapons. After saving the blacksmith in the City of Mythringal, you can buy the weapon from him. Blunderblade isn’t very distinctive, except for the ability to knock back during a combo.

Great Ethereal Blade

This name sounds mean, and for good reason. This blade is one of the best weapons the game has to offer. Relative to its size, it is long, fast, and deals high damage. The article is available in the Drowned Crypt area of ​​the map. Upgrade the Great Ethereal Blade at the highest level until the very end is something I highly recommend.

Macewhip storm chaser

As the name suggests, this weapon is a combination of a mace and a whip. We already have a whip-like weapon, Nighttide’s Rout. However, unlike Rout, Stormchaser is a hard-hitting weapon with excellent damage stats. This will be useful in the middle of the game. To find this weapon you need to explore the Esk Manor.

Spinal Chain Blade

Another amazing weapon that can be found in the middle of the game is the Spinal Chain Blade. It has range, a respectable attack bonus, and a special move that deals damage similar to a dark spell. You can grab the weapon in the Liturgical Pass.

Indemnity Reaper

This is another weapon of the highest class in the game. It resembles a scythe and has great combo ability, high speed, and great range. The latter is also very useful against certain flying enemies in the middle of the game. You will find the Reaper in the Damned Ruins of Osseus Fortress.

Illygrarth’s Boreal Blade

The Illygrath Boreal Blade is another solid steel blade that you should have in your collection. It functions like any other blade in the game, but what makes it unique is its Frozen enchantment, which allows you to stun your opponents and move them in combat. After defeating the boss Starlight Beast in Moonshade Lakeyou can get the weapon back.

Firestrike Blade

The name of this weapon is quite evocative. The Firestriker Blade has two attack modes, both involving elements of fire. With the first you can use the blade as a flamethrower, and with the second you can shoot a wave of fire forward. Both are extremely powerful and equally deadly against stronger opponents. Later in the game, the blacksmith will sell you the weapon for Nycrux.

Holy Winged Ax

In the late game, the Holy Winged Ax is a decent weapon. Moves like the simultaneous forward and backward dash and Frost enchantment attacks are among the highlights. However, given its lack of range and damage output compared to other endgame weapons, it is inferior to other endgame weapons. You can discover the Sacred Winged Ax by exploring the Gardens of the reigning palace.

The Devourer of the Betrayed

That’s a really cool name for a weapon. However, the weapon itself doesn’t live up to its name. The Devourer of the Betrayed is a dark enchantment sword that resembles a katana. He’s pretty fast and handles dark style attacks, but other than that he’s nothing special. You can find this katana in the Mythringal Crypt Skull Areas.

The blood rift

Without a doubt, the best weapon in the game is the Blood Rift. It is the highest damage weapon, capable of dealing up to 900 damage in a single hit if upgraded to maximum level. Additionally, it is a very vicious weapon due to the blood type enchantment and AOE style attacks. After filling out the four chalices of blood in the cursed ruins of Osseus Fortressyou can get this weapon.


PlayStation 5 accounts – Create and add new accounts, switch users, guest account, delete accounts and Quick Play on PS5 explained

When you get your PlayStation 5 (PS5) starts, you will undoubtedly want to log in to your existing PlayStation Network account to have your games and PlayStation Plus subscription back.

You can also create new PS5 account, add guest accounts and switch between PS5 accounts anytime you want. This way your family can also use the console without ruining your savegames.

Finally, this page also explains how to Deleted PS5 user accounts and how to use PlayStation 5 Quick Play.

On this page you will find:

If you want to know everything about the PS5, check our guides about your PS5 online status, PS5 accounts, the PS5 standard and PS5 Control Center.

Add new PS5 accounts

If you want to create a new account on your PlayStation 5, select the option ‘Add User’. You can find this option in several ways:

  • Via the ‘User’ selection screen when you start the console
  • The ‘Switch User’ option in the basic screen
  • Via the Control Center that you can see by pressing the PS button
  • The ‘Users and Accounts’ submenu the settings

However you get to this option, you will always end up with the same screen with three options:

  • Get Started – create a new permanent PS5 account
  • Sign In and Play – you can temporarily log into your PlayStation Network account on this console
  • Quick Play – anonymous temporary account

If you want to create a new, permanent account on your PlayStation 5, choose the option ‘Get Started.’

You will then be given the choice to log in to an existing PlayStation Network account, create a new one, or use the PSApp to log in to your account via a QR code or create an offline account.

If you want to use your previous account, log in to the PS5. Now you still have to arrange a few things, including Data Collection.

If you create a new account, you can also create a new username.

Via an offline account you can choose an icon and username, so that you can enjoy your PS5 even without an internet connection.

These instructions allow you to create an account for your child, with the only difference that you will need to visit the ‘Family and Parental Controls’ submenu in the settings to activate settings.

Switch PS5 users

There are two ways to switch accounts while playing on your PlayStation 5.

First and foremost, you can go to the home screen and go to the ‘Users’ option in the top right corner. Normally you will now see your username.

Click on it and a submenu will open with a few options including ‘Switch User.’

Selecting ‘Switch User’ will open a new menu with all users who currently have an account on this PS5.

You can choose which user you want to play as and thus gain access to all files (including save files) that the account in question has on this console. Certain parts of the account may require you to enter a password.

The second way to switch users is to press the PS button to activate the Control Center and select the User option.

Then you follow the same steps as above

Adding PS5 guests and Quick Play on PS5 explained

There are two ways to add a guest account to your PS5. Either you let someone log in temporarily via their own PlayStation Network account on your console, or a temporary guest account is created on your PS5 via Quick Play.

These options instantly delete any data created on your console during their playing time, so you don’t have to worry about impact on your storage capacity.

You can find both options by selecting the ‘Add User’ option, which can be found in several ways:

  • Via the selection screen that appears when you activate the console
  • Via the ‘Switch User’ option on the basic screen
  • Via the Control Center that you activate via the PS button
  • The ‘Users and Accounts’ submenu in the console settings

However you get there, after selecting ‘Add User’ you can choose from either ‘Sign In and Play’ or ‘Quick Play.’

If you choose ‘Sign In and Play’, you can log in to your PlayStation Network account and use the console as if it were yours. All your data is also stored.

If you select ‘Quick Play’, the console will automatically create a guest account that has access to all games and features downloaded to this console. If you have the physical version of the PS5, you can also play any physical disc.

The guest account will automatically disappear when you select a new user or switch off the PS5.

Remove PS5 users

To delete a user from your PS5, you must first go to the console settings. You can find it by going to the top right corner of the basic screen.

Then scroll to ‘Users and Accounts’ and select the option ‘Users.’

This will show you a list of all the accounts present on or linked to your PS5.

Now go to the account you want to delete and an icon with a trash can will appear. Select this.

Before removing it, the console will ask if you want to remove this user from the PS5.

If you confirm, the account will be deleted along with any saved data that may have been on the console.

If you want to know everything about the PS5, check our guides about your PS5 online status, PS5 accounts, the PS5 standard and PS5 Control Center.

Source : IGN


Wolfenstein: Youngblood – Weapon Upgrades Explained: The best weapon mods and set bonuses

As is the case in most video games, in
Wolfenstein: Youngblood
Money – it’s called Silver Coins here – is quite scarce, which the developers want to ensure that you can’t just buy whatever you want, but rather be careful about which weapon upgrades you spend your hard-earned cash on . There are some interesting systems at play here, so be sure to read on, as I’ll explain how the modifiers work and what are the best set bonuses to use your guns to efficiently punch as many holes in ___s as possible can shoot.

How do weapon mods work in Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

Wolfenstein: Youngblood
unlock weapon mods with Silver Coins found on corpses, in crates, or just lying around. To open the weapon mods menu (weapon mods screen), please press on PS4
/ on the Xbox One the
Options button
/ on the Nintendo Switch
/ on PC

This will take you to a menu where you will need to navigate to Weapons to see a list of the weapons currently available to you. You can then select your favorite weapon (or any other) to add the weapon to your Individual parts – shaft, receiver, magazine, etc. – can be seen. If you click on each part, you should see three different mods for each and in the lower right corner you should see how they change the stats of the selected weapon.

To unlock a weapon mod, you must pay the price in Silver Coins. You can then use them right away. Please note the make/brand of the weapon mod as this is relevant in the next section.

What do set bonuses do in Wolfenstein: Youngblood?

Any weapon mod in
Wolfenstein Youngblood
belongs to one of three categories/brands: Nadel, Tempo or Bull. If you use three upgrades that belong to the same category/brand, you will receive the corresponding set bonus.

  • needle: Additional headshot damage.
  • tempo: Better/higher rate of fire.
  • bull: Improved damage.

Since each weapon has five parts, you can only get one set bonus per gun, but you can use the remaining two parts, which don’t have to be the same brand, to customize the weapon to your personal preference.

How does the mastery system work in Wolfenstein Youngblood?

This is pretty simple: to master a weapon, you need to use it to kill more enemies. You’ll progress through the Mastery Tree this way, increasing the percentage of damage you deal with your chosen weapon, up to a maximum level of 20. This means it’s worth focusing on using your Killing ’s favorite weapon to upgrade it. Personally, I prefer to use the Assault Rifle, which deals 24% bonus damage at Mastery Level 6.

How to improve weapon mods in Wolfenstein Youngblood?

Upgrading a weapon mod is easy and provides a solid stat boost for the firearm, making these upgrades worth investing in. However, you also need to unlock them, which aren’t that easy as some require you to reach level 25, but you should at least consider getting those upgrades. Make sure you have enough Silver Coins when the time comes so you can upgrade your arsenal.

The best Wolfenstein: Youngblood weapon mods

Assault Rifle – Nadel Semi-Auto Receiver

This mod turns the Bolt Action Rifle into a semi-automatic, obstacle-smashing beast, allowing you to shoot ___s through walls, cover, and other ___s. Combined with the x-ray scope, it’s downright deadly in the early game and perfect for taking down enemies from afar, but towards the end of the game you should switch to a full bull build to kill opponents efficiently.

Pistol – Tempo Auto Receiver

A powerful mod that turns the humble pistol into a rapid-fire weapon, fixing the rate of fire issue this weapon otherwise suffers from. In this improved state, the pistol can even be equipped with a silencer, combining high damage and stealth. The Burst Fire is a brutal barrage that melts armor, especially if you’re using two pistols at once – its double the trouble.

Flash Rifle – Taurus Heavy Receiver

I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the steel braid ammo does, but at high speeds this weapon turns ___s into putty, so it’s definitely worth upgrading, especially when paired with a Taurus Huge Damage set bonus .

Diesel Power Plant – Needle Napalm Injector

Let’s get to the point. Would you like to leave a burning puddle of napalm on the ground after each explosion? Then you need the Napalm Injector from Nadel. Combined with other bull parts, this is a dangerous weapon that deals tons of AoE damage after the initial mayhem. Who doesn’t love that?

Laserkraftwerk – Automatic Transformer

This mod turns your laser into an automatic, steady beam that literally disintegrates/disintegrates your enemies – you have to see it to believe it. Combined with bull damage mods, this weapon becomes a fantastic and fun tool that you can easily use to ruin any ’s day.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood – How To Open All Kraftwerk Gates Special Weapons & Abilities Guide