A new The Elder Scrolls game has just been released, and for free. It’s like that mobile Fallout Shelter, but with turn-based combat

Although there are still years, a few, until the arrival of The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda will not leave us without our dose of Tamriel and Just released a new game of the franchise right now, and for free. Nobody saw it coming, but The Elder Scrolls: Castles is a reality, a project like Fallout Shelter to keep us glued to our mobile.

The American studio has opted for what is known in this industry as “shadowdrop”, that is, launching a game without giving a single minute’s notice, and announcing that it is now available to everyone. A surprise that actually appeared this morning in Spain and that you can now download for devices Android. For now, there is no mention one by one iOS versionbut judging by the previous free to play of the same style, Fallout Shelter, it is to be hoped that it will reach our iPhone and iPad.

The comparison with that 2015 game co-developed by Behavior Santiago is no coincidence, and the playable idea of ​​this TES Castle is the same. The American team has worked on an experience that allows you control your own castle and dynasty, as well as oversee your subjects as the years pass, families grow, and new rulers take the throne.

Regarding its playable aspect, Castles has some of its own details that separate it slightly from Shelters. Although the core of the experience focuses on items basics of simulators of building managementwe have a character editor to create a hero with whom to go outside and struggle against classic enemies from the saga in turn-based combat.

Of course, we are facing a . As SamaGame collects from the information in the game’s Play Store, Bethesda mentions that the game is in “early access”, so perhaps the arrival of the game in the early hours of today was anticipated as a beta of the final game.


The best backpack mods in Fallout 76

With so many items, debris, and weapons to collect, you need a way to boost your carry capacity in Fallout 76. Here are the best Fallout 76 backpack mods to make managing the weight !

The Best Backpack Mods to Focus on in Fallout 76

There are eight backpack mods in Fallout 76, the best of which include Chemist Backpack Mod, Big capacity, IsolatedAnd plated armor. Of course, you can only install one at a time, so choosing the best of the best proves difficult. It depends on your playing style and requirements.

Backpack Mod Description Effect Resources Requirements
Chemist backpack Reduces overall chemical weight by 90%, but does not stack with benefits. Reduced chemical weight. 2x Copper
6x Plastic
Blueprint: Chemist Backpack Mod
Big capacity Increases overall carrying capacity but reduces resistance to energy and radiation. Increased transport weight. 5x fabric
2x Leather
1x Plastic
Blueprint: High Capacity Backpack Mod
Scrap metal rat Reduces the weight of waste and components by 90%. Significantly reduces the weight of waste. 2x Plastic
1x Rubber
1x Cloth
Summer CAMP Challenge
plated armor Reduces carrying capacity but greatly increases resistance to damage. Improves overall damage resistance. 1x oil
2x Plastic
1x Steel
Blueprint: Armored Backpack Mod

All four backpack mods provide a unique perk that enhances specific playstyles. For those who like to tinker, Scrap Rat is the ideal mod to reduce weight. If you find yourself constantly in combat, Armor Plate might save your life once or twice in the near future!

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How to make a backpack

There are two main types of backpacks in Fallout 76: the standard small backpack and the standard large backpack. Of course, you can find variations of both, with unique modifications, scattered across Appalachia.

But to make and modify your backpack at CAMP, you first need to find the plans. And fortunately, they arrive relatively early.

On the top floor, you will find the Standard Small Backpack plans at Morgantown Airport inside of Overseer’s Cache. As for the Large Standard Backpack, you must complete the Kindness, Bravery, ObligationAnd Growth quests at Camp Lewis. It’s a reward for finishing The Order of the Tadpole.


Fallout 4 will receive a free ‘next gen’ update

Fallout 4 was released in 2015 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, among others. This title can also be played on current-gen consoles through backwards compatibility. That will change.

Bethesda has on the Fallout website namely stated that Fallout 4 will receive a free update sometime in 2023, aimed at the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. In other words, a current-gen upgrade.

If you play the game after installing the update, you will be able to play Fallout 4 in a higher frame rate or choose a 4K resolution mode. Many remaining bugs will also be addressed and additional Creation Club content will be added.