Massif Games Convention from February 19th in Frankfurt (Update)

The Massif Games Convention, which was held for the first time in Frankfurt, is understood to be.

Update from February 20, 2024: The first edition of the Massif Games Convention (MGC) started yesterday, Monday. Massif Central managing director Florian Joeckel is calculating . Further panels, lectures and presentations are on the program for this Tuesday and the following days.

Frankfurt’s head of economic affairs, Stephanie Wüst (FDP), admitted at the opening that the general conditions for developers had improved as a result of federal funding. In Hesse, however, €260,000 was distributed to seven serious games projects in 2023 – that is in comparison to other federal states. This makes events like the Massif Games Convention all the more relevant.

It ties in seamlessly with the MGC: from February 22nd to 24th, the Seligenstadt pinball and arcade museum will present selected exhibits. Admission is free.

Massif Games Convention from February 19th in Frankfurt

Report from February 15, 2024: This is how the organizers describe the organization of a games event in Frankfurt am Main – and confidently label the Hessian banking metropolis as .

At least in terms of sales and market share, this is definitely true: After all, international players such as Nintendo of Europe, Sony Interactive, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Zenimax Germany have their branches in the greater Frankfurt area – plus well-known game studios such as Crytek and Deck13 Interactive , Cloud Imperium Games and Keen Games.

While the German Dev Days are traditionally aimed more at developers, founders and students, the Massif Games Convention is intended to close a gap in the areas of culture and business from 2024. The four conference days from February 19th to 22nd (Monday to Thursday) are each dedicated to a specific topic and consist of workshops, exhibitions, concerts and lectures.

Participation is free. But: Tickets for the Massif Games Convention 2024 will be sold exclusively via the Eintracht Frankfurt app Mainqila, which requires registration in addition to downloading. The venue is the municipal art and culture center Massif Central, not far from Römer and Paulskirche.

The initiators of the new format include the Frankfurt agency Guilty76, city marketing department head Stephanie Wüst and the Darmstadt game design professor Wilhelm Weber, all of whom are also actively involved in various program items. The list of speakers also includes Prof. Dr. Stefan Jacob (also Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences), Youre boss Alex Suárez, games consultant Tom Putzki, Timm Jäger (Eintracht Frankfurt E-Sports), game developer Tobias Fox and Deck13 founder Jan Klose.