Everything You Need to Know About the Coral Island Harvest Festival

The simplest way to describe Coral Island is South Asian version of Stardew Valley. You spend your days on an exotic island, enjoying the life and activities and meeting various people. Festivals are an important part of the gameplay. These are special days with special activities that you can participate in.

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Coral Island Harvest Festival

The holidays are days of celebration. There are various things to celebrate on Coral Island, and festival themes range from seasonal changes to environmental activities. Each season has two festivals and you will receive notifications a few days before. Although you are not required to attend festivals, we highly recommend that you do so. Festivals are a great opportunity to learn more about the people and culture of Coral Island.

When does the harvest festival start?

The Harvest Festival is the first festival in autumnand it starts on 15th day of autumn. On Fall 5, the player will receive an invitation letter to the Harvest Festival. The letter contains the time and location of the festival as well as some details about the festival’s exhibition competition.

Where does the harvest festival take place?

The Coral Island Harvest Festival takes place on Alun-Alun Squareon the east side of the lake, the same area that hosted the cherry blossom festival. Likewise, it begins with a interaction with the Harvest Festival balloon. Just make sure you’re there after 7:00 p.m.otherwise you won’t be able to trigger the event.

What is at the Harvest Festival?

Opposite the Pufferfish stand at the top of the map is a Harvest Festival Stand. There are several things on sale, like seeds and fertilizers, and you can get them at discounted prices.

The harvest display competition

By putting their agricultural products in the empty crates on the far right of Alun-Alun squareplayers can enter the Harvest display competition. The player should remember to take back the goods before leaving, as they are not automatically returned after the festival.

To calculate the player’s final score, there are several categories by which the product collection is judged, such as starting price of each item and the quality of each element. To choose a winner and the prizes they will receive, this score is then compared with to the score of a competing farmer for his show.

Apple pumping

In the massif washhouse to the left of the huge chicken, the player can start an Apple Bobbing game. The goal is simple: eat so many apples as you can during avoid bad apples and their stunning effects on players. The first prize is an apple tree plant.

Crushing Pumpkin

No, it’s not the band’s concert. It’s much more literal. A Smashing Pumpkin game can be launched at registration office at the lake, to the left of the Alun-Alun square sign. Smash as many pumpkins as possible to earn as many points as possible before time runs out. Combinations are obtained when many pumpkins are crushed successively. Avoid rotten pumpkins as they break combos and deduct points from the player.