Analysis of Jusant, the beautiful journey to the clouds that I dream of becoming a Studio Ghibli film

“Jusant describes a marine phenomenon, specific to nautical coasts, in which sea level rises regularly from its highest point before receding to reach its lowest point, generally known as low tide.”

It is not just any term, it is not a random word that Don’t Nod has pulled out of its sleeve, but the French developers have chosen the noun to reflect your most particular world. The studio has presented us with gems of the caliber of Life is Strange or Vampyr, but all of them were always attached to a terrain that we already know. By the way, the creators themselves clear up all doubts about its pronunciation.

In the case of Jusant We are taken to an empty stage, a place where our protagonist barely has company and where water, the much coveted liquid, has completely disappeared. The journey from the base of the stone tower to its summit is full of beautiful pictures, beautiful corners and a very hard journey based on climbing.

Although I would like to put the comparisons out of my head, I can’t help it. Jusant is the Death Stranding of mountaineering, of which he has his gaze fixed upwards and on the points on which he can lean. Not only because of a mechanic based purely on the method of movement, but because of everything we contemplate throughout the process. An experience that is close to the well-worn mantra that video games are art.

Not a single word is spoken in the entire game. and the only testimony that the tower was once inhabited is found through notes that recount the last moments of life of the locals. The tower is divided into different sections, starting with a sunny beginning and ending with inclement weather in the highest parts. In all of them we will come across the remains of humanity, among their belongings made up of fishing nets, boats that no longer float and tools to go out to fish that no longer have prey to capture.

For an unknown reason, rain hasn’t fallen from the sky for too long. So much so that many doubt that it even existed, which is why they do not know the tremendous risk that comes with not progressively renewing the water. Discovering the cause of this drought will be our goal, so our skill in placing pitons and tying ropes will be essential.

Obviously, the vertical progression is constant, looking for natural supports such as crevices in the rock, a mill that has passed away or a saving ledge. However, We’re not exactly Nathan Drake., so trying to scale at full speed is not the most beneficial. In fact, we won’t be able to jump constantly, since we have a resistance bar that limits our ability to act.

It is the first call of Jusant for us to take their challenge patiently and calmly, because there is a lot to climb and no reward for getting there faster. We are not in a race, but rather facing the pure challenge of having a huge wall before us and knowing that we have to climb it. Of course, a little friend will help us shortly after the adventure begins.

Ballast is a small creature made of water that reveals the path we must follow, reveals clues hidden between the cracks and launches a very particular energy pulse. If we activate it, we will see how some plants grow in a flash and many others have cocoons that we can hold onto to reach a new point. Their work is essential for both of them to reach the top of the tower addition to guiding us to murals painted in stone about the tower’s past.

Not only does Ballast help, but the creatures that live in the tower will continue to go about their lives and we will take advantage of them. For example, tiny beings come out of holes carrying stones on their shoulders as they walk along a wall, so we will have to lean on them as they move to continue. In the same way, a kind of fireflies lift us several meters if we ask them to.

And with all this you swing in the void, you reach a support where you can rest, you perform double jumps along a facade and you shake your hand to relax it after so much tension during the climb. The heat incites the plants and consumes their cocoons, while the wind whips so hard that it can knock us off the cliff we are on. There is no skill tree, we do not find any improvement that helps us climb better, we simply arrive with what we are wearing and end up with the same toolbox on our back.

It is not necessary to know the terrain as if we were going to climb Everest, but they are details that provide interaction with the environment that culminates after four hours of departure in a beautiful ending, without the need for text, words or any other sound other than that of nature itself. Jusant reminds us of Studio Ghibli at times and its magnificent pulse between the purely artistic and the narration of a message that resonates. They are small moments, but they allow us to appreciate the great work done.

SamaGame’s opinion

There was a desire to Jusant and Don’t Nod has fulfilled the line that previous tests pointed to. The journey to the summit is full of mystery, beautiful scenery and an atmosphere that surrounds you with every grip you manage to reach. The work, due to its narrative nature, will connect more with those who are completely involved in the journey, but otherwise you will come across a title that focuses on beauty.

The soundtrack is really relaxing, the flora and fauna seem extremely friendly and everything that appears on the screen has the gift of being able to captivate. It lasts a sigh and perhaps it is for the best; Don’t arrive expecting a frenetic climb, the use of all kinds of mountaineering gear or anything similar. Just let yourself be rocked by vibrations that appear, sooner or later, but they are there.

Jusant Price

Jusant It can be obtained on the main platforms of PC (Steam), PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In all cases, the sale price is 24.99 euros, although it is also available at launch with Xbox Game Pass.

Jusant duration

Jusant’s campaign lasts around four hours, although it can be a little longer depending on whether you want to get all the collectibles. There are murals, notations and small stone towers to find, but they are very easy to find and would take you maybe an hour longer to do 100%.


Platforms PC (reviewed version), PS5 and Xbox Series
Multiplayer No
Developer Don’t Nod
Company Don’t Nod
Launch October 31, 2023

The best

  • A comforting and pleasant experience
  • The art direction is sublime
  • Climbing is fun…


  • …but you won’t find a challenge in it


I watched the new film “The Master and Margarita” (2024) in the cinema. What was this all about, what does the book have to do with it?

The long-awaited film based on the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, “The Master and Margarita” from director Mikhail Lokshin, has begun to be shown at the Russian box office.

The film adaptation topped the list of premieres and beat the ratings. The first viewers praised the film, but there were also those who considered the film a “humiliation of the original.”

We have already watched the new product and are eager to share our impressions. How did it turn out? Let’s figure it out.

The film reimagines the original book

What is the movie about: Moscow, 1930s. A famous writer at the height of his career suddenly finds himself at the center of a literary scandal. The performance of his play is removed from the repertoire, his colleagues demonstratively avoid meeting him, and in a matter of days he turns into an outcast. Soon after this, he meets Margarita, who becomes his lover and muse.

Inspired by her love and support, the writer takes on a new novel in which the characters are people from his environment, and the main character is the mysterious Woland, whose prototype is a recent foreign acquaintance. The writer immerses himself in the world of his novel and gradually ceases to notice how fiction and reality are intertwined into one whole.

I’ll say right away that you shouldn’t expect a page-by-page copy of a book from a painting. Here the plot is rethought and differs from the history that is taught in schools.

And this is precisely where the strength of the new film adaptation lies. It cannot be called secondary. There have been quite a lot of films based on the novel over the years, so the authors had to take a different path in order to differ from other film adaptations.

One way or another, it’s impossible to do without comparisons with the book.

The film places great emphasis on the Master and Woland. And although it lasts a little less than 3 hours, it was not possible to fit in all the events of the novel. However, all important plot points have been transferred and adapted for the modern viewer. Moreover, in 2024 this plot is perceived especially acutebecause it talks about the duplicity of the authorities and terrible censorship, which drives the writer crazy.

Compared to other film adaptations, including the famous TV series, the new product looks more like fan fiction based on it. No, they adhere to the original plot, but often deviate from the well-known narrative.

The film is kept in gloomy tones and hardly even gives a hint of a ray of hope. General condemnation, the heavy burden of the author of the play “Pontius Pilate” (yes, now it’s a play) and many other negative factors put pressure on the viewer throughout the entire running time.

“The Master and Margarita” 2024 is straight forward story with a completed ending. But it is full of liberties and deviations from the original idea, which is why many fans of Bulgakov’s work may not like it. On the other hand, this solution allows even those who know the novel to watch the film to watch it by heart.

Particularly interesting was Woland, played by August Diehl, known for many Hollywood films, including Inglourious Basterds. He was able to convey the entire emotional spectrum of the mysterious character and create a mystery around him with his gestures and facial expressions.

In general, Diehl’s character receives the lion’s share of the narrative here. And the original title of the film – “Woland” – would have suited him much more.

No less interesting is the love story between the Master and Margarita, which is given special emphasis. It’s interesting to follow the development of the lovers’ relationship, and this is almost the only love line in recent years that doesn’t make you sick. It is staged perfectly and organically woven into the plot.

But, again, due to the attempt of the film’s authors to “reinvent” the original book, many viewers will leave the theater disappointed.

The atmosphere is conveyed perfectly, you are imbued with it from the first minutes

I want to express special respect to the directors. They were able to do something incredible, you are immersed in the madness of the writer from the first minutes and empathize with all the characters until the end. You can literally feel the pain and feel all the “obscurantism” of Woland’s retinue.

This is a beautiful movie where it is given great attention to detail. Even the opening scene immediately captivates you. And the finale with Yulia Snigir in the role of Margarita can give you goosebumps.

The actors naturally got used to their roles and perfectly conveyed the emotions of the characters. There are many spectacular and impressive scenes here, albeit in a free interpretation. Some of them create real drive. The local universe is thought out to the smallest detail. It is clear that they worked meticulously on the painting.

Of course, the topic of religion is also constantly raised here. But at the same time no one doesn’t impose, for which special respect. But don’t expect philosophical discussions like in the original. This is, first and foremost, an entertaining movie. And it does its job well, while simultaneously raising themes of love, death and life.

Definitely worth a watch, even if you’re a fan of the book.

Of course, The Master and Margarita of 2024 has its own plot. But this is what catches you, allowing you to look at the original story from a different perspective.

No one can surpass the classic who wrote the novel for 20 years. However, the new film adaptation creates genuine interest. And thanks to the high-quality production, 2.5-3 hours fly by unnoticed.

You definitely won’t be left indifferent after watching it. People will definitely be divided into two camps: fans and haters. And it’s good that such a movie evokes true emotions.


Valentin, 15, confesses to the murder of his parents: in Châteauvilain, “we think we are living a horror film”

The horror is confirmed and increases a notch every day in Châteauvilain (Isère) where the charred bodies of a couple from the village were found a week ago, in the rubble of their deliberately burned house. Autopsies quickly revealed a violent death by gunshot. The couple’s youngest son, Valentin, who has not been found since the fire, was located and arrested on Saturday by the Montpellier gendarmes (Hérault) as he got off a bus.

From the start of his custody, in the premises of the research section of the Grenoble gendarmerie, the 15-year-old teenager confessed to investigators to having killed his parents. Information confirmed by Éric Vaillant, public prosecutor of Grenoble. Concerning the motive for this crazy gesture, Valentin explained that he wanted to rebuild his life, destroy everything and start again, according to the released Dauphiné. The weapon used would be his father’s rifle, a sports shooting enthusiast. According to a neighbor, Valentin Nurdin learned to use it himself by dragging bottles from the garden.

Many unanswered questions about the trigger

The scenario of the drama therefore begins to become clearer. Monday, November 27, Valentin allegedly shot and killed his parents while they were in their bedroom. He also allegedly attacked the family dog, a border collie found in a pool of blood. Then the teenager allegedly set the house on fire before fleeing in his father’s Citroën Picasso car towards Drôme where the vehicle was discovered damaged in Sainte-Uze. We do not know precisely how he continued his route towards Montpellier.

Today, many questions remain unanswered about the triggering factor of this murderous madness. Hearing his big brother, Titouan (17), at home the previous weekend and leaving the day before the tragedy for Lyon where he studies, will perhaps shed light on the atmosphere reigning in the family circle. Valentin’s psychiatric state is the other major unknown in this case. An expertise could determine the degree of responsibility of the teenager, whom many describe as intelligent. Valentin also suffered from Lyme disease from which he seemed to suffer greatly. His parents tried, in vain, to find remedies abroad.

“He was a kid like any other”

In the meantime, in Châteauvilain (800 inhabitants), we are trying to understand the incomprehensible. The Nurdin farmhouse is located away from the village, in Combe Noire, an isolated valley in the middle of the fields. The agricultural building had been renovated by Isabelle and Didier Nurdin, who arrived 18 years ago. Isabelle came from a family of Parisian cabinetmakers and had set up an armchair renovation workshop in this countryside. Didier was a former international level table tennis player (who was part of the French top 10 in the 90s) and today worked as an engineer at EDF in Lyon.

On the dirt road running alongside the Nurdin property, a few walkers look sadly at the smoke still escaping from the rubble. “It’s inconceivable. Our daughter went to primary school with Valentin. He was a child like any other. We never noticed anything unusual. He was later dropped out of college because he suffered from Lyme disease. That’s why he started correspondence courses. Afterwards, we lost contact with them. »

Police custody which ends this Monday

“Little Valentin, I didn’t know him,” confides Jocelyne, who has lived all her life in Châteauvilain and who, from her windows, has a view of the roof of the burned house. “However, I walk a lot in the countryside, especially near the Nurdin family home. I even have two armchairs that I had restored by his mother with whom I spoke at length. I even went to their house to see his workshop. She worked very well, was very friendly. But we haven’t seen Valentin, even though in the countryside, the children are outside all the time. I didn’t even recognize him in the photo on the wanted poster.

“It upsets us,” says Christelle, a mother from the village. My daughter was scared when she learned what Valentin had done. She thinks she’s living in a horror movie. We thought it was a robbery gone wrong. But there, a son who kills his own parents… It’s confusing. We wonder what was going through his mind. Was it Lyme disease that drove him crazy? »

Valentin Nurdin’s police custody ends this Monday. The Grenoble prosecutor should provide new details on the circumstances of this tragedy. The teenager risks up to 20 years of criminal imprisonment, a sentence taking into account his status as a minor.

gn france


Familiar face returns for How to Train Your Dragon live-action film

For the live-action version of How to Train Your Dragon, a different cast will be used. One familiar face will reportedly return to play the same role.

It has been a popular strategy in recent years to adapt beloved animated films into live-action versions. Disney has already given many different franchises a new face in this way, such as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. Universal Pictures is now also going to give one from DreamWorks Animation a live-action treatment: How to Train Your Dragon.

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The film will be a reboot, making casting for the project a major question. Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera, who play Hiccup and Astrid in the animated films, are much too old for the characters who would be 15 years old in the original. Their roles will be taken over by Mason Thames and Nico Parker.

Age alone is not a problem for one actor, namely Gerard Butler. The actor plays the Viking Stoick in How to Train Your Dragon, who is about 45 years old in the animated film. At 54 years old, the Scot would play the role again, Deadline reports. According to the studio, it would be an excellent opportunity to also pay tribute to the original cast.

A successful franchise

It is not surprising that How to Train Your Dragon was chosen as a franchise to be made into a live-action film. The series is very popular with the public. The three animated films together managed to bring in no less than 1.6 billion dollars.

The live-action movie of How to Train Your Dragon is scheduled to be released on March 14, 2025.


George RR Martin’s Sandkings film adaptation to Netflix

George RR Martin’s Sandkings book, which came out in 1979, is getting a film adaptation on Netflix. Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is taking on this project, according to a latest update with Collider. What can we expect from the Sandkings movie?

George R. R. Martin’s Sandkings

The book Sandkings was written by George RR Martin, better known for his Game of Thrones book series. Sandkings is about a child named Simon Kress, who has a love for collecting exotic animals. One day he buys a terrarium with four colonies of all animals, called the Sandkings. These animals eventually grow to be as big as the tank they are in. The four colonies compete against each other and eventually escape from the terrarium.

This story will eventually be made into a film by Gore Verbinski. Yet the production of the film is not far along at all. Verbinski is only now working on creating new ideas for the new film, it is not known when real production will start.

Gore Verbinski

Sandkings is Verbinski’s latest project. He says he thinks RR Martin’s book is a brilliant short story that he loves very much. But Sandkings is not the first major project he has made in his life. What other films has he created?

Gore Verbinski is best known for directing the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, in which Johnny Depp played Jack Sparrow. He has also directed films such as The Weather Man with Nicolas Cage, Rango, The Lone Ranger and A Cure For Wellness. Sandkings is the latest title he can add to his name.


“It’s the best battle scene ever filmed.” Martin Scorsese assures that this film surpasses ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘Braveheart’ or ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Throughout the history of cinema we have seen countless combat sequences, with some unforgettable examples such as the confrontation at Helm’s Deep from ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’, the battle of Stirling Bridge from ‘Braveheart’. ‘ or the climax of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, but Martin Scorsese It is very clear which is the film that shines the most in this section: ‘Chimes at midnight’.

Written, directed and starring Orson Welles‘Chimes at Midnight’ is based on several works by William Shakespeare and is set in the Hundred Years’ War that faced France and the United Kingdom in the 14th and 15th centuries. Welles himself did not hesitate to say at the time that it was his favorite film of all the films he has made and it is evident that the director of ‘The Departed’ is also a great lover of it.

“There has never been anything like it”

Scorsese recently spoke with Time magazine on the occasion of the imminent premiere of ‘Killers of the Moon’, his new collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio, and there he had time to review some films that made a great impression on him. Especially striking is what he says when talking about Orson Welles:


The ‘Chimes at Midnight’ scene that Scorsese refers to takes place late in the film and focuses on the decision of the son of King Henry IV of England to go to war in his father’s name to face the Battle of Shrewsbury. the troops of the seditious Hotspur.

If you have been left wanting to know if Scorsese is right or not when it comes to elevating that scene as the best battle in the history of cinema, you have available ‘Chimes at Midnight’ in the Flixolé catalog. You can also see the scene in question here, but I already warn you that the image quality can be greatly improved and thus it cannot be enjoyed properly.


‘Mario film gets solo Donkey Kong spinoff’

Sources reportedly told GiantFreakinRobot that a Donkey Kong movie is coming. It would be a spin-off of the Mario Bros. upcoming movie. Just like in the Mario movie, Seth Rogen will provide the voice of Donkey Kong.

It has been known for some time that a Super Mario Bros. film is in the making at film studio Illumination. Now, according to sources, the company is also working on a Donkey Kong spin-off film. Donkey Kong gets the same voice actor in this film as in the Mario film, namely Seth Rogen.

Will there be a Nintendo ‘MCU’?

The Donkey Kong movie would be a spin-off of the Mario movie. It therefore seems likely that both films take place in the same universe. It’s starting to look like a larger Nintendo movie universe.

That would also make it possible for many more of Nintendo’s favorite characters to get their own movie, but for now the rumors are really only about a Donkey Kong movie. It is likely that we will see well-known Donkey Kong characters in that film, such as Cranky Kong. Just like Donkey Kong, he has a role in the Mario movie.

Who will we see besides Seth Rogen in the Mario movie?

The cast of the Mario movie was recently announced, but opinions are divided about the choices made. In addition to Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, the film features Chris Pratt as Mario, Charlie Day as Luigi and Anya Taylor-Joy as Peach. Charles Martinet has a number of cameos in the film and will continue to voice Mario in the games for a long time to come.

The Mario movie will be released at the end of 2022. Only after that time can we expect a solo Donkey Kong film, if this film actually happens. So we will have to be patient for a while.


Bad news for fans of ‘John Wick’: the brutal fourth film starring Keanu Reeves is left without a physical edition in Spain because “it is not financially viable”

Any Spanish collector of films in physical format was already smelling it, but it never hurts to have this sad certainty: the brutal ‘John Wick 4’ is left without a physical edition, since the distributor Diamond Films He has recalled that he does not plan to publish any of his films on DVD, Blu-ray or 4K Ultra HD, justifying this decision with “”.

Demand is very low

The truth is that no Diamond Films film has been published in physical format in our country for a long time, so the only thing we needed was an official explanation from him. We finally got it, and this is what it says:

Since we started our activity in Spain, we are committed to the creation and distribution of DVDs and Blu-Ray. Unfortunately, the company in charge of manufacturing and logistics ceased its activity permanently, due to the low demand for these products, so we had no choice but to stop editing our films in these formats. We understand that there are still some collectors who continued to bet on the physical format and we are very grateful that you are interested in keeping it, but we hope you understand that the demand is so low that its manufacture is not economically viable.

That the physical market in Spain is not going through its best moment is something indisputable. Gone are the years of strength in which there were countless buyers. Many of them were disappearing with the rise of streaming and something tells me that the obsession created around 50% offers, very common a few years ago and rarely seen today, does not help to be profitable either. Now it seems that the only thing that really sells are steelbooks – and I am the first to give them priority over simple editions.

All in all, movies continue to be released in our country and there are distributors like Reel One Entertainment that subsist solely on DVD and Blu-ray sales, so profits should continue to give. Perhaps few and very focused on certain titles –I don’t have the slightest doubt about the good sales of ‘John Wick 4’, but what about the rest of the releases?-, so one can understand that they have opted for other sources of income. Which is it? I suspect that the exclusivity that Diamond Films titles have for a time with Prime Video when they are released on streaming must be more profitable than what they could earn without it and the extra of the physical format.

Obviously, ‘John Wick 4’ is not the only title affected -the same will happen with the recent ‘Talk to me’, the polarizing ‘Beau is afraid’ or the still pending release ‘The last trip of Demeter’-, but surely the most striking. Let’s not forget all the trouble that occurred with the physical format edition of its first installment, which did not appear for sale in our country until this very 2023. By the way, this will also affect future releases, so if ‘John Wick 5’ has just been done, you can count on the same thing to happen.


Heineken hooks up in a hilarious way on Barbie film

The Barbie movie is a huge success worldwide and numerous different marketing campaigns have been started around the movie. Everyone wants to get their share and the Dutch beer brand Heineken is also happy to participate.

Whoever talks about Barbie, is of course also talking about boyfriend Ken. This is also evident in Greta Gerwig’s film, which has been in theaters since last week. In addition to Margot Robbie in the lead role as Barbie, there are also many Kens in the blockbuster. Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Scott Evans, Ncuti Gatwa, John Cena, Rob Brydon and Tom Stourton play all kinds of Ken.

Heineken is now responding to the Barbie film by means of a special billboard in which a specific part of the beer brand is given extra attention. It concerns the last three letters of Heineken that are enlarged, while a small text can be seen at the bottom right of the board. It concerns the text: “Come on… Let’s go party!”.

Check out the ad for yourself below!

Have you seen the Barbie movie yet? Let us know in the comments below!