Here are the 8 best vintage men’s addresses at the Paris Saint-Ouen flea market

What if you found the rare vintage gem for men? From Saturday to Monday, there is always the same excitement in the aisles of the Saint-Ouen flea market, north of Paris. It’s difficult to navigate this maze of vinyl records, designer furniture and vintage clothing. Here is a guide to the best vintage men’s fashion addresses at Puces so that you can find that rare gem during your next trip.

A Vintage Touch

A stand with walls painted orange and decorated with military nets and flags dating from the liberation of France. For five years, Sacha has opened a shop that has become a must at Marché Vernaison — one of the flea markets in Saint-Ouen considered to be the oldest. Sacha specializes in vintage clothing, ranging from the Second World War to the 2000s. As the name of his store, A Vintage Touch, indicates, Sacha wants his customers to take his vintage clothes and mix them with their own style. Understand by this: no total vintage look, but a clever mix of designer clothes, new pieces and a touch of vintage.

Marcel and Jeannette

A shop spread over two stands side by side, located at Marché Vernaison and run by Merry and Virginie for more than seven years. The two women are passionate about period French clothing and their selection goes from the 18the century until the 1960s. You can find moleskin overalls from the 1930s, completely faded by the sun and patched all over. Arranged on a table, we see rolls of vintage fabrics dyed with indigo. On a model, a 1920s linen shirt stands out for its modernity. Whether you are a movie costume designer or simply elegant, you will meet many different personalities there.