Hogwarts Legacy Flying Stones: Cragcroftshire Treasure Vault

In the world of the new Hogwarts Legacy, there are a number of side activities in addition to the main quests, including the treasure vaults. In the treasure vaults you have to solve small puzzles and can then open a chest, which usually contains equipment and appearances. While you can solve most treasure vault puzzles quickly, there are also a few vaults where you won’t be able to find the solution straight away. This may be the case for some players in the treasure vault in northwest Cragcroftshire. A few stones fly around in the vault and you ask yourself, what should be done here?

Treasure Vault Cragcroftshire Solution

When you get to the entrance to the treasure vault, you first have to remove the cobwebs with a fire spell such as Incendio. Then you simply follow the path into the vault and then meet a few spider opponents in the form of the Acromantula. Once you have razed the spiders to the ground, you move on to a larger room where you also meet a poacher tracker and a street mutt. Once you have killed the enemies, you can now take care of the puzzle with the flying stones.

Similar to other stone vaults, the solution here is simpler than expected and at first you think it’s far too complicated. All you have to do to solve the flying stone puzzle is hit them with a basic spell. After you hit a flying stone, it falls to the ground and stays there for a certain amount of time. The goal now is to hit all the stones so that all the stones are on the ground. The chest then appears and the treasure vault in Cragcroftshire is solved.

  1. Remove cobwebs at the entrance, follow the path and kill the spiders.
  2. At the end, kill the two enemies in the large room and hit all the stones with a basic spell.
  3. Open the chest and the treasure vault is locked.

Update: For some players, a stone is probably outside the large space. The stone lies on the floor on the way into the vault and must also be hit once with a basic spell.

Tip: This is how you can unlock and add additional properties to your equipment.