Sons of the Forest: Cave Order

In what order do you have to explore the caves in Sons of the Forest? Does the order even matter and can you just explore each cave directly? In the new survival game from Endnight Games you can explore a number of caves during the game. In total there are 11 caves in the current version, most of which are in the western part of the island. Exploring the caves is necessary to get items like a rope gun, scuba gear, or even a shovel. In this context, the question usually arises, in which order do you have to visit the caves to get to the important objects?

In what order do you have to explore the caves?

Yes, the order in which you visit the caves matters, but only when it comes to the shovel. To get the shovel you need the rope gun and the scuba gear. The rope gun can be found in a cave in the west of the island, the diving gear can be found in the cave on the beach in the very north of the island. Without these two items you cannot complete the cave where you get the shovel.

  • Cave #1: In the forest to the west of the map – Rope Pistol
  • Cave #2: On the beach in the north of the map – Diving gear
  • Cave #3: Northeast of the first cave on the river – Shovel

cave order

Locations of all caves

The locations of the caves are shown on the map. If you would like to take a look at the sites of the cave entrances in advance, we recommend taking a look at the interactive map of to throw. On the map you can display not only the places where the caves were found, but also other important and interesting places on the island.

For the other caves, based on previous information and our experience, the order doesn’t matter, provided you’ve already unlocked the rope gun, scuba gear, and shovel in the other caves.


Remove stones from Sons of the Forest? Delete rock path?

Anyone who has already spent an hour or two in the world of the new Sons of the Forest will certainly have built one or the other base. After you have built the shelter and protected it from enemies with defensive walls and traps, you can start decorating it and you can build paths out of sticks or stones, among other things. For example, you can build one of the paths with a rock path and thus beautify the base a little. If you have built a rock path and laid the stones on the ground, then sooner or later the question arises, how can you remove the stones again? Is it no longer possible to delete the rock path or do you need a special tool here?

Remove rock path from stones again?

While you can easily destroy and remove the stick path with the axe, there is still no way to remove the rock path, at least in the current version of Sons of the Forest. The laid stones cannot be picked up or removed with tools such as an ax or a shovel. The stones cannot be removed from the ground using the C key either.

The “problem” seems to have already been discovered by some players, at least if you look at the Reddit and Steam forum threads about it, so hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the developers fix this and create a way to fix it can remove and rebuild the rock path again. Until then you have to live with the wrongly placed stones. Anyone who has found a trick to remove the stone path is welcome to share their knowledge here in the comments section. As soon as there is news here, we will of course add it here.

Tip: With this wood glitch you get infinite logs in Sons of the Forest.


Sons of the Forest: Get a wet suit and flippers

How to unlock the wet suit and flippers in Sons of the Forest? How do you put on the diving suit and how do you take off the diving equipment including the flippers? The new survival game from Endnight Games was released a few days ago and, as was to be expected, the successor to “The Forest” is enjoying great popularity. As known from other survival games, in Sons of the Forest you can unlock and build various pieces of equipment that make life in the game a little easier. This includes, among other things, the diving suit and the flippers.

Find scuba gear

So that you can explore the underwater world in Sons of the Forest, there is a diving suit in addition to a rebreather as diving equipment. The diving suit not only includes the suit itself, but also flippers. With the flippers you can swim faster through the water. But where do you get the diving suit and fins from?

While you can find rebreathers with the air and diving tanks in the north of the island in a cave on the beach, you can get the diving suit and flippers from a cave in the middle of the island (see screenshot for locations: 1 = rebreather, 2 = diving suit and fins ). In order to be able to fully explore the cave with the diving equipment, you first have to get the rebreather from the cave in the north of the island, since you have to dive a longer distance into the second cave and this is only possible with the appropriate equipment. At the end of the cave you will find the equipment consisting of a suit and fins, which you can put on via the inventory.

Sons of the Forest map of

Take off your diving suit and flippers?

Anyone who has put on and used the diving equipment may then ask themselves how to take off their diving suit and flippers again? How to change clothes and dress normally again? In order to take off the diving suit and fins, you currently have to put on a different outfit. So far there is no function in the inventory with which one can “take off the outfit”.


Sons of the Forest: Build a fishing rod and catch fish?

Can you actually build a fishing rod in the new Sons of the Forest? How to catch the fish and get them out of the water? In the first few minutes of the game, this may be the question asked by one or the other player who has bought the new survival game and is just familiarizing himself with the basic features. In order to meet basic needs, the character must not only get enough sleep, but also drink and eat regularly. When it comes to food, you can eat the berries from the bushes or hunt different animals and catch fish. When fishing, the question often arises, which recipe or building instructions can be used to build the fishing rod?

Build and use Angel?

Similar to The Forest, there is no Angel in Sons of the Forest. So you can’t build a fishing rod out of a few sticks and a rope. But there are other ways to catch the fish, including a spear or a fish trap.

Build a fish trap and catch fish

  • Picking fish out of the water with a spear: A spear can be made from 2x sticks, 1x tape and the utility knife. Go into the shallow water with the spear and impale the fish.
  • Send Kelvin off: The good Kelvin is the best helper NPC and can not only get wood from the forest, but also catch fish.
  • Build a fish trap: The better method for catching fish is the fish trap. The fish trap can be built from 25 sticks. Then you can place the fish trap in the water (of course where there are fish, otherwise you won’t catch anything) and after a while the fish will gather there.

To keep the fish longer, you should either roast them over a campfire or let them dry on a drying rack. The fried or dried fish keep longer. Incidentally, the dried fish increases thirst, but the fish lasts for 6 in-game days and frying for 3 in-game days.

Since Sons of the Forest only recently appeared in Early Access, there will certainly be some updates with new items in the future, which at some point may also include a fishing rod. We’ll update the article if the developers add a fishing rod to the game.


Sons of the Forest: Set day length and spawn point?

How many spawn points are there in Sons of the Forest? Can you set where you want to spawn on the island and what about a day length setting? After familiarizing yourself with the basic features of the new survival game from Endnight Games, one or the other player may notice that you often start at a different spawn point when restarting. In this context, we asked ourselves how many starting points are there in the game and can you influence the spawn?

Change and set spawn point?

There are currently three spawn points in Sons of the Forest and these include a spawn at the very top of the beach, west of the island in the forest and in the middle of the island on the snow covered mountain.

  • beach spawn
  • forest spawn
  • mountain spawn

In the current version, the starting point is chosen randomly by the game and there is currently no way to influence this. If you are not satisfied with your spawn, you can either build your base somewhere else during the game or start a new game.

Sons of the Forest Map by

Set day length

When you have spawned and done some work, the day is usually over and there are some dangers lurking for the player at night. If you want to get more done in a day, you can change and extend the length of the day in Sons of the Forest. To do this, you have to select the “Individual” level of difficulty when you start the game and then, under the “Environment” section, you can set the start time of year, the length of the season, and the length of the day, among other things.

The setting can also be changed later in the “GameSetupSaveData.json” file. The file for the savegame can be found under the path “C:/Users/%USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Endnight/SonsOfTheForest/Saves/Singleplayer-Multiplayer/%ID%”.

  • Short
  • default
  • Long
  • Realistic