Tutorial : How to Fix Freeze on Login in Last Epoch

With the launch of Last Epoch 1.0, you may experience issues such as stuck on the login screen. To help you get back into the game, I’m going to explain how to fix the connection issue and why it might reappear.

Last Epoch – How to Fix Freeze on Login Screen

Screenshot by blog.

If you are unable to log in, make sure to completely close Last Epoch and restart the game. In some cases, it may even be beneficial to restart Steam entirely and then try again. Whenever the login screen is on an infinite loop, there is a good chance that server issues are present and you will be waiting on this screen forever. When this happens to me, I close the Last Epoch process completely so I can skip further questions.

There have been times where I close the game, and on a second restart it would crash or put me back into a login loop. This is exactly why I close the process directly, which works almost every time for me. An update might even be available for download the next time you close Last Epoch and Steam. Once you are on the latest version, you can try going back to the characters screen where this problem occurs most of the time.

Even if you manage to get past the login screen, there’s still a chance you’ll get stuck with the “Online Game Unavailable” message. This will also appear on the character select screen and is a direct result of more server issues for the game. In this case, I would recommend taking a break or simply trying a character offline. You may not be able to use that same character online, but at least you can start collecting more loot.

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