Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: This is what the official Porsche 911 for the game looks like

Square Enix is ​​letting it go when it comes to marketing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth no stone unturned. From Nissin noodles to cloud cookies to the Google surprise. Now there is also a Porsche collaboration.

You read that right, Porsche – the automobile manufacturer. They launched a campaign together under the motto “Driven by Dreams” and released a visionary short film that shows the creative minds behind Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi.

The three lead developers drive through the streets of Tokyo in two legendary Porsche 911s – one of the classic cars from (of course not coincidentally) 1997 and the latest model from 2024. They look back on the legacy of the original Final Fantasy VII.

Porsche is celebrating the collaboration with a Porsche 911 in a special design, inspired by Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The car is on display at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. The rest is PR and a bit of philosophy.

“Here at Porsche, we are inspired by dreamers from around the world – those who are driven to make a difference. Few people represent this pioneering spirit as much as the team behind FINAL FANTASY VII, which has redefined the role-playing game genre and raised the bar for the art form of video games,” says Deniz Keskin, Director Brand Management & Partnerships at Porsche AG.

Producer Yoshinori Kitase said: “For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, like the original Final Fantasy VII, development began with the dream of creating something that would set a new standard for storytelling in the next generation of video games. Dreaming means overcoming many challenges, but it also opens up many new opportunities. We share a willingness to reinvent things and challenge established norms with our friends at Porsche.”

The short film “Driven By Dreams”

Images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


Deltarune: Toby Fox gives a fresh update on the game – Chapter 3 in the starting blocks

Toby Fox – the creator of Deltarune – has shared a mini progress update on Chapters 3 and 4 of the game.

This update comes via the latest Undertale/Deltarune newsletter, in which Fox states that Chapter 3 of the Undertale sequel is nearing completion, with only Japanese localization, porting, and bug testing remaining to complete. The main focus is currently on Chapter 4 of the game, with Fox previously stating that the game will receive its paid release as soon as it is ready.

Below is the update:

Happy 2024, everyone! The DELTARUNE team (and I) took a break to visit our families over the holidays, but now everyone is back and looking forward to diving back into the game.

Regarding Chapter 3: We are working on Japanese localization. Then we will start porting and bug testing the chapter, after which it will be… completely finished!

As mentioned last time, the team is now primarily focused on Chapter 4, with some minor work being done on Chapter 5. We’ve set an internal deadline for Chapter 4 and our new producer will help us take the sweet, sweet steps to meet it. I am confident that this will be a really productive year!!!

The newsletter also includes a variety of bonus Valentine’s Day content – such as a spam tone video that you can watch below the video.

Spamton Love Network

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Skyrim is unrecognizable with its 2 thousand mods and its size of 400 GB: you will have the feeling of playing a completely new game

Do you know the myth of Theseus’ ship? It is a ship that, after all its parts were replaced over time, it was no longer known if it was still the same ship as it was at the beginning. The same thing happens in , where the mods are so numerous that they sometimes lead to almost unrecognizable creations.yes. Nolvus is one of them, a set that transforms the of Bethesda in another video game entirely.

Far from being a simple effort by modders to modify the graphics or some animations of the fifth, Nolvus has a much more ambitious goal: modify the game to the core to turn it into something completely different. Next-generation graphics, support for various types of characters that you can customize with modules, and radical changes in gameplay are a fundamental part of this project.

Nolvus: the most powerful modding effort in Skyrim history

If you’re not familiar with the concept of “”, this might be a good starting point for you. One is an effort by video game fans to bring together different mods and make them coherent to create a new vision of the game.

Without having to create all the add-ons from scratch, the add-ons are pre-configured to meet specific needs and enhance the player experience. Giving you the ability to customize them, you can also simply install the list as you downloaded it and start playing.

With more than 2 thousand mods under its belt, this list modifies practically the entire game, be it minor fixes, bug fixes, interface changes, new music, a new combat system, improved graphics, new objects or locations. The effort of this project is truly amazing and clearly demonstrates that it is possible to play something other than within .

The new classes, such as vampire and cleric, are particularly interesting, as they have their own way of playing and modify your experience. Besides, you will face all kinds of new enemies that will change the way you face your adversaries.

Overall, the combat system has been expanded and improved to make it one of the most complete of its genre. Furthermore, it’s not just about the gameplay, but the landscapes have undergone an impressive improvement. With many aesthetic changes (some perhaps a little flashy, but still successful), Nolvus brings gaming into the tech generation with technical achievements.

Installation is simple

Installing Nolvus may seem complicated, but Its creators have simplified it as much as possible. The mod list has its own installation program that allows you to modularly choose the additions you want or don’t want in the game. The Nolvus installation guide walks you through the steps necessary to start playing, and does so in a very detailed way.


These 7 incredible Spider-Man games will come to Xbox Game Pass, as long as Microsoft agrees with Marvel

Although the relationship between Spider-Man and PlayStation today seems unbreakable, the reality is that just a few years ago Spidey games (and Marvel in general) came to all consoles under the Activision seal. Those days are over, but there’s still some hope for Xbox gamers… as long as Marvel agrees.

With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard King, it is expected that games like , , and can land on Game Pass during 2024. But What’s up with all the Marvel games, mainly Spider-Man? Well, considering that those games were licensed by Marvel, Microsoft would have to pay the license to Disney again, in order to have those games on Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, Activision has had to remove Marvel games from digital stores, as the license ran out. Such was the case of the , who returned for a limited time with their version. Even Capcom has suffered from this situation, and only a few lucky ones took advantage of the return of the classics more than 10 years ago.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has enough money to reach an agreement with Disney and Marvel, as long as it has several of the Spider-Man games on Game Pass. And, who knows, in one of those you may even bring to life several heroes and stories from comics, exclusively for Xbox and with studios that have already worked with these characters.

7 Spider-Man games we want to see on Game Pass.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

This was the game that started the idea of ​​the Spider-Verse. Long before the Miles Morales comics and movie, Dan Slott wrote a short original story for the game developed by Beenox. Four Spider-Men vs Mysterioin one of the arachnid’s most epic adventures.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

A direct sequel to but focused solely on classic Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. The direct sequel is worth having on Game Pass… despite not being a game with as much quality as the original. Be that as it may, Beenox gained experience for the following deliveries.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

These games are, most likely, the most difficult to get for Xbox, since they not only have to talk to Marvel and Disney, but also with Sony Pictures. Despite his failed time on the big screen, had two decent gameswith a lot of stories and characters that we did not see in movie theaters.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

If you thought Spider-Man in a black suit was the coolest thing, get ready for a much darker story. In 2008, Shaba Games took advantage of the trends of multiple endings, focused on a good and bad path, so that players made one of the most important decisions of the character: Whether or not Peter Parker keeps the symbiote suit.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2

Although they are not exclusive Spider-Man games, Peter Parker’s participation is key in both stories… or, rather, in the teams we can form. adapts several modern Avengers stories, such as and . have to wolverine and Spider-Man on the same team It’s enough to want both games on Game Pass.

Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3

There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia to be a hit these days. Without a doubt, Tobey Maguire’s trilogy remains a favorite of Spider-Man fans and its adaptations for PS2 and Xbox are fondly remembered; especially for the possibility of playing in an open world. As with , reviving these games depends, in large part, on Sony Pictures.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Probably the best Spider-Man game out there (even before Insomniac). In we have the possibility of playing in an open world, passing some levels with Venom and learning a story directly inspired by the comics of the Ultimate line. Besides, Treyarch developed the game with a graphical style , allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the comic-like narrative. It would be a dream to play this title again on Game Pass.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Yes, Gilgamesh is new to the game and the quest line will absorb you

Well, did you notice him in the last trailer? In the current “Final Trailer”. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Square Enix shows the silhouette of a monstrous creature on a roof. It’s dark, you can’t see much. But the creature obviously has multiple arms and many swords. It’s Gilgamesh, there can be little doubt about that at first glance for Final Fantasy fans.

Famitsu also noticed Gilgamesh and luckily the Japanese magazine had Tetsuya Nomura and Naoki Hamaguchi in front of them to ask directly. Gilgamesh will therefore appear as part of a side quest chain that will extend across the entire map of the game.

The quest series will be titled “Ancient Matters” and Gilgamesh will appear in the fourth mission of this series. Sounds like there are other creatures awaiting us in this quest line. Famitsu asked the creators how Gilgamesh found his way into this world. Accordingly, it was one of many suggestions from Hamaguchi himself. The quest series, which will run through numerous regions of the world, has already been determined.

However, Nomura – who was often read as taking a more conservative approach to many things – had suggested that the inclusion of Gilgamesh could clash with the setting of Rebirth. However, Nomura eventually made adjustments to the character for this questline to better align his appearance with the tone and setting of Rebirth.

Either way, the fight against Gilgamesh has to be epic, right?

  • Deluxe Edition at Amazon*
  • Steelbook Edition at Amazon*

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024. Want to stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Here you can find all articles from our detailed reporting.

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Demon’s Souls – Where to Farm Herbs and Souls: Best Places to Get Herbs and Souls Easy Early and Late Game

Farming in Demon’s Souls it may be necessary in certain parts of the game, either because you need a few souls to repair your gear or level up, or to find the “herbs” you need to restore magic and life.

On this page we indicate some of the best places to farm in Demon’s Souls at the beginning and end of the game to help you on your journey through the cursed kingdom of Boletaria.

Before starting, it is important to note that to grind or farm we recommend that you stay in Soul form, this will prevent accidental deaths in the area from decreasing your Character Trend, with a potential impact on your experience of the rest of the game.

On this page you will find:

A decade after the original From Software, the Demon’s Souls remake comes to PlayStation 5 from Bluepoint. To help you get started in Boletaria, we have guides on which is the best class for beginners, the best sites to farm herbs and souls, how the World and Character Trend works, how to get the best weapons, and where to find Hard Stone.

Where to farm souls and herbs early in the game in Demon’s Souls

One of the best places to farm souls early in the game, in addition to being able to farm Crescent Grass, is in the Knight Tower Archstone, which is accessible as soon as you defeat the boss that gives it its name.

As soon as you are transported here from the Nexus, you will find two Blue-Eyed Knights, and if you are careful you can stab them in the back to win no less than 500 souls of each in Pure White World Trend, and this amount increases if you have one. Minor World Trend.

The two Blue-Eyed Knights will often drop two Crescent Herbs each. Also, if you manage to backstab the second Knight with Blue Eyes at the end of the tunnel, you will face three soldiers armed with crossbows.

Kill them to get about 100 Souls each, and up to two Crescent Herbs each, based on your ‘Luck’ stat. Travel back to the Nexus and back to the Archstone to repeat this as many times as you wish.

This is a very very simple strategy to get Herbs or Souls to level up at the beginning of the game. Blue-Eyed Knights and Crossbowmen also drop Crescent Moon Herbs and Full Moon Herbs, although less often than Crescent.

A decade after the original From Software, the Demon’s Souls remake comes to PlayStation 5 from Bluepoint. To help you get started in Boletaria, we have guides on which is the best class for beginners, the best sites to farm herbs and souls, how the World and Character Trend works, how to get the best weapons, and where to find Hard Stone.

Where to farm souls and herbs at the end of the game in Demon’s Souls

For this second method of soul farming, we recommend that you get Storm Sovereign and eliminate the King of the Storm. Once you’ve done that, go to the Old Hero Archstone, which you can find to the right of the broken Archstone in the Nexus.

This strategy only works when the game is advanced, but it will allow you to collect a lot of souls in a very short time. As always, you’ll get more souls if you have the Pure Black World Trend, but even the smallest mistake will make it impossible. In any case, we do it in the Pure White World Trend, much easier to achieve.

Once you are in the Old Hero Archstone, equip Storm Sovereign as your primary weapon and go down the path to the right where you will find a bunch of Storm Beasts, each dropping 1,270 souls.

Prepare the Storm Sovereign’s charged attack with R2 to eliminate them in one hit while avoiding their ranged attacks.

We recommend that you equip yourself with the Thief’s Ring, which is obtained near where you found Ostrava in the Boletaria Palace. With this ring it will be more difficult for the Storm Beasts to detect you and you will be able to farm this area more easily.

But be careful, it is not an easy path. The rewards, yes, are measured in tens of thousands of souls, in addition to pieces of Cloud Stone that the Storm Beasts drop.

Again, the Ring of the Thief and Sovereign of the Storm are key to surviving this dangerous route, so be sure to get the Ring of the Thief from the Palace of Boletaria and Sovereign of the Storm when you fight the King of the Storm for the first time. .

Sovereign of the Storm weighs 6.0 so make sure you have enough space available to pick it up.


Believe it or not, this is Skyrim. With 2,000 mods, a few clicks and 400 GB, you can turn it into a new game

Do you know the myth of theseus ship? This talks about a ship that, upon seeing all its parts changed throughout its life, left in doubt whether it was the same ship with which it had started. Something similar happens to Skyrim, and there are so many mods floating around that sometimes they give rise to almost unrecognizable creations. Nolvus is one of thema package that turns Bethesda’s RPG into another video game.

Far from being a simple effort by modders to change the graphics or some animations of the fifth The Elder ScrollsNolvus is looking for something much more ambitious: modifying the game to the core to make it something completely different. Next generation graphicssupport for various types of characters that you can customize with modules and brutal changes to the gameplay are the DNA of this project.

Nolvus, the most powerful modding effort in Skyrim history

If you are not familiar with the concept of modlist, this may be an ideal start for you. A modlist It is an effort made by fans of a video game to bring together different mods and give them cohesion to create a new vision for it. Without having to create all the additions from scratch, the modlists are preconfigured to meet specific needs and make the player’s experience easier. Giving you the ability to customize them, you can also simply install the list as you downloaded it and start playing. That is the main premise of Nolvus.

Counting on more than 2,000 mods under his belt, this list changes practically the entire RPG. From minor fixes, bug fixes and minterface modifications even new music, a new combat systemimproved graphics, objects or new locations, the effort of this project is certainly amazing and makes it clear that it is possible to play something other than Skyrim through Skyrim.

To highlight are the new classes, such as Vampire or Cleric, who will have their own ways of playing and changing your experience. In addition, you will encounter all kinds of new enemies that will make you vary the way you face your adversaries. In general, the entire combat system has been expanded and improved to make it one of the most complete in the genre.

On the other hand, it is not only at the playable level where things improve, but Skyrim’s landscapes have an impressive facelift. With several aesthetic changes (some perhaps too strident, but still effective), Nolvus brings Skyrim to this technological generation with technical power.

With all that in mindinstall Nolvus It may sound complicated, but its creators have made sure it is as simple as possible. The modlist has its own installer that will let you choose, in a modular way, which of the additions you want or don’t want within the game. The Nolvus installation guide takes you through the steps necessary to start playing, and does so in great detail.


Is Lies of P a difficult game or also unfair? We are going to analyze in depth where the challenge of the new fashionable soulslike lies

I started Lies of P late, which is a condition in these games. As soon as you enter magazines, communities and networks, you quickly find feedback from the first players. The one from the Round8 game became clear to me quickly: They called it one of the most difficult games in the Souls formula, which is not saying something, taking into account the fifteen years that we have been playing this type of games under our belt.

In particular, a few bosses were mentioned as really tough, to the point that many reviews have called him unfair and today the Korean studio has released a patch that reduces the health and chance of stuns of some bosses and enemies. So, with all this, I started to get curious not only about the game, but the reasons why many players were talking about it so much. Today with the game finished (and the bosses defeated without the help of NPCs) I think I have a clearer idea why.

The first thing to say is that the criticisms seem respectable to me. We are not talking about players who have never approached this formula. It has been confirmed that 87% of Lies of P players have played Souls-type games previously and therefore come with a degree of experience. Come on, it’s not the eternal debate about whether these games should have an easy difficulty mode or anything like that.

The point is that I don’t think the problem with Lies of P’s difficulty lies in the bosses themselves, as some players or even the team, who have altered them in patches, seem to indicate. Yes, it is true that there are some enemies who have an exaggerated life bar and one, the one at the end of the opera stage, not to be explicit, I played before the patch and it seemed to me to be the most representative of all this. But, all in all, I think the challenge of Lies of P is not so much in the patterns of the enemies as in their Defense mechanics: the parry and the dodge.


The studio has created the most closed windows of opportunity I have seen in a long time. They are more so than games like Sekiro, Wo Long or any of the Platinum Games games. The famous dodge from Bloodborne, for example, contains few frames of invulnerability (the famous i-frames), while the parry has to be nailed at a very precise moment at the risk of not absorbing the damage. Can it be argued that the Souls’ parry was also tight? You can, but (except in rare cases like Gwyn) the game was not made to necessarily pass the bosses with this mechanic, while Bloodborne and Sekiro contain a much wider frame window.

Several more factors are added to all this. What enemies are constant attacking machines. When I switched to a faster build, and especially when I got the katana in the game, I did much better than with a heavy weapon, since most bosses keep attacking constantly. This forces you to play very safely or face them willing to parry everything they throw at you. As if that were not enough, the game loves feints. There are few bosses who don’t do them. The problem with feinting abuse is that it generates an arrhythmic defense, you cannot be guided by your instincts. The feints that FromSoftware began to use were very striking, especially in Elden Ring, but they should not be abused. Sekiro, for example, is a music sheet– The game sends cues in animations, sounds, and visuals so you know exactly when to block. Lies of P, willfully, sounds like an out-of-tune symphony. Be careful, I don’t want to say that this is always bad, but it is everything seems to be designed so that you make mistakes.

There are two ways to think about this. The personal opinion, of course, is the opinion of each player and respectable. To me, for example, it seems like an unnecessarily difficult game because the balance between risk and reward is somewhat imbalanced. You play a lot and win very little, since you don’t even have any information about how much you are breaking your stance when doing a parry, for example, since the stun bar is invisible.

But beyond personal opinion, there is an effect that this approach to design produces: on the fine line that separates GitGud of the pattern learning, Lies of P opts for the former. It’s a game that rewards the stubborn, not the observant. The observer can study enemy patterns and know how to counter them. He can make use of secondary attacks, take advantage of errors and windows of opportunity, adjust his strategy or change it radically… The Git Gud only relies on one thing: improve your response time to a mechanic. It reminds me, for example, of training in a fighting game until you learn a complicated combo perfectly. With some tough bosses, Lies of P wants you to learn to parry on cue or die. No middle ground.

There is an enemy that makes a nightmarish attack on you, with an exaggerated number of hits. He reminded me of the famous attack of Malenia, the one that it is better not to catch you close because it is practically unblockable and will take all your life. The difference is that here you will not be able to escape from this attack; You have to succeed with the parry or the dodge to the point of feeling like Daigo in the famous Street Fighter III combat. This attack sums up a lot of what Lies of P can be. Of course, it’s not an impossible game. But something strange also happens: Lies of P is probably one of the best soulslikes that have come out, but the best. And leaning towards that demand in the response instead of learning and the opportunity will cause many people to miss it and not discover all its benefits and the bright future that, as its epilogue ventures, it can have.


“It’s killed the game for me.” Some Assassin’s Creed Mirage players are very angry because of a graphical setting that causes motion sickness and cannot be disabled

The launch of Assassin’s Creed Mirage has returned us to the origins of a saga that was born more than fifteen years ago. With a more contained experience in its scope that tries to remember those first adventures we lived with Ezio and Altair, Ubisoft intended to once again win over veteran players who were somewhat disenchanted with the progress of the saga. The mission has only been half accomplished and some users accuse the company of carrying out the launch in a somewhat hasty manner. A situation that invites you to think very important absence when configuring the visual section.

An oversight makes Assassin’s Creed Mirage ‘unplayable’ for some users

The new Ubisoft title has a graphic adjustment called “Chromatic Aberration” activated by default. It is very likely that you have seen these two words appearing together in the options menu of a large number of titles without understanding what they mean. What you should know is that it is a distortion in colors of the image captured by a lens that appears around the edges of objects. Generally, it causes the object in question to be outlined with colors that do not correspond to it. There are different degrees of intensity depending on how the capture is carried out. We won’t go much deeper into the explanation because you’ll see it right away.

Why do video games introduce chromatic aberration? The truth is that this technique has become popular in recent years as it offers more cinematic and ‘photorealistic’ results. You won’t see it like that in the screenshots, but static images usually don’t do justice to what it really achieves. However, there are two factors to take into account. On the one hand, it must be applied with skill and the right degree of intensity. On the other hand, it is important to give players the option to delete it, as some users may suffer motion sickness. It is exactly the same thing that happens to certain players with virtual reality (and many people traveling by car) and it manifests itself with headaches, dizziness or vomiting.

Chromatic aberration is that effect that you can see in the image on the right (Via Twitter, @NikTekOfficial)

In this sense, Assassin’s Creed Mirage combines the intense application of Chromatic Aberration with the fact that cannot be disabled. This situation has caused many users to express their complaints. “The chromatic aberration in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is very bad. Coupled with the idea of ​​making things look blurry and bad in general, this is killing the game for me (…) It’s starting to give me a headache and makes me feeling nauseous after not long. It’s a shame, because I also really wanted to. Come on, Ubisoft. How come you didn’t realize this?” said a user on Reddit. The problem has also been expressed on other social networks. “Why doesn’t Ubisoft allow you to remove it? It’s very distracting and doesn’t add anything to graphical fidelity beyond making you feel dizzy while playing,” said another user.

Although so far Ubisoft has not made a public statement Regarding this situation, it seems unthinkable that they would leave the problem to be solved. This is a failure that can affect – even temporarily – the health of users, preventing them from enjoying the title. Plus, it doesn’t seem particularly difficult to fix. In fact, the PC community already has access to mods that remove it.


Review of the game Death Stranding for iPhone 15 Pro. Kojima, this is a complete failure.

Yesterday the official release of Death Stranding for Apple platforms took place.

This is already the third port of a major AAA game for the new generation iPhone 15 Pro in particular. And if there weren’t any big problems with the release of the two Resident Evil parts, now the situation has gotten worse.

On topic: Death Stranding review. Just a good game from Kojima

Let’s figure out how the long-awaited “new product” turned out and whether it’s worth getting it on the iPhone.

Briefly. What game is this?

You play as Sam Bridges, a simple courier who only knows how to do this. But on the other hand, now he has a goal – to unite all the States of America. All tasks are supported by a solid and well-developed plot.

People are hiding in bunkers from temporal rain, which in a matter of seconds ages the inhabitants and destroys some buildings. Sam needs to create a common chiral data network so that the entire country can exist as one again. This network allows you not only to transfer files, but also to fully create objects through local analogues of 3D printers.

With the help of this very delivery system, the developers are trying to show how long and hard it takes to achieve a big goal in order to ultimately achieve success.

This is where constant phrases from characters about a great goal arise: “Sam, there’s a new order in the terminal,” “Sam, don’t forget to check the orders,” and so on. And all this is intertwined with phrases like “Thank you, Sam, we are one step closer to the reunification of America,” “Sam, you are doing an important thing,” and so on.

Thus, the player performs routine, monotonous work. Again and again. Moreover, each “mission” can take from 5 to 45 minutes of real time. But I wouldn’t say it’s boring and dull. The special mechanics for distributing and carrying cargo come to the rescue here.

What can you play on?

Here is the list of supported devices:

iPhoneequipped with an Apple A17 Pro chip or later (currently iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max)
iPadequipped with an Apple M1 chip or later and updated to iPadOS 17.0 or later
Macequipped with an Apple M1 chip or later and updated to macOS 13.3 or later

Graphics of the level will work

There were no revelations here. The graphics presented in the mobile version of Death Stranding vary greatly from device to device.

On the iPhone 15 Pro, the settings are minimal, although there is a good draw distance. However, due to the presence of motion blur, the picture seems soapy if you just turn the camera a little.

And in general, all edges are “soft” due to virtually no anti-aliasing. And in general, as already mentioned in earlier publications, the image on the iPhone has a resolution 720p. On tablets it is higher – 1080p.

However, there is no such thing in cutscenes. All characters look quite clear and well detailed. The videos are a real pleasure to watch. Especially when full Russian voice acting is available.

But still. Despite the fact that the graphics in Death Stranding are noticeably worse than those of the console and, especially, the PC versions, the image is still not polygonal and stands out against the background of standard mobile games, even Call of Duty Mobile.

Game process. How’s the management?

A large number of controversial issues arise here. However, everything is not as bad as it might seem from the screenshots.

Yes, the interface completely duplicates the gamepad. This is already the norm for such games. And if in the same Resident Evil Village it was often necessary to use at least three fingers to control a character, in DS you can usually get by with two.

It all comes down to the fact that the game is not so dynamic and does not require so much active interaction with the controller.

If you play on a gamepad, the game requires you to press the triggers very often to hold the load, which is concentrated throughout Sam Bridges’ body. But in the case of touch controls, just tap these same keys, and they will be considered pressed. And it’s very convenient. Thank you for caring about mobile gamers.

But there are other nuances here. Since Sam is in constant motion on an extremely uneven surface, he strives to stumble, fall, and so on. Walking in this case is not always convenient, since the sticks, for some reason unknown to me, may not work or direct the character in a different direction.

This control can hardly be called responsive. It works mostly fine, but occasionally crashes.

To briefly summarize: you can play, but it’s difficult. Moreover, you cover a third of the screen with your fingers and cannot see part of the image.

With a gamepad the situation is much better. The iPhone has full support for DualShock and DualSense. Moreover, the latter even works with pressing force and all vibrations. That is, all built-in functions are present.

Optimization leaves much to be desired. iPhone is very bad
Instead of words. A little gameplay (and that’s still ok)

Of course, no one expected that we would be given a smooth picture at 60 frames per second. It would be a miracle if 505 Games were able to bring even the presented graphics to this level.

However, many were hoping for at least a stable 30 FPS. Unfortunately, they are not available at launch. And if in the prologue the developers still adhere to this bar, then as soon as you are released into the open world, frame rate will drop to 20 FPS. And this will be a fairly periodic occurrence.

Microfreezes, slowdowns, and rare artifacts are the norm for Death Stranding on iOS. It’s good that I didn’t encounter any bugs after several hours of playing.

In addition, iPhone gets very hot after 20 minutes of play. Not critical, but it’s better to remove the case if you use it.

But more work needs to be done on optimization. The graphics in the game cannot be changed to improve the situation.

If you have an iPad, Mac, or even a Steam Deck, then get the game on those platforms. Playing on the iPhone screen is not very comfortable due to its size, but in general it is possible.

You can play, but it’s not comfortable

Taking Death Stranding on an iPhone is only worth it for those who “really want” to play this game.

Otherwise, buy it for the iPad or Mac. There, optimization and picture quality are noticeably better than on the iPhone 15 Pro. Until the developers fix the unstable framerate, this game will be unpleasant to run. Plus, it requires a lot of space – as much as 40 GB of memory. For owners of the 128 GB version, problems may arise.

Death Stranding is available on the App Store for 1,790 rubles. Saves are synchronized between all versions (iPhone/iPad/Mac), this is a universal purchase, available on all platforms at once.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Fans are hoping for new insights at the Taipei Game Show tomorrow

Square Enix will be hosting a stage show tomorrow, Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 6 a.m. German time Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as part of the Taipei Game Show.

Co-Director Motomu Toriyama and Battle Director Teruki Endo will be present and lead through the program. Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi are currently on a media tour through the rest of the world.

Interesting: The Japanese FF7 account on Twitter advertises for the live stream. The 50-minute stage show will be broadcast live! fans are not unreasonably hoping for new insights into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Some are even hoping that Square Enix will announce the playable demo they hope will be released. Still others believe that Square Enix is ​​saving this announcement for FF7’s birthday on January 31, 2024.

You can watch the live stream tomorrow morning on Bandai Namco’s YouTube channel. That’s right, Bandai Namco. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is being presented in Taipei at the Bandai Namco stand, right next to Tekken 8. Not only Katsuhiro Harada was amazed.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29, 2024. Want to stay up to date on all things Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Here you can find all articles from our detailed reporting.

The live stream:

Images: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Square Enix


Some crazy numbers, Microsoft wants Xbox Game Pass to reach an incredible 110 million subscribers by 2030

The future of Game Pass aims to be still most successful, and Microsoft’s plans are very ambitious. When Activision Blizzard merges with Xbox we will be able to see a small part of what said subscription service aspires to. However, today we do not have official numbers of what those in Redmond want for the coming years.

Journalist Derek Strickland of TweakTown has reviewed some of the Xbox documents leaked in the case against the FTC. He there he has discovered that Microsoft wants Game Pass to have in 2030 110 million subscribers. The figures you see below are estimates based on a leaked Xbox presentation from fiscal year 2022 (July 2021 to June 2022).

Graphic created by Derek Strickland of TweakTown.

Although these plans could have changedAs Phil Spencer stated, it is always good to know the aspirations of companies. To reach this goal, Microsoft hopes that the cloud is capable of providing about 32 million subscriberswhich they would play through mobile phones, smart televisions and less powerful computers.

Activision Blizzard purchase could boost Xbox Game Pass

It is evident that the purchase of Activision Blizzard can boost Xbox Game Pass. Mainly, the company’s video games will arrive at the Microsoft service during the coming months, to this we must add the growth that is expected both in PC as in the mobile division. In this latter market, King, creators of Candy Crush, will help a lot and provide a massive revenue avenue.


Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass Service Announced for June

Microsoft has announced the games that will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass subscription service at the end of this month of June.

The Redmond company unveiled on Monday the arrival of titles such as Metro Exodus, Borderlands: A Very Beautiful Collection, Batman: Arkham Knight or Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, but now it has added five games, among which are Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Shadow Complex Remastered will be removed from the catalog.

Here is the complete list of titles that disappear, along with the date.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass in June

  • Next Up Hero (June 27)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (June 30)
  • Shadow Complex Remastered (June 30)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (June 30)
  • Zombie Army Trilogy (June 30)


The Day Before: Game is dead, server permanently shut down

With the server shutdown, the chapter surrounding the survival MMO The Day Before will finally be closed.

On January 22nd, The Day Before’s servers were shut down, less than two months after the start of Early Access, ending an inglorious chapter in the gaming industry.

Even before the launch, doubts had arisen about developer Fntastic’s product; the promises of the small studio, which was noticeably reserved in presenting game material, seemed too big. The fact that the gameplay announced for January 2023 initially failed to materialize due to disputes over naming rights fueled the rumor mill as to whether the game even existed. However, the scenes shown later failed to convince the audience of the quality of the title.

On December 7th, Fntastic dared to start early access for the controversial game. As you’ve probably noticed, this ended in a fiasco. Just a few days after the launch, thousands of extremely negative reviews had already accumulated on Steam, and the developer then spoke out and announced that the studio would be closing. Shortly before Christmas, publisher Mytona finally announced that the servers would only be operated until January 2024 and pointed out the refund options.

Have you followed the story of Fntastic and The Day Before? What do you think about the matter?



Life is Strange 3: Game could be called Aperture

There are reports about the presentation of Life is Strange 3, which will be called “Aperture”.

A report about Life is Strange 3 has surfaced online. Accordingly, the game is called: Life is Strange 3: Aperture and takes place ten years after Life is Strange.

Please note that the following information should be taken with caution and contains spoilers.

“For anyone who is interested: The content of LiS3 presented to us in this survey is a direct continuation of the first LiS with a time jump of 10 years. Max teaches photography at a small town college and has not used her powers since the end of LiS. It follows the timeline in which Chloe dies. While walking through the park at night, Max comes across a dead student of hers and debates whether or not she should use her powers to find out who committed the crime.”

“The game mechanics were changed a bit as the working title of the game was LiS: Aperture and using Max’s camera would stimulate the time mechanics through the lens of what she is looking at.”

“We saw various character models showing what Max would look like 10 years in the future, as well as concept art of the city and college campus. We also saw concepts for an apartment that you could own and furnish with different furniture and decorations. There was also a side quest that involved a cat that would eventually become your pet.”

“There was also talk of expansions and microtransactions, but only on the basis of ‘What is the most you would pay for alternate outfits, home furnishings, or holiday items when certain holidays come up?’ It almost seemed like a live service, but no more information was given.”

“Overall, it seemed very promising and everyone who attended the Zoom (including me) was very excited about it.”



The Kings League announces its first cash prize after spending a year paying 75 euros per game. Piqué’s league will distribute 100,000 euros to the winner of the Kingdom Cup

Although the Kings Cup has not even finished its first phase and the most important matches are still to be played, Gerard Piqué officially presented the tournament that will close the year of the Kings League in style: the Kingdom Cup. This competition, as he said during the Ibai live a few months ago, will be mixed and will crown the best club of the year.

In addition to the addition that it will be the first football tournament where men and women play “together” (one part for women and another for men), it will also be the first Kings League competition that will offer a cash prize. Well, after several minutes full of tension deciding the money they will offer to the players, the presidents obtained the much-desired figure: 100,000 euros for the winning club of the Kingdom Cup.

If we do quick calculations between all the members of the team, including the coaching staff and even presidents, each of the participating people would take around 3,000 euros clean, Therefore, it is more profitable to only win this tournament than to play the rest of the year. Of course, the distribution of income is decided by the president and it is unknown if these 100,000 euros will be net or gross.

will be next November 25 at the Palau Sant Jordi where, through a morning and afternoon session, we closely follow the finals of this very special tournament. It will also be the first Kings League final in a closed arena, something that many have been expecting for quite some time and that will probably greatly improve the quality of the tournament compared to finals in stadiums.


A new The Elder Scrolls game has just been released, and for free. It’s like that mobile Fallout Shelter, but with turn-based combat

Although there are still years, a few, until the arrival of The Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda will not leave us without our dose of Tamriel and Just released a new game of the franchise right now, and for free. Nobody saw it coming, but The Elder Scrolls: Castles is a reality, a project like Fallout Shelter to keep us glued to our mobile.

The American studio has opted for what is known in this industry as “shadowdrop”, that is, launching a game without giving a single minute’s notice, and announcing that it is now available to everyone. A surprise that actually appeared this morning in Spain and that you can now download for devices Android. For now, there is no mention one by one iOS versionbut judging by the previous free to play of the same style, Fallout Shelter, it is to be hoped that it will reach our iPhone and iPad.

The comparison with that 2015 game co-developed by Behavior Santiago is no coincidence, and the playable idea of ​​this TES Castle is the same. The American team has worked on an experience that allows you control your own castle and dynasty, as well as oversee your subjects as the years pass, families grow, and new rulers take the throne.

Regarding its playable aspect, Castles has some of its own details that separate it slightly from Shelters. Although the core of the experience focuses on items basics of simulators of building managementwe have a character editor to create a hero with whom to go outside and struggle against classic enemies from the saga in turn-based combat.

Of course, we are facing a . As SamaGame collects from the information in the game’s Play Store, Bethesda mentions that the game is in “early access”, so perhaps the arrival of the game in the early hours of today was anticipated as a beta of the final game.


Xbox Direct: Game announcement aims to set the internet on fire

Image: Microsoft

Rumor has it that a game is coming to Xbox that will set the internet on fire and cause a lot of drama.

Xbox players are looking forward to January 18th with excitement, as the first Developer Direct livestream of the year will take place this Thursday.

The program includes news and introductions to the games Indiana Jones, Avowed, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and Ara: History Untold.

According to rumors, there could also be a shadow drop, i.e. the simultaneous announcement and release of a game during or close to the live stream.

In further rumors, Nick “Shpeshal Nick” Baker speaks in the current XboxEra podcast about a specific game that will be released for Xbox. This game is set to “set the internet on fire” and “cause plenty of drama” when it is revealed. But the information from his source is too hot for him to reveal anything in advance.

He did not say when this secret game would be revealed. So it’s just as possible at Developer Direct as it is sometime later this year.

What game could set the internet on fire so much if it was announced for Xbox?



The Elder Scrolls: Blades – The Best Races In The Game (Guide)

Now that everyone who has a account
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
can play in Early Access, it can be assumed that this role-playing game for mobile devices will soon have significantly more players. As is usual with RPGs, players must choose which race they want to play as. So I’m sure some will be wondering which is the best breed in
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Overview of the current playable races

Currently there is in
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
10 different races;
each of them has its own special bonuses. Here is a quick overview of the races and the perks they provide:

  • Argonians: +5% Health Regeneration; +5% Damage with Daggers, Hand Axes, and Light Hammers.
  • Breton: 10% Spell Resistance (resistance against spells); +5% Damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces.
  • Dark Elf: 15% Fire Resistance; +5% Damage with Spells.
  • High Elf: 15% Shock Resistance (resistance to shock/stun); +5% Magicka regeneration (recovery of magicka/magical powers).
  • Imperial: +5% Health Restored from Healing Effects; +5% Damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces.
  • Khajiit: +5% Armor Rating; +10% Poison Damage.
  • North: 15% Frost Resistance; +5% Damage with Greatswords, Battleaxes, and Warhammer.
  • Orc: +5% Armor Rating (Armor); +5% Damage with Abilities (Damage caused by Abilities).
  • Redguard: 15% Poison Resistance; +5% Stamina Regeneration (Stamina Recovery).
  • Wood Elf: 15% Poison Resistance; +5% Damage with Abilities (Damage caused by Abilities).

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – The current best races

Of course, the choice of race with which to get in depends
The Elder Scrolls:


plays, also depends on what kind of character you want to play. For example, if you’re dying to do magic, a Dark Elf is a good choice. However, there are currently two races in the game that are significantly stronger and therefore more suitable for beginners than the others.


Bonuses to the damage you deal with weapons are in
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

very desirable. The Imperial race gets a bonus when using Longswords, War Axes and Maces, which is particularly interesting and advantageous since these types of weapons are relatively easy to obtain even in the early stages of the game are, which means you can take advantage of that race’s bonus quickly. As a counterexample, the Nords’ favored weapons are only available later in the game.

Also, it is in the early access version of
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
quite difficult to regenerate health/heal, so the improved healing from effects possessed by the imperial race is of significant benefit whenever you consume potions. While the Argonians have Health Regeneration, this ability is only active during combat, so the Imperials’ bonus has a greater overall positive impact.


The Bretons, like the Imperials, get a damage bonus when using the early available and fairly good Longswords, War Axes and Maces. But instead of improved healing, the Bretons gain increased resistance to spells. While improved health recovery is more useful overall, increased spell resistance also has significant benefits, albeit later in the game.

Pleasing to
s new title is that it offers the possibility to change races at any time by paying Theordor Gorlash 50 Gems. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your initial choice, there is no need to fret. Choosing Imperial or Breton will leave you with few regrets as you battle through the game and strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

is playable in Early Access on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – How To Find The Bloodfall Queen’s Secret Whereabouts Secrets Guide


Chromecast with Google TV does more than meets the eye: from games via Game Pass and xCloud to external drives with a USB-C hub

The renewal of Google’s Chromecast was highly anticipated, and although certainly the price in Spain has been a jug of cold water, it must be recognized that the device has remarkable potential.

In fact, to the official options that stand out in Google with content streaming, there are several that begin to consider how this device can be a great companion to our Smart TV, and all thanks to the support of Google Play, he ‘sideloading’ apps and that USB-C port which can do much more than supply current.

Unofficial options that give a lot of play

We are seeing it in recent days: since the Chromecast with Google TV in several stores in the United States before even its official launch, several users have tried to do things that have not been officially publicized by Google.

For example, although theoretically the device does not work for Google’s own Stadia service at the moment, there are those who have tried it by doing this process of sideloading consisting of install applications on the device through their APK installation packages on the Chromecast operating system with Google TV, which is nothing more than a somewhat special version of Android.

Not only that: the device also allows install the Xbox Game Pass and PS4 Remote Play apps. In the first case, it has been shown that it is possible to play games through the Project xCloud streaming service that recently debuted on the Microsoft platform. In the second it seems that there is not so good news at the moment and although the application seems to load, there is not much more that can be done than logging into the account.

When playing with streaming services like Stadia or xCloud that are not officially supported but do work, the internet connection is crucial. The Chromecast with Google TV has WiFi connectivity, but there are two different ways to ensure a more stable connection and have a wired connection via Ethernet.

The first, buy the official and optional Google charger that includes precisely that entry and that costs 19.99 euros in the Google Store. The second is to take advantage of the device’s USB-C connector, which in addition to being used to charge it allows you to do something very important: connect a USB-C hub.

By doing so we can obtain many more connection ports with which expand the possibilities of Chromecast with Google TV. There are already users who have confirmed that some concentrators work and that thanks to them they have connected mice, keyboards or have accessed those Ethernet connectors we were talking about.

Not only that: it is also possible to connect external storage units (pendrives, hard drives) and explore those contents. That, together with the aforementioned sideloading of applications, suggests that these Chromecasts could also become valuable multimedia centers for local content.

We have not yet seen cases that confirm that for example it is possible to use these devices to install Kodi or Plex and thus expand those options, but of course the sideloading process invites to think that this capacity is feasible. And if it is, as in the rest of the cases, we have before us a product that becomes more interesting at times.

Source : Engadget


Dead Island 2 start new game: delete save?

How to start over and create a new character in Dead Island 2? Where to start a new game and keep the previous save in Dead Island 2? Over the past few days, perhaps one or two players from the new zombie shredder from Deep Silver, who has created the first character and would now like to change the “butcher”, will be dealing with these questions. There are six different characters in the game, differing in both attributes and abilities. In this short guide we will show you how to start over and start a new game in Dead Island 2.

Start new game in Dead Island 2

If you are not satisfied with the chosen character in Dead Island 2 and would like to start over again, you can simply create a second saved game by selecting the “Butcher” menu item in the main menu. Under the “Butcher” menu item you will find six butcher slots that you can use to create six saved games. You don’t have to delete the previously created character, you can simply set a new butcher and start the game again. Importantly, you cannot transfer story progress, items you’ve found and crafted, or other weapons from one character to another.

You can also use the “Butcher” menu to delete characters or butchers that have already been created. To do this, select the character and press the F2 button (PC version), triangle button (PlayStation) or the Y button (Xbox).

Tip: In Dead Island 2, weapons have a limited durability. However, the broken weapons can be repaired at the workbench and thus continue to be used.


eFootball 2024 is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, but it is a long way from being the football game of the year

When konami decided to change the name from Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball we found it funny, but the model change free to play It was a total disaster. Beyond the terrifying bugs that eFootball 2022 had when it was launched (something that was solved, luckily), we witnessed with astonishment the release of a completely lost video game, with few game modes, with gameplay that left a lot to be desired. and without a clear objective of the gap he wanted to occupy in the industry.

It was evident that the Japanese brand had to do something against the reign of FIFA, who had completely eaten the toast. At that time we all saw that the way in which Konami wanted to wage war, after several poor deliveries, without news and with constant loss of licenses, was not the most successful. It was not, furthermore, because the Japanese decided to go down into the mud and fight with Electronic Arts where it was strongest: online and competitively. And of course, fighting FIFA Ultimate Team is not easy.

It is not necessary to insist much that Konami’s move was wrong and this cost them dearly. Virtually no player was satisfied with that jump to F2P, because there were not even any significant new features in the playable section. eFootball 2022 even became the lowest rated game on Steam. Now, the Japanese developer has launched eFootball 2024, the game of the 2023/2024 season, with the aim of directing the path and trying to stand up to EA Sports FC 24. Have you achieved it? I tell you in this article.

The right path, but there is still work to be done

When eFootball 2022 came out I played for a couple of weeks. I wanted to trust despite the failures, but I couldn’t stand what the video game offered me. The worst thing was not the constant errors, that too, but a basic playable proposal on the field of play and confusing off it. A few days ago, Alberto Pastor suggested that I do this article and it gave me a little panic, because my last memory of the franchise is disastrous. The positive part is that things they are not so badbut there is still much to improve.

As a football fan since I was little, my life in video games has always been linked to FIFA or PES. I thoroughly enjoyed Pro Evolution Soccer, with a special memory for PES 6, but also for PES 2 or PES 2010, which has, even today, the best mode for a player (that of becoming your soccer player, come on) of the franchise. I never understood why they were not able to develop that way, but I have ended up understanding even less the general drift of the saga.

And it remains that way today, although I only have FIFA as a suitor. I’ve spent more than 300 hours on FIFA 23, which is a bit like the worst human vices: you know it hurts you, but you inevitably return to it. And I’m afraid I’ll continue the love-hate story with FIFA 24 (now, now, EA Sports FC 24), because eFootball 2024 is still not up to par of its competitor, although I want to start breaking it down for the positive. Just because, there are green shoots in this game.

Konami has introduced many changes in gameplay and promises better control to attack, more possibilities in defense and better goalkeepers. The reality is that I liked the improvements. There is something that really bothered me about eFootball. I noticed that the actions you did with the players were very restricted, as if they were too automated. Even the passes were, at times, perfect hits, robotic, very similar, without grace. In FIFA I am capable of making quite “crazy” plays; in eFootball I couldn’t.

In eFootball 2024 the story is different, although it is still far from perfect. Yes I have noticed that there is greater freedom to move the ball in attack and to form plays that break the monotony of the matches, but it is still a game in which the rhythm of the matches is slow. It is somewhat faster and more dynamic than the last ones, this is also true, but the players’ movements are “slow” and clumsy at times. In addition, they show a lot of fatigue, which makes the end of the game a suffering.

In any case, the experience is very diverse depending on whether you play against the AI ​​or another player. Although it is not a title focused on playing against the machine, the possibility is there. In fact, in the Dream Team mode (the one similar to FUT) there are matches that are against the AI. Well, these encounters are still slow, more so than PvP. Even so, I insist again: there is a slight tendency to accelerate things and there is a certain difference with previous versions. For me, the right step.

By the way, the AI ​​is good on higher difficulties, but it does feel a little unfair. He tests you, but it’s practically a feat to score a goal. But, as he said, the gameplay is a little different in PvP, whether in local or online matches. In fact, I had fun in these games, They are faster. It’s not that I think it’s better than FIFA 23, for example, but at least they’re not a disaster. Of course, at the moment I have suffered, because my team is bad and in eFootball 2024 the low-level players have a hard time against the good ones.

But we have to be fair with what Konami has done on this occasion and there is reason for hope. In summary, the improvement in attacking playability is more than evident: it is more difficult to direct the ball, especially in shots on goal (missing is normal, really). Before it was easier to put the ball in a specific place and now the position of the player has a lot of influence, in addition to his quality, of course. There are also adjustments to dribbling or the classic feint, and they are no longer so decisive. They are defensible.

It is precisely in the defense where there is a big change. It is more complex to defend, but at the same time there are more resources to do it: careful stealing, shouldering, strong tackle, greater control of the player to pin down the rival… I liked it. As for the goalkeepers, my feeling is different, because although they do have new animations, they continue to perform very strange and dubious actions. Oh, and to finish off the defense, they have to urgently review the foul and penalty system. The referee points out some laughing infractions.

The worst part, for me, is the ball. It weighs a lot, looks like a medicine ball sometimes. The players make passes so slow that it seems like they are kicking a stone. There is a lot of room for improvement in this aspect and it spoils the final result, which I think is better than in other years. eFootball 2024 is fun in matches between players, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it is still polished to be really entertaining. Still, honestly, I think the path is correct at a playable level.

Of course, the debate is served, of course. FIFA has always been associated with a more arcade, fast and direct football; On the other hand, PES and eFootball have always been considered games that rely more on simulation. In my opinion, the FIFA approach is more entertaining and, honestly, it seems that Konami is gradually betting on something similar. In fact, there are players who feel lighter, who run, who have good movements… There are reminiscences of FIFA. A matter of taste, I celebrate it.

eFootball 2024, a game that is still half done

Otherwise the news is not so good. The user interface is still somewhat confusing (the menus are the same, they have changed the organization of the team, at least) and we miss tutorials that explain more the ins and outs of Dream Team mode, because from scratch it can be very chaotic to understand how it works . In my case, which I have not touched since 2021, I have had serious problems to understand which players to sign, how I can build the team and what kind of things I can buy with in-game money.

The way it works is similar to FUT: you buy players and packs to form the best possible team to play against the AI ​​or other users. What I like least about the system is that the cards have leveland you must train and improve them so that they grow in value. Although FIFA’s system of drawing cards without stopping is a bit abusive and borders on absurd (the metamorphs drive me crazy but, hey, people complain about having women in EA Sports FC 24), I prefer it to this one. It’s not very fun and it rewards you to pay.

It must be taken into account that, being a free to play game, eFootball 2024 has micropayments. It is possible to acquire a virtual currency, which can only be obtained by purchasing with real money or in some rewards, to obtain various improvements and accelerate development of your team. You can really play without limitations without spending a single euro, but it will be more difficult to have the team of your dreams. Although, well, that “team of your dreams” has to be put in quotes, because the absence of licenses is devastating.

Two Premier League teams, Barça from the Spanish league (of course, being LALIGA EA Sports, what do we want), one from the Bundesliga, one from France, seven from Italy… The lack of powerful licenses weighs heavily on them, but at least most stars are present, although the equipment is not well updated. For example, Ansu Fati is still at Barça… Of course, Brighton is not in the title. Still, is it fair for us to complain about this? FUT is also pure meaningless fantasy and, with Dream Team being the only mode, it doesn’t matter a bit.

The main drawback is that it is only one you can play. In February 2023, Konami released a statement explaining different new features that would come to the game: Master League, cooperative, the team editor and other elements, cross-platform with mobile, new teams… The only thing that has arrived is the cooperative. The only. So it is very difficult for us to take the development of the IP seriously, honestly. If you start the game it is to play an isolated match with a friend or to play Dream Team. There’s no more.

In general, I still believe that This model greatly harms the video game and I don’t know if it really pays Konami to insist on it. I’m really surprised that you’re still keeping his idea of ​​him intact, when going back to what was before is probably the right thing to do. EA mixes classic modes with FUT and does well. It is not incompatible. I don’t know, it’s hard to see a scenario in which a player of this type of game is going to dedicate many hours to this, and even more so considering that the new FIFA is going to make the leap to mobile phones as well.

Two quick notes to finish. On the one hand, they remain commentators Maldini and Carlos Martínez, with very trite dialogues (you can select several audio modes to avoid copyright problems). And in the visual section, without further ado. I have played it on Xbox Series although without crazy bugs. Furthermore, transitions in games are eternal. It is light years away from FIFA in fluidity.

to the stick

eFootball 2024

By: José M. Rodríguez Ros

eFootball 2024 is a ray of light after the storm: the gameplay is better and it feels like Konami has found the right path to follow. But that’s where the good ends: graphics that say nothing, recycled menus, lack of licenses, lack of variety of game modes and a game that, once again, seems to be half done. It’s not horrible like the previous ones, but there is a lot to do.

5 things you should know:

  • Dream Team mode only.

  • Very few licenses.

  • Better gameplay, right path.

  • Fair graphics.

  • The same old comments.

Players: 1-6

Language: Texts in Spanish and comments in Spanish

Duration: Incalculable

View system requirements

See eFootball 2024 file How do we value


Nokosu Dice: my opinion and review of the ultimate trick game

A real gem spotted by Americans at Asian game festivals, and shared on BGG, Nokosu Dice has built up a nice little reputation in the West. An innovative trick-taking game, with dice and cards that mix together, never-before-seen gameplay, an obscure game that comes from far away: all the ingredients combined to create a buzz in Essen.

How did I get Nokosu Dice?

Let me tell you this. I find myself early on Thursday morning in front of the doors of the Mass, with my friend Sylvain, taking advantage of a skip-the-line with the pro pass. The hunt for Asian gems printed in few copies can begin. We find ourselves in good company since Ben from Recettes Ludiques and the Vind’jeu team run around the aisles with us for a bit. In front of the stand the Japanese publisher Engames, a line of…50 people already. It’s Thursday morning, the show has just opened 10 minutes ago, exhibitors are still setting up here and there, and the 6 huge halls of the Messe are empty.

Except in front of this stand.

We then stand in line, and the editor’s face when he arrives at his stand is incredibly funny. A mixture of surprise, satisfaction and regret: they only took a few boxes, if they had taken 5000 they would all have gone, that’s for sure. There are around 100 boxes available, and with Sylvain we buy a copy of each game (Robotrick, Izu, Toppen) after an hour and a half of waiting.

Back home and a month later after dozens of games, here I am armed to criticize and give my opinion on Nokosu Dice!

(my game is sleeved in the photos)

A trick game like no other

Nokosu dice is part of the trend of trick games (or trick taking in English) which is agitating board game publishers. Moreover, Matagot recently made a special collection. Cat in the box, The Crew, Scout, Gang of Four, St Patrick, Mino Dice, Pass…this category is already stocked with excellent games. But Nokosu Dice manages to stand out from the crowd, with extraordinary features.

The Nokosu Dice box

Nokosu Dice’s edition is nothing special. No theme, completely random illustrations, cheap dice: it’s not for its visual or evocative side that you will play this game. Besides, the sleevé game barely fits in the box. On the other hand, the rules in English are contained in the box, and the material does not contain any text: you will be able to play it without problem. Period reminder cards are included.

The main principles of Nokosu Dice

In Nokosu Dice, we play with cards, numbered from 0 to 7, in 5 different colors. Each player receives between 6 and 8 depending on the number of players at the table.

In Nokosu Dice, we also play with classic 6-sided dice, in 5 different colors. Depending on the number of players, you will have between 4 and 5 dice on a small board in front of you. These dice are drawn at random from a bag, rolled, then drafted between players. A die will not be chosen by the players, and will be placed in a small receptacle : THE super-asset. I’ll come back to it.

We therefore find ourselves with dice in front of us, a super-trump die in the middle of the table, and cards in hand. Cool, now I can explain what it’s all about.

Detailed mechanics

The mechanics of Nokosu Dice are interwoven to direct you towards a goal: to make a given number of tricks, a number which will be determined by the last die in your possession. If at the end of a round your last die contains the number 3, then you must have made three tricks to score the maximum. To make a trick, as in any trick game, you must win the current round, and therefore place the highest number in the requested color at the start of the trick.

But of course we can cut.

How to cut? You remember the super-asset? (English speakers say trump) Imagine that the die placed in the small receptacle of the super-asset is a yellow 1.

  • So for this round, all yellows are trumps (cards and dice)
  • And all the numbers 1 are the super trump (cards and dice)

So we can cut with any yellow, and with any 1. And it’s truly incredible.

I also told you that the dice were placed in front of you. Which means that you partially know what color is left in each player!

Because if you play the purple 3, for example, and you spot purple dice among your opponents, you know that they will be forced to play this die, or a purple card from their hand. And since you are intelligent, you have already understood that forcing your opponents to play dice means taking away their scoring possibilities because the number of tricks to make is the number indicated by the last die you have. (and which will therefore never be played).

But in Nokosu Dice, we can also discard.

You don’t have to cut, you can discard! Throw anything away if you can’t play the requested color!

Finally, I hadn’t told you about it before, but there are two black dice, selectable during the draft: by taking a black die instead of a normal die, you agree to make zero creases. It’s difficult enough as it is but depending on the super trump and the value of your cards, it’s playable.

In a round of Nokosu Dice, each player will play all their cards, and all their dice except 1. We count the score at the end of each round, and we start again. The game ends after 5 rounds.

Good ideas from Nokosu Dice

Already, unlike a blind betting system, like in Mino Dice or Cat in The Box, the Nokosu Dice system is flexible, adaptive. Each round you will change your mind 3 times to find out how many tricks are feasible. Also Nokosu Dice plays on several layers of gameplay at the same time:

  • the dice draft and the anticipation of the super-asset
  • you try to predict your number of tricks based on the dice you drafted
  • you try to stop others from realizing your trick count
  • you plan the cuts and discards, you count the cards


In Nokosu Dice, you will mark the number of tricks made, and if you succeed in your objective (a number of tricks equivalent to the value of your last die), you will score 10 points per player who does not succeed in their objective. So between 10 and 50! Achieving your goal is therefore highly rewarded! And stop others from doing it too!

Zero creases?

The zero tricks strategy is playable but it seems more risky, since unlike other strategies you will not be able to change along the way. The black die can never be played. But it earns 10 points more than the others (so between 20 and 60), it’s up to you!


Nokosu Dice has the potential for an infinite lifespan. Like a game of belote, like a Gang of Four. The game is smooth, the game is good, the game is crazy. It deserves its buzz, you’ve never played this! A feeling with lots of possibilities, with very deep gameplay. Nokosu Dice is a great little game.

My final opinion on Nokosu Dice

I can’t wait to find out which publisher will do something with it in Europe. With a little theme, some card pimping and some quality dice, Nokosu Dice can become a banger. It’s a little bomb of a trick game, which is accessible (I’ve had families play games in evening), clever, obvious. You have to see the surprise and wonder of the players when after two turns they say “ah but can I play a die here?” “wait does red 2 cut?”.

When we play dozens of new board games every month, we are always attracted by those that manage to exist, to offer a new mechanic, or a new assembly of mechanics. Nokosu Dice is one of them. It’s fresh.


Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 leaks its launch: Bandai Namco prepares the largest game ever created by Goku and company

It seems that very soon we will have news about Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi (or whatever the game ends up being called), since multiple leaks of the game have emerged in recent days, and as expected, there has also been talk about its launch window, information that apparently will arrive very soon officially, and yes, you will enjoy it in less time than you think.

According to the well-known insider, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4 will arrive in early 2024, without giving us an exact date. This agrees with the leak that assured that we would see something of the game at Tokyo Game Show 2023, because if we will really play with Goku and company in such a short time, there is no better time for a new trailer, or at least some statement that explains it to us. How is your development going?

Users on social media obviously looked for more answers, but Geekdom101 cleverly evaded them all; The original publication, in fact, did not mention the launch window as such, but rather appeared precisely in response to one of many comments.

News in development…