Massif Games Convention from February 19th in Frankfurt (Update)

The Massif Games Convention, which was held for the first time in Frankfurt, is understood to be.

Update from February 20, 2024: The first edition of the Massif Games Convention (MGC) started yesterday, Monday. Massif Central managing director Florian Joeckel is calculating . Further panels, lectures and presentations are on the program for this Tuesday and the following days.

Frankfurt’s head of economic affairs, Stephanie Wüst (FDP), admitted at the opening that the general conditions for developers had improved as a result of federal funding. In Hesse, however, €260,000 was distributed to seven serious games projects in 2023 – that is in comparison to other federal states. This makes events like the Massif Games Convention all the more relevant.

It ties in seamlessly with the MGC: from February 22nd to 24th, the Seligenstadt pinball and arcade museum will present selected exhibits. Admission is free.

Massif Games Convention from February 19th in Frankfurt

Report from February 15, 2024: This is how the organizers describe the organization of a games event in Frankfurt am Main – and confidently label the Hessian banking metropolis as .

At least in terms of sales and market share, this is definitely true: After all, international players such as Nintendo of Europe, Sony Interactive, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Zenimax Germany have their branches in the greater Frankfurt area – plus well-known game studios such as Crytek and Deck13 Interactive , Cloud Imperium Games and Keen Games.

While the German Dev Days are traditionally aimed more at developers, founders and students, the Massif Games Convention is intended to close a gap in the areas of culture and business from 2024. The four conference days from February 19th to 22nd (Monday to Thursday) are each dedicated to a specific topic and consist of workshops, exhibitions, concerts and lectures.

Participation is free. But: Tickets for the Massif Games Convention 2024 will be sold exclusively via the Eintracht Frankfurt app Mainqila, which requires registration in addition to downloading. The venue is the municipal art and culture center Massif Central, not far from Römer and Paulskirche.

The initiators of the new format include the Frankfurt agency Guilty76, city marketing department head Stephanie Wüst and the Darmstadt game design professor Wilhelm Weber, all of whom are also actively involved in various program items. The list of speakers also includes Prof. Dr. Stefan Jacob (also Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences), Youre boss Alex Suárez, games consultant Tom Putzki, Timm Jäger (Eintracht Frankfurt E-Sports), game developer Tobias Fox and Deck13 founder Jan Klose.


These 7 incredible Spider-Man games will come to Xbox Game Pass, as long as Microsoft agrees with Marvel

Although the relationship between Spider-Man and PlayStation today seems unbreakable, the reality is that just a few years ago Spidey games (and Marvel in general) came to all consoles under the Activision seal. Those days are over, but there’s still some hope for Xbox gamers… as long as Marvel agrees.

With Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard King, it is expected that games like , , and can land on Game Pass during 2024. But What’s up with all the Marvel games, mainly Spider-Man? Well, considering that those games were licensed by Marvel, Microsoft would have to pay the license to Disney again, in order to have those games on Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, Activision has had to remove Marvel games from digital stores, as the license ran out. Such was the case of the , who returned for a limited time with their version. Even Capcom has suffered from this situation, and only a few lucky ones took advantage of the return of the classics more than 10 years ago.

Be that as it may, Microsoft has enough money to reach an agreement with Disney and Marvel, as long as it has several of the Spider-Man games on Game Pass. And, who knows, in one of those you may even bring to life several heroes and stories from comics, exclusively for Xbox and with studios that have already worked with these characters.

7 Spider-Man games we want to see on Game Pass.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

This was the game that started the idea of ​​the Spider-Verse. Long before the Miles Morales comics and movie, Dan Slott wrote a short original story for the game developed by Beenox. Four Spider-Men vs Mysterioin one of the arachnid’s most epic adventures.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time

A direct sequel to but focused solely on classic Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099. The direct sequel is worth having on Game Pass… despite not being a game with as much quality as the original. Be that as it may, Beenox gained experience for the following deliveries.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2

These games are, most likely, the most difficult to get for Xbox, since they not only have to talk to Marvel and Disney, but also with Sony Pictures. Despite his failed time on the big screen, had two decent gameswith a lot of stories and characters that we did not see in movie theaters.

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

If you thought Spider-Man in a black suit was the coolest thing, get ready for a much darker story. In 2008, Shaba Games took advantage of the trends of multiple endings, focused on a good and bad path, so that players made one of the most important decisions of the character: Whether or not Peter Parker keeps the symbiote suit.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2

Although they are not exclusive Spider-Man games, Peter Parker’s participation is key in both stories… or, rather, in the teams we can form. adapts several modern Avengers stories, such as and . have to wolverine and Spider-Man on the same team It’s enough to want both games on Game Pass.

Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3

There’s nothing like a good hit of nostalgia to be a hit these days. Without a doubt, Tobey Maguire’s trilogy remains a favorite of Spider-Man fans and its adaptations for PS2 and Xbox are fondly remembered; especially for the possibility of playing in an open world. As with , reviving these games depends, in large part, on Sony Pictures.

Ultimate Spider-Man

Probably the best Spider-Man game out there (even before Insomniac). In we have the possibility of playing in an open world, passing some levels with Venom and learning a story directly inspired by the comics of the Ultimate line. Besides, Treyarch developed the game with a graphical style , allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the comic-like narrative. It would be a dream to play this title again on Game Pass.


Genshin Impact developer will join the HarmonyOS ecosystem and release exclusive games on the AppGallery

Huawei continues to work on HarmonyOS, the operating system that powers its latest smartphones, such as the Mate 60 line. The potential of this OS is so high that it is already considered a serious threat to iOS and Android. However, HarmonyOS has a significant disadvantage compared to its competitors. It does not have as much app support, partly due to its relatively young age and increasing pressure from the United States.

To overcome these challenges, the company is taking steps to attract more apps to its store. For example, the McDonald’s app recently appeared on the AppGallery. However, realizing that this is not enough, Huawei entered into an agreement with MiHoYo to develop games exclusively for HarmonyOS.

MiHoYo announced the development of native applications for HarmonyOS

Huawei is making efforts to increase the popularity of HarmonyOS by entering into a cooperation agreement with Chinese game developer MiHoYo. According to the agreement, MiHoYo, known for developing popular games such as Genshin Impact, will create exclusive games specifically for the HarmonyOS operating system. Console makers like Sony have been using this strategy for a long time. To boost sales, the company releases games that can only be played on its console, such as Spider-Man.

The agreement applies not only to exclusive games, but also to already released ones. For example, Genshin Impact will receive native support for HarmonyOS and will run with much better performance than before. In addition, thanks to cross-platform support, it will be possible to play simultaneously with Android and iOS users. Both Huawei and MiHoYo are expected to benefit from these developments, attracting more app developers to HarmonyOS.

There’s no word yet on when the new games will be released, but this partnership is a positive sign for the future of gaming on HarmonyOS.


League of Legends’ next big change is something players have never seen before. Riot Games plans a ‘rework’ to the Rift for the video game’s 15th anniversary

The developers of League of Legends do not usually give a stitch without a thread, so it is difficult to figure out if it was a mistake or a way to advance the news and start creating hype. Whatever the case, the result has been positive for Riot Games. In what seemed like a preview of a new cosmetic that will come to the video game in an upcoming update, the company has shown what will probably be the big change in the video game for next 2024. We are talking here about a real surprise, since it is about a transformation to Summoner’s Rift. A ‘rework’ that the developer had never dared to do and that could arrive in Season 14. The same one in which the game will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary.

A change that League of Legends never wanted to make… until now

The image shown by Riot Games is cut in a very opportune way so that we cannot draw all the conclusions. However, shows four major changes. Two of them are in the middle lane, where the entrance to the river appears to have been widened and there is a new way to access the turret on the red side. We see the other two on the roads to the top lane. If the changes go ahead, there will only be direct access to the top lane. Additionally, and as the minimap image suggests, Baron’s “pit” would have been eliminated. Although the monster will continue to exist and will be essential in League of Legends games, it will not be locked in a pit but in a much more open area.

It must be taken into account that, although the image makes it evident that Riot Games is working on modifying the League of Legends map for the next season, all adjustments are provisional. The company could still make more changes or eliminate some of those seen in the image ahead of the final launch that will take place at the beginning of next January. In any case, the intention seems to be to create a more symmetrical battlefield by reducing the power of the jungle characters. If all these changes are carried out, it seems a lot more difficult to find routes to ambush to enemies as everything becomes a little more predictable.

The changes that we can see, indicated in a single image. Montage created through a screenshot from Twitter (@TeshTV).

The developers had confirmed their desire to make structural changes that would provide a long-term positive balance framework for League of Legends. In addition to these more than likely changes to the map, the company has experimented with “differentiating the minions of each line.” A possibility that was mentioned several months ago and that could be combined fantastically with this rework of Summoner’s Rift. If confirmed, these two major adjustments would join the already confirmed changes that the item system will receive, giving rise to one of the most notable transformations we have seen in a new season.

Although we must be patient and wait for official confirmation from the company, we will not need to wait long. Riot Games confirmed a few weeks ago that the new season changes would be introduced to the test server in mid-November. In this sense, we should have a great presentation within a maximum period of one month in which all the company’s plans will be revealed to us. It does not seem like a coincidence that such a revealing image has “escaped” just when there is so little time left for what should be one of the great moments of the year for League of Legends fans.


SamaGame: Competition with LucidSound LS15X Wireless Headset and 10 games

Image: SamaGame

There are great prizes to be won again in the SamaGame February 2024 competition. Included is the LucidSound LX15X wireless gaming headset and 10 games for Xbox.

All SamaGame members have the chance to win great prizes again in February 2024!

Anyone who participates diligently in the SamaGame community and frequently visits with their profile to write comments will receive XD XP points for these activities. Anyone who actively collects XD-XP within a month will automatically take part in the following draws depending on their points balance.

Participation in the new XD-XP competition will be divided as follows:

We Were Here (€1.99) +50 XP

You have a chance of winning on We Were Here if you have collected at least 50 XD-XP in the current month.

Infinity Circle (€12.99) +500 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Circle Infinity if you have collected at least 500 XD-XP in the current month.

Bad Dream Coma (€9.99) +750 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Bad Dream Coma if you have collected at least 750 XD-XP in the current month.

Rogue Company Starter Pack 1 (€9.99) +1000 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning Rogue Company Starter Package 1 if you have collected at least 1000 XD-XP in the current month.

Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure (€19.99) +1250 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Beach Buggy Racing 2: Island Adventure if you have collected at least 1250 XD-XP in the current month.

Wintermoor Tactics Club (€19.99) +1500 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Wintermoor Tactics Club if you have collected at least 1500 XD-XP in the current month.

UnMetal (€19.99) +1750 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on UnMetal if you have collected at least 1750 XD-XP in the current month.

Encodya (€29.99) +2000 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Encodya if you have collected at least 2000 XD-XP in the current month.

Grid Legends (€69.99) +2500 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Grid Legends if you have collected at least 2500 XD-XP in the current month.

Ghostrunner (€69.99) +3000 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning on Ghostrunner if you have collected at least 3000 XD-XP in the current month.

LucidSound LS15X Wireless Gaming Headset (€99.99) +3500 XP

You can secure your additional chance of winning a LucidSound LS15X wireless gaming headset if you have collected at least 3500 XD-XP in the current month.

SamaGame T-Shirt +5000 XP

Unbelievable but true, the unsaleable SamaGame T-shirts are back. After we have already given away 300 pieces at the Xbox FanFest at Gamescom 2023, you still have the chance to win a shirt in 2024.

You can secure your additional chance of winning an SamaGame T-shirt if you have earned at least +5000 XP to your current points balance in the current month.

The SamaGame T-shirt will only be raffled off among all real SamaGame hardcore fans who have collected at least 5000 XP in a month. The winner can freely choose the size as long as they are in stock. The competition is extended every month as long as the supply of t-shirts lasts!

This is how you get XD-XP points with your logged in profile

  • Comment on a post +20 points
  • Comment on a test +20 points
  • Comment on a preview +20 points
  • Comment on a guide +20 points
  • Comment on a gallery or screenshot +5 points
  • Creates an answer in the forum +10 points
  • Registration +500 points

The deadline for participation is February 29, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. The general conditions of participation apply. The draw takes place at the beginning of the following month. Shipping costs are only covered within Germany. All winners will be informed of their win via private message.

  • All details about the SamaGame XP Ranking System

We would also be very happy if you followed us on the following channels:


XD XP Ranking

  • XP Ranking – Top 50 users of the past 30 days

We wish all participants good luck again this month, lots of fun collecting XD-XP and with a bit of luck there will be a double XD-XP weekend, secret XD-XP bonuses and more.


Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass Service Announced for June

Microsoft has announced the games that will be leaving the Xbox Game Pass subscription service at the end of this month of June.

The Redmond company unveiled on Monday the arrival of titles such as Metro Exodus, Borderlands: A Very Beautiful Collection, Batman: Arkham Knight or Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition, but now it has added five games, among which are Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Shadow Complex Remastered will be removed from the catalog.

Here is the complete list of titles that disappear, along with the date.

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass in June

  • Next Up Hero (June 27)
  • Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition (June 30)
  • Shadow Complex Remastered (June 30)
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (June 30)
  • Zombie Army Trilogy (June 30)


2024 difficult for games: “Studios will close”

You may have noticed that there have been a lot of layoffs in the gaming industry in 2023. But with that year behind us, things don’t necessarily get better. Many gaming company executives expect all layoffs to make way for permanent closures by 2024.

It is estimated that more than 10,000 jobs were cut in the gaming industry last year, a trend that will continue in 2024. Moreover, it is likely to get worse, several CEOs of gaming companies told anonymously. One CEO calls 2023 the year of layoffs and 2024 the year of closures.”

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This applies to studios but also to publishers and other gaming-related companies. According to this CEO, there are “too many companies that don’t make a profit in video games.” The industry is facing “two painful years.”

Industry is struggling with a surplus of games

This has largely to do with the pandemic, according to another CEO. There was a lot of demand for games at the time, which meant that too many projects were given the green light at that time. Publishers are already signing up for fewer games, but for a healthier industry, the release calendar must return to looking like it did before the pandemic. That will take at least two years.

A similar statement was recently made by the CEO of publisher Nacon. He indicated that digital stores are flooded with games, making most of them practically invisible. Studios that make smaller titles need a specific, untapped niche to stand out.


PS Plus Extra and Premium games for January 2024 now available

The free PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium games for January 2024 are now live. Subscribers can now claim and play the games.

Sony adds new games to PS Plus for free twice a month. Today it’s time for the new games on PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. The games were announced last Wednesday. These games can be claimed by subscribers of PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium. The games have now actually appeared in the Store and are playable.

Now available to claim on the PlayStation Store: PS Plus games for January 2024

From now on, the following games can be claimed in the PS Store for PS Plus Extra:

  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands – Next Level Edition | PS4, PS5
  • Resident Evil 2 | PS4, PS5
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker | PS5
  • LEGO City Undercover | PS4
  • Just Cause 3 | PS4
  • Session: Skate Sim | PS4, PS5
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun | PS4
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong | PS4, PS5
  • Surviving the Aftermath | PS4

The following games have been added for PS Plus Premium:

  • Rally Cross | PS4, PS5
  • Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace | PS4, PS5
  • Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection | PS4
  • Legend of Mana | PS4
  • Secret of Mana | PS4

Foamstars to PS Plus in February

Sony also had good news about February’s games. The Splatoon-inspired game Foamstars will soon be released. Today Sony announced that this game will be available on PS Plus on day 1.

Foamstars is a 4×4 multiplayer shooter (which can also be played solo) where, for a change, you don’t use bullets, but a foam cannon. So soap each other up, the foam party will start on February 6 and it won’t cost you anything, except for your PS plus subscription!

Free games for PS Plus Extra and Premium for January 2024

Sony always announces the new month’s line-up of PS Plus Extra and Premium on the Wednesday before the third Tuesday of the month. The games will then become available on the service the following Tuesday. This month it is today, January 16.

  • Subscribe to PlayStation Plus now!

In addition to the games for the higher levels, the PS Plus Essential games can also be scored. The new free games for PS Plus Essential have been available since the beginning of October. This month it concerns the following games:

The games added to PS Plus Essential in January were:

  • A Plague Tale: Requiem
  • Evil West
  • Nobody Saves the World

To be able to play the PS Plus Essential games after January, you do not need to download the games; claiming them before the end of the month is sufficient. From that moment on, they will be in your PS Plus library for as long as your PS Plus Essential or higher subscription runs. You can always download and play them.

Even if you let it expire and activate it again later, you can play your previously claimed games again. With the more expensive PS Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions you can play many more games for free, but in a kind of Game Pass model. The games that are removed there will therefore no longer be playable from that moment on, unless you purchase them yourself.


The 15 most crazy characters from Rockstar Games 

Rockstar has been treating us to great titles for years, but what made these games so memorable? The absurd missions of course, the immense freedom that you are offered, but above all the interesting characters you encounter. Wimpie will take you through the fifteen most deranged characters today!

Before I start, I have to admit right away: I’m a sucker for the most crazy individuals in movies and games. My black heart has a kind of weird appeal to the sick minds the entertainment world has in store for me. The wackier a character is, the better I remember him or her.

Of course, Rockstar is the perfect developer for the most evil, offensive and especially mentally ill characters, so I will no longer keep you in suspense and serve you the funniest, weirdest and most hideous Rockstar crazy people I can remember! 

Pay attention! This list contains minor spoilers for various GTA titles and Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2

15. Ricardo Diaz – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

Ricardo Diaz from Grand Theft Auto Vice City is not so much a crazy m**********r, but more of a paranoid drug lord whose product (cocaine) is getting to his head. During the missions that protagonist Tommy Vercetti carries out for Diaz, it immediately becomes clear that the coke magnate constantly thinks he is being betrayed.

He also regularly loses his self-control, causing him to pump a video recorder full of bullets and various televisions and telephones have to suffer. So I wouldn’t immediately put the stamp on Diaz as a mentally ill person, but he is definitely a crazy one!

14. Seth Briars – Red Dead Redemption (2010)

Seth Briars, a rabid grave robber, appears in the first act of Red Dead Redemption. In his own words, Seth hates living people and especially women, because they would have driven him to dig up corpses to take their valuables and find any treasure maps.

If you listen carefully to Seth’s dialogues, you will find out that he hates women since his mother died. Perhaps this indicates that he was unable to cope with that death. The lack of trust in other people is likely due to the betrayal of his former partner in crime Moses, who stole half of an important treasure map. This makes Seth more of a tragic wacky than a sicko you instantly hate

13. Clint – Bully (2006)

Bully is set in a high school, so you don’t expect crazy at the level of GTA in a somewhat smaller-scale game with mainly students in the leading roles. Yet here and there you find a character with a questionable state of mind and Clint is one of them. He has protagonist Jimmy Hopkins commit various small-scale crimes, such as stealing bicycles and mopeds and destroying mailboxes.     

12. Mikhail Faustin – Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

GTA IV is also full of eccentrics and I cannot ignore this gentleman from this list: Mikhail Faustin. This Eastern European top criminal appears quite early in the story about Niko Bellic, just after the murder of Vlad Glebov. Vlad was Faustin’s partner, so he decides to have Niko and Roman kidnapped. During that kidnapping, he immediately loses his temper and shoots Roman in the stomach, causing chaos.

Faustin, like Diaz, is the prototype paranoid leader of a criminal organization whose suspicion of his own allies is driven by excessive drug use. Mikhail regularly has his nose in coke, which causes tensions with his wife and his business partner Dimitri Rascalov

11. Margaret – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

As you’ve come to expect from Rockstar in recent years, their games feature fun and sometimes weird encounters with strangers. Margaret is one of those random people who cross paths with Arthur Morgan and this gentleman … um, lady really isn’t quite hot. This stranger mission revolves around retrieving Margaret’s so-called circus animals: a zebra, a tiger and a lion.

It soon turns out that Margaret is a con man who disguises ordinary animals as the rarest tropical beasts on Earth. The mission that you can view above takes a nice turn at the end that I will of course not reveal!

10. Irish – Red Dead Redemption (2010)

An entertaining character from the first act of Red Dead Redemption. Irish, a notorious alcoholic who has to help John Marston with a rail gun for a particular mission, is so off the track that John sometimes has to literally pull him out of dire situations.

Above, for example, you see a mission in which the Irishman, lonely with booze, points his gun at a few nuns and seems ready to pull the trigger. Fortunately, John arrives just in time to intervene. Furthermore, Irish regularly leaves the shooting to John during the missions he plays in, culminating in the closing mission of the first act. Of course I will not reveal that mission to you!

9. Phil Cassidy – Grand Theft Auto III (2001), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), Vice City Stories (2006) en Liberty City Stories (2005)

The crazy Phil Cassidy is some kind of modern gunslinger in the GTA universe. With his arms business he is a formidable competitor for Ammu-Nation and during GTA Vice City he is busy making an enormous explosive substance: Boomshine. You don’t have to drink this substance to get up: ‘Just a good whiff will set you off’, says Phil himself in the video below.

Boomshine is a highly flammable mix of alcohol and drugs. So intense that Phil blows his own arm off with it. He always appears in the GTA titles after Vice City without a right arm. Phil is one of three characters physically present in four GTA parts. Those two others are ‘G*y’ Tony Prince and Johnny Klebitz. Lazlow Jones appears most often in the GTA series, but he only appeared in person in GTA V for the first time. For the rest he can be heard on the radio.

8. Micah Bell – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Now that I have almost finished Red Dead Redemption 2, I know for sure: Micah Bell is a crazy a*s m**o! Take, for example, the mission you can watch above, where Arthur must free him from Strawberry’s prison. During the rescue, Micah decides to shoot the entire town to typhus, including an innocent family. All because the gentleman has to pick up his guns if necessary. After that mission you actually already know: everything Arthur does with this man ends in a bloodbath.

7. De Love Fist-psycho – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)

The higher we get on the list, the crazier the characters get! This guy from Vice City really deserves a psycho stamp, because as a fan of the Scottish rock band Love Fist, he has remarkable methods for adoring his idols. He waits armed for the band members at a room where they perform for an album release. Tommy Vercetti manages to stop the madman and kill him, but that doesn’t end the terror of this mad fan. 

In the next mission for the band it turns out that the cheerful fan has somehow built a car bomb in the limousine of the band. A variant of the movie Speed ​​is then a fact, because if you drive too slow, the limo will explode! While the band members scream murder and fire, the bomb must be defused, which eventually succeeds after a crazy ride through Downtown Vice City.

6. Catalina – Grand Theft Auto III en Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

As you read earlier in this list, Rockstar has a pleasant habit of giving his characters more depth through roles in other games. Catalina is the bad guy of GTA III, but also appears in San Andreas, where it becomes clear that she is the niece of Cesar Vialpando, CJ’s brother-in-law. During her first mission it becomes clear that the Latina is completely crazy when she wants to take a few guests in a restaurant with a butterfly knife.

The missions you carry out for her involve a number of robberies at a betting office, a bank, a liquor store and a truck full of gasoline. The collaboration between CJ and Catalina comes to an end when she meets the protagonist of GTA III, Claude. The two start a relationship, which you may remember that does not end well in GTA III. Nevertheless, the last call CJ receives from Catalina is a kind of ‘tease call’ in which it is audible that she and Claude are having a good time together.

5. Sadie Adler – Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Although Sadie and Arthur regularly help each other in Red Dead Redemption 2, the tough lady is definitely in the head. That’s not surprising at all, as she lost her husband in an attack by a group of ruthless O’Driscolls before being rescued by the Van Der Linder gang. As you can see in the video above, throughout the storyline of Red Dead Redemption 2, Sadie regularly loses her ‘cool’, so to speak.

4. Brucie Kibbutz – Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

Brucie Kibbutz is the character that I enjoyed the most in Grand Theft Auto IV. This pumped-up ADHD person uses a special type of , something he calls ‘juicing’. According to him, the testosterone that Brucie uses for juicing comes from Chilean bull sharks and these cause him to have so-called ‘roid attacks’. In these disturbed showers, he gives Niko the most insane assignments: from stealing fat cars in broad daylight or killing certain people. This ‘juiced up’ madman doesn’t like it and so conquers a place in the top five.

3. Trevor Philips – Grand Theft Auto V (2013)

This psychopath actually needs no further introduction. Trevor Philips, one of the protagonists in GTA V, has in my opinion the very best introduction ever to a character in a GTA game.

The mission Mr. Philips can be seen above and as you know Trevor immediately kills a beloved character from GTA IV: Johnny Klebitz’s head is pounded to a pulp by Trevor, after which he goes on a veritable rampage to all his rivals in the Sandy Shores weapons and drug trade. to turn off. A 10/10 introduction to a 10/10 character!

2. Piggsy – Manhunt (2003)

Games in the Manhunt series are bursting with psychopathic characters so it should come as no surprise that Piggsy, a character in the first Manhunt game, is high on this list. Piggsy is a cannibalistic mass murderer with a pig mask over his head who crunches his victims with a chainsaw. Despite being clearly a grown man, he is of the mental age of a child and can only speak a few words. For the rest he just grunts and makes pig noises.

Piggsy in Munhunt’s story may be the predecessor of protagonist James Earl Cash, who was supposed to play a role in the p**n exploitation movie of Lionel Starkweather, the antagonist of Manhunt. Somewhere in that remarkable casting process, Piggsy went completely out of control, prompting Starkweather to lock the Pig Man in the dark recesses of his villa.

1. Eddie Low – Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)

It was difficult to choose a number one for this top 15, but Eddie Low is Rockstar’s undisputed creep in my opinion. Niko runs into him twice in Liberty City and both encounters are truly shocking. The first time you meet him, Eddie tries to break the ice with a little small talk, but his conversation topics (loneliness, death, and animal masturbation) provide the opposite. In the end, Eddie asks for a lift to the harbor, because the sports bag he has with him is far too heavy for a walk.

During the car ride, Eddie also touches on the most uncomfortable subjects, with a story about people’s screams as the low point. He says he enjoys distinguishing accents in different screams and also says that he has heard enough screams in the Alderney district. It’s time to study the screams of people in Algonquin.

The second and final meeting with Eddie reveals how up this man really is. Again he tries to chat with Niko, but when he starts talking about spanking and asks if Niko likes that, the atmosphere changes a bit. The Eastern Bloc protagonist does not like Eddie’s company and says he should flash up. Eddie gets furious and talks about the ways in which he tortured and murdered children, anally humiliated his victims and he also tells something nice about the intestines of a young girl. When Eddie pulls a knife and says that his hunger can’t be satisfied, he attacks Niko. Of course you can help Eddie to the afterlife with one of your weapons. 

So, that was a mouthful of crazy characters. If you think that this list is still missing some Rockstar wackos, do not hesitate to comment below this story.


The best Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) commands. How to use the console, most useful shortcuts and ‘binds’ to squeeze out all the game’s tricks

Among so many changes and modernizations, one of the elements that we like the most about Counter-Strike 2 is the command console. An obtuse menu that has been with us since the first version and that is much more useful than it may seem. Perhaps it is difficult to use or understand for newcomers to Valve’s tactical shooter, especially because it is a missing tool in many modern releases. However, we’re here to do three things: explain why it’s so important, tell you how to use it, and help you get the most out of it during your gaming experience.

How to activate the command console in Counter-Strike 2

Here we start from the most basic, so it will not surprise us that the first step to use the command console in Counter-Strike 2 is activate it. It’s extremely simple, but just in case, let’s go over it step by step.

  1. Open the menu settingby pressing the gear at the top left of the screen
  2. Go to the game menu and activate the option on the command console that appears in the section starting settings
  3. Choose a keyboard shortcut to open the command console from the menu “interface keys” in the “keyboard and mouse” section.

The command console has been in Counter-Strike ‘all its life’.

We recommend setting the command console to a key away from those normally used during the game. Any option that meets this requirement is valid. One of the most common is the one to the left of number one. I like to have it in the letter ka.

The most useful commands you can use in Counter-Strike 2

The command console allows us to support hundreds of entries and all of them can be useful in one situation or another. However, there are some entries that we will use much more regularly than others. The objective of this section is to give you a quick knowledge of the most important commands or, at least, the ones that we have used the most during the beta and what we have from Counter-Strike 2.

Bind: It is probably the most important command of all. Allows you to create bind a keyboard shortcut to a command console function, so that it is executed when a key is pressed. We are not going to go into deeper explanations since it will have its own section.

Sv_Cheats 1: A command as important as bind that we will use to train. It can only be used in custom games and activates (legal) server mods that Valve allows us to use for training. We will delve more into this during its own section.

Voice_Scale (0-1): This command allows you to modify the volume of the video game’s voice chat. In this way, we can adjust all our companions at the same time without having to enter the options section. It is executed by writing it, leaving a space and adding a number between 0 and 1 (0.2, 0.5…). Here is an example, voice_scale 0.2.

Cl_Showfps (0/1/2/3/4/5): This command makes the game show us the frames per second at which it is playing. It is executed by typing cl_showfps 1 and disabled by replacing the number with a 0. Also try cl_showfps 2, 3, 4 or 5 to get more information about FPS.

fps_max (0-999): This command allows us to limit the frames per second of our game. For example, fps_max 144 if we want to lock the game at 144 frames. In general, fps_max 0 is recommended to be infinite unless we have stability problems.

Handling the Counter-Strike 2 commands will help us achieve the objective in each round.

Cq_netgraph (0/1): Shows the performance graph of our connection on the screen. It is executed by writing cq_netgraph 1 and is deactivated by replacing the number with a 0

Disconnect: Disconnects us from a game in progress. It is ideal so that, when we have finished a confrontation, we can abandon it without seeing all the final cinematics. Also on community servers or Deathmatch. If we use it in competitive games while they are still in dispute, we will receive penalties.

Quit: The fastest way to force quit the game safely.

Cl_righthand (0/1) – Not yet available in CS2: Will be added in a future update. Using cl_righthand 0 will make our character hold the weapon with his left hand, while number 1 will make him use it with his right.

How to take advantage of the “Bind” command in Counter-Strike 2

The bind command is one of the most useful in the video game and allows us to do real tricks. For example, set up a button that mutes voice chat. It has a logic of use, so we can learn to master it: it is configured by typing (bind + key + “action”). For example, bind t “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”). In this section, we will write the commands in square brackets so that they are easy to identify. You should not copy the brackets.

Simple Binds

Key to mute voice chat: Using the command (bind t “toggle voice_modenable 1 0”) we can configure a key to mute the voice chat. Replace the t with whatever is your favorite shortcut.

Grenade configuration: Using the command (bind z “slot7”;bind x “slot8”;bind c “slot6”;bind v “slot10”) we quickly create a keyboard shortcut for each type of grenade (z, flash; x, smoke; c , grenade; v, molotov).

Switch Hands – Not yet available in CS2: The command (bind L “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”) When entered, will allow the hand weapon to be changed at will. Utility? None, but it looks great.

The “left-handed” mode is yet to come to Counter-Strike 2 (Image via YouTube, @luckySkillFaker).

Complex Binds

Many of these binds we have to thank for community research and TotalCSGO compilation.

Increase the volume while moving stealthily: It is achieved with the following command (alias +incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 0.5;+sprint”;alias -incvol “incrementvar volume 0 2 -0.5;-sprint”;bind SHIFT +incvol). This means that when walking without making noise by pressing ‘shift’ the volume of the game increases so that we can hear our rivals better. It is very useful

drop bomb: We must activate the command (bind B “use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop; slot1”). This means we can throw the bomb in a single action instead of switching weapons to the C4 and then throwing it. You can replace “b” with any other key.

Jump and crouch: We configure it with the command (alias “+hjump” “+jump; +duck”; alias “-hjump” “-jump; -duck”; bind n “+hjump”). What we achieve with this is to have a key in which our character crouches while jumping, which allows us to reach higher areas without having to manually press “space” and “control”. It is very useful and you can replace the n with any other letter.

Jump and throw: Activated in two phases. First you must write in the console (alias “+jt” “+jump;” ; alias “+ta” “-attack; -attack2”; alias “-jt” “-jump”;). After that, (bind ALT “+jt;+ta;”). It is essential, since there are certain grenades that we must throw while jumping and this allows us to do it consistently.

Many important grenades, such as those used to enter Mirage’s A-point, require the use of a bind to function consistently.

How to take advantage of the sv_cheats 1 command in Counter-Strike 2

Practice games or community maps (when available) allow us to use commands prohibited in any other game mode. To access them we must enter (sv_cheats 1) in the command console. This will allow us to activate other keys that will facilitate training.

Noclip: Allows you to fly around the map and go through walls. For example, to see where a grenade has landed.

Sv_showimpacts(0,1,2,3): When you activate this command, the bullets will leave a red and blue mark on the wall that indicates their impact zone.

Sv_infinite_ammo (0,1): When activated with sv_infinite_ammo 1, it gives us infinite ammunition and grenades.

Sv_grenade_trajectory (0,1): Activating it with sv_grenade_trajectory 1 makes us see clearly how the grenades fall.

Sv_rethrow_last_grenade: Causes the last grenade we threw to be thrown again. It is very useful to have a ‘bind’. (bind x sv_rethrow_last_grenade).

God: Makes you immortal

kill: Makes you die

Seeing where our grenades fall allows us to learn to throw them quickly.

Round settings: Enter the combination (mp_roundtime 60; mp_buytime 60000;mp_buy_anywhere 1;mp_maxmoney 65535;mp_startmoney 65535) to have practice games in which you can buy wherever you want, with no time limit and maximum duration.

bot_add(t,ct): This command adds bots to the chosen team. We can also choose its difficulty or name. Combining all the possibilities… bot add + (to ct) + (easy, normal, hard or expert) + (name). Example, (bot_add t hard Alvaro)

bot_kill(t,ct): Eliminate all bots from a team. Example (bot_kill T)

Changelevel: Entered followed by the map code to change scenery. For example, we can use chagelevel of_inferno. Map codes are de_(name) except for office and italy cs_(name)

Restart: Restart the game

Counter-Strike 2 Initial Commands

These they are not activated in the command consoleif not on Steam.

  1. We right click on the game in our library
  2. We press the properties option
  3. In launch parameters we add the commands separated by a space
  4. We close the tab and they will have already been saved

Here you must enter two more commands that we tell you below.

To improve game performance, it is convenient to enter (-novid -high). This will eliminate the initial cinematic and will make our team give the game top priority so that we do not lose performance. You only have to do it once, it’s very simple, and it’s appreciated.

With this, we are done with the Counter-Strike 2 commands. Is there more? Of course, but they are not that useful. In any case, We will update this same page to add other interesting options that we discover as we become familiar with the particularities of this new version of Valve’s tactical shooter. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section and we will be waiting to resolve them.


The 20 best co-op games for the PlayStation 4 

Now that Marvin has managed to maintain a relationship for over two years, he has become a self-proclaimed co-op expert. Today he takes a look at the best co-op PS4 games that you can play together on the couch. No less than 20 pieces, enough for months of gaming fun, drama and torn friendships.

Prefer to watch a video than read? Then check this:

De LEGO-games (Harry Potter Collection, Marvel Super Heroes 2, etc.)

Sitting on the couch together and pulverizing countless digital LEGO blocks with characters from your favorite franchises is timeless. The LEGO games are firmly at the top of most lists of best co-op games – they have almost everything: humor, puzzles, a delicious (metroidvania-like) progression and thousands of unlockables and collectibles. The fact that the games can be played by young and old is a nice plus, and no generation is safe from the 100% virus that will undoubtedly strike. You come for the fun blocks and stay for the achievements. It pays to go through these games as completely as possible, because before you know it you will dive into a new mechanic or completely new levels, and that is always a nice surprise.

Choosing the best LEGO games is a feature in itself, so we’ll throw it all together here. You will undoubtedly get the most fun from the LEGO Hary Potter Collection, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2, LEGO Jurassic World and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you get the hang of it then there are plenty of hours of co-op fun ahead, games like LEGO The Incredibles, LEGO Batman and LEGO DC Super-Villains will be well worth playing.

Overcooked 2

Standing together in the kitchen creates a bond, but doing your best not to throw a controller at each other’s heads does that even more. Fortunately, you can combine the two pursuits in Overcooked 2, which has a simple concept in itself. You have to create recipes within a certain time, but the recipes are getting more complicated and the environments more treacherous. That is why only the best-oiled teams can go far in the game, provided they can handle choice stress and sky-high pressure. Still, once things go right (or go horribly wrong) Overcooked 2 equals a steaming plate of fun.


Do we really need to describe this? Everyone and his mother knows Minecraft, and although the game has a good manual, everyone should be able to pick it up easily. Whether you quietly build a house together, explore the world, battle monsters or recreate a random meme with blocks; Minecraft offers a variety of co-op options that you can get through in an afternoon or spend months doing.

Diablo 3

When it comes to co-op gameplay where you can drop in and out easily, Diablo 3 is very important. The classic hack & slash combat translates wonderfully to the PS4, and ramming buttons together as oceans of demons plummet to death is a mighty feeling. If you are already working on a game (Seasonal or otherwise) your friend can join you, and you can drag him behind you for a while to give him gear and become stronger. Before you know it, the two of you are slaughtering Malthael.

Rocket League

By far the most competitive game on this list: Rocket League. We especially want to discuss games in which you have to work together, and luckily that is also possible in Rocket League. Whether it is 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4, whether you play Hoops or go all out with the settings in the Rumble mode and kick each other around with gigantic shoes; Rocket League guarantees competition, lightning-fast teamwork and glorious or otherwise victories. Nice if you already play it a lot, even more fun to playfully improve together and online opponents to shoot the balls to the side mirrors.


Right on with the following football games, although these are of course better football simulators than Rocket League. FIFA and PES have been the most fun games you can play with your friends for over two decades, as long as you are football fans. If so, you can fill tons of evenings with tournaments (if you have enough friends over) or take on people online together in one of the many game modes.

Dying Light: The Following

Zombies have become a permanent part of our culture, because not a year can go by without three new zombie films and / or games appearing. Unfortunately, when it comes to co-op zombie games, you don’t have much choice, but the zombie game that does co-op is immediately one of the best ever made: Dying Light. Freerunning through the city together while trying to keep zombies away from each other, chasing the same quest objectives or choosing their own path, everything is possible. A great story, even cooler gameplay and an unprecedented adrenaline rush when night falls; Dying Light is a must for any zombie fanatic. Unfortunately Dying Light does not have a split screen, so you will need two PS4s.

Littlebigplanet 3

Platformers are pre-eminently the kind of games that you can play with each other on the couch, where you will of course laugh at each other when the other rips off a platform or runs into an enemy. LittleBigPlanet 3 takes it one step further, because there is also a dose of creativity involved in the level editor. In fact, there’s so much to do in LittleBigPlanet 3 that it can be hard to get everyone on the couch excited, but once that happens …

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

At the time of writing, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is the absolute pinnacle of co-op loot shooters. After all, Borderlands 2 is one of the most fun shooters ever made, and the fact that the two of you (or more) can walk through it while shooting tons of enemies through their heads just makes it better. By matching characters and weapons you can vary the gameplay wonderfully, and by working together you will be able to take on increasingly stronger bosses and therefore get the thickest loot. Nice drool on pixel guns!

Rayman Legends

Whoever thinks of co-op games quickly thinks of platformers, and who thinks of platformers (unfortunately) quickly thinks of Nintendo games, but that does not mean that there is nothing to do on the PS4. Rayman Legends is one of the nicest platformers you can play on PS4: cool (and iconic) characters, the ability to run through levels and collect whatever you want and just enough variety to surprise you a few times. Wholesome fun for the whole family.

Divinity: Original Sin (1 & 2)

This is certainly not a game that you just start with your brother who has played Minecraft once or with your father who only plays FIFA. No, Divinity: Original Sin is a game for fans of Dungeons & Dragons and similar in-depth RPGs. The choices in this game are so many that no playthrough will be the same, the quests are often fantastically written and the gameplay is also wonderful to master. Yes, these games take a ton of time, but those who love top-down RPGs like Baldur’s Gate and have never experienced anything like this in a co-op style will be in for a revelation here.


A twin-stick shooter like no other: in Alienation you face armies of aliens with up to four people. Think Halo, but from above and even more chaos unfolding on the screen. Yes, with four people this game can get a bit too busy and it can be difficult to see what is happening on the TV, but Alienation is guaranteed to keep you all on the edge of the seat – uhh, couch.

Don’t Starve Together

Sounds simple, doesn’t it; In Don’t Starve Together, you have to survive by building bases and collecting resources and food. Don’t Starve itself was a great game for survival game fans, but the two of us only add to the fun. After all, it is nice to divide all the work between two people, and with the constant threat of permadeath (for both players) you have to work well together to survive.

A Way Out

Today there are very few co-op games that you can play together on the couch; usually you both have to sit behind a console and work online. A Way Out is therefore a unique game that you should give a chance just because of its approach. This game can only be played with two people; the story revolves around two prison buddies who must work together to survive and find a way out of their prison lifestyle. It’s a relief to experience the interaction between the two characters, and hopefully A Way Out will be the trigger for more game developers to produce unique co-op games like this one.


With N ++ you will probably think of a lot of broken controllers in the corner of your room, but nowadays you can also just play the game in pairs to relieve the stress. Not that it will; co-op in N ++ is still packed with tricky levels, annoying obstacles and crazy fast gameplay. This time, however, you have to work together to solve puzzles, for example by experimenting with switches and timing well. Stressful, but fantastic.

Rock Band / Guitar Hero

Anyone who loves music should just get Guitar Hero or Rock Band, because forming a digital band with your friends is also a timeless experience. Unfortunately it costs a bit more than the average game (you need the accompanying guitars, drum kit and microphone to start a whole band and they are not exactly cheap), but if you have friends who also love music then you can with Guitar Hero Live and Rock Band 4 do no harm. There are certainly skills involved, so try to be all the Expert level and then play the stars from the digital sky.

Guacamelee! 2

There are a little too few games on this list where you can use your aggression and your passion for avocados, and that’s why Guacamelee exists! 2. Travel together through the Mexiverse to complete wonderfully atmospheric levels packed with interesting platforming moments, and alternate them with some very intriguing boss fights.

Crypt of the Necrodancer

This game is already a pleasure to play on your own; In itself, going through dungeons and slaughtering pixelated monsters isn’t unique, but its emphasis on musicality makes Crypt of the Necrodancer one of the nicest indies to hit PS4 in recent years. The fact that you can do that together makes it even more fun; every move you make has to be to the beat of the music, so just pushing buttons won’t get you there.

Unravel 2

Sometimes you just want a game that doesn’t require too much effort, and Unravel 2 is one such game. The woolly characters must go through a beautiful world together to solve some simple puzzles, making use of the wool that connects them. Swing from the body of the other, become one woolly character together or try to unravel the somewhat vague story together; Unravel 2 is played comfortably on the couch without worrying too much.

Gang Beasts

From a quiet game to a game that will leave you cursing and screaming on the couch: Gang Beasts. Okay, Gang Beasts isn’t exactly a cooperative game (unless you make teams or something like that) but the game is so damn funny that it doesn’t matter. There are a few different modes (football, endless wave, standard multiplayer combat) in which you can go wild, and especially the frustrating controls and hilarious physics will ensure that no game goes the way you want. That makes Gang Beasts all the funnier and a mandatory number if you regularly play games with friends on the couch.

Do you know any cool co-op games you can play on PS4? Then drop it in the comments! Honorable mentions: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Spelunky, Sundered: Eldritch Edition, Resogun, Attack on Titan 2, Sonic Mania. 


Best Naked Mods for Monster Hunter Games

Monster Hunter is known for its variety of giant monsters, big weapons, and multiplayer mode where you can hunt monsters with your friends. It’s a game that can take some time to learn, and potentially years to master. As you continually search for monster parts or travel through the same landscapes, you may want to add some variety to your game to avoid the feeling of boredom.

This variety can come in the form of nude mods for characters. You can start hunting by viewing your character models in their entirety, or see what other NPCs would look like without clothes. These are the best bare mods you can get for Monster Hunter, covering both Monster Hunter World and Rise.

Best Naked Mods for Monster Hunter Games

There are many Monster Hunter games, so it is not difficult to guess that there are many bare mods. There’s a certain appeal when you’re playing a skinny girl and hunting monsters. Now let’s see what’s in the store.

Sick Wins EBB – Inner Armor (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE The Sick Gains EBB – Inner Armor The mod will change the appearance of all inner armor to resemble a fully naked body. Each model will wear gloves and will need gloves to hide the appearance of the hands. This is a modification of Karbon’s Extra Buff Body mod.

You will need other mods installed before this takes effect, especially Dytsers physics tool. Nonetheless, it’s a mod that’s nice to look at and gives you exactly what it says.

Yakuza Girl (Monster Hunter Rise)

Another almost naked mod, the Yakuza Girl The mod gives you full nudity for a female character, except for the lower body. It will replace the appearance of the inner armor, but will not remove any features of the inner armor.

This Salada 123 mod transforms a female model into an exotic and dangerous beauty who isn’t afraid to show off some skin. It’s perfect for treading the line between full nudity while leaving little to the imagination.

BedMate_Twins in Elgado TU2 update (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE BedMade_Twins update in Elgado TU2 the mod doesn’t apply nudity to you, but it will apply it to Minato. This Talsen 18 mod will make Minoto sleep on your bed and you can watch her without being disturbed. You can also pair Minoto with Hinoa to see them both sleeping on your bed without clothes.

This is an eco-friendly model, so the sleeping girls are just for decoration. You can’t interact with either Minoto or Hinoa, but just looking at them should be enough.

Skin Bundle – Up to 8 Options – Grada’s Paradise Series (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE Skin Bundle – Up to 8 Options – Grada’s Paradise Series (Sunbreak Compatible) The mod gives you a variety of skins to choose from. Many of these skins will allow you to render a character naked, as well as adjust body features to your liking.

You can make a body more muscular or change the color of hair/body parts according to your preference. This mode is a collaboration of two modders, Papitas and Gradash.

Good Nude Topology mod (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE Good bare topology Dyster’s mod will allow you to freely modify the body of a female character as you wish. You can change the muscle structure of a body, change body physics, and even change the size of body parts as you wish.

There are several designs you can choose from and then edit yourself if you’re looking for something specific. One note, the leg and body sizes are not compatible, so you can’t put huge knockers with an average body/leg size without the model looking all messy.

Jiggly ‘Extra Buff’ Nude Body Contour (Monster Hunter World)

The Karbons Jiggly ‘Extra Buff’ Nude Body Contouring The mod replaces the Buff Body armor set with a nude character model. You can’t modify the mod without directly editing the files, but it involves more body physics, as well as hand-made textures that fit the normal body.

If you want to modify the mod and have modding skills, you can add additional modifications as you wish. Be careful, the arms and waist are the same size, so the modified armor can still fit there.

Naked NPC Girl (Monster Hunter Rise)

THE Naked NPC girl RochesteDorm’s mod will remove all clothing from generic female NPCs in the game. This will also affect the size of their upper bodies for a more shapely appearance. You can change the size of the upper body to your liking, or just stick to the generic appearance for a regular look.

This does not affect important female NPCs, who have separate mods. This mod will make your time and adventures around Kamura much more interesting and engaging.

Highpoly Nude Mod with Jiggle Animation (Monster Hunter World)

THE Highpoly Nude MOD with shaking animation It’s exactly what it says: a high-quality nudity mod that takes proper body physics into account. There are several variations of this mod to suit your particular tastes and is compatible with the Iceborne DLC.

Other players will not be able to see this bare mod if you have it equipped, making it somewhat safe for multiplayer use. This friccirf’s mod has become very popular in the modding community, and many obscene mods have been created just to be compatible with it.

HPN ___y Duchess Vaal (Monster Hunter World)

The High Polygon Nude mod for Monster Hunter World became extremely popular among modders, and soon enough the game was flawed with highly detailed nude mods for various characters. One of the most attractive characters in the game is the Duchess Vaal Hazak.

Modder Aqxero personally admitted that he is very much in love with the Duchess, so they created this mode which features 19 amazing variations of her armor. I can’t even imagine how much time and effort went into creating this mod, and I really hope you enjoy the effort.

___y Vanilla Armors (Monster Hunter World)

Another ambitious mod from Aqxaro. The goal of this mod is to replace each female armor in the base game and the Iceborn expansion, with one ___y vanilla armor version which reveals parts of the characters’ bodies.

Eventually we will have a ___y mod for every armor in the game so that we don’t have to experience cognitive dissonance by choosing one of the few ___y armors. A warning, if you already have armor mods, this mod will overwrite them, as it works on all armor in the game.


Chromecast with Google TV does more than meets the eye: from games via Game Pass and xCloud to external drives with a USB-C hub

The renewal of Google’s Chromecast was highly anticipated, and although certainly the price in Spain has been a jug of cold water, it must be recognized that the device has remarkable potential.

In fact, to the official options that stand out in Google with content streaming, there are several that begin to consider how this device can be a great companion to our Smart TV, and all thanks to the support of Google Play, he ‘sideloading’ apps and that USB-C port which can do much more than supply current.

Unofficial options that give a lot of play

We are seeing it in recent days: since the Chromecast with Google TV in several stores in the United States before even its official launch, several users have tried to do things that have not been officially publicized by Google.

For example, although theoretically the device does not work for Google’s own Stadia service at the moment, there are those who have tried it by doing this process of sideloading consisting of install applications on the device through their APK installation packages on the Chromecast operating system with Google TV, which is nothing more than a somewhat special version of Android.

Not only that: the device also allows install the Xbox Game Pass and PS4 Remote Play apps. In the first case, it has been shown that it is possible to play games through the Project xCloud streaming service that recently debuted on the Microsoft platform. In the second it seems that there is not so good news at the moment and although the application seems to load, there is not much more that can be done than logging into the account.

When playing with streaming services like Stadia or xCloud that are not officially supported but do work, the internet connection is crucial. The Chromecast with Google TV has WiFi connectivity, but there are two different ways to ensure a more stable connection and have a wired connection via Ethernet.

The first, buy the official and optional Google charger that includes precisely that entry and that costs 19.99 euros in the Google Store. The second is to take advantage of the device’s USB-C connector, which in addition to being used to charge it allows you to do something very important: connect a USB-C hub.

By doing so we can obtain many more connection ports with which expand the possibilities of Chromecast with Google TV. There are already users who have confirmed that some concentrators work and that thanks to them they have connected mice, keyboards or have accessed those Ethernet connectors we were talking about.

Not only that: it is also possible to connect external storage units (pendrives, hard drives) and explore those contents. That, together with the aforementioned sideloading of applications, suggests that these Chromecasts could also become valuable multimedia centers for local content.

We have not yet seen cases that confirm that for example it is possible to use these devices to install Kodi or Plex and thus expand those options, but of course the sideloading process invites to think that this capacity is feasible. And if it is, as in the rest of the cases, we have before us a product that becomes more interesting at times.

Source : Engadget


Sony is already announcing free PlayStation Plus games for November

Sony is remarkably early this month in revealing the free PlayStation Plus games for November. Normally this is announced the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the following month, but there is already an image on the official PlayStation site showing two of the free games for November.

First of all, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, the over-the-top shooter that was released in 2011 on the previous generation of consoles. This remaster was released last year and can be downloaded for free from next month, provided you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

The other free game is Yakuza Kiwami. It is the remaster of the very first Yakuza game, but given a new look with today’s graphics. This well-received game has also only been on the market in the West for a year, so once again a great gift from PlayStation.

Most likely, the rest of the free games list will be revealed later this month, as the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita normally also get two free games. Don’t forget to get the free games from PlayStation Plus this month, including Friday the 13th: The Game.


53 great PS4 games with Cross-Buy on PlayStation Vita that you might not remember

Several years have passed since Sony got out of the PS Vita car, although there are many studies indies that they continue to take it into account in the face of conversions in their most recent work. For many it’s true he’s dead, but that doesn’t mean he’s not « alive » for another sector that loves notebooks.

There is actually one facet that is always forgotten: Cross-purchase with PS4. A feature where, for the payment of a product, we are given the possibility (free) of being able to play it on another console of the PlayStation family. Usually with PS Vita, although the PS3 has also benefited a lot. Today we will review many PS4 games that you can play in portable mode with your PS Vita, if you keep it still … Because the console is discontinued.

New graphic adventures and other classics

Being a touchscreen console, Graphical Adventures is one of the genres best suited to the PS Vita. And over there Double Fine Productions is the most contributing studio, saving three classics from LucasArts and one of their classics released in 2015.

We discussed the Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle updates as well as the KickStarter, Broken Age twist. Unfortunately, Revolution Software did not do the same with Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse, by not having Cross-Buy. But this is one of the few exceptions. For example, eschatology Demetrios: THE GREAT Cynical Adventureyes you have it.

Sometimes these were late conversions, such as remake of the mythical Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, renamed Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty, two years behind the original PS4 version. A platform adventure to hit the coconut and save Abe’s companions. And f**t. A lot.

We cannot forget a video game considered to be art (one of the first to appear in the exhibition at the prestigious MoMA), Another World.

On the PlayStation Store …

Metroidvanias, roguelikes and action platforms

A genre that is experiencing its second youth today is that of metroidvania, with more exhibitors than ever and with a variety worthy of note, with more crazy and refreshing proposals. And there are several that luckily also came out on PS Vita with Cross-Buy between PS4. Here, yes, like the rest of the games we list, it should be noted that Cross-Buy only applies to digital purchases. The physical purchases are not worth it.

The case is that we electrify Teslagrad at retro-metroid Axiom Verge, going through the TimeSpinner temporal paradoxes, with other notables like Chasm, Iconoclasts or, more importantly, SteamWorld Dig 2. Because this sequel left layers behind what was seen in the first SteamWorld Dig. And what about the hilarious Unepic, the great adventure of Francisco Tellez de Meneses?

If we expand into more action and platform variants, with a few titles with notes of roguelike, we have one of the best games ever (besides the best remake possible), most of Spelunky. Or that Rogue Legacy whose legacy continues to grow. Even that Souls in 2D called Salt & Sanctuary, with additional mention for Killed: back from h**l, who was polite.

In the purest part of the platform there are more jewels Inde timeless, like Super Meat Boy, Knight’s shovel or Fez. And in its party style, almost no game can beat TowerFall Ascension. Without ignoring this tribute to the history of consoles which bears the name of Super Life of Pixel (very informative, if we are patient) or how addicting it is to immerse yourself without stopping Downwell.

Even with a ’90s spirit and bombproof difficulty, we have the very demanding (but aesthetically ugly to rage) Volgarr le Viking and this little pixelated wonder that responds to the name of Mercenary kings.

On the PlayStation Store …

  • Axiom Verge | 17,99 euros
  • Chasm | 17.99 euros
  • Downwell | 4,99 euros
  • Fes | 9.99 euros
  • Iconoclasts | 19.99 euros
  • Mercenary Kings | 15.99 euros
  • Rogue Legacy | 12,99 euros
  • Salt and Sanctuary | 17.99 euros
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove | 24,99 euros
  • Killed: back from h**l | 14.99 euros
  • Spelunky | 14,99 euros
  • SteamWorld Dig | 8.99 euros
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 | 19.99 euros
  • Super pixel life | 11.99 euros
  • Super Meat Boy | 15,99 euros
  • Teslagrad | 14.99 euros
  • TimeSpinner | 19,99 euros
  • Ascent of TowerFall | 13.99 euros
  • Unepic | 9.99 euros
  • Volgarr le Viking | 9.99 euros

Matamarcianos, shooters, fight them and beat them

The PlayStation Vita surprised us by adapting (with some performance limitations, of course) Hits PS4, like the best game it had when it debuted in late 2013: Resogun. A great housemarque matamarcianos that ended up doing honor by seeing the content expanded with DLC.

The s*x of the mantamarcianos It had a really good representation on this laptop and with Cross-Buy, like this Locomalito wonder that takes us back to our childhood (Super Hydorah) or the very original PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. And with the touch of color brought by the likable Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX, an exceptional student of the legendary Defender by Eugene Jarvis from 1981.

If we go to shooters From another angle and with this desire to release adrenaline without asking questions, both Miami Hotline like Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, they take the cake when it comes to immediacy. And with Nuclear Throne as one of the absolute references of roguelikes that leave Gauntlet in layers.

We cannot ignore, even if we didn’t love her as much as Magicka, that Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers and his destructive four-group friendships, while for the fight lovers there is the seer Skullgirls 2nd Againon the one hand and the Beat them brazilian retro fit 99Vies on another side.

On the PlayStation Store …

  • 99Lives | 9.99 euros
  • Aqua Kitty: Defender of DX Milk Mines | 6.59 euros
  • Helldivers | 19,99 euros
  • Miami Hotline | 9.99 euros
  • Miami Hotline 2: wrong number | 14.99 euros
  • Nuclear throne | 11.99 euros
  • PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate | 11,99 euros
  • Resogun | 12.99 euros
  • Skullgirls 2nd Encore | 24.99 euros
  • Super Hydorah | 19.99 euros

Adventures, RPGs and other very diverse genres

To top it off, we could include genres as disparate as role-playing games with Sandbox, extreme sports and endless runner musical comedies. Where do we start? For example, inside the RPG is the gem Darkest Dungeon, the Japanese veteran Origine Ys or that atypical Inde that revolutionized the industry, Undertale.

In adventures we can go from the intimate Alone with you even the evocative Bastion, with the touch of Boss rush by Titan Souls. Or directly say goodbye to our social life with the Stardew Valley simulator. As if we were going straight Sandbox with 8 and 16-bit spirit, like Retro City Rampage DX and its spiritual successor, Shakedown: Hawaii, riddled with winks everywhere.

What do we prefer rarities? There is the histrionic and pulperil Octodad: Dadliest Catch, ou le fantastic Light spear, where to test our goal with the spear. Otherwise, we can choose the turn-based strategy of Steamworld heist.

What if we want something more alive? Or we opt for the skate arcade d’OlliOlli and OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood; or by the musical rhythm of BIT.TRIP présente… Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien o NecroDancer crypt.

On the PlayStation Store …

  • Alone with you | 9.99 euros
  • Bastion | 14.99 euros
  • BIT.TRIP Runner 2 | 9,99 euros
  • NecroDancer Crypt | 15,99 euros
  • Darkest Dungeon | 21.99 euros
  • Light Spear: Double Speer Edition | 9.99 euros
  • Octodad: Dadliest Catch | 13,99 euros
  • OlliOlli | 9.99 euros
  • OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood | 12.99 euros
  • Retro City Rampage DX | 9,99 euros
  • Shakedown: Hawaï | 19,99 euros
  • Stardew Valley | 14,99 euros
  • SteamWorld Heist | 14,99 euros
  • Titan Souls | 14,99 euros
  • Undertale | 14,99 euros
  • Origin Ys | 19.99 euros

Are there more Cross-Buy games between PS4 and Vita?

Despite Sony not giving it the hype it should and in PlayStation Store, the list released in Spain doesn’t even reach a quarter of what actually exists (over 200 games with Cross-Buy), we left out a lot to focus on the most recommended ones, Hateful boyfriend have your audience. We have the winner Thomas was alone, for example.

Currently the editor Ratalaika Games is the one that brings out, by far, more games with Cross-Buy for PS Vita. In fact, rare is the month where no one comes out and with twice as many Platinum Trophies (one for PS4 and one for Vita), being, to top it off, one of the easiest to obtain. But at least some games are popular, like Super Destronaut DX. And their prices don’t exceed 5 eurosgo

As with other studies, we have seen more recent and visually valuable titles, such as the follow-up to Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, to others from generations past, such as Cel Damage HD, what would be the (unofficial) game of Crazy cars. The list is huge, but What other video games would you name?

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This Starfield player should have an Engineering Degree validated. You have spent 100 hours to create a huge factory with the game’s creative mode

Starfield is massive in every aspect. It is not only that it has more than 1,000 planets to explore, but also its creation of ships and of bases It can trap us for dozens of hours. That has happened to this player, one who has invested a hundred hours invested in creating a huge factory in space, and when you know all the details you will be amazed.

For all of you hating on outposts, this is what 100+ hours and dedication gets you. I present to you my factory, still work in progress.
byu/Hackoox inStarfield

It turns out that Bethesda’s RPG is not a The Sims. It does not allow us to build as we wish and we depend on materials, a logical structural arrangement and, ultimately, many headaches. However, this player placed 3,000 rugs on the ground to get a flat surfaceand from there he began to build.

In fact, this is already quite spectacular. Many players asked him how he got a flat layout on a space rock if, basically, everyone has a irregular orography. However, the feat goes further. Everything has been created meticulously using a single modone that eliminates the construction limit and allows you to create works this large.

But, Does this have value in the game? The truth is that it is complicated. The base building system exists in the game to be able extract resources of the planets on which we install it. Whether gold or copper, the space rock must have those resources beneath its surface; They don’t appear out of nowhere. However, much of the Hackoox player’s structures serve only to lend credibility to the work beyond placing extraction points here and there.

Starfield is not the only one, The Elder Scrolls VI is exclusive to Xbox

Although many of us already saw it coming, and several documents prior to September anticipated this exclusivity, yesterday’s massive leak by Microsoft itself made it crystal clear: The Elder Scrolls VI will continue with the exclusiveness in Xbox systems. While it is to be expected that, like Starfield, the medieval RPG will opt for a PC release, it will not be released on PS5 or its successor, depending on when it is released.


9 short PS5 games with a playing time of less than 8 hours

If you have a PlayStation 5 at home, we can imagine that you prefer to play as many games as possible. But with everything that comes out for the console, you grow like crazy. That is not the case with these short PS5 games that you can complete very quickly.

Astro’s Playroom (4 hours)

Every PlayStation 5 owner has the first game in this list. Astro’s Playroom is pre-installed on every console. The game introduces you to your console in a playful way by introducing all the functions one by one. Think of the new haptic feedback from your DualSense controller and more.

Astro then also takes you on an adventure through the history of PlayStation. You really see everything in the game, while you are out and about in beautiful worlds. And all that only takes 4 hours. After those four hours you have already reached the credits and you can start thinking about which game you will play next.

The Pathless (6 hours)

The next game is a mythical adventure from the makers of ABZÛ. The Pathless puts you in the shoes of an archer who finds an eagle in a vast forest. Soon you are working to save the world that has been corrupted by a dark force. By using your bow you can move at lightning speed and move acrobatically. In the meantime, you build a bond with your eagle who guides you through the game’s large open world.

The corrupt spirits that reside in this world will try to stop you at all costs, but you in turn must free them. Will you be able to rid the world of all dark energy? The Pathless doesn’t give you a fixed route, but it will keep you busy for at least six hours.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (7.5 hours)

An adventure that can be done very well on the PlayStation 5 is the content for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Miles Morales is a game in itself that builds on the story from Spider-Man. With a whole new Spider-Man at your fingertips, you’ll swing your way through crowded streets, shopping centers and more. The goal: discover where a supervillain is hiding who is making your New York unsafe.

To stop the destructive force that threatens your city, you just have to learn to deal with your new powers. That doesn’t seem to be as easy as it seems, but in the 7.5 hours that the game lasts you will increasingly master your Spider-Man powers.

Bugsnax (7.5 hours)

A game you may have downloaded for free is Bugsnax. The game was completely free a while ago via the PS Plus update. In Bugsnax you explore an island as a journalist. When you arrive on Snaktooth Island, at the invitation of Elizabert Megafig, all that appears is that she has disappeared. So you look for the lady, but her followers must also be sought.

As you search the island for Elizabert, you collect her loyal followers and discover what exactly the Bugsnax are. They are not just insects or fruit, but a mix of both. They also seem to be delicious, but you can discover that for yourself during your 7.5-hour adventure on the island.

The Falconeer (5 hours)

If you’re not into islands, but prefer to fly high in the sky, then The Falconeer is for you. The game puts you in control of your own bird and lets you battle enemies in spectacular aerial battles. The Great Ursee is the open world that has suffered for years under humanity and in the meantime all the betrayals and misconduct are slowly but surely being discredited. Yet there are groups that want to preserve the past, while you want to put an end to the poison that is ruining the world.

A fierce battle that lasts at least 5 hours awaits you, during which you will be presented with various main and side missions and you will have to fight pirates, giant crabs and other threats. Luckily you have your lightning bolts ready!

Greak: Memories of Azur (5 hours)

Greak: Memories of Azur lets you get started with not one, but no fewer than three characters. Greak, Adara and Raydel are three children of the magical Courines race who navigate the land of Azur. Along the way they encounter all kinds of challenges in the form of platform action and puzzles. Their country has been invaded by the evil Urlag and that cannot happen easily. It is your task to use the unique powers of the three to build an airship. With this, you must ultimately flee the country before it is too late and you fall prey to the Urlag.

You collect the parts of the airship while enjoying beautiful hand-drawn graphics and a soundtrack made by an entire orchestra. The compelling story about family, friendship and emotion will easily keep you busy for five hours.

Alex Kidd In Miracle World DX (3 hours)

A classic with a new look on this list is Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. Hand-drawn art, a great soundtrack and classic gameplay will keep you busy for a few hours in this platformer. Your country is threatened by an evil king, but before you can deal with him you must navigate to his castle and deal with his generals.

You don’t simply do this by fighting with them, but you have to beat them in a number of games of rock, paper, scissors. If you beat them, you eventually get to fight them and then navigate your way through Miracle World. In between you have to run, climb, sail, fly and motorbike to cross the country. As a bonus, you can also get started with the classic one. In principle you can reach the end within three hours, but believe us it actually takes about five hours before you see the credits.

Evergate (5.5 hours)

Another great game that you can complete in no time is Evergate. In this game you explore a beautiful, hand-drawn world as a soul named Ki. As you travel through the world, you discover mysterious powers, collect artifacts, collect and literally play with time. You have to move time forward or backward to progress in the game.

In this way, Evergate creates cool puzzles that challenge your brain, while you enjoy the beautiful soundtrack. The moving story about two souls looking for each other strikes a chord more than once. Unfortunately, the game only lasts 5.5 hours.

Spirit of the North (5.5 hours)

Once again we have arrived at the last short PlayStation 5 game on this list, and we’ll take another look at it. Spirit of the North is a short game at 5.5 hours, but one that you must play. The game puts you in the shoes of a fox whose path crosses with a guardian of the Northern Lights. This spirit fox takes you on an adventure based on Scandinavian folklore.

There is no dialogue in the game, so the visuals have to do their job. And believe us, they do. Solve all kinds of puzzles and explore your surroundings to discover everything about an ancient civilization and the story of the mountains and the red sky. The land in ruins tells a story of loss and reveals the nature of the spirit fox.

Do you have a short PlayStation 5 game that is not on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

The Pathless

Available from November 12, 2020

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These PS5 games have mouse keyboard options

Now that we have entered the era of the Playstation 5, it is time to see which PS5 games we can play with a mouse and keyboard. The mouse keyboard option was available on the PS4, but it was not very optimal.

Perhaps you have used it: the mouse and keyboard option for your PlayStation 4. This option is not possible with every game and the range of possible games on the PS4 is scarce. For example, without an adapter you couldn’t play Overwatch with a mouse and keyboard. Even if you had such an adapter, it did not always work for everyone.

A few games where it was possible were War Thunder and Final Fantasy XIV. Why this mouse keyboard option is not possible for other games is because many game developers believe that keyboard and mouse players in console lobbies have an unfair advantage.

Now it is of course time for the PlayStation 5. Can you also use a mouse keyboard setup on it? Well not for all games, but for a few this is possible! For example Warzone and War Thunder.

Few PS5 mouse keyboard games

It is very confusing which games you can play with mouse keyboard on the PS5. Mouse and Keyboard is possible for games such as Warzone, because they have the cross-play option. In the Warzone menu you can enable the mouse keyboard option before your game starts. You will then automatically be thrown into a PC pool. War Thunder also has this option, so you don’t need an adapter to connect a mouse and keyboard. Another game that can be played with a mouse keyboard on the PS5 is Planet Coaster.

Now that many games are switching to crossplay, we can assume that more and more games will be added that can be played on mouse and keyboard. It is unclear which games these will be.

Before you buy a game on your PS5 because you think it can be played with a mouse and keyboard, first check whether it really is. Most of the lists that Google presents you with include games for which you need an adapter costing 100 euros or perhaps more. With other games such as Rainbow Six Siege and The Division it may seem as if they can be played with a mouse keyboard, but unfortunately this is not true.


Available from May 24, 2016

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How to have Microsoft Project xCloud on an Android TV and play all of its games

Although in principle it is not compatible, you can test Microsoft Project xCloud games on your Android TV: You only need an invitation to the streaming platform, a Bluetooth wireless controller (preferably Xbox One) and the steps that we explain in this article.

Not long ago, Microsoft Project xCloud extended its borders to reach territories such as Spain; and we have already been able to thoroughly test the game streaming platform. We not only tested it on several Android phones, also on a device with Android TV. Microsoft is not saying that this system is compatible, but the truth is that it works really well. Do you want to try it on your TV or player with Android TV? We teach you all the steps.

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xCloud is suitable for Android TV

According to Microsoft specifications, Project xCloud is only suitable for mobile devices with a minimum of Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Bluetooth 4.0. The requirement is clear: mobile. In fact, if you try to install the app that opens the door to game streaming, Xbox Game Streaming, you will see that your Android TV does not appear in the list of compatible devices. But that doesn’t mean these devices are disabled for Project xCloud, on the contrary.

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We tested the streaming service on a 2017 Nvdia Shield TV with Android TV 9 Pie and the official Nvidia controller itself. After our testing, there is no limitation on using Bluetooth controllers that are compatible with Project xCloud: despite Microsoft claiming that an Xbox One controller is required, the truth is that Other wireless controls work, like the PS4, the Switch Pro controller or from the Nvidia Shield TV. And the experience is excellent.

Let’s go with what we were looking for: How to install Microsoft Project xCloud on an Android TV? The Xbox Game Streaming app is not available for the system, but there aren’t many complications when starting the streaming platform: it’s just like that.

  • Go to the Google Play store on your Android TV and find a file manager. TV File Commander is a very good recommendation.
  • Download the latest version of Xbox Game Streaming for Android from Apk Mirror and upload the file to your Drive account.
  • Open TV File Commander on your TV, sign in to your Google Drive account, and install the Xbox Game Streaming Apk.
  • As the Microsoft application is a file which is not distributed on Android TV access will not appear on the TV interface. To use it, you need a launcher, like Sideload Launcher. Install it on your Android TV.

Side-loading launcher

  • Open Sideload Launcher and run Xbox Game Streaming.
  • Sign in with your Xbox account (remember you need a Project xCloud invite): the connection will open in a web browser, you need to have it installed (you can use Puffin TV).

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With the above, you will have quick access to Microsoft Project xCloud, but another essential element is missing: the command. You need to connect a Bluetooth wireless controller to your Android TV, always keeping in mind that it should at least be Bluetooth 4.0. The Xbox One controller has the best performance, but you can also play with other controls, such as the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Android TV with Project xCloud

The xCloud experience on the TV screen is excellent: Microsoft has adapted the interface so that it can be used without complications on televisions. You can browse the game catalog horizontally, menus are easily accessible, and the game runs while taking up all available space, just like starting an Xbox connected to the TV. Of course, right now at 720p.

Source: Frandroid


AMD raises its head and confirms more games for its new FSR 3.0 with Cyberpunk 2077 as a great bulwark

A little less than a week ago we told you that AMD would debut FSR 3.0 in two of the worst rated Triple-A games of 2023. The news, of course, left no one indifferent. Fortunately, It didn’t take long for him to react, because they have just confirmed the next games in which they will include their new optimization technology. Most of them have a significant reputation and/or are relatively expected by users.

In this way, FSR 3.0 will reach several very interesting titles. It is strange, yes, that they have not yet said anything about Starfield, since the brand closed an exclusivity agreement with Bethesda leaving NVIDIA out of the equation at the request of the developer itself. It is certainly something strange, although we understand that they will announce it shortly.

AMD will add FSR 3.0 to Cyberpunk 2077, among other games

Be that as it may, it goes little by little. With its latest announcement, AMD has confirmed that FSR 3.0 will be implemented in the following games:

  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
  • Black Myth: Wukong
  • crimson desert
  • cyberpunk 2077
  • frostpunk 2
  • Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2
  • Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

The first three will arrive in 2024So it made sense for FSR 3.0 to be available from day one. For its part, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be released shortly, so we don’t know what to expect, but it is quite possible that it will land on PC with AMD technology due to another agreement with Ubisoft. In the others, it is expected to be implemented gradually.

Finally, we hope that —little by little— the company will give new names, since, although the list begins to be more interesting, a greater effort is required to have a real impact in the long term. Definitely, Starfield is one of the most important in that sense, but we can’t do much more; have to wait.


The Witcher 4 will not be an Epic Games Store exclusive

The announcement of the new Witcher game went hand in hand with the announcement that CD Projekt RED has partnered with Epic Games. For some fans, this quickly led to the fact that the game on PC would only be available in the Epic Games Store. But that is not the developer’s intention.

Unlike previous installments, ‘The Witcher 4’ is not created in CD Projekt RED’s REDengine. Instead, Unreal Engine 5, a game engine from Epic Games, is used. This is because the two companies have entered into a multi-year partnership, which also focuses on the further development of Unreal Engine 5.

  • Get The Witcher 3 at home

The partnership with Epic Games alone quickly raised concerns among fans that The Witcher 4 would only be available through the Epic Games Store. But CD Projekt Red says on Twitter that there are no plans to make the game exclusive to one storefront.

The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are both available on the Epic Games Store, so the new game will likely be available there too, especially now that there’s a partnership. But CD Projekt RED does not intend to fully bet on that store. The Witcher 4 will likely also be available through GOG, CD Projekt RED’s proprietary platform. There’s also no indication that the developer plans to drop Steam.

What do we know about The Witcher 4?

At the moment little is known about the new Witcher game. He is described as starting a new saga in the franchise. CD Projekt RED has also announced that it does not want to crunch to finish the game. When it will be released is still unknown.

The Witcher 4

Available from 2023

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Rumor: Codemasters is putting the DiRT series on hold for the time being and focusing on WRC games

In 2020 it was announced that Codemasters had obtained the official WRC license for the period from 2023 to 2027. This means that from next year the developer will be the only studio to make officially licensed WRC games. When that agreement was announced, Codemasters indicated that it would not be at the expense of the well-known DiRT franchise. The studio said it remained committed to DiRT and even reported that the team behind the DiRT Rally games was already working on a new part at the time. Now this seems to be turning out differently.

Insider Tom Henderson reports namely that Codemasters is now fully focused on its first WRC game when it comes to rally games. DiRT Rally 3 was indeed in development, but according to Henderson was scrapped at the end of last year. In fact, it seems that the entire DiRT series has been put on hold for the time being. Codemasters will focus on nothing but F1, GRID and WRC for the foreseeable future, Henderson said.

Henderson relies on his sources, but there are already concrete indications that point in the same direction. EA, which acquired Codemasters early last year, has it official Twitter account of the DiRT games have changed their name. The account is now simply called “EA SPORTS Rally,” which also seems to suggest that the focus is no longer on DiRT.

In short: enough indications that we will hear little or nothing from the DiRT games in the coming years and that Codemasters will fully focus on WRC, now that the license is in the hands of Codemasters. Of course, Henderson’s report has not been confirmed, so consider it a rumor for now. It’s not yet known when Codemasters’ new WRC game will be officially announced, but it’s likely to be released next year, when the license will officially go to Codemasters.


The word “serrano” is prohibited in Riot Games and you can be punished for using it, but there is a reason for it

One of Riot Games’ eternal struggles is against toxicity in their games. He bad player behavior It has affected the company’s image on multiple occasions and they have made efforts for years to avoid a situation that has been shown to cause many users to avoid their video games. One of the last attempts at improvement was the introduction of a real-time intervention and text analysis system that has been introduced in Valorant in its most recent update. This tool can punish users who use the game chat to insult their teammates during games and it is quite useful. However, its implementation has led to a surreal moment that almost no one in the community has understood Spanish of the video game.

A new Valorant feature is to blame

If you type the word “serrano” in the Valorant chat, you will receive a punishment. This is not a joke. Just sending this text in a message triggers an automatic chat hang. The punishment is much more severe than it seems, since it blocks communications and prevents players from searching ranked matches or use the recently released Premier Mode. It didn’t take long for jokes about the ham to arrive. The situation has given rise to numerous jokes, but, above all, to great confusion in the community. The bulk of users simply did not understand what the problem was. It is normal because, in reality, this is a chain of problems.

The truth is that “serrano” if it is an insult. In Peru it is a derogatory way of referring to people with Andean features. A word that mixes the usual stereotypes against townspeople with racism due to the physical characteristics or cultural customs of the people who are defined by this term. No one in Spain or in most of Latin America uses it with this meaning, being much more common to use it to talk about ham or someone related to the mountains. However, the automated system does not take into account the cultural context or that of the conversation itself. Simply detects that it is an offensive word and applies punishments to the players.

STOP ME, I PUT SERRANO HAM, I’M CRAZY@RiotSupportES look at this and go…

— RBLS DANIKONGI ®️? (@DaniKongi) August 2, 2023

The rest of the problem has been created by both Riot Games and the community. The developers have sinned from a lack of foresight or knowledge. Although there may be a technical challenge that we’re not considering, avoiding the problem seems as easy as create exceptions per server and make “serrano” not a reason for punishment if you are connected in Europe. The spread of the news through social networks has not helped. There aren’t many reasons to type the word in video game chat, and most users have done so after being trolled by your teammates or enemies.

The only positive part of the situation is that players have the possibility to Submit a report to Riot Games Player Support if they have been punished for using the word disrespectfully to other team members or enemies. At the moment and in the absence of a definitive solution, yes, it is better to keep the serrano as a taboo subject in the tactical shooter.


Epic Games is giving away RPG maker and XCOM-like game for free

It’s Thursday and that means free games! Epic Games gives away one or more games for free every week. This week there are no less than two games: a tactical XCOM-like game that also allows exploration and Epic lets us prove that we can make better RPGs than CD Project RED. Interested? We do!

Yes! It’s Thursday again and Epic Games is playing early for Sinterklaas! After last week’s epic Star Wars Squadrons, Epic has two new free games for us this week. You don’t have to do anything for that, except score them!

Fort Triumph

Fort Triumph is a challenging turn-based tactical game in the spirit of XCOM, combined with permadeath and exploration. With your team of heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, you make your way through an imaginative world full of challenges, but also with room for a joke.

During combat, you can use your environment as weapons. whatever you do, your heroes gain experience and can evolve into various factions and classes. The game offers both a story mode and a skirmish option for when you’re short on time.

  • Score Fort Triumph now for free on the Epic Games Store

RPG in a Box

Always wanted to make your own RPG? Do you think The Witcher could have been much better? Now you can show it for yourself with RPG in a Box. This is actually not a game, but a game maker. With this tool you can easily translate your ideas and stories into a real game. RPG in a Box includes everything to easily turn your stories into a playable experience, without having to program anything. If you are satisfied with the end result, you can export your inventions and all your friends can play your game stand alone, so without needing RPG in a box themselves.

RPG in a Box offers Minecraft-like graphics, where you can model your own protagonist and enemies, decorate the map as you see fit, and then tell the game what to do next. Don’t feel like working out the battles? Then RPG in a Box already offers a ready-made solution for this.

  • Get RPG in a Box now for free on the Epic Store

Free games on the Epic Games Store

Fans of free games without a subscription are well off at Epic Games. Epic has been giving away free games every week and you don’t have to do anything for that. Unlike many subscription forms such as Amazon Prime, PlayStation Plus, Games with Gold and Humble Choice, the games are really completely free and remain yours without any subscription form.

In addition to the weekly free games, Epic has many more games that you can score for free. The Epic Games Store also has a large list of games that are always free to play. These include well-known names such as Rocket League, Paladins, Smite, Genshin Impact, Neverwinter, Fortnite, World of Warships, Trackmania and League of Legends. You can find the complete list of free games here.

NB: you can get the free games only in the period between Thursday 5 p.m. and exactly one week after claim, but the game is and remains forever in your account and free to play. You don’t even need to download or play the game, if you claim the game during the free period it can be downloaded from the Epic Games Store at any time afterwards.