Black Desert: 2024 brings many gifts

Image: Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Console starts the new year with generous offers: a free mystical horse, an endgame weapon, alchemist stones and more.

Pearl ushers in 2024 for Black Desert Console players. Since last week, Pearl Abyss has offered all players the opportunity to obtain one of three coveted mystical horses.

Now, all Black Desert Console players can purchase coveted endgame valuables such as the powerful Alchemy Stone Vell’s Heart and the TET (IV) Blackstar Endgame weapon for free by simply logging into Black Desert Console.

Adventurers can choose one of three mystical horses: the flying Arduanatt, the fast Diné or the fiery Doom.

Those who already have Mystic Horses can choose 5 Fantastic Incense Burners for a chance to awaken a Mystic Dream Horse (a higher level Mystic Horse).

Players with a character level above 56 can log in and receive Vell’s Heart, an alchemy stone with highly concentrated magic.

When equipped, the item adds +3 Attack Power (AP) to the Equipment Rating. Activating the Alchemy Stone Vell’s Heart increases the player’s stats by an additional AP+8, Accuracy +10, Ignore All Resistances +5%, and Attack/Cast Speed ​​+5% in addition to his own Attack Rating.

Players can also claim the TET Blackstar Weapons, which is considered one of the best gear in the slot, especially for PvE content.

This endgame gear is available for all classes with slight variations and can be purchased through individual quest lines.

Warriors can choose between the TET (IV) Blackstar Longsword, the TET (IV) Blackstar Greatsword, or the TET (IV) Blackstar Shield.

If players do not require any of the three Blackstar weapons, they also have the option to choose 10x Veiled Source of Devouring, a highly valued upgrade material, as an alternative reward.

Blackstar weapons for each class contain their own unique enhancement materials and cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones. These weapons are available to players of character level 61 and above, provided they have successfully completed one of the required quest lines.

The item Vipiko’s Dreaming Wooden Horse, Vell’s Heart, and the TET Blackstar Weapons are available through the game’s Challenge Menu.

Last but not least, the Pearl Abyss development team is handing out more benefits for those who get in today. Under the Season Improvements category, players will find simpler and simplified improvements and a Season Character Pass. These appear alongside previously offered updates to locations such as Calpheon Elvia and Gyfin Underground.