Guerilla Games: 10 years of existence and gifts for you

The Dutch studio behind the Killzone saga, the first opus of which was released on November 2, 2004 on Playstation 2, celebrates its 10th anniversary this week.

This license, which in a way represents Sony’s “Halo”, has managed to find a place in the FPS jungle and conquer Playstation players without achieving the success of its competitor. 10 years is worth celebrating, on the program: goodies, events with the community or even the release of an expansion pack which will include :

  • Two character skins for multiplayer – “Honor Guard” and “Special Forces”
  • Two skins for your robot – “Honor Guard” and “Special Forces”
  • Two voice packs – “Angry Veteran” and “Development Team”
  • Two new player icon card packs – “Identity” and “Weapons of Shadow Fall”
  • New aiming reticle customization system – for all upcoming weapons and packs with a set of 7 new aiming reticles

The pack is available today and free for all season pass owners. In addition to this, a multi map will be added: “The Academy” as well as two maps for cooperative mode.