Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Get S Rank in Every Mission (Easy Rank Guide)

Earning the highest rank on Hard difficulty can be done in
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
be quite difficult
. Unlike most current games, you’ll collect points as you knock enemy planes out of the sky. The higher your score and the faster you complete the tasks, the better your rank will be at the end of the mission. And they don’t have to settle for a simple A Rank — they can work their way up to S Rank. Read on for tips that will make achieving S Rank much easier.

You should wait until you have played through the campaign at least once before attempting to achieve these S Ranks. You must first unlock some of the best aircraft, such as the F22 Raptor fighter, before attempting to achieve S Ranks. Of course, having the best planes makes replaying missions on Hard difficulty in Free Play mode a lot easier – if you don’t have very good planes with the best upgrades, the whole thing becomes an almost impossible challenge. What’s pleasing is that once you’ve beaten the campaign once, you can replay any level/mission at your leisure on any difficulty level.

How To Earn S Rank On Every Mission | Easy Rank Guide

S Rank
is the highest rank you can earn in a mission. You can achieve S Rank on Normal and Hard difficulties to complete your skin collection – every mission is different, but in general you can earn S Ranks fairly easily by following the tips below:

  • Turn off the F22 “Raptor” Fighter jet free, which can be obtained via the central Aircraft Tree Unlock path. This is one of the best fighter planes in the game and can be equipped with special weapons that make most missions a breeze when replaying.
    • SDBs make many missions downright trivial. For the F22 you can also unlock “multi-air” and “multi-ground” missiles, which can destroy anything in the air or on the ground very, very quickly.
  • Earning S Ranks is all about completing objectives/tasks as quickly as possible and dealing as much damage as possible before time runs out. You can use as many missions and special weapons as you want.
    • Be careful not to harm yourself in order to improve your ranking.
  • To easily earn more points quickly, you should reload checkpoints to recharge your special ammo. There is no penalty for reloading. Knowing this will make getting S Ranks much, much easier.
    • Upgrade your aircraft and weapons with parts to improve ammunition capabilities. Better targeting (lock-on), faster missiles and greater damage are very important. Only use upgraded weapon parts after unlocking the F22.

The best plane in the game, the experimental one
, is strong, but not really useful when it comes to completing missions quickly and efficiently. If you stick with the F22, you’ll easily clear the missions when you replay.


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Spawn All 24 Aces (‘Bird of Prey’ Guide)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Finding and shooting down pilots by name is anything but easy. These hard-to-find Aces will only appear after you complete special, secret tasks – and they only spawn when you replay levels you’ve already beaten. These named pilots are particularly good and you will only find them in certain missions. If you manage to locate all 24, you will be rewarded for your efforts with the ‘Bird of Prey’ achievement/trophy of the same name.

Ace Combat 7

is an action-packed flight simulation in which you fight in a war between fictional nations. The series is also known for its storyline, although you only interact with the game world with the help of various fighter planes. You will bomb ground troops, engage in dogfights, and help defeat an imperialist enemy trying to conquer neighboring nations in a massive war.

And you’ll earn lots of airplane skins along the way, allowing you to personalize your favorite jets. To get the “Special” skin for the X-02S Strike Wyvern, you must shoot all of the Aces on this list. Read on to learn how to take them all down.

How To Spawn All 24 Aces | ‘Bird of Prey’ Guide

Aces are special “collectible” pilots with names that appear when you complete special, hidden tasks (objectives) in certain missions.

Mission: Charge Assault

  • Ace #1: Huang Xuan Tai “PYRO”
    • Shoot the third wave with Multi-Anit Air Missiles (4AAM, 6AAM, 8AAM). PYRO appears in the northwest corner.

Mission: Charge The Enemy

  • Ace #2: Joe Barker “JESTER”
    • Destroy all Radar Vehicles and then very quickly destroy the TGT-CTRL TOWER before the UAVs show up. Jester appears on the tarmac at the air base.

Mission: Two-Pronged Strategy

  • Ace #3: Rosie Lucas “BAYONET”
    • Destroy all enemies within 90 seconds before the Missile Alert event. BAYONET appears in the northwest corner.

Mission: Rescue

  • Ace #4: Florent Noilet “RONIN”
    • In the first part of the mission, stay below 200 meters until you reach the space elevator. Ronin appears in the northeast of the map.

Mission: 444

  • Ace #5: Sebastian Koch “FANG”
    • Take at least 75% damage while your weapons are disabled. After you shoot down the bombers, FANG will appear in the center of the map.

Mission: Long Day

  • Ace #6: Sophie Andre “KITTEN”
    • Fly through the narrow tunnel through the mountain in the western base. KITTEN will appear in the southwest corner.

Mission: First Contact

  • Ace #7: Thibault Besson “FAUCON”
    • In the first part of the mission, destroy all non-TGT enemies on the map. FAUCON will appear in the northern area of ​​the map.

Mission: Pipeline Destruction

  • Ace #8: Samuel Everest “GAZELLE”
    • Destroy all oil facilities before the timer reaches 00:00. GAZELLE appears in the northern area of ​​the map.

Mission: Faceless Soldier

  • Ace #9: Hans Weber “SPIDER”
    • Destroy more than 50% of the non-TGT enemies on the map before destroying the radar turrets. SPIDERS appears in the East.

Mission: Transfer Orders

  • Ace #10: Ken Warren “LOUVETEAU”
    • Destroy all SAMs very quickly. LOUVETEAU appears on the eastern side of the map.

Mission: Fleet Destruction

  • Ace #11: Chris Azure “CHASSEUR”
    • Destroy all aircraft on the northernmost platform before they take off. Anti-air weapons can also be used against aircraft on the ground. CHASSEUR will be released in the West.
  • Ace #12: Matthieu Bertin “IBIS”
    • Fly through the narrow passage in the northeast platform complex. IBIS spawns in the west.

Mission: Stonehenge Defense

  • Ace #13: Arnaud Durand “WALRUS”
    • Prevent the bombers and ground forces from damaging Stonehenge. Unless Stonehenge is damaged, WALRUS will spawn in the northeast when the “chopper win” appears.
  • Ace #14: Kees Bakker “BUFFLE”
    • Destroy all three non-TGT A-10s that spawn to the east. BUFFLE will appear further west.
  • Ace #15: Nathan Roche “FOUDRE”
    • Fly under the narrow spawn below the Stonehenge cannons. FOUDRE appears in the south.

Mission: Bunker Buster

  • Ace #16: Owen Corwin “COMET”
    • Destroy all missile silos very quickly so that COMET appears after the checkpoint to the west.

Mission: Werewolf

  • Ace #17: Jules Martin “GADFLY”
    • Reach the end of the canyon very quickly. GADFLY will appear with the Fighter Wing reinforcements when the air base is attacked.

Mission: Battle For Farbanti

  • Ace #18: Russel Faulkner “SERPENT”
    • Earn +5000 points beyond the required number. SERPENT will appear with a reinforcement squadron in the southeast.
  • Ace #19: Vincent Masson “BOW”
    • Destroy the Aegis Ashore, an anti-aircraft ship near GHQ. It appears at the end of the first part of the mission. BOW appears south of the ship.

Mission: Last Hope

  • Ace #20: Emeric Pons “AXEMAN”
    • Earn over 15,000 points to have AXEMAN appear as an “Unknown” in the southern area of ​​the port city limits.

Mission: Homeward

  • Ace #21: Olivier Perrin’s “MANTIS”
    • Fly over (and very close to) Mass Driver as if you were launching from it. MANTIS appears with the bomber reinforcements to the east and will be marked “Unknown” like all the others.

Mission: Lost Kingdom

  • Ace #22: Benjamin Neumann “LYNX”
    • Destroy all enemies before reaching Shilage Castle in under two minutes. LYNX appears over the castle.

Mission: Lighthouse

  • Ace #23: Cyril Noiret “TEMPEST”
    • Earn more than 20,000 points in the first part of the mission. TEMPEST appears in the southeast.
  • Ace #24: Paul Lebrun “CALAMITY”
    • Earn more than 20,000 points in the first part of the mission. CALAMITY flies a stealth aircraft, so you have to fly south to spot him on your radar.


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Find 5 ‘Real’ Bunkers (Mission 13 Bunker Buster Guide)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
“delighted” with some really difficult missions that will demand everything from you. One of these is Mission 13: Bunker Buster — in this mission you are stripped of your special weapons and instead must use a strange new targeting module to direct bombs into tiny missile launch silos. Some of them are fake, others are real, random. And to make sure this doesn’t become too easy, you’ll have to dodge missiles that are being fired at you and successfully complete the mission within a very limited time.

However, there is a trick that will make this mission quick and easy to complete and will help you if you want to quickly destroy all five missile silos so that the extremely powerful named Ace Pilot appears on the map. The bunkers are random, which is why the “real” bunkers will be in different locations every time you restart. You can’t identify them from the ground, only bomb them. Here are some tips that will make this task easier.

How to find 5 ‘true’ bunkers | Mission 13 Bunker Buster Guide

In Mission 13: Bunker Buster you are forced to use a strange targeting module to control bombers in the sky. You’ll drop Bunker Busters on missile silos – but some of those silos aren’t real. If you want to complete the game 100%, you must complete the first phase before the timer
falls below 4:00
. If they destroy the real bunkers quickly, an Ace Pilot will appear.

  • The “true” bunkers will randomly be in different locations each time you load the mission. But they stay in the same places when you try again. If you retry the mission from the beginning, the “true” bunker locations will be unchanged.
  • To speed up the hunt for the real bunkers, you should simply destroy all the bunkers and remember where the real bunkers are. Then try again and only destroy the real bunkers to complete the first phase of this mission very quickly.
  • Aiming with the aiming module is not that easy. Align the center of the circle with the silo before activating the special weapon – it is very difficult to aim once you have activated it. It’s better to get a perfect shot from high in the sky and slow down. A long line on your red circle will shrink. When it reaches the ground, the bomb will land.
  • Your aiming grid for your special weapon has two circles. If the missile silo you are targeting is in the inner circle (red), the silo will be destroyed in a single hit. If you don’t aim accurately and the silo is hit while it’s in the outer circle, one of two results will happen – it’s a fake silo or it’s a real one and a missile will appear.
    • You have to fly high up and shoot into the opened missile silo to hit the missile. If you destroy the missile, the entire facility will be destroyed.

The real challenge in this mission is to get the Ace out of the sky. To successfully destroy the Ace, you must complete the first phase of the mission in a few minutes, then knock the Ace out of the sky before it escapes, and then destroy the Intermediate-Range Missile (IRBM) before it leaves the map. Choose the fastest fighter plane and equip it with parts that increase its speed. The MiG-31 and F-22 are good choices. You should also equip your machine with parts that improve the missiles – anything that improves strength, speed, targeting and range will be helpful here.

After completing the first phase, immediately turn and chase after the Ace. Once you lock on this target, you must fire immediately – there is no time or room for error. You must destroy the enemy fighter plane with a single volley of missiles. Then turn again. If you take too long to knock the flying ace out of the sky, you won’t be able to destroy the IRBM in time.

Fire your missiles once you have the target in sight. While you are tracking the Ace, you should aim your machine gun a little in front of this plane to deal a little extra damage. Make sure this enemy is taken care of, then do a high-G turn to chase after the IRBM at top speed. Just before you reach her, she will have accelerated to her top speed. Fire two volleys of missiles at the medium-range missile to destroy it. If you manage to destroy the first IRBM, the rest is a piece of cake. You will have plenty of time to take out the remaining targets. Ignore the enemy fighter planes – don’t be distracted.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Get S Rank in Every Mission (Easy Rank Guide)

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – How to Spawn All 24 Aces (‘Bird of Prey’ Guide)


Resident Evil 2 Remake – How to Find the ‘Rising Rookie’ Easter Egg (Guide)

This image should seem familiar to fans of RE2.

It’s a must to always include a few Easter eggs
resident Evil
to incorporate games. Some are harder to find than others – the
Playable Hunk and Tofu were revealed in a trailer
, but this hidden photographic flim (film roll) remained a secret. If you look closely at a very specific location, you may find photographic film. If you then take it into a dark room and develop it, you will get a photo that shows a popular character from the series. It sounds so trite when I explain it like that, but this is one of the weirder secrets from the original game, and loyal fans like me are happy to see this silly Easter egg in the
Resident Evil 2
Remake is back

In addition to this Photo Easter Egg, you can also unlock a playable challenge mode starring Tofu – a walking block of Tofu. To unlock Tofu you must play through ‘The Fourth Survivor’; In it you take on the role of the last surviving member of the Umbrella Team, which appears in the main story. As a Hunk, you have to fight your way through almost the entire game with only a very limited inventory at your disposal. This is really very difficult. If you make it to the end, you can play as Tofu. This is a much more entertaining Easter Egg, but this Photo Easter Egg is secret enough to introduce and explain to you here.

How to Find the ‘Rising Rookie’ Easter Egg | Secret Guide

The ‘
Rising Rookie
‘ Movie is a secret Easter egg that you can find in the police station. To collect this film, please go to (
2F STARS Office
) and interact with
Wesker’s table
. To do this, stand near the chair – Wesker’s table is in the smaller inner office. When you are behind the table, press (
To interact
) until you pick up the film.

Develop the film in (
1F Dark Room
) to see what’s on it — it’s Rebecca Chambers, the youngest member of STARS and a trained medic. This is the only place you can get them in
see. She appears in the remake of
resident evil 1
and is a playable character in
Resident Evil 0

. What is so special about this particular photo?

It’s an Easter Egg that was also present in the original version of
was there. In the remake, nothing happens when you interact with the table (or any other object) normally. In the original version, you got the message “nothing is there” — or something like that. To get the original version of this Easter egg, you had to go to Wesker’s table
Interact 50 times
. Yes it’s right. 50 times just to finally find this movie.

The original version also presented a strange image with the head not quite matching the body. In the new, revised version, at least it doesn’t look as if Rebecca was defaced with Photoshop.

Resident Evil 2 Remake – How to Open All Optional Locks and Safes (Code Solutions Guide)

Resident Evil 2 Remake – How to Open the Padlocks and Safe (Secret Codes)

Resident Evil 2 Remake – How to Unlock the True Ending (Guide)


OSRS | RuneCrafting Guide

Old School RuneScape: RuneCrafting Guide

Craft your runes the easy way!

RuneCrafting is one of the most profitable and worthwhile ventures you could take up in Old School RuneScape. Aside from the fact that the runes you craft will prove invaluable during your adventures in Gieinor, you can also make a pretty penny by flipping them in the Grand Exchange. Sure, OSRS gold sell more, but that doesn’t mean Runecrafting isn’t worthy of your consideration—because it is!

Here’s a look at a few things you can employ to speed up the Runecrafting process and make it as profitable as possible.

Runecrafting Defined

Runecrafting, also known as Runecraft, is the delicate skill in OSRS that allows players to craft their own runes for subsequent magic spells.

Gearing Up

Like most ventures in Old School RuneScape, you’ll need to be properly geared up if you are to take a successful stab at RuneCrafting. Now the most important thing with gear is this: Make sure to go light. Lightweight gear is the most conducive to Ruecrafting as it can help you last much longer as you run about Gielinor. As such, we highly recommend that you go with the Graceful Outfit. You’ll be able to craft both Blood and Soul stones with ease without compromising your ability to run faster. Also, you’d be doing yourself a favor by

Starting Out

Before you can craft your own runes, you’ll first need to undertake the Rune Mysteries Quest. Don’t worry, it’s not a huge undertaking and will only take up about 2 minutes to complete! Although it should be noted that there’s a follow-up quest, the Abyss Mini Quest, that you should complete if you are to be efficient at Runecrafting.

In the quest, you’ll gain pouches that are essential to the fine art of Runecrafting. You can gather them by dealing with Abyssal Creatures. The good news: You can get them at practically any level! Though the quest grants you the small pouch, you’ll have to turn to monster slaying if you want to get your hands on the medium, large, and giant-sized pouches. To fill each pouch, you’ll need to be at levels 25, 50, and 75 Runecrafting accordingly.

Leveling Up

The aforementioned Abyss Mini Quest will give you 1K Runecrafting XP and that’s enough to bolster you from 1 to 9 in a jiffy. After this, you should jump right into the Eyes of Quest. As there’s literally no requirement for this task, you’ll feel as if the 6K Runecrafting XP is a gift! Right after that, say hello to Lava Runes! Do them all the way to level 99 Runecrafting. A word of warning, though! You’re not likely to make a profit. Still, it is the fastest way to level up. Should you want a profitable venture like OSRS gold selling, then you’d be better off with another method.


Here’s even more good news can actually do Runecrafting AFK from level 1 right up to 77! For this, there’s the Ourania Altar. As things are scaled out to your level, in the end, you can get roughly 40K XP per hour. Thanks to the Follow Train, you can just follow someone as they walk up to the altar and the favour will just keep going!

While Runecrafting can be a bit of a slow, tedious process, there’s no denying its profitability. And that’s exactly where its value lies. With a little help from this guide and a pinch of practice, you’ll be on your way to crafting runes with ease. Soon, it’ll come to you as natural as OSRS gold buying.

What do you think? Are there certain Runecrafting tricks you employ that we might have missed? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! Until then, keep enjoying the wonders of Gielinor through Old School RuneScape!


Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Cooking Guide: Ingredients List, Effects, Recipes, and How to Cook

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a brilliant game for many reasons, but one of the reasons is quite surprising: the kitchen .

Cooking in Breath of the Wild is essentially experimentation. The system is designed in such a way that it invites you to try all kinds of things, and to mix ingredients to learn what dishes come out. But that’s not to say there isn’t a clear way to get the most out of it.

The food you cook in Breath of the Wild can have positive effects of different kinds, from recovering lost hearts to increasing your attack, defense, stealth or even resistance to heat or cold, but in order to cook those dishes yourself, you need to know what ingredients do what.

In this guide we will show you the basics so you know how to cook in Zelda: Breath of the Wild , including how to use the saucepan , as well as deeper mechanics for cooking, such as additional food effects – which are Vivacious, Invigorating, Invigorating, Flame ___ant, Spicy, Electrifying, Sturdy, Swift, Swift, Protective and Icy – as well as showing you some recipes to learn which foods will heal you, and a full list of ingredients in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and their corresponding benefits, so you can know the best possible combinations of ingredients.

How to cook in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and how to use the saucepan in a camp

Although the philosophy of self-discovery that guides Zelda: Breath of the Wild is often carried out seamlessly, there are a couple of times when even the simplest task can be more complex than it appears.

How to cook is one of them. The game, despite telling you which buttons to press to attack or block, never tells you how to use the ingredients in your inventory for cooking. Do you throw them in the fire and that’s it? Would a button have to appear when interacting with a camp or a saucepan?

Well, like everything that costs to find out, it is actually quite simple.

How to cook in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

  • Find a saucepan. They are usually on bonfires in camps and towns. The first one you find is in the Old Man’s house, on the Plateau, where you get the lined jacket.
  • Go to your inventory and select the first ingredient you want to cook.
  • Select “Grab”, and then select other ingredients you want to add.
  • Now go over to the saucepan and interact with it when the “cook” option appears.

It is done! It is very easy, as we have said, but a bit complicated to find out if nobody tells you anything. To add a little more flavor to your dishes, you can talk to the Elder of the Plateau, who will appear at his house and, after completing his mission, again at the first camp you discovered, just to the right of the temple from which you go out when the game starts.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Ultimate Cooking Guide – Effects List & How They Work

Okay, now we know how to cook something, but how it works the actual kitchen? What is the difference, for example, between a Live Meat and Rauda? And how do you cook one and the other?

Well, the first thing you have to do to understand cooking in Breath of the Wild is to forget about the recipes. Yes, yes, throw the cookbook in the trash and open your mind to improvisation and experimentation, because the important thing to cook something is that it works for you (that is, that it protects you from extreme heat, or that it recovers all your hearts); It is not about understanding the dishes, but about understanding the ingredients.

There are essentially three types of ingredients – excluding Elixirs, which go the other way even though they are similar – in Breath of the Wild: ingredients that restore your hearts when cooked, ingredients that add an extra Effect to meals, and ingredients that they increase the duration of the effect in a meal.

And many times they overlap. For example, the Hyrule Mushrooms will recover hearts, but others, in addition to that, add Resistance to the formula, and the Princess of Calm flowers will add Stealth effect, as well as increase the duration of the effect.

Now we will talk about the effect of cooking an ingredient compared to eating it raw.

As a general rule, cooking an ingredient in a meal will make you recover twice as many hearts as it would in raw; thus, two cooked apples will restore a total of two cores, while a raw apple will restore half a core. And a note: you can cook individual ingredients over a fire, without the need for a saucepan. That will multiply the restorative effect by 1.5 instead of two. So cooking two apples individually will restore 3/4 of a core instead of half, or 1.5 total instead of 3. There is also a formula to see how many hearts a meal will recover:

Formula to know how many hearts a meal restores:

  • The hearts that a meal recovers = total hearts that each raw ingredient restores x 2

So, for example, a raw apple restores half the core. So two raw apples will restore a core, and if we cook them in one meal that is (0.5 + 0.5) x 2 = 2 hearts restored for a meal made from just two apples. Keep in mind that each meal can have a maximum of five ingredients.

In addition to recovering hearts, there is the possibility of adding additional effects to a meal. The first example that we find in the game is the Spicy Meat and the Hyrule Sea Bass in one of the secondary missions. Although normal Meat and Sea Bass will make you recover hearts, if you add spice you will also receive resistance to cold.

But how do you add those extra effects? Well, adding ingredients of the correct category, such as the Igneous Berry in the Meat and the Sea Bass. And what happens if you add, for example, some Quick Lotus Seeds? Well, what would you have Meat and quick fish. Normally the basic name of the food will change, but it is somewhat cosmetic. So with that in mind, what are the additional effects?

List of additional food effects in Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Type of food Additional effect added

Vivaz Recover all hearts
Temporary Extra Hearts
Vigorous Restore stamina
Invigorating Add temporary resistance
Flame ___ant Fire resistance
Icy Heat resistance
Spicy Cold resistance
Electrifying Resistance to electricity
Quick Increase movement speed
Confidential Increase stealth
Recio Increase attack
Protector Increase defense

Finally, before we dive into our list of ingredients by category, a quick note: if you add two ingredients that have additional effects, such as a Fire Trout and an Electro Trout, those two effects will cancel out and become a meal. normal fish that restores hearts. There can only be one additional effect for each meal at the same time.

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However within the same category, the effects can be accumulated. So cooking Spicy Meat and Fish with a piece of Raw Meat, Hyrule Sea Bass and three Fire Berries will offer more resistance to cold than one cooked with just one Fire Berry.

To increase the duration of the effect, on the other hand, you need to add ingredients that increase the duration of that effect (as obvious as it sounds), such as the Princess of Calm that we mentioned above. Like the effects, the more you add, some will not accumulate, but will increase at a fixed amount for each additional ingredient. It sounds a bit confusing, but we hope it was clear!

Ingredients and Effects List in Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Ingredients Vivacious, Invigorating, Invigorating, Flame ___ant, Freezing, Spicy, Electrifying, Swift, Stealthy, Sturdy and Protective

Now that we’ve made all of that clear, it’s time to dive right into the ingredient list. We have divided them into separate tables according to their additional effects, and listed according to the number of hearts they restore. Remember, though, that Spicy foods will automatically restore all your hearts.

Mix at least one ingredient from the list below with at least one that only restores hearts to create meals that serve the purpose you need.

List of ingredients that only restore hearts

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Hada 5
Game meat XXL 3
XXL poultry 3
Game meat XL 1.5
XL poultry 1.5
Coco 1
Hyrule grass 1
Bushmeat 1
Hyrule rice 1
Egg 1
Tabanta wheat 1
Lubin de Hyrule 1
Lubina robusta 1
Fresh milk 0.5
Apple 0.5
Raspberry 0.5
Hyrule’s mushroom 0.5
Bellota 0.25
Tree fruit 0.25

Vivacious Ingredient List – restores all hearts and temporarily adds a few more

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Giant vivacious radish 4
Lively salmon 4
Vivacious Durian 3
Vivacious truffle 3
Lively snail 3
Lively radish 2.5
Vivacious truffle 2
Lively sea bass 2
Vivacious lizard 0

Invigorating ingredient list – regain Stamina

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Hada 5
Game meat XXL 3
XXL poultry 3
Game meat XL 1.5
XL poultry 1.5
Coco 1
Hyrule grass 1
Raw meat 1
Bird meat 1
Hyrule rice 1
Egg 1
Tabanta wheat 1
Lubin de Hyrule 1
Sturdy tent 1
Fresh milk 0.5
Apple 0.5
Raspberry 0.5
Hyrule’s mushroom 0.5
Bellota 0.25
Fruit of the tree 0.25

List of Toning Ingredients – temporarily increases stamina

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Lively frog 4*
Spirited carrot 2
Brilliant Arrow 1

List of ingredients Flame ___ant – fire resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Flame ___ant butterfly 0
Flame ___ant lizard 0

Ingredients list Icy – heat resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Frost trout 1
Icy Arrow 0.5
Icy watermelon 0.5
Icy grass 0
Frosty butterfly 0
Frosty dragonfly 0

Spicy ingredient list – cold resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Igneous trout 1
Baya ígnea 0.5
Seta igneous 0.5
Igneous butterfly 0
Igneous dragonfly 0

Electrifying Ingredient List – Electricity Resistance

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Electro trout 1
Seta electro 0.5
Electro fruit 0.5
Electro grass 0
Electro butterfly 0
Electro dragonfly 0

Quick Ingredient List – temporarily increases movement speed

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Quick Lotus Seed 0.5
Set the iron 0.5
Quick carrot 0.5
Rana is crying 0
Swift lizard 0
Purple iron 0

Stealth Ingredient List – temporarily increases stealth

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Princess of calm 2*
Stealth trout 1
Secretive snail 1
Secret Arrow 0.5
Secretive flower 0
Luciérnaga confidential 0

Rough Ingredient List – Increase Attack Temporarily

Ingredient Hearts that recovers

Sturdy tent 1
Strong golden 1
Tough crab 1
Tough banana 0.5
Sturdy mushroom 0.5
Stout beetle 0
Sturdy bulb 0

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Protective Ingredient List – Increase Defense Temporarily

Ingredient HP that recovers

Robust carp 1
Robust dorada 1
Robust crab 1
Robust arrow 0.5
Robust pumpkin 0.5
Robust bulb 0
Robust beetle 0

* These ingredients do not recover raw hearts, so you do not have to multiply that number by two when cooking them to find out how many hearts the food will restore to you. Luckily there are only two exceptions to these, so don’t worry!

This should be all you need to cook anything in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Don’t forget to check out the main page of the Breath of the Wild guide for more details.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades – The Best Races In The Game (Guide)

Now that everyone who has a account
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
can play in Early Access, it can be assumed that this role-playing game for mobile devices will soon have significantly more players. As is usual with RPGs, players must choose which race they want to play as. So I’m sure some will be wondering which is the best breed in
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Overview of the current playable races

Currently there is in
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
10 different races;
each of them has its own special bonuses. Here is a quick overview of the races and the perks they provide:

  • Argonians: +5% Health Regeneration; +5% Damage with Daggers, Hand Axes, and Light Hammers.
  • Breton: 10% Spell Resistance (resistance against spells); +5% Damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces.
  • Dark Elf: 15% Fire Resistance; +5% Damage with Spells.
  • High Elf: 15% Shock Resistance (resistance to shock/stun); +5% Magicka regeneration (recovery of magicka/magical powers).
  • Imperial: +5% Health Restored from Healing Effects; +5% Damage with Longswords, War Axes, and Maces.
  • Khajiit: +5% Armor Rating; +10% Poison Damage.
  • North: 15% Frost Resistance; +5% Damage with Greatswords, Battleaxes, and Warhammer.
  • Orc: +5% Armor Rating (Armor); +5% Damage with Abilities (Damage caused by Abilities).
  • Redguard: 15% Poison Resistance; +5% Stamina Regeneration (Stamina Recovery).
  • Wood Elf: 15% Poison Resistance; +5% Damage with Abilities (Damage caused by Abilities).

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – The current best races

Of course, the choice of race with which to get in depends
The Elder Scrolls:


plays, also depends on what kind of character you want to play. For example, if you’re dying to do magic, a Dark Elf is a good choice. However, there are currently two races in the game that are significantly stronger and therefore more suitable for beginners than the others.


Bonuses to the damage you deal with weapons are in
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

very desirable. The Imperial race gets a bonus when using Longswords, War Axes and Maces, which is particularly interesting and advantageous since these types of weapons are relatively easy to obtain even in the early stages of the game are, which means you can take advantage of that race’s bonus quickly. As a counterexample, the Nords’ favored weapons are only available later in the game.

Also, it is in the early access version of
The Elder Scrolls: Blades
quite difficult to regenerate health/heal, so the improved healing from effects possessed by the imperial race is of significant benefit whenever you consume potions. While the Argonians have Health Regeneration, this ability is only active during combat, so the Imperials’ bonus has a greater overall positive impact.


The Bretons, like the Imperials, get a damage bonus when using the early available and fairly good Longswords, War Axes and Maces. But instead of improved healing, the Bretons gain increased resistance to spells. While improved health recovery is more useful overall, increased spell resistance also has significant benefits, albeit later in the game.

Pleasing to
s new title is that it offers the possibility to change races at any time by paying Theordor Gorlash 50 Gems. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your initial choice, there is no need to fret. Choosing Imperial or Breton will leave you with few regrets as you battle through the game and strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

is playable in Early Access on iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – How To Find The Bloodfall Queen’s Secret Whereabouts Secrets Guide


Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to the world where possibilities with your iPhone are endless. In this article, we delve into the intriguing realm of altering your iPhone call history. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History effortlessly and explore the reasons behind such a quest. Whether for privacy, fun, or practical jokes, we’ve got you covered with foolproof methods.

Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History – The Basics

Understanding the Need

Delve into the motivations behind altering your call history. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History for reasons ranging from privacy concerns to pranks. Uncover the scenarios where this knowledge can be invaluable.

Legal Implications

Explore the legal aspects of manipulating call records. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History responsibly, avoiding legal repercussions. We provide insights into the do’s and don’ts to keep you on the right side of the law.

Importance of Privacy

Delve into the significance of privacy in the digital age. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History as a protective measure against unnecessary intrusion. Learn the art of safeguarding your personal information.

Methods to Fake Your iPhone Call History

Using Third-Party Apps

Explore the world of third-party applications designed for modifying call records. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History with user-friendly apps that add a layer of convenience to the process.

Manual Editing Techniques

Take a deep dive into the manual methods of altering call logs. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History with step-by-step instructions for those who prefer a hands-on approach. We guide you through the settings and tools required.

Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History – Insider Tips

Avoiding Detection

Learn the tricks to keep your actions under the radar. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History without leaving a trace. Our insider tips ensure a seamless experience without compromising your device’s integrity.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Anticipate and address potential challenges. Discover How to Fake Your iPhone Call History while troubleshooting common problems users may encounter. We provide solutions for a smooth experience.


Can I Get Caught Altering My iPhone Call History?

Explore the risks associated with manipulating call records and the likelihood of getting caught.

Are Third-Party Apps Safe to Use for Faking Call History?

Delve into the safety concerns related to using third-party applications for altering call logs.

Will Faking My Call History Affect Call Quality or Network Performance?

Understand the potential impact on call quality and network performance when you fake your iPhone call history.

Can I Undo Changes Made to the Call History?

Discover methods to revert alterations made to your call history and restore it to its original state.

Is It Legal to Fake Your iPhone Call History for Pranks?

Uncover the legal implications of using fake call history for practical jokes and pranks.

How Often Should I Update My Fake Call History to Avoid Suspicion?

Learn about the recommended frequency for updating your fake call history to maintain authenticity.


In conclusion, Discovering How to Fake Your iPhone Call History opens up a realm of possibilities. Whether for privacy, security, or entertainment, this guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate this intriguing aspect of your iPhone functionality. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility—use this information wisely.


AnyDesk, complete guide: this is how the application works to access your computer from Android

You’ve probably heard of apps like Team Viewer and Google Chrome Remote Desktop. These applications are generally used for remote access from one device to anotherand are useful for controlling the computer from the mobile. There are several, but one of the most popular is AnyDesk, not only because it works well, but because it is completely free for personal use.

AnyDesk doesn’t require advanced computer skills or anything like that, you just need to have a stable WiFi connection and smartphone, Android or iPhone. It’s a really comprehensive app, so let’s see how it’s used and how to get all the juice out.

The best Android apps of 2019 (so far)

How to download and configure AnyDesk

The basis for the operation of AnyDesk is the DeskRT codec. This one, which was developed by the company itself, is able to compress and transfer the image of a device « without any problem, even with a bandwidth of only 100 kb per second ». It doesn’t require any kind of weird configuration by the user, to the point that no program should be installed on the computer. It is an executable that you will launch only and exclusively when you want to use it.

For those who are concerned with security. AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 and RSA 2048 encryption to verify user identity

How it works? Very simple. The first thing you need to do is go to AnyDesk website and download the client for your desktop operating system. It’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, and Raspberry Pi. Once you have it, go to Google Play and download the Android app. You must have installed the app on both devicesYes, because you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Run the downloaded file on your PC or Mac.
  • A window with a nine-digit code appears.
  • Open the app on your mobile.
  • In the « Other Tasks » section, enter the nine-digit code displayed on the computer.
  • On the computer, a window will appear in which you will have to accept the incoming connection. Do it.

This code is that you need to enter on your mobile to connect to the computer.

When you accept the connection, your computer screen immediately appears on the mobile and you can control it as usual. It is important to note that you do not need to be connected to the same WiFi network as the computer, so you can use AnyDesk to, for example, control the home office PC, and vice versa.

Understanding the controls

By default, the activated controls are tactile, so to manipulate yourself through the interface, you will need to know what each gesture does:

  • Swipe with one finger: move the cursor.
  • Press: left click.
  • Long press: right click.
  • Long press twice (hold the second press): select.
  • Swipe with three fingers: scroll the screen.

These are the basics, but let’s go deeper. During the remote session, you will see that a black button appears with the logo of the app. If you hold it down, a cake drop-down menu will appear with different access. The first concerns the parameters from which we can modify the data entry, the quality of the streaming and the sound. Do not touch anything, because it is configured, it works perfectly.

The button below (marked in yellow) is the options d’introduction, which is divided into five sections. From top to bottom:

  • Special buttons like F1, system key, command, etc.
  • Keyboard: open the default keyboard that you have configured on your mobile (although when you click on a text box, it does so automatically).
  • Mouse emulation: this is the default mode, you control the computer screen with basic mouse gestures.
  • Touchpad emulation: AnyDesk will make the mobile screen behave like a “touchpad” on the computer.
  • Transmit gestures: the app transfers gestures from the phone to the computer, provided they are compatible.

The next button is used to change monitor, something not too useful if you only have one. However, if you had two screens connected in turn, you can switch between them. In general, you will use it rather little.

All actions available on AnyDesk

The third button is the ActionsIt is interesting to know what this is for. From top to bottom, the functions are:

  • Take a screenshot.
    Move the AnyDesk button to another location.
  • Download files to the remote computer: when you touch them, your mobile’s file manager opens. Select the desired file and, on your computer, press Ctrl + V to paste it.
  • Download the file from the computer: you just have to copy any file from your computer (right click> copy) and click this button to download the file to your mobile.
  • Request Elevation: This function requests administrator access to the remote device.
  • Send the command Ctrl + Alt + Del to the remote device.
  • VPN activation: if supported by the computer, a « tunneled » connection will be applied to the session.
  • Confidentiality mode: the session will become private.

The last button, which appears as an X below, is used to disconnect instantly. This is quick access to avoid having to tap and close it from the main app window.

And can the mobile be controlled from the computer?

Remotely controlling a Xiaomi with Android 10 using AnyDesk

Yes, but not all devices (It will depend on the manufacturer and the Android version). To access the mobile control from the computer, it is necessary to allow AnyDesk to appear above other applications. Once the authorization has been granted and as long as the mobile is compatible, the mouse can transfer the keys to the mobile remotely.

To control the phone remotely, you need to allow AnyDesk to overlap other apps

In addition to controlling the mobile from the computer, which is not possible on all models, AnyDesk allows you to see the phone screen remotely. This can be useful, for example, when a family member calls you because something is wrong with your mobile. If you install the app, you can give you directions and mark where you need to press.

In case you have a Samsung mobile or tablet, you will need to perform a few more steps to view (and control) the mobile screen on the computer:

  • Open the app on your Samsung and give it all the necessary permissions.
  • On your computer, enter the nine-digit code that appears on the mobile.
  • Accept the Knox terms and conditions which will appear on your mobile.
  • When finished, the mobile screen will be played on the computer and you can control it with the mouse as if it was your finger.

If you are using a mobile with physical buttons (for example, we tested it on a Galaxy S7 edge), to go back, you will have to press the « Esc » key. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S8, which has the navigation bar integrated into the screen, you shouldn’t have a bigger problem. By the way, you can control the mobile from another mobile, you don’t need to use the computer.

AnyDesk, advantages and disadvantages

What is certain is that AnyDesk works really well. When you control the computer from the mobile, the response is instantaneous, although sometimes you have to be very precise with the keys. For example, I am using an ultra wide monitor so the screen looks a bit small and you have to make it bigger if you want to play well and not accidentally close a window.

Sending files is magicIt works great, great even with relatively large files, and the fact that you don’t have to configure anything makes the experience pretty good.

Saving the little fluidity when controlling the mobile from the PC, AnyDesk works perfectly and fulfills its mission

It is also possible For writing. In fact, I am writing this paragraph controlling the computer from the mobile and, although it is true that I do it more slowly than if I were using the PC keyboard (because we cannot activate the automatic corrector, mainly ), we cannot order more.

It’s hard to put a single take, to the point that the only negative point is that it does not control all Android phones or iPhones. For the rest, it is a highly recommended application and, for more information, completely free for private use. If you want to use it at the corporate level, prices start from five euros.

  • Navigation is smooth and transparent, even on less powerful connections.
  • It’s multiplatform.
  • You can send and receive files.
  • It’s totally free.
  • Not all Android devices can be controlled from the computer.
  • Mobile control can be somewhat slow.


Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Skins And Items With The Shrine | Krypt Guide

The Shrine is one of the early locations you’ll discover in the Krypt, the extensive third-person exploration mode in
Mortal Kombat 11
. After opening the gates to the Forge, you will find the shrine on the other side of Mountain Pass. At the shrine, you can donate Koins to unlock random items. At least it looks like what you get is purely random, but the truth is the amount of Koins you donate has a direct impact on the items you will unlock.

If you want to save Koins and unlock things in the Krypt that you normally can’t get, you need to use the Shrine. The Shrine is much more expensive than opening chests, but you can be guaranteed gear or skins if you donate large sums of Koins.

This is only for your
Mortal Kombat 11

to complete collection. When you first enter the Krypt, each chest contains a specific Kustomization option. This means that certain Kustomization options won’t be available to you if you’re unlucky – for example, some can be found in areas that can be very difficult to unlock

nn, or are in a Soul Fragment container. The best way to get these missing Kustomization options is through the Shrine. Read on to learn how this works.

How to unlock skins and items with the help of the shrine

The shrine in MK11’s crypt serves three main purposes: obtaining Kronika’s amulet, obtaining gear, and acquiring skins not found in the crypt. It’s possible to get literally any skin via the Shrine, but you’ll need to bounce a lot of koins to do so. I recommend that you hoard plenty of play money before attempting this method. It gets expensive quickly.

  • Shrine Donation Rewards:
    • Any Amount (First Time): You will get Kronika’s Amulet, a key item.
    • 75,000 coins: You will get two Gear Items for any characters.
    • 100,000 coins: You will get a skin for a random character that you don’t already have.

If you donate Koins while yelling, you will usually receive an item at random. But if you donate the exact amounts listed above, you’ll always get fresh rewards. There is in
no duplicates — but you will get worse items. If you have already obtained skins from 14,000 Koins chests, there is a chance that you will not find new skins when you refresh these chests. They may only contain worthless consumables.

This is not the case with the shrine. You will always get a piece of gear or a skin that you don’t already have – until you have all the cosmetics. This way you can get all the cosmetics that are in the game. 100,000 Koins is a very steep price, but if you grind enough you’ll eventually find that you can’t unlock any more skins in the Krypt. You must use Kollector or wait for fresh Towers of Time to appear with items you are looking for. The Shrine may be random, but it always gives you something you’re missing. That’s why it’s worth the significantly higher price if you’ve progressed very far in the game.

Mortal Kombat 11: How To Open Shang Tsung’s Throne Room | Warrior Shrine Heads Puzzle Guide

Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock All Areas Of The Krypt | Key Items Locations Guide

Mortal Kombat 11: How To Unlock Bug-Vorah, D’Vorah’s Disgusting Playable Baby ‘Total Disrespect’ Guide


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) – How To Unlock All Secret Units | Easter Egg Guide

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

) is a really silly game – and you can make it even sillier with the help of these Easter Egg units. To unlock new hidden units, all you have to do is find their weapons on the map. But these weapons are pretty well hidden. It pays to look for them though, as the units they unlock are some of the most powerful/expensive in the game.

If you crave hulking ice giants that crush enemies with a never-ending series of shockwaves, or cheerleaders that boost your other units and make them attack even faster, or dragons in wheelbarrows, read on because here’s where to find them Find units – and then some. Secret things are always nice in games, especially when they really pay off to be found or unlocked.

How To Unlock Every Secret Unit | Easter egg guide

To get new units you need to find their weapons hidden in certain levels. You need to activate Freelook and move the camera around yourself – press (F) to unlock Freeroam and be able to find those hidden weapons. Make sure your camera is next to the weapon for a while to unlock the corresponding unit.


  • levels: Medieval 1
  • Cost: 350

This strong and heavy axe-wielding unit is unlocked by finding the axe. She is embedded in a tree stump.

Mace spinner

  • levels: Medieval 2
  • cost: 500

Spins with a pair of clubs – and becomes a wild tornado when reinforced by cheerleaders. You can find the clubs in one of the spires. Use Freelook to fly down through the open tower window and inside. The clubs are surrounded by birds.


  • levels: Ancient 1
  • cost: 5500

A unit that shoots a hell of a lot of arrows with a double bow. You can find the arch(es) on the lighthouse, at the top, along the railing.

Samurai giant

  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 3000

Fly down the square fountain to find the giant samurai’s giant katana sticking out of the bottom of the fountain. The Samurai Giant is — well — a giant samurai with a hell of a sword.

Fan Bearer

  • levels: Ancient Sandbox
  • cost: 200

A simpler unit that blows enemies away with fans rather than destroying them outright. The fan is leaning against a small shrine near the edge/shore of the island, down a few steps.

The Teacher

  • levels: Ancient 2
  • cost: 300

A very well trained swordsman. You can find his weapon in the open temple with a statue of the Thinker inside.

Ice Giant

  • levels:Viking 1
  • cost: 6000

You can find the giant skull at the edge of the map, near the cracked ice covered lake. It is in the forest along the shore. The Ice Giant is the most expensive unit and sends groups of enemies flying with its explosive shockwaves.


  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 3000

A unit that quickly throws ninja stars. You can find this fighter’s shuriken on the roof of the building in the center of the map – where the red and blue lines meet.

Wheelbarrow Dragon

  • levels: farmer 1
  • cost: 1600

This is an odd unit. You can find the dragon head behind rocks at the edge of the map. It’s not a breathing, flying dragon, it’s in a wheelbarrow that’s being pushed. One could describe this unit as a mobile flamethrower.

Tree Giant

  • levels: Medieval 1
  • cost: 4000

A giant who uses a large tree as a weapon. You need to find his tree – it’s a rather small tree at the edge of the map, near a cliff over the water.


  • levels: Tribal 1
  • cost: 1000

This handy unit makes nearby friendly units attack faster and provides some bonus effects. The cheerleader’s pompoms are on the very edge of the card, on the red side, the red/blue border.


  • levels: Dynasty
  • cost: 2000

His gun is stuck in a tree on the cliffs below the map’s center dividing line. A powerful samurai-style unit, the Shogun uses the sword to slay enemies as if they were made of cardboard.


Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Solo Kill Haderax Raid Cheesing Guide

Inexplicably, there’s a new DL campaign for Borderlands 2 — and it’s not just any expansion, but an update that brings the game closer to Borderlands 3 introduces. You will see the characters after the events of the main story and level up to new heights. The level cap has been raised to 80 and there is a new quality tier of loot – Rainbow.

The best possible way to get incredible loot is by defeating the raid boss – and he’s special. Haderax, the latest incarnation of Crawmerax, is a giant subterranean worm that takes a great deal of time and effort to defeat – and you’ll need a team if you want to defeat him without tricks.

But there is a way to defeat this monster solo as well. Read on to learn how to do this.

How To Kill Haderax Solo | Raid Cheesing Guide

It’s actually possible to defeat Haderax solo if you prepare properly. First of all, you need a slag weapon. Haderax will heal quickly at certain points in the fight – if you want to defeat him solo, you’ll need to stop his healing. The only way to do this is by hitting Haderax with Slag Element weapons.

Then you need to reach the special “cheesing” point – that’s an area where Haderax can’t hit you. As you enter the arena, face the hole in the wall on the left – that’s your objective. Stand under it and wait for Haderax to appear. When he appears, it is associated with a violent gust of air/blast of air that can carry you up onto the rocky ledge – run into the dark hole. There you can hide without taking damage.

Of course, you will eventually need ammo. Kill the little guys that appear below, and when you’re out of ammo you can drop down and scour the zone for crates. Take as much as you can, then use the gust again to get to your hideout. Repeat as many times as necessary.

This is an easy method, but even with very, very powerful weapons, this is a tough and brutally long fight. Unless you’re very well armed, it can take you over an hour to finally kill the boss. Don’t forget that the worm will try to heal itself when its health is down to around half. Save your slag ammo for now, then blast the boss with it – Haderax can fully heal if you can’t stop his healing process quickly.

Fight relentlessly to eventually enjoy the reward – a dead Haderax and lots of very high quality loot.

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Find And Defeat Haderax the Invincible, Crawmerax Latest Version Raid Boss Guide

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How To Get The Overcompensator Shotgun | Talking Gun Guide

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith DLC – How to Download the New Content and Start Playing (Free)


Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord: Companions and Companions Guide

Immediately underline: in the game, these are synonyms. Satellites in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – The best option to expand the team with more powerful units. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how to hire partners, why they’re so important, and answer a number of other questions about them.

How to hire associates

The process is simple! In every major town of Bannerlord, there is a tavern where you can play board games, hire soldiers, and find companions. After entering the tavern, if you haven’t changed the control, press and hold the ALT key to see the names on any special characters. If there is a partner, you will see an inscription above like Gavyn the fish. Not all satellites have a nickname! But if so, we can draw conclusions about the presence of certain abilities. We will discuss this below.

Once you’ve found a partner, you can talk to them and learn a bit more about the background before offering to join the team. Then you have to pay off the debt of a potential partner, which varies within 1000 dinars.

Use the encyclopedia to find a satellite

The terminology associated with Bannerlord’s Companions is a bit confusing, as the encyclopedia lists them as heroes. You can filter all heroes with the Wanderer option, so the encyclopedia will only show companions. On each page of this manual, satellite skills and their last location are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Unlike previous Mount & Blade games, the characters do not stand still and often move from colony to colony. Bannerlord’s first quest in history (at least the Early Access one) has to do with restructuring his clan. In this context, you must rent your first satellite.

What are the roles in the clan?

After completing the quest related to Clan Restructuring, you will have access to Clan Roles, which you can assign to both your character and companions. Before assigning roles, wait a bit: if the roles are not assigned to anyone, the main character will perform his duties. This means that you will receive passive experience, developing certain skills. After assigning a character to a certain role, only he will receive experience. Likewise, your character will only gain experience for the role they are assigned to.

Consider all the roles in the clan:

• Scout. It uses reconnaissance skill, improving trail finding, detection distance, and expanding tracking information.
• Engineer. Use the ability of the same name, speeding up production of siege weapons and increasing the maximum complexity of available devices.
• Major (major). Use the Steward ability, which allows you to increase the size of the squad.
• Doctor. The skill of medicine. This character increases the chances of survival and the speed of recovery of your troops.

How to increase the membership limit

If you have a higher level clan, your partner limit is four people. The only way to increase it is to increase the level of the clan. Each clan update adds 1 additional companion space. Ultimately, you can get up to 8 satellites. If you need help improving your clan, use our neighbor guide.

Window with satellite information.

Another way to increase the satellite’s engagement limit is to use the advantage of the (Leader / Leader) rule in the Steward skill branch. Requires level 250. As soon as you unlock this buff, you will get additional space for each of your cities (which you control).

Also, at the time of this writing there was a bug in Bannerlord that allowed me to hire another satellite over the limit. The Family Feud mission requires you to hire a family member and escort them to a nearby town. If the search fails while there is a family member on the team, it simply will not be deleted. This error will likely be corrected soon.

What are satellites used for?

As you progress in the game, you can use satellites for different purposes, getting certain benefits. At first, they are just strong soldiers who cannot die (if you have not enabled this option in the campaign settings). After a while, they can be used for the following tasks:

– The leader of a commercial caravan which ensures a daily passive income.
– Complete various missions.
– Improved relations with towns and villages.
– The leader of his own combat unit, who can also bring daily benefits.
– Governor / ruler of a castle or town.

Satellites are a good replacement for the vassals that will be needed when creating your own kingdom. They move across the kingdom, they fight with enemy bandits and lords in the same way as ordinary vassals.

How to change a partner’s armor and weapons

The first step to completing the satellite customization is to change its weapons and armor. This is similar to how you modify the protagonist’s team. In other words, you have to open the inventory by pressing the I key. After that, you can click on any « arrow » next to the name of the main character at the top, middle of the screen, which you will allow switching to satellites.

The inventory menu on the right will present the same image as for the main character. However, don’t forget that you can switch between military and civilian equipment (just below your name). The Viking Helmet activates the Combat Gear tab and the Feather Hat activates civilian attire.

Combat equipment. These are the clothes your hero wears in battle. It is only limited by the requirements of specific equipment.

Civilian clothes. The clothes your character wears as you move around the city, tavern, fortress, etc. In the future, you will be able to open perks to hide weapons.

How to update a partner’s skills and options

The level of many partners you can hire in your team will be higher than the main character. Especially at the start of the history campaign. This means that your next raise will take longer. However, you can improve the skills and benefits of companions by analogy with the main character.

Open the character window by pressing the C key (default). Here you will see the skills of the protagonist. Then go to the next satellite by clicking on one of the “arrows” at the top center of the screen (as you did when changing teams). The arrows are next to your name. Click on it to see each satellite previously subscribed. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your unit or not.

If a companion level has been increased, you receive free skill points and performance points, which you can spend through the menu above. After you have dealt all the points, click on the green « Finish » button at the bottom of the screen. If something doesn’t suit you, you can always undo the action (the Undo button is red). If you selected « Automatic distribution of benefits to clan members » at the start of the campaign, satellite benefits will be selected automatically. But don’t confuse perks with attributes and abilities!

This is the process of leasing a satellite.

Choose a role for a partner

There are four unique Clan Roles that you can assign to your mates or your own character. We explain the importance of each role above, but will discuss how to distribute them below. There are two easy ways.

Clan menu:

1. Access the clan menu by pressing the L key (default).
2. Click on the partner’s name on the left side of the screen.
3. Click None or the name of the role already assigned to the satellite.
4. Assign one of the four roles of the satellite: explorer, engineer, quartermaster, medic.
5. Click the green Finish button at the bottom of the screen.

Direct conversation with a partner:

1. Press the P key (default) to open the device menu.
2. Click on the partner’s name in the “Troops” menu on the right side of the screen.
3. Click on the “yellow conversation cloud” in the drop-down menu under the satellite name.
4. Ask the interlocutor about their current position in the clan and ask them to take on a specific role.

Each role will be displayed as a dialog option. Additionally, it will show if anyone has been appointed to this position.

How to find the best companions

Before you find the best satellites for a specific role, you need to know how to find them correctly. You can view the list of satellites through an encyclopedia. Open it with the N key and select the filter by the Wanderer tag. An alternative is to travel through the taverns in each city. It should be noted that the encyclopedia, although updated, does not occur in real time (with some delay). Therefore, the location of the satellite shown in the encyclopedia may differ from the real one.

Once the Bannerlord campaign begins, you can open the encyclopedia and find characters with specific nicknames. They correspond to certain capacities. Therefore, you can find a partner who has the skills that best suit you. Each character has a first and last name, which affects the type of ability.

How satellite names and capacities relate

All of Bannerlord’s companions have a specific nickname or last name, for example, Siona the Healed or Elyaksha the Shieldmaiden (there is no Russian localization yet, so I will list names and nicknames in English). Here are some examples of nicknames and related skills:

– Healer – medicine 60.
– Gold – tactical 100.
– Prince – fraud 140.
– Smith – Forge 60.
– Frozen beard – Intelligence 80.

Best team leaders

Once you have brought the clan to the second level and can create a team for your partner, it is important to make sure that you choose the right partner for the role of leader of the new group. In the list below, you will see different nicknames corresponding to this task:

– Falcon – tactic 100.
– Prince – fraud 140.
– Surgeon – medicine 80.
– Engineer – Engineering 80.
– Swift – Office 80 (union representative).
– Swordsman: excellent weapon skills.
– Shieldmaiden: excellent weapon skills.

The best companions for caravans.

If you want to make money and earn daily passive income, now is the time to think about starting your own shopping caravan. If you already have money for your training, be sure to choose the best companion for the caravan leader role. Obviously, in order to increase profits, you need to focus on trading skills, as these will reduce trading fines (the difference between the selling and buying prices of your resources).

– Swift – commerce 80, Steward 80, fraude 100.
– Spicevendor – Trade 100, Steward 80.

Best companions for the ruler position

For starters, the partner you want to nominate for the position of city leader must be from the same culture as the city itself. Thanks to this, you will receive a +1 loyalty bonus and eliminate the negative effects of loyalty due to cultural inconsistency.

In addition, you need perks to improve the role of city leader. They have different capacities:

– Butler – Tax collector (level 25), Assessor (level 225), Agrarian (level 250), Reconstruction (level 275).

– Medicine – Virgin Streets (level 150), Doctor Bush (level 150), Town Doctor (level 200), Clean Infrastructure (level 200).

– Engineering: skilled builder (level 25), advanced mason (level 100), builder (level 250), everyday engineer (level 275).

– Trade – Common products (level 100), toll barriers (level 100), village communications (level 150), content trade (level 150), barn counter (level 200), yard foreman (level 200).

– Leadership: Rigid Upper Lip (Level 75), Recognition (Level 75), Exercise Instructor (Level 150), Civilian Militia (Level 150), Lecturer (Level 200), Inspirational Warrior (Level 200).

And here are some of the more suitable companions (it is clear that his level has not increased yet):

– Swift – Steward 80, Trade 80, Fraud 100.

– Spicevendor – Steward 80, Trade 100.

– Sora is a noblewoman with 160 level butler skills. Therefore, many players prefer to marry her. She is excellent for the role of governor and mayor.

La source : The Verge


Spider-Man 2: Astoria Prowler Fuse Box Locations – Walkthrough Guide

There are four fuse boxes to find and unlock the door that contains the Prowel hideout in Astoria, Queens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. In this guide, I will give all the fuse box locations and the best way to solve the riddle of time.

Astoria Prowler Stash Fuse Box Locations and Solution in Spider-Man 2

To solve the Astoria Prowler fuse box puzzle, you need to find all the fuse boxes located on the different levels of the building’s roofs, use Chain Lightning (hold L1 and press square) to overload each fuse box with energy, and all this before the time runs out. Below is the best method to follow:

Step 1: Find the Prowel code

The first step to solving the Astoria Prowler hideout puzzle is to search for the Prowel code by holding down the L2 trigger. The Prowler code will be in front of the large metal panel, as shown in the image below.

Once you scan the code and unlock the gray panel, you will be prompted to open the door by holding L1 + R1 together. The door will open and you will see the first fuse box which needs to be charged with Chain Lightning.

Step 2: Locate all fuse boxes on building roofs

To locate all fuse boxes, look for all purple colored fuse boxes while ignoring gray fuse boxes. Below is a picture showing the location of each fuse box on the various roofs above the door you opened.

The first box is behind the torn door. The second box is on the wall at the top of the roof, just above the door you opened. The third box is on the next roof, on the wall above the two doors, and the last box is above the one at the very top of the building.

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Follow SamaGametrical cables to the door you opened. The wires will lead you to all the purple fuse boxes.

Step 3: Overload all fuse boxes with Chain Lightning

The last step to take before unlocking Astoria Prowel Stash is to overload each box before the timer runs out. If you don’t, the timer will reset and you’ll have to start again. There are two ways to do this.

First option

The first option is to start at the very top of the building and work your way down. Face the first fuse box and Chain Lightning charges it. Once charged, hold R2 to run, run to the ledge and fall onto the next roof.

Once you drop to the lower level, the box should be in front of you. Charge the second box with L1 and square, then run up to the ledge and drop onto the next roof for the third box. Rinse and repeat this, then drop down towards the door with the fuse box next to it.

Second option

The second option is to start at the door you pulled and work your way to the last box. For this method, you need to remember to use Web Zip and Web Zip to the edge of each roof above the torn off door.

I tested both methods and they are both equally effective in solving the mystery of Astoria Prowler’s hiding place. After timing how long it takes before the timer resets, you have about 25 seconds to overload all four fuse boxes with Miles Morales’ Chain Lightning power.

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Location of the Lurker’s Hideout in Astoria, Queens in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Prowler Stash in Downtown Queens is located near the foot of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in the Astoria neighborhood. The map below shows its location and the purple neon sign of the Prowler hideout can be seen from the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

If you follow the bridge into the neighborhood, the Prowel Stash building is northeast of the foot of the bridge. It’s the only building around that has back-to-back billboards. One billboard has an Ambroche sign and the other is a Swillco Watermelon billboard.

The Astoria Prowler Hideout can be found early in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, after unlocking Mile’s Chain Lightning power and the Prowler Hideout side quests. To learn more about Spider-Man 2, you can read Best Tactics and Moves for Brawling Big Brutes and learn how to beat them easily.


Hitman 2: New York – The Correct ‘Job Interview’ Answers (Mission Story Guide)

In the first major add-on for
hit man 2

Agent 47 is tasked with breaking into a bank. You can explore a heavily guarded, heavily secured secret organization bank with a variety of costumes at your disposal – but it’s not easy getting to the top floor where the target you’re tasked with taking down resides in his secure office. Probably the easiest way to reach them is through ‘The Job Interview’, one of the five mission stories for the New York setting.

Most mission stories explain all the necessary details, but this one more or less leaves players stranded on one key puzzle. In this story you take the place of an applicant in the last phase of a job interview. It depends on your answers to the questions which of two jobs you get. One job only grants you access to the first two floors, but the better job also allows you to access the top floor. If you want to mingle with the managers, read on as you’ll learn how to solve ‘The Job Interview’ riddle and get the three correct answers.

How To Get The Best Job Possible Job | The Job Interview Guide

To get the best job available – this is the Investment Banker job in ‘The Golden Handshake’ – you need to select ‘The Job Interview’ mission story. Find the guy in the green vest, he’s in the restroom in the Waiting Area. You can take his place and enter an interview office.

Depending on your answers, you will get one of two different jobs – investment banker or auditor. The investment banker has access to the third floor (second floor), while the auditor can only access the lower two levels of the bank.

During the job interview, you must answer three questions correctly. If you choose the right answers, you will get the position of Investment Banker. If you answer any of the questions “wrong” you will be given the inferior job of auditor with restricted access to the bank’s premises.

Answer the interview questions in this order:

  • Question 1: Opportunity = Hawk (Middle)
  • Question #2: Execution = Hitman (Left/Left)
  • Question #3: Prosperity = Piles Of Money (Right)

Answering in this order will get you the best job available. Then you can go upstairs freely without having to change into another outfit. Nobody will recognize you since you are new. You can do all sorts of things on the top floor.

You can use Athena Savalas’ computer and change her schedule to bring all three objectives together in one place. But you can also disable WiFi Internet access and kill the target in their secret room. If you have access to the second floor (third floor), you can more easily achieve a high ranking; plus it’s just really cool to be able to do that.


Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh – Giovanni’s Battle Guide

This guide will review and counter Giovanni’s team in Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh.

Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh – Giovanni’s Team

Image via Niantic

You will have the opportunity to fight with Giovanni after completing the fourth set of special research missions in GO Tour 2024: It’s About Time (and Space). When you do, Giovanni’s team will consist of the following Shadow Pokémon:

Giovanni’s Pokémon
Shadow Persian
Shadow Torterra, Infernape or Empoleon
Shadow Regigigas

Giovanni’s second Shadow Pokémon will change depending on which Sinnoh starter Pokémon you chose at the start of the GO Tour Special Research.

After defeating Giovanni, you can encounter and try to capture Shadow Regigigas, who has a chance to be shiny.

Shadow Persian Counters

As a pure Normal-type, Persian is countered by Fighting-type Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon that can counter Persian include:

  • Terrakion,
  • Pheromosa,
  • Keldeo (Solved or Ordinary).

Common Fighting-type Pokémon can also stand up to Persians, including:

  • Lucario,
  • Conkeldurr,
  • Breloom,
  • Machamp.

Shadow Torterra Counters

Torterra is both a Grass- and Ground-type, making it doubly weak to Ice-type attacks.. You have many options to counter Torterra, such as:

  • Galar Darmanitan (Zen or Standard),
  • Mamiswine,
  • Weaver,
  • Glaceon,
  • Jynx.

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Shadow Infernape Markers

The Fire and Fighting type Infernape doesn’t have a dual weakness like Torterra, but it does have a lot of types it is normally weak against, which gives you plenty of options to counter it. Psychic is a particularly effective type for dealing with Shadow Infernape. Here are some powerful Psychic-type legendaries that do well against Infernape:

  • Hoopa (unbound or confined),
  • Mewtwo,
  • Deoxys (Attack Form),
  • or Azelf from the occasional study missions of GO Tour: Sinnoh.

Alakazam and Espeon are two powerful non-legendary Psychic-type Pokémon that can also be used to counter Shadow Infernape.

Shadow Empoleon Counters

Empoleon has a good defensive Water and Steel type, but can still be countered with powerful Electric or Fighting-type Pokémon. Here are some of the best Pokémon that counter Shadow Empoleon:

  • Xurkitree,
  • Terrakion,
  • Zekrom,
  • Pheromosa,
  • Lucario.

Terrakion, Pheromosa, and Lucario are particularly good options that can also be used to counter Giovanni’s Shadow Persian, but watch out for Terrakion’s Water-type weakness.

Shadow Regigigas Counters

Regigigas is another pure Normal-type Pokémon, meaning it has the same Fighting-type counters as Shadow Persian. Terrakion, Lucario and Conkeldurr are particularly good choices thanks to their bulk, which helps them tank Regigigas attacks. Pheromosa is a glass cannon, so it might not be able to fight both Persians and Regigigas.

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Make sure you don’t leave anything unfinished as you complete the Pokemon GO Tour: Sinnoh festivities, including catching a White Striped Basculin and using Palkia and Dialga’s adventure effects.


Forza Horizon 5: Guide with Tuning Share Codes

Image: Microsoft

Check out a new guide to Forza Horizon 5’s Explore the Horizon Playlist Week 1 – Summer here.

A new week, a new season. Our guide will take you through the first week of Forza Horizon 5’s new ‘Explore the Horizon’ playlist.

It’s summer and the rainy season offers the following rewards:

  • 20 points DeBerti F-250
  • 40 points Porsche Macan RR

With the chapter selection in the video description on YouTube you can reach your goal even faster. As usual, you can also find suitable tuning share codes there. Of course we will publish them again here in the news:


Land Rover Forzathon C600: 180 085 750
Porsche Cayenne A800: 130 990 630
Hoonigan Ford RS200 S2: 537 467 110
Jeep Trailcat A800: 557 037 363
Cupra Formentor VZ5 A800: 121 232 246

You can see the video here:

If you would like to support us, share this video, leave a thumb on YouTube and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Also activate the bell so that you don’t miss any more videos.


TUTORIAL : How to Make Ice Cream in Infinite Craft – Recipe Combination Guide

Ice is simply frozen water and is great for keeping frozen foods or your drinks cold on a hot summer day. Infinite Craft is a matching game that seemingly has everything, including ice, and this guide will show new players how to do it quickly and expand their word library.

How to get ice in Infinite Craft

Ice can be created in Infinite Craft by combining avalanche and water elements together. This is an incredibly simple recipe that can be made with all four starting items, so players starting at the beginning can quickly make it and multiply their combinations.

It’s necessary three steps to making ice cream, which is perhaps more steps than making ice cubes manually in real life. Players will first create Avalanche, then combine it with water to make ice. Here is the complete process to make ice cream with the quickest method below:

  • Earth + Earth = Mountain
  • Mountain + Wind = Avalanche
  • Avalanche + Water = Ice

Endless DIY Recipes That Use Ice

Ice can be used in different ways and other combinations, although all of them result in cold-related items. However, this can sometimes produce strange results like combining ice with Hitler. This combo creates Ice creamwhich is displayed as a single word, while Ice Cream also exists separately in the game. Below is a list of some of the other unique combinations that can use ice:

  • Ice + America = Iced Tea
  • Ice + Asia = Siberia
  • Ice + Bird = Penguin
  • Ice cream + Burger = McFlurry
  • Ice Cream + Chicken = Chicken Nugget
  • Ice cream + Hitler = Ice cream
  • Ice + Ice = Snow
  • Ice + Mountain Range = Glacier
  • Ice + Rain = Hail
  • Ice + Snow = Snowman
  • Ice + Star = Comet
  • Ice + Water = Iceberg
  • Ice + Wood = Igloo

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For more possible Infinite Craft combinations, check out our guide on how to craft a bird so you can create an entire sanctuary of feathery friends for your word library.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses – The Best Classes For Each Character Fast Growth Guide

you can in
Fire Emblem: Three Houses
unlock more than classes for your students, but not every student is suitable for every job. Each character has unique interests, which means they’re particularly good at those areas. Depending on their interests, characters can improve certain skills much faster than others. Students who love magic will learn to use weapons much more slowly, and vice versa.

That’s why I’ve put together a list for you here that tells you which jobs are particularly well suited for which character. As I said, it depends on his preferences, which change as the story progresses, which classes you should unlock for each character. Characters can unlock many more classes than you’re likely to use, so it’s important to choose the classes that best suit your team composition and playstyle. Even if you follow this guide closely, there are more than enough options for strategic planning.

The Best Classes For Every Character | Best Growth Guide

In order to decide which classes are best for each character, I decided to use the criterion of best growth rates. The classes marked/highlighted below can be unlocked earlier and faster than all other classes.

The classes in
have the best possible growth rate for each character.

The avatar

  • Male Byleth: Myrmidon, Fighter, Mercenary, Thief, Cavalier, Archer, Brawler, Priest, Hero, Swordmaster, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Paladin , Grappler, Mortal Savant (Mortal Scholar), Bow Knight (Bow Knight), Dark Knight, Holy Knight, War Master
  • Female Byleth: Myrmidon Fighter Mercenary, ThiefCavalier, Archer, Brawler, Priest, Swordmaster, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Paladin, Falcon Knight, Mortal Savant, Bow Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight, War Master

Black Eagle Characters

  • Edelgard: Myrmidon, Fighter, Lord, Armored Knight, Brigand, Swordmaster, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Warrior, Mortal Savant, Great Knight
  • Bernadetta: Fighter, Cavalier, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Paladin, Sniper, Bow Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight
  • Caspar: Fighter, Armored Knight, Brigand, Brawler, Hero, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Warrior, Grappler, War Master
  • Dorothea: Myrmidon, Monk, Mercenary, Thief, Mage, Priest, Swordmaster, Assassin, Warlock, Bishop, Mortal Savant, Gremory
  • Fernando: Myrmidon, Soldier, Fighter, Mercenary, Armored Knight, Cavalier, Brigand, Hero, Fortress Knight, Paladin, Great Knight, Holy Knight, Dark Knight
  • Hubert: Fighter, Monk, Archer, Mage, Dark Mage, Assassin, Sniper, Warlock, Dark Bishop, Bow Knight, Dark Knight
  • Linhardt: Monk, Mage, Dark Mage, Priest, Warlock, Dark Bishop, Bishop, Dark Knight, Holy Knight
  • Petra: Myrmidon, Fighter, Mercenary, Thief, Armored Knight, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Swordmaster, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord

Blue Lion Characters

  • Dimitri: Myrmidon, Soldier, Lord, Mercenary, Thief, Cavalier, Swordmaster, Assassin, Paladin, Bow Knight, Holy Knight
  • Annette: Fighter, Monk, Brigand, Mage, Wyvern Rider, Warrior, Warlock, Wyvern Lord, Mortal Savant, Dark Knight, Gremory
  • Ashe: Fighter, Armored Knight, Brigand, Archer, Hero, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Sniper, Wyvern Lord, Bow Knight
  • dedue: Soldier, Fighter, Armored Knight, Brigand, Brawler, Hero, Fortress Knight, Warrior, Grappler, Warmaster
  • Felix: Myrmidon, Fighter, Mercenary, Thief, Archer, Brawler, Hero, Swordmaster, Assassin, Mortal Savant
  • Ingrid: Myrmidon, Soldier, Mercenary, Thief, Cavalier, Pegasus Knight, Assassin, Paladin, Wyvern Rider, Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord, Bow Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight
  • Mercedes: Monk, Mage, Priest, Warlock, Bishop, Gremory
  • sylvain: Soldier, Fighter, Armored Knight, Cavalier, Brigand, Hero, Fortress Knight, Paladin, Wyvern Rider, Warrior, Wyvern Lord, Great Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight

Golden Deer Characters

  • claude: Fighter, Lord, Mercenary, Thief, Archer, Hero, Swordmaster, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Sniper, Great Knight, Bow Knight
  • Hilda: Soldier, Fighter, Armored Knight, Cavalier, Brigand, Pegasus Knight, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Warrior, Falcon Knight, Wyvern Lord, Great Knight
  • Ignatz: Myrmidon, Fighter, Mercenary, Thief, Archer, Hero, Swordmaster, Assassin, Sniper, Mortal Savant, Bow Knight, Dark Knight
  • Leonie: Soldier, Fighter, Armored Knight, Cavalier, Archer, Pegasus Knight, Assassin, Fortress Knight, Paladin, Sniper, Falcon Knight, Bow Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight
  • Lorenz: Soldier, Monk, Cavalier, Mage, Dark Mage, Fortress Knight, Paladin, Warlock, Dark Bishop, Bow Knight, Dark Knight, Holy Knight
  • Lysithea: Monk, Mage, Priest, Assassin, Warlock, Bishop, Mortal Savant, Gremory
  • Marianne: Myrmidon, Monk, Mercenary, Thief, Cavalier, Priest, Pegasus Knight, Assassin, Paladin, Wyvern Rider, Bishop, Falcon Knight, Holy Knight
  • raphael: Fighter, Armored Knight, Brigand, Brawler, Hero, Fortress Knight, Wyvern Rider, Grappler, War Master

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How to Get ‘S’ Support (All Romantic Options)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Recruit The Different Characters | All Characters Recruitment Guide

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – How To Unlock The Different Classes | All Class Requirements List


TUTORIAL : How to Make a Video Game in Infinite Craft – Recipe Guide

Let’s say you want to create a game in the world of Infinite Craft, it may seem more difficult than creating a video game in real life. Let’s see what kind of interesting concoction we’ll have to whip up to finally make it work our way.

How to create a video game in Infinite Craft

Screenshot by blog

If you’re hoping to create a game in the world of Infinite Craft, you’ll want to take the following steps;

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Steam + Earth = Mud
  • Mud + Fire = Brick
  • Brick + Steam = Steam Engine
  • Brick + Mud = Adobe
  • Steam engine + water = steamboat
  • Steamboat + Adobe = Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flash + Steam = Game

You’ll finally have your own game. It’s a convoluted path to get there, with some clever wordplay implemented. I don’t understand why Steamboat helps create Adobe Flash, but if it finally lets us create what we need all this time, who am I to complain?

More ways to create a game in Infinite Craft

Screenshot by blog

As with anything Infinite Craft can throw at you, you can also create a game by following these steps;

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Earth + Dust = Planet
  • Planet + Fire = Sun
  • Sun + Fire = Solar
  • Solar + Planet = System
  • System + Fire = Computer
  • Computer + System = Software
  • Software + Land = Game

So if you are looking for an option with a few fewer steps overall, you can take this route. You’ll end up with a game anyway, so choose your path and head down – just like your favorite video game.

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Now that you understand how, find out what you’ll need to do to create a Airplane in Infinite Craft, or check out our section below to see what other wild things you can do. If you can dream it, you can do it with Infinite Craft.


PS5 and Xbox Series X: the list of all games with 120fps support – guide

Microsoft recently confirmed that Halo Infinite, the flagship game of the Xbox Series X, will support 120fps gameplay in multiplayer mode. This led us to question what other games have 120Hz support confirmed on compatible 4K TVs and screens.

So we did some research and this article is the result: an exhaustive and detailed list of all the games for PS5 and Xbox Series X that go beyond the historic 60fps refresh limit of the consoles. In addition to the list of titles with such support, we have also included the connection technology of 4K 120Hz TVs (HDMI 2.1) and also the best 4K TVs for next-gen gaming.

While many users will be playing next-gen consoles on TV, we’ve also covered the other option, which is high-refresh PC monitors. These have in fact been available on the market for several years, so we have compiled a list of recommended models that support at least 120Hz or more at different resolutions. We have in fact included monitors with native resolution 1080p and 1440p, and also the very first models equipped with an HDMI 2.1 interface, necessary for 4K at 120Hz.

In addition to the games and screen recommendations, we’ve also included a short guide to gaming at a120fps. Scroll the page or go directly to the section that interests you most using the navigation guide below:

Before we begin, let’s ask ourselves a simple question:

Why is 120fps better than 60fps?

Answer: The higher the frame-rate, the lower your input lag and the higher the temporal resolution.

These two side effects make the gameplay of frenetic games such as shooter or racing easier, being able to react more readily to the appearance of an enemy or to perceive in advance the approach of a sharp bend. You can see all of this demonstrated in our “Over 60fps” video.

High-refresh monitors had a big impact on PC gaming when they were introduced years ago, and we expect a similar effect on consoles now that 120fps is on the plate.

Obviously there is a trade-off between high frame-rates and graphics fidelity. For games where fast-paced sections are rare, or where developers want to emphasize the visuals of their worlds through higher resolution or enhanced effects, sticking to a more traditional 30fps or 60fps may make more sense.

Which PS5 and Xbox Series X games support 120fps?

At the moment, we know that there are eight games on PS5 or Series X that support 120fps, and the spread is nowhere near even.

While the PS5 has an innovative design in many ways, we’ve heard very little about which games will support 120fps. The PS5 slate currently only contains a handful of titles, but it is sure to grow over time.

The full list of 120fps PS5 titles

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
  • Dirt 5
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
  • Rainbow Six Siege

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the coin with the Xbox Series X. Given that Microsoft balances the situation with PC gaming on Windows, perhaps it’s not surprising to see more games with 120fps support on consoles. Here is the list of games confirmed so far.

The complete list of Xbox Series X games at 120fps

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War
  • Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
  • Dirt 5
  • ExoMecha
  • Gears 5
  • Halo Infinite (multiplayer)
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Metal: Hellsinger
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Orphan of the Machine
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Second Extinction
  • The Falconeer

Backward compatibility can send some titles at 120fps as well: the Series X doubles the original 60fps refresh, sending it to 120fps.

However, we still have no confirmation of any visual compromises in 120fps gameplay.

Best TVs and monitors for gaming at 120fps, recommended by Digital Foundry

If you like fast-paced titles like first person shooter or racing, we recommend a TV that supports high refresh rates with the new consoles, as long as your budget allows it. Here are our recommended models for each category, including LG’s gorgeous OLEDs and competing alternatives from Samsung and Sony. Each model chosen offers 120fps at 4K, variable refresh rate and low input lag, making them perfect models for gaming. By clicking on each model you will access our detailed article The best TVs for 4K gaming with HDR.

The best 4K and 120Hz TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X

  • LG CX OLED (via HDMI 2.1)
  • Samsung Q80T QLED (via HDMI 2.1)
  • Sony XH9005 / X900H (via HDMI 2.1, which will arrive via software update)
  • LG NanoCell 85

Note: The 49-inch Q80T has a 60Hz panel instead of the 120Hz one used in the larger variants. And it also lacks support for variable refreshes, as well as having worse viewing angles, so we recommend getting the 55-inch variants.

Gaming monitors are also a great choice for PS5 or Series X, but be warned that at the time of this writing, no models support HDMI 2.1 input. Of course, this doesn’t stop you from enjoying 120Hz at resolutions below 4K, such as 1440p or 1080p, as the HDMI 2.0 standard supports 120Hz for these resolutions. To reach 144Hz at 1440p you’ll need to turn off adaptive V-Sync. This is an option to consider because these monitors are significantly cheaper than the 4K and 120Hz alternatives. The first monitor announced with HDMI 2.1 support is the Eve Spectrum, linked below, but we expect more compatible models to arrive later this year.

Best 120Hz gaming monitors for PS5 and Xbox Series X

  • AOC 24G2U (1080p 120Hz via HDMI 1.4)
  • BenQ EX2780Q (1440p 120Hz via HDMI 2.0)
  • LG 27GL850 (1440p 120Hz via HDMI 2.0 w / VRR disabled)
  • Eve Spectrum (4K 120Hz via HDMI 2.1)

Digital Foundry’s guide to 120fps next-gen gaming

What is HDMI 2.1?

Long story short, HDMI 2.1 is the new standard that increases the amount of data that can be carried over an HDMI cable. While the ports may always look the same, increased bandwidth requires new cables, new source devices (consoles and next-gen graphics cards), and new output devices (TVs and monitors). If the whole chain is upgraded to HDMI 2.1 support, then you will get several features.

The most important feature for us is to send more frames per second at a given resolution. On the previous HDMI 2.0 standard it was possible to send a maximum image 60 times per second. On HDMI this amount doubles, becoming 120 frames per second for 4K.

Other features include an automatic low latency mode that basically allows the TV to disable certain processes to lower input lag, and support for variable refreshes, which eliminate screen tearing and judder artifacts without adding side effect of the increased input lag of v-sync. Other features also include HDMI VRR (included with the HDMI 2.1 standard), FreeSync (for AMD graphics cards) and G-Sync (for Nvidia graphics cards).

What is the difference between 120Hz and 120fps?

The Hertz (Hz) indicate the number of times a screen refreshes in one second. The maximum refresh rate is an intrinsic part of every model of TV or monitor; most screens stop at 60Hz but some go as low as 120Hz. Gaming monitors are notoriously available at refresh rates above 60Hz, some models even go up to 360Hz, with the most common supporting 144Hz or 240Hz.

THE Frames per second (fps) (fps) indicate the number of images generated by the console or PC in one second. This can be locked to some degree, normally to keep new frames constantly updated, or unlocked to allow for higher frame-rates in less demanding games to render.

Halo is for everyone. We can confirm #HaloInfinite multiplayer will be free-to-play and will support 120FPS on Xbox Series X. More details will be shared later!

– Halo (@Halo) July 31, 2020

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Ideally, these two parameters should be similar most of the time to take advantage of the low input lag and improved temporal resolution mentioned earlier. For example, if your screen is at 120Hz and your console is delivering 120 frames per second, then you will make the most of your setup.

If your console only delivers 60fps, then you won’t have an advantage in using a 120Hz screen over a 60Hz one. Conversely, if your console generates a fixed 120fps but is connected to a 60Hz screen, you will get a boost in responsiveness. * but not comparable to the 120fps and 120Hz pairing.

If you like fast-paced games, it makes sense to have a 120Hz screen. Even though the console produces a frame-rate between 60 and 120fps, you’ll get a more and more responsive image on a 120Hz screen versus a 60Hz one.

We’re still a few weeks away from the launch of the consoles, so we’re still not sure how the games will run, if the frame-rate will be completely fixed at 120fps or if there will be dips here and there. But considering the powerful processors mounted on the fixed 120fps consoles they are sustainable, and we’re thrilled to see the new machines in action.

What about the Xbox Series S?

In theory, the Xbox Series S should run games at 120fps like the Xbox Series X but at a lower resolution. Little is known, but Ubisoft has outlined the performance of some of its games for each next-gen console. We hope to know more as the launch approaches.

Source : Reddit


Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – How To Earn Coins, XP & Tacos Fast | Easy Farming Guide

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

the latest game in the third-person multiplayer shooter series from Publisher
is already playable on PS4, PC and Xbox One, albeit only in “early access”.

The game won’t be generally available until October 18th. However, those who have purchased the Founders Pack are already running around shooting up plants and/or zombies. The PvP game comes up with an even larger open world waiting to be explored extensively and you will be able to complete PvE tasks together with friends to get rewards and increase your level.

That’s what I want to focus on here. There is in
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
an ingenious way to farm XP, coins and tacos. You’ll need a friend or a second account and plenty of time to do this, but this method will net you an endless stream of coins, tacos, and XP, which is everything you need to succeed. All you have to do is visit a specific Mindblower spawn location.

How To Earn Coins, XP & Tacos Fast | Easy farming guide

around in
To become a true farming pro, you’ll need a helpful second player – either a friend or a second account that you’ve leveled up yourself, in split-screen.

Both players/accounts need one to use this trick
Hunting License
which you can earn by leveling up and
Find Air Ron in Town Center
. You must then go to
Bounty Hunt embarked
where you can start a PvE encounter/battle while your friend is going to the
Spawner embarks. The Bounty Hunt Control Panel can be found in the far western neighborhood – overlooking a single tree.

The trick is to get the M
to where the bounty spawns after the
Bounty Hunt
activated — you must then detonate the Mindblower to kill both targets before they become invulnerable. If you park the Mindblower right where they spawn and detonate it when they spawn, you can kill them instantly and get your reward.

Every time you complete the bounty, you will
2000 coins and 10 tacos
received as a reward. If you place the Mindblower in exactly the right place, you can do the whole thing in around 15 seconds – and you can repeat this as many times as you want.


Fortnite – Guide on Getting the Fortnite Ninja Skin

Ever wondered how players got a skin of one of the most popular streamers on the planet? Here’s how.

For a lot of players, the popular Battle Royale title isn’t all about using a Fortnite tracker to improve their game, or building and looting that makes up the foundations of the game. Cosmetics play a huge part of Fortnite for many fans, and introducing a Fortnite skin for the likes of Ninja made a big impact earlier this year.

This gave players the opportunity to use Ninja’s likeness in the game for the first time. With his unique blue hair, coupled with a futuristic coat and his logo also featuring, those who follow the streamer were able to be amongst the first to play as a streamer’s likeness. The Fortnite skin is part of the Fortnite Icon Series, which brings “the artistic vision, personality and attitude of top creators to Fortnite.”

What Does the Fortnite Skin Feature?

If you wanted to pick up the Ninja skin, you would receive a few neat features. As well as the Njnja outfit there was also an Edge Back Bling, and the Dual Katanas Pickaxe. So there is some authenticity there, but for a true Ninja feel there is also the Pon Pon victory dance, which serves as Ninja’s emote.

If you wanted to find this skin, then there was a specific way of doing so, which we will discuss below.

How to Get the Ninja Skin

To get the Ninja skin, you need to wait until the cosmetic has gone live. Epic Games has a habit of going through the introduction of Fortnite skins on a regular basis. These are often put into rotation, meaning they often disappear only to be brought back at a later date. The skin when available costs 1,500 V-Bucks, and you had to be logged in at a specific time. The code NINJA was also provided by the streamer when it first arrived. This code was revealed in a tweet in which Ninja expressed that it was his dream to have a skin in Fortnite ever since he started playing the game, and that his dream had now become reality.

Will the Ninja Skin Return?

As stated, Epic have a habit of bringing back Fortnite skins from the past that have been in rotation. We could honestly see it again sometime soon, but there is no way of knowing at this time. Given his popularity, you would expect to see it again at some point or other. With the closure of Mixer, at the time of writing this we know that Ninja is looking at a new platform to stream on. Perhaps the hype surrounding that will be enough to bring the skin back.

For the time being, we will need to sit tight, and if you have the Ninja skin already, then prepare to Pon Pon your way to victory on the battlefield. Who knows, you could be sporting a Fortnite skin that is set to become one of the rarest available in the game altogether if it does take a while to return.

Have you got the Ninja skin? Let us know in the comments section below!