Marvel: this is how Henry Cavill would look like playing Cyclops; Superman takes off his cape and joins the X-Men as the perfect addition to the MCU

Playing with Marvel and DC Comics actors bouncing back and forth between one franchise and the other is a fan pastime and we don’t blame them, as it’s a lot of fun imagining dreamy scenarios where Hollywood stars bring our favorite superheroes to life. One of the darlings of the community is Henry Cavill, who after giving up his place as Superman, now has the doors open to play another hero, and Cyclops from the X-Men seems to be the one and voted for by the majority.

The movement was so big that you can find multiples of the actor as an entire X-Men if you know how to search the internet, but without a doubt and as you probably guessed, our favorite is the design made by , who once again showed off with a awesome begging to come true in the future.

Marvel would have a dream addition with Henry Cavill

Although we have already seen multiple Cyclops outfits in Fox movies, without a doubt the most iconic of all is the suit we grew up with many fans watching on television: He did a great job of representing this classic side of the X-Men without hiding too much of his combination with Henry Cavill, a difficult task considering that this superhero hides much of his face.

It would be a huge surprise to see Henry Cavill as another superhero, and from the competition!

Henry Cavill shone after being Superman like Geralt in the series Netflixbut as it happened with the Man of Steel, the actor gave way to a new face that we will see in the next episodes of the project, leaving Cavill without a definitive place in his career as an actor.

With this in mind, it is no longer so unreasonable to think that Henry Cavill could arrive later as an exquisite addition to the MCU; Marvel is still figuring out how to incorporate the X-Men with the rest of their superheroes, so we shouldn’t immediately dismiss this impressive , as the actor certainly has the ring of a leader and we’d love to see the outcome.