Meeting with Leonardo Tano, son of Rocco Siffredi and above all new hope of Italian athletics

Leonardo Tano connects with us via Zoom, under the Milanese sun. He wears a pair of thick-framed black glasses and headphones placed on his ears. At 23, he has just left Budapest to settle in Italy and continue his studies. But before you continue reading, you need to know two things about Leonardo: first, that he is the second son of Rocco Siffredi; then, that since he has been in Italy, he has discovered that he runs really, really fast.

Tano thus divides his time between the track – that of Atletica Meneghina, at the Arena Civica (“When I saw it, I immediately thought: I want to run here”) –, his studies (after a mechanical engineering degree obtained in Budapest, he followed a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan) and his career as a model, followed by the Next Models Milan agency. Born in Rome, he always lived in Budapest, with his father Rocco (real name Tano, Siffredi being a professional pseudonym) and his mother Rosza Tassi, of Hungarian origin. “I love my new life in Milan, where I moved in September. I don’t know if it’s because for the first time I’m independent from my parents, or simply because I’m in Italy. I feel much closer to Italian culture.”


Silent Hope – Spellcaster Character Guide

silent hope is a deep dungeon crawling action RPG! In this title, players have the choice of using seven unique protagonists. Light them, swap them, and face the horrors of the Abyss. Use our silent hope Caster Character Guide to learn the complete story and gameplay information about this enigmatic adventurer!

Caster Character Biography

“I grew up alongside many brothers and sisters.
Since they weren’t very rich, everyone had to work to make ends meet.
He hated seeing his siblings suffer and so decided to learn the art of alchemy to earn a living.
After just three years, his intellect and abilities surpassed even those of the world’s most renowned alchemists.

His talent was so great that he soon gathered a large number of admiring apprentices.
But in a world without words, none of them could truly keep up with his genius.
While he did his best to communicate through simple vocalizations and made-up scripts, these would mysteriously disappear as soon as they manifested.

“How can I transmit my knowledge without words? he was thinking. “There must be a way to break this spell that restricts our speech…”
Determined to find an answer, he set off on his journey, his carefree smile masking a confident conviction.

As if guided by a divine hand, the spellcaster finally found himself standing in front of the Great Crystal.

The spellcaster is calm, collected and cool. He runs the Base Camp Workshop and is more than willing to lend you his assistance in creating materials usable for the Forge. Oh yeah, and his combat prowess is very useful and functional. It focuses on ranged attacks and blocking enemies, much like the Archer.

All Skills Launcher (Silent Hope)

The caster has many ranged skills and skills used to ward off enemies. Use them to get out of harm’s way while casting powerful magic.

  • Roulette
    • Magic sphere
      • Releases a slow magic orb that disappears after dealing 5 hits.
        • Damage type: Magic
        • Cooldown: 6.0 sec
    • Black hole
      • Create a gravity field that attracts enemies and increases the damage they take.
    • Blast
      • Shoot a magic orb that explodes on impact.
        • Damage type: Magic
        • Cooldown: 8.0 sec
  • Wise
    • Impact
      • Fire a magical blast focused on yourself, stunning enemies around you.
        • Damage type: Magic
        • Effect duration: 4.0 sec
        • Cooldown: 7.0 sec
    • Satellite
      • Summon 2 magical orbs that surround an axis centered on your original position
        • Damage type: Magic
        • Cooldown: 12.0 sec
    • Magic Barrier
      • Erect a barrier that makes you temporarily invincible.
        • Effect duration: 5.0 sec
        • Cooldown: 34.0 sec
  • Summoner
    • Summon a Slicer
      • Summon 2 shadow pets that unleash slashing attacks focused on you.
        • Damage type: Slashing
        • Cooldown: 13.0 sec
    • Summon Crusher
      • Summon 2 shadow pets that pound the ground in front of you, stunning enemies.
        • Damage type: blunt
        • Cooldown: 13.0 sec
    • Summon a stinger
      • Summon 2 shadow pets that fire a magic missile.
        • Damage type: Piercing
        • Cooldown: 13.0 sec

Spellcaster Playstyle

The Caster is not meant to be up close and personal. Use his ranged attacks to start dealing damage, then stun or lock your enemies in place to launch blasts at them. It even has excellent support and bonus effects. He can optionally make himself invulnerable for a short period of time or deal additional damage to enemies under the effects of his spells.

This is an overview of the basics of Caster silent hope! Keep an eye on Final Weapon for the latest and greatest Japanese video game coverage! Including more on silent hope. Want to try the game? Buy the game or try the free demo on the Nintendo eshop or Steam! Be sure to check out our game review to learn more about this “satisfying Roguelike adventure”!


Star Wars Jedi Survivor The Last Hope for the Galaxy

The Star Wars universe is no stranger to epic battles, and the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith is one of the most iconic struggles in all of fiction. For centuries, the Jedi Order has been the guardians of peace and justice, using their mastery of the Force to protect the galaxy from harm. But their legacy was not to last, as the Sith rose to power and waged a brutal war against the Jedi, leading to their tragic fall.

The Tragic Fall of the Jedi Order

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Order was once a powerful and revered institution, but their downfall was brought about by their own hubris. Their strict adherence to their own code blinded them to the reality of the galaxy, and their detachment from emotion and attachment made them vulnerable to the machinations of the Sith.

The events leading up to the fall of the Jedi Order are chronicled in the prequel trilogy, which depicts the rise of the Sith and the corruption of Anakin Skywalker, a promising young Jedi who would eventually become Darth Vader. The Jedi’s failure to see the warning signs and to confront the growing threat of the Sith ultimately led to their undoing.

The Great Jedi Purge Hunted to the Brink of Extinction

The Great Star Wars Jedi Survivor Purge was a coordinated effort by the Sith to wipe out the Jedi Order, and it was devastatingly effective. Jedi were hunted down and executed across the galaxy, leaving only a handful of survivors to carry on the legacy of the Jedi.

The Great Jedi Purge is a defining moment in the Star Wars universe, and its impact can be felt throughout the franchise. It serves as the backdrop for the original trilogy, in which Luke Skywalker, the son of Darth Vader and a powerful Force user himself, becomes the last hope for the galaxy.

The Few Survivors Hidden and on the Run

The few Star Wars Jedi Survivor were forced to go into hiding, using their skills and the Force to stay hidden from their enemies. They were hunted and persecuted by the new regime, and many were forced to abandon their identities and go underground.

Some Jedi survivors, like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, went into exile on distant planets, living in seclusion until they could find a way to strike back against the Sith. Others, like Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger from the animated series Star Wars Rebels, formed their own resistance cells and fought against the Empire in their own way.

Rebuilding Hope The Rise of the Jedi Survivors

Despite the odds stacked against them, the surviving Jedi refused to give up. They banded together and formed a new hope for the galaxy, working tirelessly to rebuild the Jedi Order and to protect the innocent from harm.

The Jedi survivors’ efforts to rebuild the Order are chronicled in various forms of Star Wars media, from comics to novels to animated series. One of the most notable examples is the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series, which follows the journey of Ahsoka Tano, a former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker who goes into hiding after being falsely accused of treason. Ahsoka would later emerge as a key figure in the fight against the Empire, and her presence would be felt throughout the Star Wars universe in various forms of media.

The Quest for Balance The Jedi’s New Mission

The surviving Jedi were faced with a daunting task: to restore balance to the Force and to protect the galaxy from the threat of the Sith. This mission was not just about defeating the Empire, but about restoring harmony to the universe itself.

The Jedi survivors recognized that their previous ways of doing things had contributed to their downfall, and they sought to reevaluate their beliefs and practices in order to better serve the galaxy. They embraced a more flexible approach to the Force, one that recognized the need for emotion and attachment in order to achieve true balance.

This new approach is exemplified by Luke Skywalker, who rejects the rigid teachings of the old Jedi Order and embraces a more intuitive and instinctual approach to the Force. Luke’s journey to becoming a Jedi Master is chronicled in the original trilogy and in the more recent sequel trilogy, in which he serves as a mentor to a new generation of Jedi.

The Individual Journeys of the Jedi Survivors

While the Star Wars Jedi Survivor shared a common goal, each of them had their own unique journey to undertake. Some, like Obi-Wan and Yoda, were forced into exile and spent years in isolation, struggling to come to terms with their failures and their new reality. Others, like Ahsoka and Kanan, were thrust into the fight against the Empire and had to adapt to their new roles as leaders and warriors.

Each Jedi survivor faced their own challenges and had to find their own way forward, but they were united by their commitment to the greater good. Their individual journeys are chronicled in various forms of media, from novels and comics to animated series and video games.

The Legacy of the Jedi Survivors

The legacy of the Jedi survivors lives on long after their individual journeys have ended. They served as a beacon of hope for the galaxy during its darkest hour, and their sacrifice and dedication continue to inspire new generations of heroes.

Their legacy is embodied by characters like Rey, the protagonist of the sequel trilogy, who rises to become a Jedi despite her humble beginnings. Rey’s journey is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Jedi survivors and their impact on the Star Wars universe.

In conclusion, the Jedi survivors are a crucial part of the Star Wars universe, representing the last hope for the galaxy in the face of overwhelming darkness. Their struggle to rebuild the Jedi Order and to restore balance to the Force is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of hope. Whether it’s through the adventures of Luke Skywalker or the struggles of Ahsoka Tano, the legacy of the Jedi survivors will continue to inspire new generations of fans for years to come.


Kingdom Come Deliverance 2: there is still hope

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 could, in fact, be a thing. And it’s not just wishful thinking at this point. There’s still hope for a sequel to the massive medieval RPG – and plenty of clues that support it.

It’s not just the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance that is absolutely huge, but so are the rumors surrounding a possible (and highly anticipated) sequel. There are several hints about the developers working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 without the developers actually saying the words: “We are working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.”

In Kingdom Come, you play as Henry, the son of a blacksmith from 15th century Bohemia. After his hometown, Skalitz, is attacked by Cuman soldiers, Henry is one of the few people to escape the massacre alive. This is where his journey begins, and it’s up to the player to do with his life what he wants. What is it going to be? Honorable knight? A sneaky assassin? Bohemian Robin Hood? A murdered tramp?

Known for the great immersion that the game offers and for the massive and lovingly designed open world, players have been waiting for a possible sequel to the game since 2018 at this point.

There is hope for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

First of all: in 2019, Embracer Group has acquired Warhorse, the studio behind Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Fortunately, the team has continued to work on elements of KDC since the acquisition, and will next release a port for the Nintendo Switch (due for release in 2024). How the Switch should handle Kingdom Come is beyond me, but I wish them luck…

But it’s only a Switch port, how about a sequel? Well, Warhorse first sparked hope for KDC 2 with a Tweet in April 2023. It was about a job posting at the studio for a new cinematic designer for “AAA quality cinematics” – they are obviously working on something and looking at the image they have created. posted with it, it looks like they could give us a new medieval adventure.

For our new project, we are looking for a talented cinematographic designer with great skills in film editing/directing. If you’ve ever wanted to create AAA quality, movie-worthy cutscenes, this could be your time.

Check out the requirements and join us in Prague!

– Warhorse Studios (@WarhorseStudios) April 14, 2023

And it gets even better: according to multiple sources, a report from Embracer Group mentions that Kingdom Come: Deliverance was one of their group’s most successful games, making a sequel not only something fans hope for, but also a potentially smart business decision. .

But the most important piece of evidence (since deleted) was an Instagram post from bma_artists. In the post, they congratulate Richard Kiess for landing a voice acting role as “the character ‘John of Liechtenstein’ in Kingdom Come 2.”

The original post from May 2022 didn’t stay online for that long, which is understandable, as that would have been the first source confirmed that KDC 2 is actually happening. Given how little news there is regarding the sequel, it’s likely that Warhorse has imposed strict NDAs on everyone they work with.

Everything points to a sequel at the moment, but keep in mind: bad things could still happen and everything could still burn down like Skalitz did.

I do have one more clue for you that points to a Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2. Ironically, this will probably upset a number of KDC fans.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 could abandon Henry

Just to be sure: SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t completed the game, you might want to go away and get to work.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is somewhat infamous for not resolving the main plot at the end of the game. To refresh your memory: Skalitz burns, Henry’s parents are killed, and the sword intended for Lord Radzig is stolen . The plot starts from there, the end goal is always the same.

Vengeance and the sword – the two main objectives throughout the game – are both absent. After hours of searching, in the end, Henry still rides off into the sunset without having taken his revenge or the sword.

This sounds like sequel bait with extra steps in my book. It’s not even “bait” at this point. However, maybe it’s not Henry we play like in KDC 2. Dan Vávra, one of the founders of Warhorse, tweeted photos from the studio. In one of them, there is a white board in the background that says “KDC 2 – 1506”.

Our character artists work hard.

-Daniel Vavra (@DanielVavra) January 18, 2019

It’s more than a hundred years after Henry’s adventure. No way Henry was there at that time. One theory points to one of his descendants, perhaps still seeking revenge. Or maybe we will leave Bohemia, find a new protagonist and head a little west, to Germany, Austria or even Liechtenstein – it would make sense to meet “John of Liechtenstein” there. by Richard Kiess, right? Who says John isn’t the new protagonist?

The thing is, while everything points to a sequel to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, there’s a suspicious lack of clues about Henry and his journey after the first game. That said, a possible sequel set in 1506 seems incredible.

At this point, the possibilities are endless: there could be a new game with Henry, a new game without Henry, or no new game at all. Until Warhorse gives any news, we’re just speculating – but you have to admit, it looks positive.

And, just to say, they haven’t denied working on Kingdom Come 2, which would be an easy thing to do if there’s no hope of a sequel.

No more news: