Coral Island: First hotfix rolled out for Xbox Series X|S

Image: Humble Games

A first hotfix for the version on Xbox Series X|S was rolled out for the farming game Coral Island.

Today Coral Island received a 7.6GB update on Xbox Series X|S. It’s the first update since the farming game hit Xbox Game Pass on consoles on November 14th.

With the hotfix, Stairway Games fixes various bugs and makes various adjustments, which are described in the patch notes below.

An annoying error reported by many players will only be corrected in the next update, as announced in the official Discord. It’s a cutscene when you make 10 donations to the museum, which crashes the game.

Update 1.0 Patch Notes

Bug fix:

  • Fixed bugs in the inventory UI where item icons were stuck in the top left corners.
  • Addressed most of the incorrect audio issues.
  • Resolved the problem where monsters disappeared when players exited and re-entered the mines.
  • Fixed an issue causing bats to move out of range and get stuck.
  • Disabled item changes during hammer attack charging to prevent problematic player movement.
  • Made previously unattainable cooking achievements now achievable.
  • Corrected the dash command in bonk skeleton practice mode, which incorrectly prompted exiting practice.
  • Resolved an issue where items got lost after being moved in the shed.
  • Fixed item duplication during ranch upgrades.
  • Addressed dislocated items when moving them from the architect’s desk.
  • Resolved cooking recipe controller input issues.
  • Fixed the Mythical Pet triggering multiple cutscenes when planted in the greenhouse.
  • Fixed a crash occurring when trying to add cooking ingredients without quality (eg, Pink Diamond).
  • TV shows should now display correct images (previously black).


  • General performance enhancements. Some lag issues should now be resolved.
  • The controller input threshold, aka dead zone, is now 0.3, enhancing responsiveness.


  • Monster Scents can now be unlocked once you reach combat master levels 4, 6, 7, and 9.


  • Minor localization fixes.

Known issues:

  • Museum cutscenes crashing after completing 10 donations. This issue will be addressed in the next release.
  • House decor controller issue persists. We’re still working on a fix.