F1 23 Activate crossplay: Add and invite friends

The new F1 23 brings crossplay support right from the release and you can now finally play together with players from all over the world and friends on different platforms. Some players of the new F1 23 may ask themselves, where can you turn crossplay on or off? How to add and invite friends across platforms?

Enable and disable crossplay

Crossplay is enabled by default in F1 23. If you don’t want to play with players on other platforms, you can deactivate crossplay at any time.

  1. Start F1 23, open the options and settings in the main menu.
  2. Scroll all the way to the right in the settings and call up the “Crossplay” menu item.
  3. Set the “Crossplay” option from “Enabled” to “Disabled” and save the changes.

You can also reactivate crossplay in F1 23 using the same steps.

Add and invite friends

  1. You can now add and invite friends via the player hub. To do this, open the player hub using the F3 key (PC), the touchpad (PlayStation) or the View key (Xbox).
  2. In the player hub you then select your friends on the right and can enter a player ID under “Search F1 players”. In the search you have to enter and search for the cross-platform EA ID. Alternatively, you can also check under “Friends” to see whether the friends you are looking for can already be found there. By default, in the PC version, friends are synchronized with the linked PSN and Xbox Live accounts, so you don’t have to add the friends again.
  3. Once you have added friends, you can select the player and invite them to a multiplayer game. To do this, switch to the multiplayer events or the ranked multiplayer mode and add the players to the lobby.

If you want, you can create a league in F1 23 and drive a whole season together with friends.