Rumor: Apple is testing a stripped-down version of macOS on iPad Pro with M2

The next version of macOS could be released on the new iPad Pro, shown the other day. This is evidenced by a leak posted on Twitter by a person under the nickname Majin Bu.

According to him, the upcoming macOS 14 is being developed under the code name Mendocino. It will be exclusive to the iPad Pro on Apple M2.

He claims that the interface is about 25% larger than the interface on Macs. This is logical: it is more convenient to use the touch screen.

It’s logical to assume that with the release of macOS the iPad Pro would be able to run desktop apps. But, according to Majin Bu, this is not so: the operating system is macOS, and the applications are iPad. Why, in this case, transfer the iPad to macOS is absolutely unclear.

In general, rumors that Apple is making a special version of macOS for the iPad have been circulating almost since the launch of the iPad in 2010. But somehow it doesn’t work.

On the other hand, now the implementation of such a story is quite a logical step, because Apple is gradually starting to promote iPadOS as an appendage to macOS, and not to iOS. On the other hand, two paragraphs later, I still can’t understand why you need a stripped-down version of macOS to run iPadOS apps. For what?

iPad Pro on M2. Source: Apple

Should you trust Majin Bu?

This insider doesn’t have the greatest track record. A year ago, he published photographs and screenshots of cases for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, which had not yet been released at that time. And this leak turned out to be as accurate as possible:


Photos of official Apple cases for iPhone 13 have been published online

Ilya Kichaev

13 September 2021

On the other hand, he could talk about a feature that Apple is actually testing. However, it is not a fact that it will ever be implemented.

It is likely that macOS Mendocino will be discussed at the next WWDC conference, which will open in June 2023.


Google Stadia comes to iOS through Safari: we can now play CyberPunk 2077 on our iPhone, iPad or Mac

Following the official announcement by Google, its cloud gaming service has landed on Apple platforms. It does not do it as an application, but as a webapp that we can access through a browser. Thus, to enjoy games like Cyberpunk 2077, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Destiny 2 we just have to open Safari.


A great catalog already available in our pocket

According to Google’s announcement, if we have iOS / iPadOS 14.3 we can go to and start playing. On the website we will find a PWA (Progressive Web Application) that mimics the experience of a native app directly in the browser. Mention that in versions prior to iOS 14.3 the stability of the platform is not as desired, so it is recommended to update to the latest version.

Once we are on the website We can use any compatible bluetooth controller, the controls on the same screen or the Stadia controller that Google markets. According to some first tests, the user experience is really good and it is hardly affected by the fact that it is not a dedicated app.

With the arrival of this platform to iOS and iPadOS the door opens to a good number of interesting titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Destiny 2, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Outcasters, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Sniper Elite 4, to name a few examples.

Apple TV app coming to Chromecasts with Google TV in early 2021

It is clear that the arrival of this catalog to the iPhone and iPad is good news. If we add to that the progressive deployment of 5G and its support in the iPhone 12, the truth is that we have a winning combination.


Magic Keyboard USB-C port on iPad Pro doesn’t seem to charge with all third-party adapters

In our first impressions and full review of the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, we highlighted it: the accessory gives the iPad an additional USB-C charging port. This way, we can use it to charge the device at the same time as we use an external storage unit in the built-in port, for example.

however, it seems that charging from this port does not work with all adapters and third-party cables even if they are certified. This is what some users discovered on the MacRumors forums, a medium that ended up highlighting it on its cover.

Our test results

I myself tested with the charging port of my iPad Pro (2020 11 inch model) and my Magic Keyboard and here is what I found:

  • Charging via Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port it’s correct if I use the official 18W cable and AC adapter.
  • Charging via Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port It’s not correct if I am using a USB-C cable from Amazon Basics and an Anker AC adapter with multiple USB ports. The message you can see appears in the image above in the upper right corner of the iPadOS:  » do not charge«
  • Charging via Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port it’s correct If I am using an Amazon Basics USB-C cable and an official 12W AC adapter included in older iPad models.
  • Charging via Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port it’s correct if I use an Amazon Basics USB-C cable and the official 18W power adapter.
  • Charging via Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port It’s not correct if I am using an Amazon Basics USB-C cable and an Amazon Basics power adapter with multiple USB ports. The message « appearsthis accessory is not compatible with this device“On the iPadOS lock screen.

Personally, I attribute this to a matter of wattage of these adapters, it is possible that the Magic Keyboard has slightly higher requirements than the USB-C port on the iPad itself. This port accepts charging on all cables and adapters I mentioned, although in some of them it is very slow come and take almost a whole night.

It’s possible that a software update could change that, but for now the best thing we can do is use the official cables and adapters to charge the iPad Pro through its magic keyboard. Otherwise, consider using at least those that have MFi certification to avoid the risks.

Source: Appleinsider


They manage to play Super Mario Sunshine on iPad thanks to an amazing emulator

Apple iPhones and iPads are amazing devices to play and in the App Store we have many amazing options, especially after the Arrival of Apple Arcade which raised the level of games for mobile devices and it brings us news every week. However, there is something that Apple has never allowed in its store: emulators.

Apple is characterized by great control over its application store and emulators from other gaming platformsLike Game Boy or other popular consoles, they are not allowed. This makes perfect sense, as it’s not something that appeals to companies that own these platforms and games. Therefore, since this is something that neither Apple, Nintendo, nor Sony like, it makes sense that Apple doesn’t allow them in its App Store.

However, this does not mean that iOS users do not have the option of installing this type of emulator on their iPhone or iPad, and now a well-known YouTube has been able to test a version of the Dolphin emulator allowing you to play amazing games like Super Mario Sunshine from Game Cube.

They say 2AM is a terrible time to release a new video… I say this:

Make iOS a FREE Nintendo Switch Killer (emulate GameCube and Wii without jailbreak!) Https://

– Quinn Nelson (@SnazzyQ) 8 mai 2020

Emulators are a risky possibility

In this new video which was uploaded by Snazzy Labs, you can see that this emulator works great on iPad Pro and that makes it a real portable console. Moreover, if we add to that the native compatibility of the PS4 and Xbox One controllers of iOS and iPadOS 13, it makes the game an amazing experience. However, all is not good.

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The first reason why it is not recommended to install this type of emulator is that you cannot know exactly who is behind it or their intentions. These types of applications use certificates to be used and it is possible that our information is in danger during installation. Additionally, Apple may revoke these certificates or update iOS and prevent these apps from running overnight.

On the other hand, there is the more moral issue, to play these emulators you will need images of the games, which probably you can only download illegally, because these are games with a few years. For this reason, the big video game companies are against this type of emulator.

Without a doubt, what it shows, beyond the nostalgia of bringing old games to our devices, incredible power of today’s mobile devices they are able to emulate consoles without spoiling themselves. I want companies like Nintendo to see this potential and launch their own app from which to play their classic games from our iPhone or iPad. Hopefully this will be something that will come with time.

Source: Techradar

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