Remnant 2: find and farm galvanized iron?

How to get galvanized iron in Remnant 2? In which worlds and areas do you have to look for the galvanized iron and is there a merchant who sells the iron? In the new Remnant 2 you can not only find and unlock numerous weapons, but you can also improve the weapons and thus increase the damage, for example. In addition, there are also weapon mods with which you can strengthen the weapons. For the weapon upgrades you need not only scrap metal but also iron. “Normal iron” is needed for the first upgrades, later you need better iron variants such as galvanized iron. But where do you get the galvanized iron in the new Soulslike shooter?

Get galvanized iron

The galvanized iron can be found similar to the other “iron variants” just like the normal iron. So mainly about the loot of bosses and elite opponents. The important thing is that in order to get the higher quality iron like the galvanized iron, you have to have a certain power level. From power level 15 to 20, enemies drop galvanized iron more often. In addition, with the power level, you can also occasionally get the galvanized iron from crates or you can just find it lying around in the game world. The power level in Remnant 2 can be increased through equipment and weapon upgrades, so just upgrade all weapons as much as possible. Incidentally, the power level does not increase with the level of the currently equipped archetype (i.e. the class).

How to farm the iron? Just a few days after the release, players found a way to farm scrap metal, lumenite crystals, but also iron, including galvanized iron. However, since the method is based on a glitch, it will probably only be a matter of time before the bug is fixed. A currently still working glitch for farming materials like iron can be seen in the following video.

Buy Galvanized Iron from the Merchant

Instead of searching for the galvanized iron for a long time, you can also buy it in limited quantities from Cass in Ward 13. From a certain level and progress, she also sells the better iron variants for 20 scrap metal each. The supply is replenished every 30 “real minutes”, so you can always buy galvanized iron with scrap metal from her.