Palworld: The “Grown-Up Pokemon” goes into Early Access on Steam in January

Even Geoff Keighley made the comparison between in his Summer Game Fest 2023 Showcase Palworld and a Pokémon with Guns. That’s when you knew that so many Nintendo games probably wouldn’t be part of the show anymore.

But it was Palworld that presented us with the early access start at the end of a new trailer. In January 2024, Steam Early Access is scheduled to begin and a “large amount of content” is being prepared for it. There was no talk today of the Xbox version announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

Collect, explore and breed – these are the ingredients for a fun monster collecting game. But Palworld is also about survival. Farming is not always enough. Firearm use is an integral part.

Poaching and crime are listed as gameplay features. It’s illegal, but only “if you get caught”. A big playground, then – but when it came to monster design, people weren’t always that imaginative. Some pals seem like a spitting image of their role models.

The new trailer:

Images: Palworld, Pocket Pair