Barbarian murder of Lola, 12 years old: her father Johan Daviet is dead, he will be buried with his daughter

Johan Daviet confident a year after the murder of his daughter Lola, 12, that he will “survive” the disappearance of his child. This February, we learned of the death of this 49-year-old man, according to “La Voix du Nord” and “Le Figaro”.

Terrible news for the family and loved ones of Lola, a young girl found lifeless in a trunk in Paris in October 2022. Her father, Johan Daviet, died in Fouquereuil, in Pas-de-Calais, indicates the family’s lawyer At Figaroconfirming the information of The voice of the North. He was 49 years old and had separated from his daughter’s mother after the horrible act suffered by their child.

The mayor of the town was informed by the firefighters on Friday February 23, 2024. Le Figaro, who does not currently have the exact causes of death. However, those around the father believe that he was unable to cope with the brutal murder of his child. The daily announces that “lhe funeral of Johan Daviet will be celebrated Thursday February 29, at the Vendin-lès-Béthune crematorium. He will then be buried in the Lillers cemetery, alongside his daughter.“.

Johan Daviet, father of Lola, expressed his dismay a year after the terrible events

Johan Daviet was the subject of a portrait for Seven to Eight on TF1 in 2023, his intervention is even more painful today than it already was at the time. He explained that his daughter’s alleged murderer not only took away her but also “kidnapped an entire family.” The devastated father added: “My wife and I are in the process of divorcing today. I’m having a hard time with it because I adore my wife. (…) I started drinking again. Everything fell apart anyway, my work, our work. Imagine going to work again where our daughter was murdered! Our home, everything. We lost almost everything.” He admitted feeling angry but preferred to let “justice doing its job.”

On RTL at the same time, the forty-year-old also confided that he had fallen back into alcohol. “I fell back into my demons, even though I hadn’t been drinking for more than three years. But who wouldn’t fall back into their demons?”

Murder of Lola: suspect Dahbia Benkired is in a unit for difficult patients

The main suspect, Dahbia Benkired, was placed in pre-trial detention. Indicted for “murder and rape with acts of torture and barbarity on a minor under 15 years old”, she was transferred at the end of February from Fresnes prison to a unit for difficult patients (UMD) of a psychiatric hospital in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).