Genshin Impact developer will join the HarmonyOS ecosystem and release exclusive games on the AppGallery

Huawei continues to work on HarmonyOS, the operating system that powers its latest smartphones, such as the Mate 60 line. The potential of this OS is so high that it is already considered a serious threat to iOS and Android. However, HarmonyOS has a significant disadvantage compared to its competitors. It does not have as much app support, partly due to its relatively young age and increasing pressure from the United States.

To overcome these challenges, the company is taking steps to attract more apps to its store. For example, the McDonald’s app recently appeared on the AppGallery. However, realizing that this is not enough, Huawei entered into an agreement with MiHoYo to develop games exclusively for HarmonyOS.

MiHoYo announced the development of native applications for HarmonyOS

Huawei is making efforts to increase the popularity of HarmonyOS by entering into a cooperation agreement with Chinese game developer MiHoYo. According to the agreement, MiHoYo, known for developing popular games such as Genshin Impact, will create exclusive games specifically for the HarmonyOS operating system. Console makers like Sony have been using this strategy for a long time. To boost sales, the company releases games that can only be played on its console, such as Spider-Man.

The agreement applies not only to exclusive games, but also to already released ones. For example, Genshin Impact will receive native support for HarmonyOS and will run with much better performance than before. In addition, thanks to cross-platform support, it will be possible to play simultaneously with Android and iOS users. Both Huawei and MiHoYo are expected to benefit from these developments, attracting more app developers to HarmonyOS.

There’s no word yet on when the new games will be released, but this partnership is a positive sign for the future of gaming on HarmonyOS.


TUTORIAL : How to Fix “Unable to Join Game Lobby” Error in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is a blast and a half – once you can get the game to play as intended. Let’s see what we can do to get you back into the game, and see if there is a solid solution for this particular pesky error when trying to join a game.

How to fix “Failed to connect to game lobby” issue in Helldivers 2

Image by Arrowhead Game Studios

If you’re experiencing this error, there are several things you can try before going nuclear on your copy of Helldivers 2. Let’s dig into the trenches and see what could be causing this problem for you and your friends, no matter where they play.

Restart your system and router

One of the main reasons why things like this happen is due to internet issues or just a general problem with technology. If you haven’t restarted your PlayStation console or PC in a while, now might be the perfect time to do so. While you’re waiting for your system to turn back on, you’ll also want to restart your router. It may take a few minutes to restart, giving you plenty of time to get back into the swing of things and get Helldivers 2 ready for action.

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Check server status and social media pages

Screenshot by Arrowhead Game Studios

If you’ve restarted your console and router, but you’re still having issues, it’s time to see if the official teams have said anything. You can keep your eyes peeled on the following pages for Helldivers 2 updates;

While there is no official DownDetector page for Helldivers 2 yet, it may appear in the days following release. Keeping up to date with what developers are letting players know about these particular errors could save you a headache, so be sure to keep an eye on these pages if you want to be the first to know about any issues.

Wait for a patch to resolve the issue

Helldivers 2 appears to be much more popular than originally anticipated, so it’s possible that these issues will be resolved through a patch or server maintenance. While it’s never ideal to wait after purchasing a game, online games sometimes run into this particular problem – we may just have to wait before we can finally jump in and start knocking out some bugs. This is the least ideal situation, but it may be the only option we have at the moment.

As Helldivers 2 continues to grow and mature, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our section below to learn more about the game. Find out if you can play for free with PlayStation+ before determining where you want to collect your copy.

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