Free today: Anyone who likes to eat eggs needs this app

  • “The perfect egg timer” is available free of charge for the iPhone and iPad for a limited time.
  • The app supports you in cooking eggs and ensures success through various setting options.
  • It is not known how long the free campaign will last.

In the App Store you can currently dust off some apps and mobile phone games that are actually subject to a fee for free. The campaigns are intended to make the applications better known and to attract new users. In addition, developers want to climb the download charts and climb to the top of the respective category. You, on the other hand, save money and sometimes get great apps for free.

With “The perfect egg timer” there is currently a practical free program for fans of boiled eggs. Normally, the software costs just under one euro. The program is designed to help prepare a perfectly boiled egg.

There are some useful setting options in the program for this purpose. On the one hand you can decide whether you heat the eggs in cold water or put them in boiling water. In addition, the diameter of the egg, the altitude, the outside temperature of the egg and the desired consistency (from liquid to hard) can be set.

The app sets a timer for you. While this is running, the “egg spy” shows you an image of what your egg currently looks like – is it still liquid, already a bit solid, etc.

Is it worth downloading?

Anyone who likes to eat eggs but sometimes has problems finding the right time can use “The perfect egg timer” to help them cook the perfect egg. The app is very easy to use and available in German.

At least iOS 12 must be installed on your iPhone or iPad for the installation. This means that older devices are also supported. At 17.6 megabytes, the storage space required is manageable.

It is not known how long the free offer will last. If you download the free program today, you can always reinstall it for free. Even if it is no longer offered for free.