FIFA 21 FUT: how to handle FUTBIN and what options to use to take advantage of the buy-sell market

We offer you the best tips and tricks to get the most out of FUTBIN, something that will allow us to take advantage of the buying and selling market at certain key moments.


One of the tools that you must use to be able to trade properly in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is the FUTBIN website . , well known because not only thanks to it you can overcome different challenges of squad creation, but also know the fluctuations in prices of the cards, and also many other statistics that are worth practically gold.

Through all its amalgam of options, there are some that are more valid than others, and if you know how to take advantage of them, they will make your life quite easier when it comes to knowing which cards to invest in and which ones to get rid of.

That is why in this FUTBIN 2021 guide for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team , we are going to talk to you about those favorite options that you should visit on the page, since if you master them perfectly, you will already have enough won in the game trading world.

FIFA 21 FUT: how to handle FUTBIN and what options to use to take advantage of the buy-sell market

We advise you that once you enter the FUTBIN page, select the Spanish language, by clicking on the flag in the upper right area of ​​the interface.

Although we have a lot of options at the top of the screen, we are going to focus on the most valid ones.

Index Gold

To access the option you must go to the market tab and select Index Gold where we will be surprised with a huge graph on the evolution of the different gold charts in real time, a daily average chart and even per hour.

This is especially interesting, because when we open a multitude of envelopes or receive rewards, although we try to guide ourselves in particular by the price at which the card is currently being sold, from here we can have a much broader view by seeing the behavior of the letter to Over time, even in the last hours, so that we know what time we can best sell our letter to get more coins.

Here we are also given an idea of ​​whether or not we should invest in a particular card, to see if during some days of the week it usually sells more than others, seeing its price over time, to know if we are going to invest in a card that is generally quite valid or has only worked for a short time.

Popular Players

Another of the favorite options where to access it you must go to the players option in the interface, and then select popular that is in the first positions.

Suddenly we will be able to know which are the most popular players or cards in the last hours so that we can see if we are really paying for a card what it is really worth, or if we are going to sell our card at the correct price.

It is a way of, at a simple glance, we can know which popular cards are the ones that are currently being sold or bought in the transfer market and if any we have, it is time to sell them after time in the chamber.

Time to invest: methods and recommendations

Although there are many other options that you can take advantage of on the web, we believe that with the previous ones you already have the main tools to trade. You must bear in mind that to really get coins you must invest in dozens and dozens of cards, but do not make the mistake of only investing in a single card, but you must diversify. We recommend that you buy a maximum of 5 units from the same player.

As a general trading method that you should use as a starter, is to go to the popular players tab, and let’s try to buy those that are worth under 20,000 coins and that have the highest averages. You are almost certainly going to be able to make some profit with these players.

On the other hand, as soon as you receive the rewards from the SBCs, you must be one of the fastest opening the envelopes and selling those letters that are repeated but that have an upward behavior in the market.

More or less at the time of receiving the rewards, many of these cards will lower their price, and that could take advantage of it to buy them below their price and be able to sell them later at a higher price.

When things have settled down and people have opened all the rewards and we have seen a fluctuation in their price, it is time to bid on those players who are below the “buy it now” price.

Taking into account that you have already visited the popular players tab and also the index gold, you will already know which cards are the most popular in the last 24 hours, and you must always bid below their average taking into account that 5% are goes in the transaction.

Remember that we have a great market opportunity one hour after receiving the rewards, because people open the envelopes and start selling all the repeated cards at the lowest price to get them quickly, and here you could have a great opportunity to get cards for below its market price.

On the other hand, when you have obtained a card it does not mean that you have to sell it in the short term, the idea is that you be patient, since the best way is to wait for a dedicated SBC where you can output any of the cards you have bought. below its average price.

So taking into account the main FUTBIN options for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team , and these general trading tips, you will be able to make quite a few coins. 

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Xbox Game Pass: Has 60% market share in gaming subscription services according to analysis

Image: Microsoft / Depositphotos

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has a 60% market share in gaming subscription services.

According to an analysis of subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus, the impact on the gaming industry is rather small compared to the music and film industries.

According to Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, such gaming subscription services account for just 4% of revenue in North America and Europe.

That would be just 3.7 billion of the 81 billion generated from games (discs, downloads, add-ons) in these regions.

If you look at the music industry, it’s just a drop in the ocean. Streaming services like Spotify accounted for 83% of revenue there last year.

According to the analysis, Microsoft will continue to have a 60% market share with its 25 million Xbox Game Pass subscribers.



Find Palia Zeki’s shop: Underground Black Market

Where can you find Zeki’s shop in the new cozy MMO Palia? How to unlock access to the underground and enter the secret store of Zekis? In the new MMO from Singularity 6 you will meet some NPCs early in the game and that includes the good Zeki. You can buy various useful things from Zeki, such as seeds for various types of vegetables, but also arrows, smoke bombs and worms that can be used as bait for fishing.

Where can you find Zeki’s shop?

Zeki’s shop can be found in Kilima Valley in Kilima Village. To the west of the village is the so-called “General Store” (also indicated on the map with a marker) and this is Zeki’s shop. Incidentally, you can also find the lucky box in Zeki’s shop. You can activate the lucky box with the lucky coin and then you will receive a ball with a surprise.

Object Price
Makeshift Arrow 20
Commercial smoke bomb 20
box of chocolates 200
worm 50
carrot seeds 15
onion seeds 20
potato seeds 40
cottonseed 40
tomato seeds 80
wheat seed 25
rice seeds 23
Garlic 30
mountain morel 16
spice sprouts 30
Weed Ex Fertilizer 40
Water March Fertilizer 40
Flour 10
butter 80
eggs 24
frying oil 20
Vinegar 200
milk 60
Salt 10
sundrop lily 20
Crystal Lake Lotus 40
Sernuk meat 26
Chapaa meat 26
Chapaa fur 26
Sernuk animal skin 26

Find Zeki’s underground store

As part of the Backroom Trade quest, you need to find the Underground. The underground can be found in the south of the Kilima Valley. To the south at Remembrance Beach is a large pipe with a grate to access the underground. Incidentally, the quest says that you should find the “subway”, which actually means the underground. In the hideout is Zeki’s black market shop where you can buy the following items.

Object Price
lucky coin 10,000
Bamboo Grove Wallpaper 25,000
Mount Kilima wallpaper 25,000
Wisteria in the Wind Wallpaper 25,000
Bluetrack Fireworks 800
Green Lane Fireworks 800
Orange Trail Fireworks 800
Purple Trail Fireworks 800
Red Track Fireworks 800
White Track Fireworks 800
Yellow Trail Fireworks 800


Powercom begins supplying Sentinel series UPS to the Russian market

Powercom announced the start of deliveries of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of the Sentinel (SNT) series to the Russian market. These are online UPSs with pure sine wave output, designed to protect power supplies and ensure continuous operation of servers, as well as network, telecommunications, medical and other equipment that impose strict requirements on power quality and/or support critical processes.

The series includes models SNT-1000, SNT-1500, SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 with a nominal power of 1; 1.5; 2 and 3 kV•A respectively. The new products are made in universal 2U high cases, which can be installed in a standard 19-inch rack or on the floor using the removable supports included in the delivery package.

To connect protected devices, the SNT-1000 and SNT-1500 models have six outputs with IEC320-C13 connectors. In turn, the SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 UPSs are equipped with eight outputs with IEC320-C13 connectors and one with a C19 socket.

The load is powered in autonomous mode from sealed, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries located in the UPS housing. It is possible to connect external battery packs to increase battery life. The design of the Sentinel series models allows for hot-swappable batteries. Thanks to their placement in rigid trays, the process of replacing and maintaining batteries is extremely simple.

An important advantage of the Sentinel series models is zero switching time to battery power. High power factor (PF=1) ensures maximum performance. It is possible to segment the load to increase battery life. High efficiency mode reduces energy and UPS maintenance costs.

All Sentinel series models are equipped with a control panel with a rotating LCD display. There are USB and RS-232 ports for connecting to a PC, as well as a slot for installing an optional SNMP adapter card. The latter allows you to monitor the status of the UPS and manage its settings from a remote workstation.

Case dimensions of the SNT-1000 and SNT-1500 models are 428x425x84 mm; SNT-2000 and SNT-3000 – 428x635x84 mm.

The Sentinel series UPS will be available in warehouses at Russian Powercom distributors in August.