From Scarface to Timothée Chalamet… Here are 5 good reasons to adopt a white suit for men this summer

It’s a must-have that many men are often reluctant to adopt. The white suit for men has long been in the category of clothing that is difficult, if not impossible, to wear. And rightly so: an ultra-showy and oh-so-messy piece, it is certainly not the easiest outfit for those who want to remain discreet, sober and… spotless. From fashion shows to gangster films and even the most prominent stars of the moment, the white suit seems to be making a resounding comeback in recent years. So why deprive yourself of it? We found 5 good reasons to immediately adopt the white suit for men!

1. You will be stylish no matter what

Symbolically, the white suit has often been associated with formal ceremonial attire (more suitable for a wedding or a large event than for an outing to a restaurant). As white is historically the color of the nobility, it is not surprising to see the first appearance of the white suit with the rise of the upper middle class, which made it the ultimate outfit for its garden parties and other social events. unfolding outside. Because to wear white at that time, you still had to have the means: the maintenance of such fragile pieces – precisely because they were very dirty – required technical assistance (laundry, ironing) at all times and that everyone can’t afford. Around the same time, the immaculate suit then became the emblematic outfit of the rich and educated dandy, and thereby the most accomplished expression of masculine elegance.

2. The emblematic piece of great cinema characters

During the golden age of American cinema, the white dandy suit became a symbol of the rich heir prey to his inner demons, like Gatsby played by Robert Redford and later Leonardo DiCaprio, or that of the gangster like Tony Montana in Scarface. It’s quite simple, the white suit is a dream and makes most of the movie characters who wear it legendary. With Tony Montana, Brian de Palma created a role that made Al Pacino and his character legendary. The world’s most famous gangster would be nothing without his white two-piece suit that has since gone down in the annals of fashion. And the rise of Al Capone until the end of his tragedy – he dies in a bloodbath – is also punctuated by a succession of colorful costumes: black, navy blue, light blue pieces, topped with a bow butterfly here or a pocket handkerchief there, and always accompanied by a shirt with a pie shovel collar open on the torso.

3. The most original (and least sought-after) costume

With this variation of the white suit, you will definitely be the most original whatever happens. From Fursac to Hugo Boss, fashion houses compete in ingenuity and offer variations in almost every shape and color. In a double-breasted version at Ami or tighter-fitting at Fursac, the white suit exists in a thousand ways today. Special mention for this very successful off-white variant from the chic Parisian label Husbands.

4. You will be at the forefront of the latest trends

If you are still hesitant to take the plunge of the white suit, know that it is one of the common threads spotted in most of last season’s fashion collections. At Dior Men, Kim Jones reinterprets the piece with a flared and completely unstructured version: a very successful update adapted to today’s fashion which advocates a silhouette that is free to move. At Alexander McQueen, on the contrary, the white suit remains more classic with this set with wide lapels and a single button.

5. Timothée Chalamet, David Beckham, Shawn Mendes… They have all succumbed to the white suit fashion

To top it all off, the white suit is one of the favorite pieces of male stars of the moment. On red carpets around the world, they have all succumbed to the white suit fashion. Timothée Chalamet was one of the first to wear the white ensemble as when he appeared, during the Met Gala 2021, in an outfit signed by French designer Haider Ackermann (to which he added a casual side thanks to Converse on his feet) . Shawn Mendes also stood out in a sublime white look which updated the costume during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2021 with this very chic two-piece composed of a wide open jacket and very flared pleated pants .

© Getty ImagesJake Gyllenhaal.

© Getty ImagesShawn Mendes.

© Getty ImagesTimothée Chalamet.

© Getty ImagesAndrew Garfield.

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The 5 best places for a facial treatment for men in Paris

Are you more the type to book a facial treatment at a luxurious spa, a historic beauty salon or a state-of-the-art beauty clinic? Whatever your preference, you should find what you are looking for in this short list of addresses which offer a variety of services, some of which are designed specifically for men. If you are looking bad at the moment and your skin needs to be cleansed, hydrated and nourished, here are some spots that will satisfy your needs. A guaranteed “100% glow” selection.


The place : A reference in the world of beauty since 1952 and its installation at number 11 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Carita reopened its doors in 2022 after a more than successful metamorphosis. The new vertical space, bathed in natural light, hosts a hairdresser’s salon where you feel at home, a restaurant run by chef Amandine Chaignot (we recommend the delicious avocado toast), but above all cabins. unique moisturizing treatment.

Care : The Lagon Hypertonic restorative treatment carried out using a concentrate which strengthens the skin barrier to preserve its youth. We emerge from the treatment with radiant skin soothed by the fluid movements of the massage. In addition, you can start the treatment with a (gentle) “aquadeep” cleansing lasting 20 minutes (€90).

Duration : 1 hour. Price : 205€.

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Men’s ballet flats will soon be everywhere according to the latest Dior Men fashion show

At Dior Men, Kim Jones proved how much of a fashion jack of all trades he is. During his fall-winter 2024-2025 fashion show which was held early in the afternoon in the courtyard of the École Militaire, the British designer at the head of Dior Men unveiled a wardrobe with multiple faces, inspired in particular by ballet and dance in general. Kim Jones, a man with a voracious and eclectic culture, paid tribute to his uncle Colin Jones, a ballet dancer in the 1950s.

To music from Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet, Romeo and Juliet (1935), the Dior Men fashion show thus unveiled a contained collection, high couture – the models were literally raised above the public during the final tableau – and worked from the signature uniform of the dancer of ballet. From the leotard to the dancing shoe, Kim Jones diverts the wardrobe of the little opera rats, while focusing on the pieces which have, until now, been the heydays of Dior’s men’s wardrobe.

The ballerina, a new fashion essential?

The bags, for example, are visible throughout the collection: the small functional sizes in blue crocodile-effect leather, or even the textured white backpacks set with hand-drawn patterns. But, and this is more surprising from Kim Jones for Dior Men, the real UFOs of the show are the ballerinas present almost everywhere throughout the collection, worn most often with shorts and large pulled-up socks.

Available in almost all sizes, the Dior men’s ballerina by Kim Jones is available in leather, suede, and in beige or black. The more than obvious inspiration? The dance shoe. After the ballerinas signed The Row, Celine or Alaïa, the emblematic shoe of Y2K fashion, which was for a long time one of the neglected ones of fashion, is undoubtedly back in 2024. Regardless of the gender this time, style-savvy men will now walk flat like their female counterparts. Not sure, however, that the street is ready to adopt the masculine ballerina.