Stumble Guys split-screen multiplayer confirmed

Image: Inc.

Stumble Guys introduces “Split Screen Stumbling” during the Xbox Showcase at Gamescom.

Stumblers will soon experience a new way to stumble together for victory as Stumble Guys brings split-screen multiplayer to consoles.

This was unveiled during the Xbox Showcase live at Gamescom. With “Split-Screen Stumbling,” four players can compete simultaneously on one console to see who’s the last to survive and succeed. The new feature could be seen at the Xbox booth at Gamescom and will be integrated into the game at a later date.

Stumble Guys, which was one of the ten most downloaded apps in the world in 2022, delights millions of players every week and dominates the gaming charts in more than 50 countries.

The game’s accessible yet competitive gameplay is constantly evolving, with new mechanics, diverse events, imaginative levels, and big tournaments. The Stumbleverse is also filled with creative and rare collectibles, skins, emotes, and more that can be personalized to reflect each player’s unique style.

The official Stumble Guys Gamescom Split-Screen Stumbling Xbox Trailer:

Stumble Guys will be released first on Xbox and will appear on console with cross-progression for existing accounts and cross-play shortly thereafter.