Valentin, 15, confesses to the murder of his parents: in Châteauvilain, “we think we are living a horror film”

The horror is confirmed and increases a notch every day in Châteauvilain (Isère) where the charred bodies of a couple from the village were found a week ago, in the rubble of their deliberately burned house. Autopsies quickly revealed a violent death by gunshot. The couple’s youngest son, Valentin, who has not been found since the fire, was located and arrested on Saturday by the Montpellier gendarmes (Hérault) as he got off a bus.

From the start of his custody, in the premises of the research section of the Grenoble gendarmerie, the 15-year-old teenager confessed to investigators to having killed his parents. Information confirmed by Éric Vaillant, public prosecutor of Grenoble. Concerning the motive for this crazy gesture, Valentin explained that he wanted to rebuild his life, destroy everything and start again, according to the released Dauphiné. The weapon used would be his father’s rifle, a sports shooting enthusiast. According to a neighbor, Valentin Nurdin learned to use it himself by dragging bottles from the garden.

Many unanswered questions about the trigger

The scenario of the drama therefore begins to become clearer. Monday, November 27, Valentin allegedly shot and killed his parents while they were in their bedroom. He also allegedly attacked the family dog, a border collie found in a pool of blood. Then the teenager allegedly set the house on fire before fleeing in his father’s Citroën Picasso car towards Drôme where the vehicle was discovered damaged in Sainte-Uze. We do not know precisely how he continued his route towards Montpellier.

Today, many questions remain unanswered about the triggering factor of this murderous madness. Hearing his big brother, Titouan (17), at home the previous weekend and leaving the day before the tragedy for Lyon where he studies, will perhaps shed light on the atmosphere reigning in the family circle. Valentin’s psychiatric state is the other major unknown in this case. An expertise could determine the degree of responsibility of the teenager, whom many describe as intelligent. Valentin also suffered from Lyme disease from which he seemed to suffer greatly. His parents tried, in vain, to find remedies abroad.

“He was a kid like any other”

In the meantime, in Châteauvilain (800 inhabitants), we are trying to understand the incomprehensible. The Nurdin farmhouse is located away from the village, in Combe Noire, an isolated valley in the middle of the fields. The agricultural building had been renovated by Isabelle and Didier Nurdin, who arrived 18 years ago. Isabelle came from a family of Parisian cabinetmakers and had set up an armchair renovation workshop in this countryside. Didier was a former international level table tennis player (who was part of the French top 10 in the 90s) and today worked as an engineer at EDF in Lyon.

On the dirt road running alongside the Nurdin property, a few walkers look sadly at the smoke still escaping from the rubble. “It’s inconceivable. Our daughter went to primary school with Valentin. He was a child like any other. We never noticed anything unusual. He was later dropped out of college because he suffered from Lyme disease. That’s why he started correspondence courses. Afterwards, we lost contact with them. »

Police custody which ends this Monday

“Little Valentin, I didn’t know him,” confides Jocelyne, who has lived all her life in Châteauvilain and who, from her windows, has a view of the roof of the burned house. “However, I walk a lot in the countryside, especially near the Nurdin family home. I even have two armchairs that I had restored by his mother with whom I spoke at length. I even went to their house to see his workshop. She worked very well, was very friendly. But we haven’t seen Valentin, even though in the countryside, the children are outside all the time. I didn’t even recognize him in the photo on the wanted poster.

“It upsets us,” says Christelle, a mother from the village. My daughter was scared when she learned what Valentin had done. She thinks she’s living in a horror movie. We thought it was a robbery gone wrong. But there, a son who kills his own parents… It’s confusing. We wonder what was going through his mind. Was it Lyme disease that drove him crazy? »

Valentin Nurdin’s police custody ends this Monday. The Grenoble prosecutor should provide new details on the circumstances of this tragedy. The teenager risks up to 20 years of criminal imprisonment, a sentence taking into account his status as a minor.

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Magic: The Gathering – Murder in Karlov Manor: Two cards from the brand new set in the exclusive preview

With the brand new Magic: The Gathering Set Murder at Karlov Manor The most popular trading card game in the world takes us once again into the mysterious city Ravnica. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, we have the exclusive opportunity to get you there before Release on February 9th to introduce two of the dewy cards.

The Karlov Manor murder is the first permitted in standard format Release of the year 2024. But before things get going in February, we’ll first tell you what to expect with the new MTG set before we take a look at the actual cards.

Magic: The Gathering – With Murder in Karlov Manor you will uncover Ravnica’s darkest conspiracy starting February 9th

In a city that’s drowning in crime, it’s up to you Mystery behind the mysterious murders in Karlov Manor to decipher – before you yourself become the next victim. You delve deep into the mysterious events by making decisive decisions collects evidence and dark figures suspectedto put an end to the gruesome series of murders once and for all. With the “Determine” An older mechanic returns to Magic: The Gathering, which fits perfectly with the Sherlock setting of the set. But also on new mechanicsfor example this “Suspect” or the “Preservation of evidence”you can be happy.

You join the renowned detective Alquist Proft who has been on the trail of the perpetrator for some time. Together with the other investigators working on the case, an exciting game of cat and mouse unfolds in front of you, which requires your eye for revealing details and a particularly sharp mind. You should be careful nowbecause Wizards of the Coast let us two exclusive preview cards from Murder in Karlov Manor before they are released with the rest of the set.

Exclusive map preview: Daredevil Detective and Cornered Crook

Equals two red creatures was sent to us for the presentation: The Daredevil detectivejust like that Cornered crooks. Of course, we take a close look at the two brand new Magic cards:

The Daredevil Detective from the new MTG set Murder in Karlov Manor.

Daredevil Detective comes along for one mana 0/3 into the game and offers you the opportunity every time you attack with it Sacrifice an artifact or discard a card. If you decide to use its effect, you draw a card and the Daredevil Detective receives +2/+0 until the end of the train.

The Cornered Crook from the new MTG set Murder in Karlov Manor.

The Cornered Trickster costs you four mana and offers in addition to its stable body 5/4 also has an effect: If it comes into play, you can Sacrifice artifactto complete a goal of your choice three points of damage to inflict.

What else awaits you with the new Magic: The Gathering set, Murder in Karlov Manor, can be found on the in-house website website. Here you get further information to the cards which booster, decks and Bundles there will be and where you can get the set now pre-order can. You can find a more detailed article on the fresh (and returning) mechanics, the story and the characters here.

Murder at Karlov Manor is released on February 9, 2024 in the physical version, a few days earlier, to be precise February 6thyou can already get the set in the Online branch Magic: The Gathering Arena play.

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Death of Thomas in Crépol: who is Chaïd A., the main suspect in the murder of the 16-year-old teenager?

the essential

The nine suspects in police custody for the death of Thomas, 16, killed at the Crépol ball in Drôme a week ago will be presented to the prosecution this Saturday afternoon. The profile of the main suspect is becoming clearer.

At the end of 96 hours in police custody, the nine suspects arrested for the death of Thomas, 16, a week ago at the ball in the village of Crépol in Drôme, will be brought before the Valence prosecutor’s office this Saturday afternoon. . The prosecution is preparing to open a criminal investigation.

Among the nine suspects, one young person stands out. Chaïd A. is 20 years old. He was “formally designated as the author of the fatal stabbing attack”, indicates the public prosecutor of Valence Laurent de Caigny. The young man formally denied this in police custody. The suspect, who attended a vocational high school, does not have a permanent job. He lives with his mother in an apartment in Romans-sur-Isère.

Chaïd A. was already known to the courts for petty theft. In the past, he has already been fined 250 euros for concealment of theft and a fine of 200 euros for being arrested in the street with a knife on him.

On a daily basis, Chaïd A. “hangs out at La Monnaie with a gang of around thirty young people”, explain the inhabitants of this district of Romans-sur-Isère to Figaro. “They play into the hands of the two big drug traffickers in the neighborhood. »

The main suspect did not know Thomas, the 16-year-old killed. To explain the fight, the suspects evoke a provocation. A friend of Thomas could have approached Chaïd A.’s group a week ago at the Crépol village hall, pulling her hair and calling her “chiquita” (little girl), in reference to a song “Tchikita” by rapper Jul, specifies the Parisian. In addition to Thomas’ death, the violence left 8 injured, including 2 young people aged 28 and 23 who were hospitalized in serious condition.

Minors and adults

Besides Chaïd A, the other suspects in the teenager’s murder are three minors over the age of 16 and five young adults aged 19 to 22. Some are already known to the courts. The most serious conviction concerns a 21-year-old young person sentenced to 2 years in prison for aggravated violence. The group was arrested on Tuesday in the west of Toulouse after spending the night in a hotel. He seemed to want to go to Spain.

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EXCLUSIVE. Murder of Thomas in Crépol: hideout in a Toulouse hotel, forgotten cell phone, cannabis… how the fugitives hid

More than 2000 people for the funeral

Thomas’ funeral was celebrated on Friday in the Drôme in Saint-Donnat-sur-l’Herbasse. They brought together more than 2,000 people, with serious faces and in deep silence to pay their last respects to the teenager. Several relatives spoke, including his grandfather: “Thomas was a good boy, reserved, well-mannered and helpful” who “enjoyed life to the fullest”, loved “skiing, rugby and fishing”, explained the old man. But “a gang of thugs who had a knife instead of his heart took his life”, plunging the family “into indescribable sadness”. “I am impatiently awaiting the verdict of justice” but “it will never give me back my Thomas,” he declared before bursting into tears.

Tribute on the rugby fields

A final tribute will be paid to Thomas in the form of a minute of silence during the rugby matches this weekend, a sport he played within the RCRP club (Rugby club romanais péagois).

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Barbarian murder of Lola, 12 years old: her father Johan Daviet is dead, he will be buried with his daughter

Johan Daviet confident a year after the murder of his daughter Lola, 12, that he will “survive” the disappearance of his child. This February, we learned of the death of this 49-year-old man, according to “La Voix du Nord” and “Le Figaro”.

Terrible news for the family and loved ones of Lola, a young girl found lifeless in a trunk in Paris in October 2022. Her father, Johan Daviet, died in Fouquereuil, in Pas-de-Calais, indicates the family’s lawyer At Figaroconfirming the information of The voice of the North. He was 49 years old and had separated from his daughter’s mother after the horrible act suffered by their child.

The mayor of the town was informed by the firefighters on Friday February 23, 2024. Le Figaro, who does not currently have the exact causes of death. However, those around the father believe that he was unable to cope with the brutal murder of his child. The daily announces that “lhe funeral of Johan Daviet will be celebrated Thursday February 29, at the Vendin-lès-Béthune crematorium. He will then be buried in the Lillers cemetery, alongside his daughter.“.

Johan Daviet, father of Lola, expressed his dismay a year after the terrible events

Johan Daviet was the subject of a portrait for Seven to Eight on TF1 in 2023, his intervention is even more painful today than it already was at the time. He explained that his daughter’s alleged murderer not only took away her but also “kidnapped an entire family.” The devastated father added: “My wife and I are in the process of divorcing today. I’m having a hard time with it because I adore my wife. (…) I started drinking again. Everything fell apart anyway, my work, our work. Imagine going to work again where our daughter was murdered! Our home, everything. We lost almost everything.” He admitted feeling angry but preferred to let “justice doing its job.”

On RTL at the same time, the forty-year-old also confided that he had fallen back into alcohol. “I fell back into my demons, even though I hadn’t been drinking for more than three years. But who wouldn’t fall back into their demons?”

Murder of Lola: suspect Dahbia Benkired is in a unit for difficult patients

The main suspect, Dahbia Benkired, was placed in pre-trial detention. Indicted for “murder and rape with acts of torture and barbarity on a minor under 15 years old”, she was transferred at the end of February from Fresnes prison to a unit for difficult patients (UMD) of a psychiatric hospital in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).