How to activate VoLTE and WiFi calls on OnePlus mobiles

Having better audio quality in calls is possible thanks to WiFi and VoLTE calls, two options that depend on operator and mobile. OnePlus integrates them into their mobiles, but can hide the setting depending on the territory. Fortunately, it is not too difficult to activate them.

OnePlus mobiles generally include advanced call options among your settings, called WiFi calls and VoLTE calls, but they are not always active because the option depends on the territory. Although it is not too difficult to activate them because a few steps are enough in an application integrated into the system: LogKit. Does your operator support WiFi and VoLTE calls? If you want to enjoy it on your OnePlus, read on.

OnePlus integrates advanced calls, but hides its menu

With WiFi calls it is possible to communicate with any phone number without mobile coverage; and with VoLTE calls 4G broadband connections are used instead of previous generations, with the improved audio that this implies. Both must be implemented by the network operator, so this is the first condition for you to take advantage of them. If you have one, the second requirement is your phone.

As we said, OnePlus allows or not advanced calls depending on the terminals and the territory where they are distributed. The most common is that you don’t have them available, so you have to activate the menu to select them in the mobile network settings. The process is as follows.

  • Update ‘LogKit’ system app with this ApK Mirror apk. It is secure and signed by OnePlus.
  • Once you’ve updated, open the phone app and dial * # 800 #. LogKit, a phone management application, will open. Be careful what you change: you could alter the operation of your OnePlus.
  • Click on ‘Function Switch’.
  • Activate ‘VoLTE Switch’ and cancel the restart.
  • Activate ‘VoWiFi switch’ and click on restart.
  • Your OnePlus and it should have the new advanced call menu. To configure them, go to the phone settings, enter “SIM and network” then in your SIM options.
  • Activate VoLTE and WiFi calls. Ready.

If your operator is compatible, you will see that the ‘VoLTE’ icon appears in the status area of ​​your OnePlus, with the consequent improvement in calls. In principle, this method is compatible with most of the latest OnePlus: we tested it on a OnePlus 6T and on a OnePlus Nord and in both cases we did it without complications.

Source: Frandroid