Hogwarts Legacy: South Wing Open door

How to open the locked door in the south wing of Hogwarts? Why does the door grille always open briefly and then close again? Anyone who has bought the new Harry Potter game and has already explored the game world a little will probably have already stood in front of one or two locked doors. While on many doors you have to pick a lock with the spell “Alohomora”, there are also other doors for which you have to solve a little puzzle. These “other doors” also include the door in the south wing near the clock tower. In this short guide we will show you how to open the south wing door.

Locked door in the clock tower

In order to solve the puzzle about the locked door in the south wing, you first have to travel to the clock tower in the south wing. If unlocked, it is best to use the “Courtyard of the Clock Tower” Flea Flame. Once there you will not only find the location of the dueling club, but also the locked door. What you also immediately notice in the room is the large clock pendulum from the clock tower, which swings back and forth completely across the room.

Before you can solve the puzzle, you first have to unlock the “Arresto Momentum” spell. The spell is unlocked as part of the “Madam Kogawa’s Task 2” quest. The spell can be used to greatly slow down both enemies and objects. This is exactly the magic you need for the puzzle in order to turn the pendulum on at the right moment.

Open the door in the south wing

  1. First you have to look at the locked door and remember what symbol you can see there. There is a unicorn symbol on the door. The symbol plays an important role in the next step. From the locked door in the south wing you now have to run to the right and pick the lock on level 1.
  2. The door leads to a staircase that you have to climb up. Once at the top, you can see the pendulum swinging back and forth again. Behind the pendulum you can now see four symbols and coincidentally the unicorn symbol that you saw on the door is also there.
  3. All you have to do now is stop the pendulum at the height when it is above the symbol of the unicorn. You can also see when you look at the door that it always opens and closes briefly. This happens exactly when the pendulum has reached the unicorn symbol.
  4. The pendulum can now be stopped both from above and below in front of the door with the Arresto Momentum spell as soon as it is level with the unicorn. The grille then opens and you can open the south wing door.

Tip: This is how you can collect the unlocked rewards from the completed challenges in Hogwarts Legacy.


Barinsta is an unofficial, open source Instagram clone that does not require an account

If you need Instagram, but don’t want to use the official app, Barinsta is an unofficial Instagram client that you can use in simple mode -without logging in- or as a more complete alternative, logging in with your account.

Barinsta is presented as an alternative to Instagram for those who need to keep up to date with what is happening on Instagram, but without most of the annoyances of the app such as ads, suggestions, or tabs. It is an open source app that you can use without logging into your account.

To see Instagram, without Instagram

The first time you open Barinsta, the result is a bit anticlimactic. Accustomed to the festival of tabs, icons, stories and colorful publications that involves opening the official Instagram application, Barinsta welcomes us two tabs, a text and a button.

This is so, without logging in, Barinsta does not have a news or bio sectionInstead, what you can do is view the profiles of specific people. If those people have the profile open, you can view it without having to log in. Otherwise, you must log in with your Instagram account. To view a profile, you must use the search engine at the top.

To avoid having to repeat the play every time you open the application, you can add a profile to favorites, so that later you can easily refer to it again, from the list of favorites that is accessed from the More tab.

Otherwise, Barinsta shows a user’s profile in a similar way to Instagram, supporting posts with photos and videos as well as carousels with several photos. When tapping on a photo, it opens in large, being able to see the tagged location, descriptive text, hashtags and comments (tapping on the button)

This, without starting an account. If you log in with an Instagram account, Barinsta gains some of the Instagram features, as well as allowing you to interact, as well as viewing Instagram content. After logging into Instagram, Barinsta gains a few more tabbed accounts: direct messages, wall, profile and explore.

With the session logged in, Barinsta allows you to make basic use of Instagram, being able to view the biography in grid mode, the Recent stories from the accounts you follow and even reply to your messages.

If using Barinsta without logging in is an app “for peepers”, by logging in you can not only see other people’s posts, but also write comments (although you don’t like a photo). The app has the added function of power download any photo easily.



Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life: Open Map

Which key opens the map in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life? Can you mark something on the map and be guided to a certain place? A few days ago, the new (old) Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life was released for PC and consoles such as PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch. Once you’ve created a character and embarked on the adventure, there’s a bit of getting used to it. If you are looking for a specific building or NPC, then the question of the map arises. How to open the map?

This is how you can open and call up the map

To open the map in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, simply press the minus button (aka the select button) on the Nintendo Switch, the touchpad on the PlayStation 5, and the view button on the Xbox Series . The map of the valley then opens and not only is your own position displayed, but you can also move the cursor over the map and mark individual areas of the map. Above you can see what you can find there. The residents who stay and live there are displayed at the top right. With the triangle button (PS5), Y button (Xbox Series) or the X button (Nintendo Switch) you can display more information about the area.

  • Nintendo Switch: Press the minus button
  • PlayStation 5: Press touchpad
  • Xbox Series: Press the View button

Set waypoints or use fast travel over the map?

Unfortunately, you cannot set waypoints on the map in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. Also, you cannot display the locations of items that can be found in the wilderness in the area. There is also no fast travel function, but you can move faster with the horse. Incidentally, the map is available right at the start of the game and can be opened directly using the button mentioned above.

Is there actually a money cheat for Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life with which you can fill the virtual account in the game with money at the push of a button?


XDefiant has an open beta this week, although you have a very limited time to participate. Here are all the details

XDefiant, Ubisoft’s new competitive game, has announced a new testing phase open beta for this same week; which is great because previous versions operated only under registration and not all of them took place in Europe. If you want to play, you have a chance this week, although it will only last a few hours; so it’s a good idea to preload beforehand.

XDefiant beta date and time

  • September 28 21:00 – September 29 3:00
  • Mainland Spain time
  • Preload available from September 26
  • Preseason content available
  • Platform: PC (global)

According to those responsible, the content of the PTS is not subject to Confidentiality agreementsso if it doesn’t suit you to play for whatever reason, at least you can see videos or live broadcasts of the game. “When available, these sessions will serve as a platform for us to experiment with new features and configurations throughout the year, where we can gather your valuable impressions before launching them in the following season,” reads the official XDefiant website.

In case you weren’t up to date, XDefiant has become a new obsession for Call of Duty enthusiasts: thanks to its mobility and sensations of control, at the moment the game is well on its way in terms of popularity. It remains to be seen how it will fare in the final version, which will be released for free on PC and next-generation consoles and a roster of characters from different factions and personal abilities.


How to open a Weibo account without a Chinese phone number

It might not be an easy to understand network due to the language its members post in, but it’s not a bad idea. have a presence on Weibo if you follow the latest technology. Do you want to enter the platform and do not know how to overcome the pitfall of Chinese mobile? No problem: there is a way to open an account with a mobile number from another territory: the international version.

The latest leaks of a future phone, direct information from Chinese manufacturers or establishing conversations with people from this country, With Weibo, you can be up to date with everything as long as you aren’t afraid of the language. And the international mobile app is great because it includes a Spanish text translator, and it doesn’t need a Chinese phone number to open an account on the platform. The start-up process is extremely simple: you will have Weibo on your Android in very few steps. And you can use it on other devices by making the appropriate « connection ».

Installer Weibo international

Weibo is available on the Google Play Store, but there are two versions: China and international. With both applications, you can access the social network, but only the international allows access with non-Chinese phone numbers: this is the one you must choose. If you want to download the app from outside of Google Play, it’s in Pure Apk.

The first requirement you already know: Download and install the Weibo international app. From Google Play, in APK, or in other stores, such as Huawei AppGallery.

Once installed, open a Weibo account:

  • Start the app and click « Start Now » at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Login” to login and register a new account.
  • Click on « Register » at the top right.
  • Now is the time to enter a valid phone number. Being an international demand, Spanish phone numbers agree: Select “Spain” from the country options and you can save the number.
  • If your number is not Spanish, try entering the country: Weibo allows registration in a wide variety of territories. If you cannot register with this number, try using a virtual SMS confirmation service.
  • Once the Weibo number is registered, the network will allow you to choose a user number. The whole process is in English and is not difficult to complete.

After registration, your Weibo account will be active. The international application works well and includes an option to translate texts into Chinese, very useful to know what they are saying. It doesn’t have excessive permissions, but you need to promote the use of your phone number: remember that all this information will go through Chinese servers. We recommend using a different staff number or accessing Weibo through a virtual number.

Source: Frandroid


Remnant 2 The Dark Canal: Open the door

How to open the locked door in the dark canal? Where to get the key for the door in the dark canal in Remnant 2? In the N’erud world there is, among other things, the area “the dark channel”. Not only do you encounter a few enemies in the area, but there are also one or two locked doors, depending on how the level was generated (as is well known, the levels in Remnant 2 are partly randomly generated). Anyone who has just entered the dark channel will perhaps discover the locked door a few meters behind the entrance and wonder how to open the door and where to find the key?

First door in the dark canal

You don’t need a key for the door in the dark canal, you simply have to follow the path through the area. At the end you come to a room where you can use the energy cell to restore the power supply. This will open the door in the locked room and you can pick up the item in the form of a relic.

  1. To open the locked door in the dark canal, simply follow the path through the area. At the end you get into a large room. In the room is a large pillar with two power cells, with one power cell tilted slightly forward.
  2. The right energy cell can now be pushed forward again and thus restore the power supply in the room. The door will then open and you will enter the room with the locked door at the beginning of the area. In the room is the relic called “Crystal Heart”. You can now leave the room via the other door.

Second door in the dark canal

Depending on how the Dark Canal area was generated, there is another locked door in the area. The “door puzzle” also exists in other areas and the solution is identical here.

  1. If you find another locked door in the area, you have to look for an entrance on the side of the adjoining room and destroy the crates and other containers in the back.
  2. Then follow the path through the passage and look for an opening on the left. Through the opening you can destroy the container in the next room and thus open the other door.


Remnant 2 Kaeula’s Resting Place: Open the door

In Yaesha you can reach, among other things, the area called Kaeula’s resting place. In Kaeula’s resting place you not only have to kill the boss and some enemies, but there are also other things to do and you have to find keys for the locked door in the middle of the map, among other things. One or the other player may be wondering where to find the key for the door in Kaeula’s resting place? Can you find the key in the resting place or do you have to look for it in another area?

Find the key to the door in Kaeula’s resting place

The so-called Temple Key for the door in Kaeula’s resting place can be found in the same area. From the gate you have to walk north and at the end you will find the temple key just like that on the ground. The exact location of the key can also be seen again on the map in the following screenshot. The key is by the player cursor and the door is by the white cross. You can then use the temple key to return to the locked door and open it.

Finally, you have to explore the rest of the resting place and the area is also successfully completed.

Some players seem to be having problems or more specifically a bug in Kaeula’s resting place. The problem is that you cannot find the Temple Key in the location shown above. So far it is still unclear what causes the bug. It is said to have helped some players to start a co-op session with another player, who could then pick up the key and use it to open the door. For more information on the “bug” in Kaeula’s resting place, see the linked Reddit threadwhere it is still actively posted, since more players probably have the problem.

Tip: This is how you can change the difficulty level in Remnant 2.


Remnant 2 Timeless Horizon Open Door: Find Navigator’s Helm

What’s the deal with the facility in the Timeless Horizon area? How to open the locked door in the timeless horizon and where to find the navigator helmet there? A few days ago the new Soulslike shooter Remnant 2 from Gunfire Games was released and the game, like the first part, is very popular. In the worlds there are so many areas to explore and challenges to master. This includes not only fights against numerous opponents, strong elite opponents and bosses, but you also have to solve a few puzzles and find hidden entrances. In this guide we show how to open the door in the Timeless Horizon at the facility.

Find the Navigator’s Helm

  1. The navigator’s helmet can be found in a small hiding place, which can be reached via one of the “booths” from the facility.
  2. Under one of the three punches (which always move up and down) is a hole you can climb through (see screenshot). Incidentally, you have to be quick here in order not to be leveled to the ground.
  3. After jumping into the hole, you can walk down the pipe and pick up the ring of the detonator first. Continue exploring the area below and you’ll get the Navigator’s Helmet from a Navigator Zombie/Alien (see screenshot). You don’t even have to pick up the helmet, the helmet ends up in your inventory immediately and can then be equipped as normal.
  4. After you have collected the helmet, continue and at the back you will find a switch with which you can open the door from the other side. Once opened, the door can be used or entered again at any time.

There are also other puzzles in the timeless horizon, such as the boxes lying around (coffins?) and a spaceship. More on that shortly.


Remnant 2 Phantom of the Wasteland: Open the door walkthrough

In the world of N’erud you can find the area “Phantom of the Wasteland”. There are no bosses in the area itself, but there are some opponents and one elite opponent. In addition, there is a large locked gate in the north and the question often arises, how can the gate be opened? To open the door, you need three so-called keys of the viewfinder. The keys are distributed in other areas in N’erud. In this short guide we show the locations of the keys with which you can open the large door or the large gate in the north of the Phantom of the Wasteland area.

Phantom of the Wasteland Solution: Find the key

  1. The first key can be found in the Seeker’s Rest area. Arriving at the resting place, you simply have to turn 180 degrees from the entrance and then stand in front of a statue. The stairs of the statue are automatically free and accessible as soon as you move towards them. At the top you can then take the key from the device.
  2. The second key is either in the area “The Breeder” or in the “Putrid Domain”. After the boss fight against Ancestor you have to follow the path further and then you will see the same statue with stairs as in the first key. Follow the stairs up and collect the key.
  3. The third key is either in the Spectrum of the Nexus or in the Astropath’s Respite. Also in the dungeons you have to defeat the boss at the end and then you can get the third key from the statue with the stairs.

With the three keys in your inventory, you can now go back to the Phantom of the Wasteland. Once there, you can now use the key and use it to open the gate. Behind the gate there is a boss fight against Sha’Hala, the final boss in the world of N’erud.

How can you actually change the difficulty level in Remnant 2 afterwards?


Remnant 2: Open the breeder’s door

How to open the locked door in The Breeder? Where do you get the quest item or the key to open the door? In the last few days, this may be the question asked by one or the other player of the new Soulslike shooter from the developer Gunfire Games, who is currently in the world of N’erud and there in the area “The Breeders”. In the area you not only meet some opponents and a boss opponent, but there are also one or two puzzles to solve. In a “riddle” you have to open the locked door to get to the ring behind it (purple object). But how can you activate and open the door in the incubator?

The Breeder: Door Puzzle Solution

  1. To open the door from the small side room, you have to go into the small side passage on the right (see screenshot).
  2. In the side passage at the end there are a few boxes that you can destroy with your weapon. This will reveal a hidden entrance into a ventilation shaft that you can climb through.
  3. At the back you can now climb up the ladder and this not only unlocks a small new section, but on the left side there is also a small opening through which you can destroy the gas bottle in the locked room (see screenshot).
  4. This disables power in the room and opens the previously locked door. So you don’t have to find a key for the door, just destroy the bottle in the room.

Incidentally, the “door puzzle” is not only found in the “The Breeder” area, but also in a very similar form in the “Empty Ship Setup” area.


Final Fantasy XIV: Open Beta and Free Trial for Xbox

Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV will have an open beta on Xbox Series X|S and a free trial to try out at launch.

Over the next year, Xbox players will join more than 27 million gamers in the online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV for epic adventures.

While Final Fantasy XIV won’t celebrate its Xbox Series X|S release until spring 2024, you can visit the world of Eorzea a little earlier.

As announced at Fan Fest in Las Vegas, the Patch 6.5x series will be in open beta on Xbox Series X|S. But when that will be exactly is still unclear.

According to the official website, Final Fantasy XIV costs from 10.99 euros/month. But before you spend any money, you can try out the free trial version extensively. Because the extended free trial version will also be playable on Xbox Series X|S. It includes the complete experience of A Realm Reborn and the two expansions Heavensward and Stormblood up to level 70 without restrictions.



How to activate multi-window in MIUI 14: so you can have two applications open on the screen at the same time

One of the most useful and underused functions in our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobiles is the multi-window function, a shortcut that is used to display several application windows at the same time on the mobile screen. We tell you how to activate this function and make the most of it.

And it is that with multi-window or split screen It will be as if we had two monitors, being able to open two applications at the same time and make use of them. With this function, for example, we can reply on WhatsApp while watching a video on YouTube at the same time, or write notes in Google Keep without having to close the news item we are reading. A tool that multiplies productivity and that is very useful on current smartphones capable of multitasking.

How to activate multi-window on your mobile with MIUI 14, also compatible with MIUI 13

To be able to use the split screen you have two options, depending on whether you use gestures, that is, if you play in full screen or if you use the usual three buttons on the bottom bar of the screen.

If you use the gestures you will have to drag with your finger from the lower frame to see all the open applications and choose which ones you want to create a multi-window or split screen with. If you use the buttons, you just have to click on the square icon that shows all the open applications and follow the same process, choose which one you want to create the multi-window with, keeping your finger pressed on it.

This will unlock a pop-up menu and you will only have to follow these steps:

  • tap on it two rectangles icon which is used to create a split screen or on the frame within another frame which is used to create a popup window within another main window.
  • If you choose the first option you will see that you can open two windows at the same time and if you touch the central bar you can go up or down and regulate how much space you want each one to use.
  • You can even rotate this function and see the two open windows horizontally or vertically, as shown in the following image.

Best of all, this split screen feature is also compatible with all phones equipped with MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11, and with phones equipped with MIUI 13 based on Android 12.

Finally, whenever you want to close one of the windows, press ‘Exit’ on it and it will close, leaving only a single window open. You can reopen new windows as many times as you want. Yes indeed, there are some applications that are not compatible. They are those that have protection against screen recording, such as Netflix and other streaming platforms.

However, most messaging apps and many video games are compatible with this useful tool. Get the most out of it, you will see how very useful it can be.