I returned to OGame 12 years later … and after several weeks of playing, I was bored like an oyster

For science. I’m doing it for science, I tell myself over and over again as I’m bored like an oyster playing OGame. I reverted to the popular title of Resource Management 12 years after my last visit to see how it’s kept and I think after writing these lines I’ll get off the train.

It all started a few weeks ago, I was struck by the doubt. Will follow Ogame In progress? The mere memory gave me chills, but within minutes I had already created a new account to start from scratch. In search of traces of my previous passage Ogame In the email I could see that in 2008 I created an account. The second, because some four or five years before, he had already devoted many hours to the game.

As much as I try, I can’t remember how long I was hooked to this game the first time around, probably 2003 or 2004, but I put my stuffy cargo ships flying between my planets so that no other player cannot take me. my resources while sleeping. I guess it got almost obsessive, because what I also remember is doing a spreadsheet to see what time and how fast I had to send my ships from one planet to another so that I could be in front of the computer when I got to my destination. This will sound familiar to many of you.

Why should I get addicted to a game like this at the time? I guess it was another time and I didn’t know how many minutes I had to wait to build a metal mine or a robot factory. Or at least not like now. And I realize the contradiction: back then we weren’t used to games with typical wait times for current mobile titles like now, where if you want to speed up the actions you can scratch your pocket, but with Ogame tolerated them. Right now, they’re going uphill.

It’s curious because in principle the system, in a way, could not be more comfortable: you set to build any installation or study a technology and forget about it, it will end. You close the browser tab and continue with your things while the game does what you asked, you will come back later. But no, it doesn’t work for me. it doesn’t make me laugh. I just didn’t see the end goal. Or maybe that ultimate goal doesn’t interest me. It’s personal, of course, there are people who pass it on to her, but I can’t.

But what is OGame?

Excuse me i didn’t explain what it is Ogame, a title for which you only need a browser, and surely many of you have never heard of it before.

Basically it’s a resource management game where you can make your own intergalactic empire. You start with a random planet in a galaxy lost in the universe, and from there you can (rather should) colonize other planets to expand your domains.

The first steps are to create Metal, Glass, and Deuterium Mines to begin generating the materials that will allow you to craft other facilities, research technologies, craft all kinds of ships and more. And of course, mines consume the energy of your solar power plant, so you have to pay attention to these numbers so that everything works correctly. You can also adjust the production of each mine so that it uses less energy, if you feel it is necessary.

From there, being clear that your goal is to develop yourself and that there are other players both in your galaxy and others who might want to attack you to steal materials, hamper your progress and ultimately destroy yourself, it will be up to you to think about your next steps. I was surprised to see that there is some sort of tutorial or guide that gives you everything you need so that you don’t get lost during the first few bars because I think he wasn’t there when I played it over ten years ago. But the same is my memory, what do I know.

What was clear to me was that I had to fabricate a colonizer-type ship as soon as possible to have at least a second planet. First, because the one who touched me when creating the account is not too large and it turns out that each building, factory or mine, as well as its developments, take up space. How logical. And secondly, because having more than one planet allows you to generate a lot more materials and move them between them so that no one steals them from you.

Indeed, the game has a spy system by which you can send probes to other planets and see what resources these players have. If you are interested in what you see, you can attack. Although you can also play in a more peaceful and diplomatic way and send friend requests to your neighbors in the galaxy or even join an alliance to be part of a large group of players with a common goal.

At the moment I have two planetsside by side, called SamaGame and VX (I renamed them for the occasion. They had cooler names). In the first, I have missile launchers as a defense system, several light fighter-type ships in the hangar, spy probes, and a few freighters. The colonizer I had already used to get my hands on the second planet, where for now only the mines are working and I have no defenses or anything else.

And here we are. After several weeks of daily login, a point has come where I have no motivation to continue. I am very lazy to repeat the whole process from the first planet to the second, which is bigger and could become the main one, and think about when I start to have a lot of resources and I have to move them from planet to planet. the other so as not to steal them makes me lazy.

Greetings to all who can enjoy it Ogame. I go down and I stay with the experience she gave me 15 or 16 years ago. Due to my return in 2008, I don’t have any clear memories… I probably walked in, saw what was there, chills returned and I ran like crazy.

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